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Day 2 – 2017

Children were wide awake between the hours of 4am and 7am!!! Staff were delighted at the eagerness!!

Breakfast was fantastic……….   a real treat and enjoyed by all.

A selection of cereal, toast, bacon, egg, rolls and fruit!!


Day One

Our first day was fabulous, archery, tree climbing, log climbing, obstacle course.  Lots of fun, laughter and challenges. Children are amazing and trying everything.

Lunch was a choice of burger roll, sausage roll, scotch pie and beans, salad and soup.

For dinner the options were sausages, chicken nuggets, chicken curry, chips and vegetables followed by chocolate sponge and custard.

Night activity is Egg challenge followed by birthday cake and scones. Then it’s off to bed for a good nights sleep!

Broomlee update 13/10/16-Thursday – WOW!

Another amazing day, with so many highs.

The good news is that the pupils are currently writing up their diaries about the brilliant activities they have been involved in (what writing whilst away from home, yes they can remember this core skill).

2 new activities appeared on the menu of great memories; the Mohawk Walk and Orienteering – I will leave the pupils to describe the Mohawk Walk to you.

Star events this evening have been the “Highland Games”, with the biggest Tug-of-War you have ever seen and a variety of indoor games which were brought to a close with the classic of pillow fighting. All survived to tell the tale.

Again we have been fuelled on some wholesome delicious food and we are grateful to be ending the day on supper – scones and a wee drink.

A busy day awaits us tomorrow – breakfast, packing (can we get everything we brought back in the bag, honest – my clothes have grown, they won’t fit in!) and then 2 more activities.

And then sadly it will be time to leave and bring home lots of memories and maybe a need for an early bed on Friday.

Good night from Broomlee.















Broomlee update 13/10/16- Breakfast

Good morning Buckstone

All is well at Broomlee – pleased to report all slept well, showered and teeth cleaned.

All have enjoyed a hearty breakfast – what a magical selection – a variety of cereals, a roll with egg or bacon or sausage (or if you smile nicely you might be lucky a get a choice of 2 fillings) and toast, all washed down with some juice. Yum!


Full stomachs, a wonderful morning with the sun shining – all set for a lovely day of fun filled activities.


(PS – a few technical issues with photos- limited access, we will collate what we have to share with you later, thank you for your understanding).


Broomlee update 12/10/16

The end of an amazing day.

It has been full on since our arrival at 10:00.

The pupils were stars at supporting each other in making their beds – a new skill for some which I’m sure they will be happy to share with you on return.

We have been very fortunate with the weather and enjoyed a mixture of sunshine and cloud whilst taking part in a variety of activities.

Some comments from the pupils when reflecting on the variety of activities:

Climb the pole & hit the ball.

Scared but also exciting, cool to try to hit the ball, weird, high!!!!, felt like Peter Pan, proud.


Epic, fun, amazing, outstanding, amazed I hit the target, difficult, let’s do it again, proud.


Silly, tricky, painful, team work, itchy, amazing, long, proud.

Crate stacking

Hard, slippery, supporting, helping each other, wobbly, nervous, proud

Tree Climb

Exciting, rang the bell, petrifying, fun, do it again, proud.

Everyone is very proud of their first day achievements. We have all had fun and supported each other. This has all been fuelled on the back of some yummy food.

All is quiet now with us all tucked up in our beds – resting and preparing for a fun day ahead.

We do have some photos to upload which we should be able to get to you tomorrow – currently working via a phone link – not ideal for pictures – also please excuse typos – difficult on a wee screen.

Night night from Broomlee