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P1/2 – Learning Together At Home 30.03.2020

Good Afternoon Learning Ladybirds,

I hope you have had a fun and relaxing weekend with the people you live with! Remember to be kind and stay safe.

This week the teaching staff have decided to give your ‘Learning Together at Home’ as a weekly planner. This way you can see what is planned for the week, so you can plan ahead and be organised. It is attached to this post as ‘Weekly Planner WB30.03.2020’. The focussed learning will then be posted each day – this way we hope you won’t feel too overwhelmed with all the activities. It will be attached each day titled ‘Literacy-Numeracy Monday 30.03.2020’.

Please remember the blog is supportive and there is no pressure to complete all activities. As always, please email me via office admin if you need any help – no matter how small!

Thanks for all your lovely photos and amazing support during this tricky time.

Miss McGhee

Weekly Planner WB30.03.2020

Literacy-Numeracy Monday 30.03.2020

Also just as a little extra – for any science enthusiasts out there I have attached the following document full of STEM activities. I hope you enjoy!  (P1 – Early Level / P2 – First Level)

STEM Home Learning Grid – Amy Dixon, CEC STEM DO

P1/2 – Learning Together at Home 26.03.2020

Good afternoon P1/2 Learning Ladybirds!

Well done for a great first week of learning!

Thank you everyone for their efforts at home – I understand this is a challenging time, but we can get through this together.

Just a supportive reminder to be kind to yourself – there is no pressure to complete or evidence all the suggestions from the blog – please use the blog in a way that works for you.

Thank you for all the lovely photos – they made me smile! I thought it would be nice to share a selection of them here so P1/2 Learning Ladybirds can stay connected!

I hope they make you smile………..

Friday Photos

This weeks dictation words are:

boat     coat      foam     road

show     row    mow      low

Please allow your child to sound out, blend and write these word independently.

Feel free to put each work into context: :The boy is on a boat”.


Wishing you lovely weekend,

thanks again for all your support – we are in this together.

Miss McGhee



P1/2 – Learning Together at Home 25.03.2020

Hello Learning Ladybirds!


The daily blog is now attached below as a word document– everything you need to continue with your fantastic learning is there. It is set out just the same as before but please let me know if there are any issues!

Learning Together At Home 25.03.2020

I’ve also attached a support guide to help children and adults adjust to the changes to our learning……

Supporting children with ASN

Letter formation guide below – please remember to practise both cursive and non-cursive letters.

letter formation

cursive letter formation













P1/2 – Learning Together at Home 24.03.2020

Good Afternoon P1/2,

Thank you for the lovely photos I received yesterday – it made me smile to see you continue your amazing learning at home. I will share some of these pictures on Friday at 12.30.

Literacy – General Ideas


Literacy – Focussed

  • Using the ow and oa words you discussed and wrote down with your grown ups yesterday, can you write them again 4 times each using a different colour each time (rainbow words).
  • Underneath each ow or oa words, please draw a picture of the word – for example, if you wrote boat as one of your words, please draw a picture of your boat underneath your rainbow words.

Tricky Words this week are one and you – please work on reading and writing these words

All the tricky words are available in the home packs for you to work through at your own pace.

I have added the ‘reading caterpillar’ and ‘reading rocket’ here for to use to help support you with reading at home. Please take your time with the books given to your child. Please use one a week – just like before.

caterpillar early level 1

First level rocket1

Numeracy – General Ideas

  • Work on addition and subtraction skills
  • Calculation practice 1 – roll 2 dice and add them together, what is the total?
  • Calculation practice 2 – roll 2 dice and take one away from the other, what is the total? Remember when you are subtracting the big number always comes first in the calculation
  • Calculation practice 3 (challenge) – roll 2 dice and add them together, what is the total? keep that total then roll 1 dice add that number to the total – how many times can you keep on adding to the total………..
  • Work on number bonds (10, 20 or 100) – differentiated worksheets are in the ‘Home Pack’
  • These games will help you to practise number bonds to 10 and 20:
  • Work on numbers before and after – use this link to count one more/one less and 10 more/10 less,

Numeracy – Focussed


Some fun Ideas

I would like to add a big thank you for the gifts, cards and kind words I received on Friday – I will read these cards when I’m having a ‘tricky day’ – I’m very lucky to learn with such caring and kind people – both children and parents – thank you!

If you have any questions about the ideas provided, please send these to the school admin email and I will be happy to help you with anything.

Thank you for your continued support in your child learning,

Miss McGhee 😊


P1/2 – Learning Together at Home 23.03.2020

Good Morning Learning Ladybirds and welcome to our online classroom!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families and are ready to continue learning and having fun together.

I will be posting daily at 12.00 to give you ideas for ‘learning at home’. Please help your adult by being ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’

Please use this blog to support you at home – work at your own pace and find a way that works for you and your family. You will not be asked to provide any evidence of your learning and there is no pressure to do all the tasks – the blog posts are designed to be supportive so please use them in a way that works for you!

Please feel free to email a photo of you learning at home and let me know if you are happy for me to put it on our Friday blog post – it will be lovely to see some photos of each other and stay connected!

I will post ideas for Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Wellbeing and keeping active at home!

To start we will be revising previous learning.

 Lets begin………………….


Literacy – General Ideas

  • Revise single sounds of the alphabet (Jolly Phonics songs are available on YouTube)
  • Revise the Digraph sounds we have covered so far – refer to ‘Home Packs’ for the list


  • CVC game – read the word using your knowledge of the initial sounds, blend the sounds together and click on the picture that matches the word. Play this game without the sound encouraging your child to sound the words out independently.


Literacy – Focussed

Revise the oa/ow sound – How many oa and ow words can you think of? Remember the oa sound goes in the middle of words and the ow goes at the end of words. Talk to a grown up about the words you have thought of. Now try to write some of them down.

Here are a few to start you off….

boat         coat         goat     flow       grow       blow

Tricky Words this week are one and you – please work on reading and writing these words

All the tricky words are available in the home packs for you to work through at your own pace.

Numeracy – General Ideas

Numeracy – Focussed

  • This week we are going to continue working on time. We are learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. Here are some videos that will support this learning:



Some fun Ideas



Words of the week:

If you have any questions about the ideas provided, please send these to the school admin email and I will be happy to help you with anything.

Good luck, have a lovely day and enjoy the learning we have provided. Remember, we are all in this together!

Thank you for your continued support in your child learning,

Miss McGhee 😊

P2 Show

After working so hard on the presentation of our Easter show we were so disappointed not to be able to share it with our families, but we gave a private viewing to Mrs Imrie and Mrs Conlin. Mr & Mrs Stewart kindly filmed a second performance and this will be made available to parents to see at some point. In the meantime, here are some photos taken at one of our rehearsals.

P2 Thursday 19th

It’s going to be sunny tomorrow, so P2 plan to spend the afternoon outside making great use of our fabulous new loose parts play resources.

Although sunny, it will still be chilly and the children do love to turn on the cold tap , so please ensure that children are dressed appropriately for outdoor play tomorrow if at all possible ( wellies or boots recommended to avoid soggy socks)



Home Learning Help

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon announced that the current advice is for schools, colleges and universities is to remain open, for the time being.

At present, schools will only close if they are specifically told so – for example, if a student or staff member contracts the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus. This response differs to countries such as Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Denmark, which all recently announced they would be temporarily shutting schools due to the virus outbreak.

However, due to the nature of this pandemic, we have learned that things can change very rapidly.In order to prepare parents and carers in the event of a school closure, here are some tips and online resources to support your child with their learning at home.

Which resources can I use to support my child at home?


Online educational publishers, Twinkl, have offered parents free access to all its resources for a month to support continued learning at home. All you need to do is enter UKTWINKLHELPS to get started.

Twinkl also has a Parents Hub that has a number of different guides designed for parents to support them with different curricular areas.


Online learning platform, Sumdog, has a number of engaging and challenging maths and literacy games that your child can use to enhance their learning at home.

Children’s University of Manchester

For kids who love science, the Children’s University of Manchester website is an excellent interactive resource in which your child can browse a number of different science topics which have a quiz at the end of each unit.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is an excellent online resource that provides students help with revision and learning. Here you will find a number of free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject on every subject for students aged from three to 16 and over.

Activity Village

For those of you who enjoy making crafts with your child at home, Activity Village is a great resource for ideas and templates to develop creativity at home.

Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children. What we say and do in our daily lives can help children to develop positive attitudes toward school and learning and to build confidence in themselves as learners. Showing our children that we both value education and use it in our daily lives provides them with powerful models and contributes greatly to their success in school.

Monitor your child’s television, video game, and Internet use. Children on average spend far more time watching TV, playing video games and using the Internet than they do completing homework or other school-related activities.

Encourage your child to read. Helping your child become a reader is the single most important thing that you can do to help the child to succeed in school-and in life. The importance of reading simply can’t be overstated. Reading helps children in all school subjects. More important, it is the key to lifelong learning. Learn more in Fun Reading Tips and Activities and Fun and Effective Ways to Read with Children.

Talk with your child. Talking and listening play major roles in children’s school success. It’s through hearing parents and family members talk and through responding to that talk that children begin to pick up the language skills they will need if they are to do well.

Encourage your child to be responsible and work independently. Taking responsibility and working independently are important qualities for school success. You can help your child to develop these qualities by establish reasonable rules that you enforce consistently, making it clear to your child that he has to take responsibility for what he does, both at home and at school, showing your child how to break a job down into small steps, and monitor what your child does after school, in the evenings and on weekends.

Encourage active learning. Children need active learning as well as quiet learning such as reading and doing homework. Active learning involves asking and answering questions, solving problems and exploring interests. Active learning also can take place when your child plays sports, spends time with friends, acts in a school play, plays a musical instrument or visits museums and bookstores.

P1/2 Learning Ladybirds 13.03.20


This week we have been:

    • Revising the digraph sounds we have learned so far
    • Revising the ‘Tricky Words’ – new sheets came home on Wednesday. If your child did not receive a new sheet they are still working on their current sheet.
    • These will be re-assessed in the next few weeks
    • playing spelling games on the class iPads
    • Continuing developing writing skills using our ‘non-negotiables’: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops (All)
    • Using connectives in our writing (and, or, because, then)
    • Developing our reading skills within our reading groups – some children received a new stage this week. Reading is assessed regularly and reading groups are fluid – please don’t be worried if your child receives a new/extra book
  • Whole class reading – we have finished our class novel! We are keen to explore a new one!



This week we have been:


Other Areas

We have lots of new and exciting resources in our classroom to help us Learn Through Play. This week we got a new painting easel, role play/puppet show area, sand tray and block play!

    • Painting Easel – pop art inspired by Andy Warhol
    • Block Play – using positional language to create structures
    • Role Play/Puppet Area lots of imaginative role play using scarves and clothing
  • Sand Tray


This week we have been exploring our new resources. We have had the chance to play with all the new things and suggest ideas of what to learn next in our new areas!

    • Science – this week the P7 classrooms have been transformed into Science Labs!
    • P1 – explored light and shadows
    • P2 – explored electrical circuits
  • Art – we have been exploring the artist Andy Warhol. We used his Pop Art style to recreate our own art work



Other Information


    • P1 Kindergarten – Wednesday morning 09.30 -11.30. Please make sure your child has warm/waterproof clothes with them on Wednesday – thank you! Please let me know if you would like to join in and help!
    • Role Play/Puppet Area – we are looking for items for our role play area. If anyone has any old/unwanted hats (any style) to help us dress up and create imaginative characters that would be great!
    • P2 show – P2 show practice and preparation is well under way! We are collecting items for costumes -info
    • already sent home. Thank you to those who have sent items in. Can we please ask that items are sent in labelled in a labelled bag. Thanks again for your support with this.
  • Uniform Plea – we are looking for some missing items of uniform. Can you please check at home for any items that may not belong to your child and return to school. Thank you.



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.