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Learning Together at Home- Monday 31st March

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend. The sun was shining yesterday. I hope that everyone is healthy and enjoying their time at home with their family.

We have a treat today! Mrs Shaw has kindly agreed to read everyone a story. Here is the clip below. She has chosen ‘WOW! SAID THE OWL’ By Tim Hopgood.

We will be using this story as a context for learning.

Here is our Literacy learning for today:

Remember to have your listening ears on for your parents and carers at home!

I will be back tomorrow to provide more learning!

Stay safe,

Miss Davidson

Daily Live Events

Here is a document which shares lots of live events which are happening.

I am being mindful that I don’t want to give so much learning at home that it is not achievable. Please just pick and choose. Children learn best by following an interest. Perhaps following your child’s interest will lead to some very interesting learning at home. Share photographs and I will try to include our interests as we go…

Well done to all the parents and carers out there!

Learning Together at Home- Thursday 26th March

Miss Davidson here! Today we are focusing on Numeracy & Maths.

I am enjoying all of the lovely photographs on the ejournal page. I will choose a selection to go on the blog tomorrow. We call this “Reflective Friday”.

Here is the PowerPoint today:

I have created a PowerPoint instead of a Keynote. Hope this works!

Mrs Shaw has been busy at home creating Rainbow Hands!!! Have a look!

I am missing everyone lots! Mabel has not been behaving today…She has been barking so much in the garden!!!

Please remember that there is no pressure to complete every activity. Just choose a few!

Thinking of everyone!

Miss Davidson

Learning Together at Home- Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

So today I am uploading Social Studies and Science ideas to help you continue learning at home. I am very much enjoying the photographs which are being uploaded to the e-journal pages- counting outdoors, baking, dragon making, reading!

Many thanks to Lois’s Mum for helping me find instructions to help post on the ejournal pages. I think it may be easier to add a post if you download the learning journal app.

Here are her instructions:

So, I use the Learning Journal App. I downloaded it from the App Store. I have an IPhone so I’m not sure if this is the same on an Android.

From the home screen, there should be a picture of the child with 4 blue boxes below. 

Click the box that says Parent Contribution. This takes you to an empty page but has a green button with a + sign.

Click Green button that says + New

Once you do this, a box pops up with green upload button and sub headings of catergory, title and description.

Choose home from the category section then fill in the others with what you want to say.

To upload pictures, click the green button. I found that I could only upload 1 picture at a time. This is really important! Also, when you select a picture, an iPhone will give you an option to change image size down the bottom of the screen. It’s quite small but I click on that and change to small instead of large or original format.

Once you’ve changed the image size, click the button that says recent. This will take you back to the photos. Then press Done. You’ll see the image to upload. Press upload then save. 

I hope this helps everyone. I can’t access the ejournal page as a parent.

I wonder if you can spot Mabel the Welsh terrier in our presentation today?

Ms Campbell has also suggested that the nursery children can plant seeds at home for home learning. The children can watch the seeds grow. What do the seeds need to grow? This would link well to our science learning.

I have also included drama today.

Here is a link to watch live animals at Edinburgh Zoo.

Have fun everyone!

Miss Davidson

Learning Together at Home- Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone!

Miss Davidson here again to provide some home learning ideas. Just a little note to explain that all pre-school children received a learning pack. Ante pre-school should access some ideas from my blog posts. I have also uploaded some documents from the pack below. Literacy, numeracy and other curriculum areas idea sheets linked to our nursery termly plan.

Also, there is an option to share some of your learning at home using your child’s e-journal. You can upload photos and leave a comment. I will reply to the posts. It was lovely seeing some of your learning yesterday- made me smile! I may use some of the photographs on the Friday blog post.

Tuesday- Expressive arts and technology

Just a reminder that this is posted at 12pm each day but spread out some of the activities over 24 hours.

Mrs Shaw has also suggested that children create a rainbow for their window. What a lovely idea!

Here is our learning today:

Below are also the home learning documents which are included in the pre-school pack. Hope this helps all ante pre-school parents.

If you are reading a story with your child at home then you could use this caterpillar to support questioning with your child. This is the caterpillar used in nursery and primary one.

Here is a link to Mrs Imrie’s Buckstone Buzz Blog which you may find useful.

Speak tomorrow to share social studies and science learning ideas!

Mabel may make an appearance!!!

Stay safe,

Miss Davidson