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Woodland Learning 01.05.19

Woodland learning will be going ahead again tomorrow for the same group as last week!

Everyone had a really wonderful time and we are looking forward to the learning tomorrow!

If any adults are available to help tomorrow with the small group, please let one of the P1 team know in the morning. The group runs from 9am til around 11am.

Thank you for your continued support!

The P1 Foxes

Welcome back to school everyone!

We have had a great week back at school. We enjoyed sharing all of our Easter news. You all seem to have had a lovely holiday.


Reading will begin next week. You child will have a book home on their reading day. Please continue to read a selection of other books/texts at home too.

Before the holidays, I posted tricky word Power Point presentations. Please work on reading these works quickly and accurately at home.


This week we have been revising all the vowel digraphs covered.

Literacy home learning will also begin next week.

We wrote all about our Easter holiday and shared our writing in a small group.


We have been learning to add and subtract this week.

We are focusing on finding the missing number in a calculation- 5 + ? = 8 etc.

We have also been working on counting in 2s all the way up to 30. We have discussed why this skill might be useful.
We have also discussed odd and even numbers.


Other Curricular Areas:

We have been learning to:

  • Recognise electrical items all around us.
  • Talk about safety when using electricity.
  • Create a castle for imaginative play.
  • Create flags for the castle, and why a castle needs a flag.


P1F have been given the responsibility of looking after the Arts and Crafts area in the continuous provision for the next 2 weeks. This means we get to develop the area using our ideas.

Our ideas for next week include

  • Stickers
  • Making paper swans and ballerinas
  • Rocket ship making
  • Dot to dot pictures
  • Design Lego models


Thank you for your continued support!


Woodland Learning 24.04.19

The next group of P1 foxes will be beginning their woodland learning experience this week!

If your child has received a consent form for this group please ensure this is returned on 24.04.19 or they will be unable to take part this week. This is a fantastic opportunity and it would be great for everyone to get involved, even some parents! If you are available to help out with the group this week please let any of the P1 staff know. Woodland learning takes place on Wednesday morning at 9am and lasts for most of the morning!

Thank you for your continued support!



Week beginning 01.04.19

Literacy & Reading


This week we had a revision week of sounds and ‘tricky words’ we have covered in term 2.

Please continue to revise and practise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.

Below are some sounds and tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: oa, ow, ay, ai, ea, come, some, one, you

No reading was sent home this week – instead we read all together. We focused on sounding out and spotting tricky words. Some children even had a go at reading to the rest of the class. We were able to see some super confident reading!


During reading we have also been concentrating on reading with expression and spotting rhyming words.


    • Writing – This week we had a go at some descriptive writing. We watched the story of the Easter Bunny and created our own version of the Easter bunny. We described what they looked like, and what their job was!
  • Reading – Whole class.




  • We are having a focus on revising maths skills this week (addition, subtraction, order and counting forwards/backwards).
  • Subtraction – we have had a whole class focus on subtraction calculations this week. To help with skill you can practise counting backwards. We have also been looking at writing subtractions calculations – remember the larger number always comes first.
  • 100 number square – we have been using 100 squares to help solve number calculations.
  • Calculations – we have been exploring subtraction and addition calculations – looking at the symbols to make sure we read and complete calculations correctly!
  • Number Bonds – we have started looking at number bonds to 10 (all the different ways to make 10 using 2 numbers)
  • Symmetry – We have also been revising symmetry, by spotting symmetry in our environment, and creating our own symmetrical patterns using different materials.



Other Curricular Areas

  • P.E. – Teamwork games and looking at ‘fairness’ when playing team games. We have a very interesting time talking about what is fair/not fair.
  • P.E – we were also exploring different ways of rolling safely this week. We tried pencil rolls, teddy bear rolls, and some children even tried forward rolls!
  • Science – We are learning about recycling this week and looking after our environment. We have looked at what we can do to have a positive effect on the environment and how to become more eco-friendly.
  • ICT – we are now using iPads to support our learning. Children have been great at sharing and not spending too much time on the iPads!


Learning Through Play


  • Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.
  • Painting – children were finger fainting symmetrical eggs at the arts and craft table.
  • Play Time – we have been setting a ‘Play Time Challenge’ to encourage new friendships. We have been asking P1 to think of someone in the class they have never played with and ask them to play.



  • LAST DAY OF TERM! We are planning on having a small end of term party. We will be having squash, crisps and some dancing!



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning and I hope the children enjoy a well-deserved break!

P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW

Week Beginning 25.03.19

Literacy & Reading


This week’s new sounds are oa and ow. ‘Tricky Words’ are  her and of . Please continue to revise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.
New reading books were sent home this week–Monday/Tuesday.

There will be no new reading books sent home next week, as we will be focusing on reading in class.

Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: come, some, one, of


During reading we have also been continuing to concentrate on spotting rhyming words.


  • Writing – This week we talked created our own environment superhero in our writing!


Numeracy & Maths




  • We are still focussing on numeracy skills this week (addition, subtraction, order and counting forwards/backwards).
  • Addition – we are encouraging children to use different strategies to complete addition calculations. For addition, we model putting the bigger number in our head and counting forwards the small number – feel free to give this a go at home. Your child should be able to show you how it works!
  • Subtraction – we have worked on subtraction calculation this week. To help with skill you can practise counting backwards.
  • 100 Number Square – we have also been looking at number squares, and finding numbers between 1 and 100.



Other Curricular Areas


  • P.E. – We have been working on team work games to encourage communication and turn taking. We have also been working on skipping with a rope and throwing and catching with bean bags and balls.
  • P.E. – Children have been enjoying the Daily Mile, Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga as part of their P.E. too.
  • Health and Wellbeing – The foxes have been focusing on being helpful this week!



Learning Through Play


  • Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.
  • Science – children have been watching our bulbs grow.
  • Role Play – in the house corner some children have enjoyed playing ‘families’ and have been looking have their new babies.


  • Play Time – we have been setting a ‘Play Time Challenge’ to encourage new friendships. We have been asking P1 to think of someone in the class they have never played with and ask them to play or playing with their learning partner.


Extra Information


  • We have a new ‘whole school focus’. In order to become more eco-friendly, we are encouraging recycling at Buckstone Primary School! We are starting small with crisp packets – if your child has crisps for snack we are asking them not to put the packet in the bins outside. Please see the homelink for all of the other things we can recycle!



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Information ‘Great Big School Clean Up’

We have been asked to share the information below:

Dear Parents/carers

You will hopefully have seen in the last Homelink newsletter that our Parent Council have organised a Great Big School Clean Up on Saturday 30th March between 2-4pm as part of the Great British Spring Clean 2019. This is a UK wide mass-action environmental campaign to cut litter and improve public places but it also coincides with the Green Buckstone recycling programme which aims to save ‘hard to recycle’ items from landfill.

The school playground will be open at the main entrance from 2pm on Saturday 30th March for as many volunteers as are able to donate 10 minutes, 1 hour or more of time to help clear the playground and surrounding areas of litter that has escaped the various refuse bins around the school. City of Edinburgh Council will be arriving that afternoon to deliver litter picking kit and will be removing waste from the school after the litter pick is over at 4pm. Our local councillors are also planning to attend and members of the Parent Council will be present to co-ordinate this project. This is an excellent opportunity to help improve the environment on our doorstep so we hope to see you there.

Please bring with you protective gloves if at all possible (some will be provided by the council), refreshments and perhaps some hand sanitiser! Children must not be unaccompanied and will remain the responsibility of their parent/carer at all times.

Numeracy Home Learning Activities

Hello everyone,

I have just uploaded a tricky word Power Point in the previous post. I am now attaching our numeracy home learning walls. We issued wall A in the first term but we will be working on wall B into next term.

We hope that this gives you some ideas of numeracy activities to try at home.

Many thanks for your continued support with learning at home,

The P1 Team:)