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September at Buckstone Nursery

We have been learning about aeroplanes: how aeroplanes fly, who can fly an aeroplane, who works on aeroplanes, what do we need to get on an aeroplane, how to make paper aeroplanes etc.

We were very lucky as Mrs. Malkin, former cabin crew from Virgin and Mr.  Little, pilot from Jet2 came to visit the morning class. We were able to ask questions about what we wanted to learn.


Mrs. Malkin


Mr. Little

Mrs McCaw came to show the afternoon class how to do origami and talked about Japan.

Mrs. McCaw

Thank you for visiting us!

We have also been learning about artists.  We looked at artwork and techniques from different artists: Pollock, Kandinsky, Miro, Rothko, etc. Some children showed a great interest on this, they were able to reproduce with great detail some artwork.