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Gorge Walking

  Exciting Gorge walk today.


  Wonderful Waterfalls!


     Taking a dive into the unknown!


  Trying not to get wet!


Our final day was full of fun! Children are exhausted.

Fish, Veggie burgers and beef burgers followed by ice lollies went down a treat for dinner.

We are hoping to arrive at Waterfield Road approxiametly 12.30. School will be emailed when we reach the Forthroad Bridge and a text will be sent out to all parents.

This year has been exceptional, the children have shown tremendous team work, resilience and courage throughout the week.

Thank you to all the staff who have attended this years camp, you have all been amazing!


Final Day


Our moto this week!

Abseiling today was a difficult challenge, our first wet day made the rock slippery.

Weather cleared up for our cyclists.

Canoeing was tranquill and a little wet!

  Gorge walking ended with a swimming lesson……..for staff!!

Hot Chocolate

End of another fantastic day.


Our quote of the day, “This hot chocolate is ACTUAL amazing!!”

Well done Mr Beardon. (With Mrs Henry’s expertise guidance!)



Snowboarding, Abseiling & Fire Lighting!

Snowboarding was on the agenda today.


Concentration and trust were tested today during abseiling. The group headed off on the bikes for an hours cycle to the ‘Wee Far,’ where they stopped and had lunch, climbed and abseiled. Everyone demonstrated a growth mindset today. Sammi was incredibly supportive and encouraged her peers to keep going! Mr Beardon enjoyed his first outing on a tandem!!

Building a fire on the beach with cotton wool and vaseline after a relaxing canoe down the river Feshie. Skimming stones, lifting boulders and making a splash!!

Highlight of the day, instructor asks children, “Why do you think this island is called Otter Island?” Child, “Because squirrels live there!”  

Ready for the day ahead!

Night walk finished off a super day. Balance, co-ordination, trust and listening skills were put to the test. Maisy, Charlotte, Erin and Carmen created an excellent team ethos for their team members with Jessica drilling the team to push ahead! These girls meant business!


Great sleep had by all!! Mrs Henry had to wake a few children at 7.30am, a first in the history of camps!!!

The tooth fairy will be visiting several Buckstone houses over the weekend.

After a fabulous breakfast the children are set for another day full of adventure, fun and fresh air.


The children are demonstrating resilience, team work and co-operation during the activities and lots of personal challenges being exceeded. Mrs Ritchie conquered her fear of heights by attempting the spider web challenge. Great stuff Mrs Ritchie!!

The instructors have commented several times, how enthusiastic, polite and well behaved our children are. They are a credit to our school. Special mention went to Max for putting others before him, encouraging his peers and supporting them during yesterday’s challenges. Well done Max!



Day Two

Some pictures from today……………

Building our confidence on the low ropes…………………………………


Before heading on to bigger ropes…………..


Spider web that will be shown on the new series of Raven.

P7 enjoyed trying out balance, perseverance and resilience on the spider web!

Kayaking was wet! Mrs Murray showed determination and conquered her fears of the water. Well done Mrs Murray!!

Other groups were busy cycling, gorge walking and archery.

Looking froward to the Nightline tonight.

Looking forward to a day full of adventure……….

Children all settled well last night, up bright and early this morning eager to start the day. The centre is full of beautiful aromas, plenty of shower gels and aftershave are being used.

Gorge walking, canoeing, archery, hill walking  activities today.  Looking bright for now!!

Teachers are looking forward to taking part!

Lagganlia – Day One

Great journey up to camp, we stopped at Pitlochry for a snack and arrived at Lagganlia for lunch at 12.45. Raining when we first arrived then cleared up for our first activity. Dinner tonight was tomato soup, macaroni cheese, risotto, potatoes and a choice of salad.

Night activity was scatter hunt. Sam, Sanjeev, Tiago and Eesa winning with an amazing 24 points!! Well done boys. Midges are eating us alive.

We will be up bright and early to start our day tomorrow, looking forward to cereal and croissant for breakfast followed by a day full of fun and adventure.