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Learning Together at Home: Thursday 21st May 2020

Maths and Numeracy today!

I am hoping that you all had a lovely day yesterday outdoor enjoying the higher temperatures!

Another dough recipe. All of our nursery team make dough differently. Here is an alternative method:

5 cups of flour

1 cup of salt


Any amount of oats for texture

Lavender for smell

Just a reminder that we will be beginning our ‘Transition Project’ on Monday. This project is suitable for both pre-school and ante pre-school children. Everyone can enjoy!

I will be back tomorrow!

Miss Davidson

Learning Together at Home: Tuesday 19th May 2020

The start of a new week again! The nursery team are still missing everyone.

I hope that you all had a lovely day off yesterday.

A few highlights from last week. I would love to upload all of your photos but I would get in a little trouble for taking up too much space on our website!!! 🙂 Lots of learning as been taking place at home. I am glad so many of you are engaging with the home learning activities. Well done everyone!


In preparation for Primary One, this week we will be focusing on dressing ourselves into a gym kit- shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes/trainers. Remember to work on folding the clothes you take off! This skill will be needed each week in Primary One.

All ante pre-school children can work on taking off their jumper/cardigan and putting it back on again.

NEXT WEEK WE WILL BEGIN THE PRIMARY ONE TRANSITION PROJECT. I shared information about this last week on a previous post. Please make sure that you have read the Council documents.

Mrs Shaw has been busy reading more stories. Here is another below. Thank you Mrs Shaw.

Today we are focusing on Literacy:

Enjoy everyone!

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Davidson 🙂

Learning Together at Home: Friday 15th May 2020

It’s Friday Everyone!

A little fun for today…

The nursery team have all sent over their HEALTH idea to share with you all. We have smoothies, pizza, salad, run a mile…

Choose an activity or two to complete at home. Please send us some photographs or upload to your e-journals.

Have a healthy day and weekend!

A reminder that Monday is a Holiday so no blog post on that day.

Have a relaxing time!

Take care,

Miss Davidson

Learning Together at Home: Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Everyone!

A little extra information today…


Edinburgh City Council are leading a transition project for all Primary One children. The project is linked to Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear hunt”. The Council have created a website with ideas for parents and carers which goes live on the 18th May. I am also attaching a letter with more information.

Although The City of Edinburgh Council are sharing ideas on their website, I will also be planning activities with the nursery team. We will begin sharing Buckstone ideas using the blog from Monday 25th May to support P1 transition.

I hope this information is helpful and there will be more to follow on this blog from Monday 25th May.


All pre-school children should receive their Transition Report today via email from the Admin Team. Children who are being deferred will not receive a report.

Apologies if I have only added one name of a parent. I only had access to parent information from the online learning journal pages as we have no school access. Also, as noted in the report letter, I have not assessed pencil grip since nursery finished and your child’s pencil grip may have changed.

Happy Reading!

It’s Numeracy and Maths day today!

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday taking part in the Circus Theme posted by Mrs Conlin.

We will focus on measure each week this month. We are focusing on measuring using hand spans this week. This can be done indoors or outdoors. I have added an image of a ‘Handspan’ onto the Power Point presentation.

Tomorrow…the nursery team are focusing entirely on HEALTH. Each member of the team will share an activity linked to Health Week.

Have a brilliant day!

Miss Davidson


Circus Skills Day

We hope that you are all enjoying the Health Week activities that were shared with you on Monday. As today would have been Sports Day for all the classes across the school, we have decided that learning today will focus on being active, trying something new and developing skills. Choose two or three ideas to try. You may get time outside to practise, you may have to practise indoors, you may only have a small amount of time, you may have all afternoon..don’t worry, just go with what works for you and your family.

Here are some ideas:

Juggling – against a wall or in the air             Diablo spinning           Skipping – try doing different tricks with one short rope or as a family group using one long rope          Acrobatics          Balancing            Baton twirling              Hoola Hooping- try using two hoops at a time    Yo-Yo tricks        Mime

Hand Walking – how far can you go?             Puppetry             Elastics – use elastic bands                  Magic tricks – loads of ideas online        Trampolining Ventriloquism    Stilt walking       Being the Ringmaster           Clown makeup              Strength testing            Hat Manipulation – look it up!

You will have lots of your own ideas. Be creative – if you don’t have juggling balls, what could you use instead? Just check with an adult first!

Put on a show for your family. Plan a circus event with your brothers and sisters with your parents as the audience. Maybe an adult in your home could showcase their special talent. Make invitations.

We look forward to seeing and hearing all about your new circus skills so let us know how you got on. If you have time send us a photo or write about it.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy a different kind of Sports Day!


Learning Together at Home: Tuesday 12th May 2020

It’s Tuesday Everyone!

Today we are focusing on Topic and Science.

Please upload photographs of your role play ideas to your e-journals. We are very excited to see what you come up with.

Another treat today. Another story from Mrs Shaw.

The Nursery Team are missing everyone lots.

I thought I would also upload our termly overviews here. These should have been sent out to all parent/carers via the Admin Team.

The overviews above will be used to plan learning for this term.

We are also working on our Transition Plan for pre-school children. More to follow in the coming weeks.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Learning Together at Home: Monday 11th May 2020

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. The sun was shining!

This week is HEALTH WEEK for the whole school. Mrs Conlin has created a grid of activities which you can try at home. We will also have a focus on HEALTH this Wednesday as it should have been Sports Day. Here is Mrs Conlin’s grid:

The Skill of the Week to support P1 transition is:

Open a snack independently. Work on opening crisp packets, tubs, a banana, orange all by yourself. Pop a photograph up on your e-journal page once you have mastered this skill.

I have quite a selection of stories to upload from Mrs Shaw. But today we have an appearance from Ms Blain. I am very lucky to have such super enthusiastic colleagues who have books at home to read.

Here is our Literacy focus today.

Odd One Out task below

Enjoy Everyone!

Stay safe and I will be back tomorrow 🙂

Miss Davidson

Learning Together at Home: Thursday 7th May 2020

The last day of our school week today. HOLIDAY tomorrow!

Mrs Imrie has created a video for assembly today. The management team posts lots of information on the link below. You might see some familiar faces on the assembly video. Have a look!

Health focus today:

I hope that everyone has a lovely long weekend. I will be out walking and doing my daily workout at home!

Also a little piece of information…

Next week was supposed to be Health Week. On Wednesday next week we will be having a school focus day on sport/health. More information to follow…

Here is another photograph of Mabel!!! I hope she makes you all laugh 🙂 I perhaps have too much time!!! This photograph was taken as part of the competition she entered.

I will be back next week with more learning.

Stay safe and have fun!

Miss Davidson