Camp 2022

Countdown Begins..4 Days to go

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all as excited as I am and the rest of the staff team. This is where I will be posting daily updates of Camp and what we have been up to.

We look forward to keeping you updated and we hope you enjoy seeing how busy we have been.

Only 4 days to go!!

Ms Dowds

DAY 1 Lagganlia

Just an update on our arrival. Here are some pictures of our surroundings. So far we have met our Leaders, Explored the area, Made our Beds (which was rather challenging) but we have learned alot already and we are looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Watch out here for more information.

Ms Dowds and the camp team.

Day 2 So it begins…..

So today was a full on day with lots of activities organised to keep us busy. Unusually the weather has been so fantatsic that some groups went out for the whole day on their first day! Several groups pictured here went for a day of Canoeing starting at different ends of the Loch and meeting up at the end. They worked well together to carry the equipment and travel across the Loch in such glorious weather.

Group 7 went for a bike ride to Uath Lochans where they stopped for snack and then on up to River Feshie for lunch. Then returned to do some archery.

Group 8 travelled far to have a day of snowshoeing and throughly enjoyed learning how to use the boots as there are 3 ways to walk in them. Who knew?

Watch out for more updates as photos will come in from other groups over the next few days.

The children have asked that I post a message to all you parents and guardians to say ‘We are having a great time and loving spending time with our friends. Most importantly the food is really good!’

Well after a long hot sunny day everyone is fast asleep awaiting tomorrows adventures! So good night all.

Ms Dowds & the Camp Team

Day 3 A tale to tell…..

Today we awoke to another beautiful day at Lagganlia after a night of pizza, hot chocolate and the spooky nightline which we all throughly enjoyed. Some groups had particularly fantastic leaders guiding them through tunnels and over tree stumps. Well done!

Another full day of activities was set for us all, with Group 2 Canoeing across the Loch demonstrating excellent team work skills as they rowed there way over slightly choppy water. Group 2 also did the Gorge walk (as its a half day activity) and as you can see here built a strong wall to withstand the gushing waterfall wall of water.

Group 5 spent the morning on the slopes learning some new skills and then headed out for a Gorge Walk in the afternoon, which I was told by the kids certainly ‘cooled them down’.

Group 6 had a challenging day of biking and pushed themsleves to achive a 14km bike ride with some fantastic views to be seen. No chance of them getting away with short bike rides at home now as we have evidence they can do so much! Great endurance team. An afternoon spent competing in Archery back at the base and a hearty dinner of bolognese gave them the energy for the night walk.

All groups spent the evening staring at the stars (with little light pollution and torches off) and at that moment it reminded us all how beautiful and amazing the world we live in is. It reminded us to reflect on what we can and have achieved in a day spent outdoors.

With that thought I and the team say good night. More adventures lie ahead and here is where you will find them. Until tomorrow. Goodnight.

Ms Dowds & The Camp Team

Day 4 The adventure continues…

Today we awoke more tired than before but knowing what lay ahead didnt stop us! Another day full of activity and adventure awaited.

Group 1 spent the day climbing a local mountain and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone by trekking to the top which took several hours. Great perseverence and endurance. Well done.

Group 3 had a morning of abseiling and an afternoon of archery learning very different skills. Mrs Richardson had the frst group who achieved a 100% success rate so that set a challenge for the other groups to complete the descent too.

Group 6 completed an afternoon of ‘bushcraft’ where they learned how to make a fire and cooked chocolate bread on it. It was yum! They learned how to leave no trace of their fire and how to ensure the natural environment was just how they found it.

As you can see the whole group activity this evening was a camp fire with marsmallows, singing and poetry. We decided not to have a disco as the weather was so good so we worked in groups to create a rap/song/poem all about Lagganlia. Every group made excellent renditions and we loved hearing them all.

At the end we all threw a stick on the fire and if we felt like it, we called out what would ‘stick’ with us after this adventure. It was the perfect ending to another wonderful day.

As you will know there are hundreds of pictures of every group at different activities that will be shared to the group leader tomorrow. This blog is a snapshot of some activities across the day. When we asked the kids what have they learned here is some of their responses:

“I have learned how to find the perfect stick for toasting marshmallows, how to put on ski boots, how to tie a knot, how to Canoe, how to not sit on a ski tow, that Mr McDonald scares easily, that I am not the only one who loves sleep, that I am not scared of heights, that abseiling has nothing to do with water and that I can do more than I think”

Our young people have had their ups and downs on this residential and so have the staff, after nearly 2 years of life changing circumstances time away from the family home has never been so daunting.

Yet here we are and look at what we have achieved. I will post our final farewell tomorrow.

As they sleep soundly in bed, I will end with goodnight.

See you all tomorrow.

Ms Dowds & The Camp Team

Day 5 The end is nigh….

As I write this with a sadness that it’s over, I am reminded of all the good times and the emotional and physical challenges we all personally had to face. We have achieved an experience that other P7’s might not get a chance to do this year. With the help of your families and all of their support with school requests you have made this happen!

So what did we do on the last day I hear you ask, we packed, ate, tidied, stripped beds and said goodbye to our team household. We took photos, laughed, reflected on what we achieved and slept. We waved goodbye to all of our instructors and began to think of returning home.

That is now where I know 73 pupils and 8 adults will hopefully be….’HOME’. I know you will hear about the good times, the sad times, the times they felt sad and missed your cuddles but remember that is part of building strong, confident independent young people. To this day I remember my P7 camp and the fantastic experience I had and I hope your young people will remember this too.

Whats left to say? I hope you all enjoy having your children home and in time the sore legs will fade, the bruise or bump will subside, the cut will heal and the bad times will be forgotten. The memory of the adventure and friendships made will remain and grow forever. As Robert Burns wrote:

From this its time to say goodbye and return to life as was- washing awaits, unpacking to do and so it’s time to say ADIEU.

To the fantastic P7 Staff team and Pupils I thank you all and will see you on Monday.

Ms Dowds x