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Primary One Thank you!

It’s the last week of school before the Summer Holidays!

We would like to thank all the children and parents and carers in Primary One for working hard and for supporting your child and us this year.

We wish everyone a fantastic and sunny Summer!

Have fun everyone!

Miss Davidson, Miss McGhee and Miss Levey ๐Ÿ™‚

P1S E-journals

Hi everyone,

We have updated every child’s e-journal with evidence of learning for both literacy and numeracy. Please share this with your child at home and leave a comment.

Many thanks

Miss Davidson and Miss McGhee ๐Ÿ™‚

Primary One Home Learning- Week beginning 10.6.19


Everyone has a book home from Monday this week. We are collecting all books in on Friday 14th June. Thank you for all your help and support with reading this year at home. A big well done to all the children for putting in lots of effort.

We will continue reading challenges in class into next week.


Your child will have a home learning sheet home. This is the last home learning sheet coming home before the holidays. Please continue to revisit sounds and tricky words over the next few weeks at home.

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been learning:

  • To find one half of a shape and number
  • To find one quarter of a shape and number
  • To count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • To add and subtract by counting forward and backwards
  • To hold a number in our brain and count on and back

We have even been making our very own pizza! We split our pizza into halves and quarters with a learning partner! How delicious!

Other areas of the curriculum

We have been learning to:

  • identify the main organs in our body
  • understand why we need organs
  • understand how to keep our organs healthy
  • talk about the celebration of Eid

Learning Through Play

  • creating games to play with our playground buddies
  • experimenting with volume and reading units of measure in the water tray
  • building the ‘Berlin Wall’ in the construction area
  • creating tile patterns using a variety of resources

P1S Reading

Just a little blog post to let all parents and carers know that we will be collecting in all reading books this coming Friday 14th June. There will be no more reading sent home before the holidays.

Please continue to read a variety of texts at home over the summer holidays. Revisiting all tricky words and sounds would also be fantastic in preparation for beginning Primary Two.

Thank you so much for all of your support this year with home learning.

Miss Davidson and Miss McGhee ๐Ÿ™‚

P1 Pizza Making

Just a little blog post to let all parents/carers know that both P1 classes are planning on making pizza linked to fraction learning on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Please let us know if you don’t want your child to take part. The ingredients we are using are:

  • wraps
  • mozzarella cheese
  • sweetcorn
  • tomato sauce
  • pineapple

Your child will have a choice of toppings.

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Davidson ๐Ÿ™‚

P1S Home Learning- Week beginning 3rd June 2019

Literacy and Reading

Your child will have a reading book home. Please read a little each day with your child. Remember to question your child as he/she reads.

The sounds we are focusing on this week are:

bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl

Tricky words: any, water, many

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been focusing on ‘weight’.

We have been learning to:

  • order objects from lightest to heaviest
  • compare the weight of items using scales

Home task: Can you look for the weight of items in your kitchen? Perhaps your cornflake box has the weight on the side of the box! How many different weights can you spot?

Other Curricular Areas

We have been learning to:

  • identify the key members of the Modern Royal Family
  • understand who Queen Victoria was and what life was like when she was the Queen
  • share your feelings each day
  • present information to an audience during out nursery visits. We have enjoyed sharing our highlights of Primary One to the nursery children.
  • improving our speed when answering simple addition calculations

Learning Through Play

  • experimenting with ‘weight’ in and around the classroom
  • exploring ‘Tangrams’ in the creative area
  • building models of our local area
  • measuring our models in cm and m

We have had a busy week in Primary One!

P1 Home Learning- Week beginning 27th May 2019

What a busy week of learning we have had!

Literacy and Reading

Your child has a reading book home. Please read a little each day. Once your child is familiar with their book then try hiding the illustrations.

Continue to work on reading the tricky word PowerPoint posted in a previous post.

Please see your child’s home learning sheet with sounds and tricky words for this week.

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been focusing on:

  • learning how to measure in cm and m
  • understanding that there are 100cm in one m
  • comparing lengths of objects
  • sequencing numbers
  • holding a number in our head and counting on

Home challenge: Find a ruler or tape measure at home and measure three items. Order the items from shortest to longest.

Other Curricular Areas

This week we have been learning

  • To compare our hobbies to the hobbies of the Royal Family
  • To revisit counting to 20 in French
  • We had a visit from a Police Officer at assembly
  • To share our feelings each day

Learning Through Play

We have been learning:

  • To use Ipads to support our learning across the curriculum
  • Experimenting with volume using water and sand
  • creating crowns linked to our topic
  • improving our level of fitness by developing our yoga skills in class- we have our own yoga station!

Home Learning- Week beginning 20.5.19

No reading this week. We will continue to work on reading skills in class.

What a short week at school!

This week we have been learning to:

  • estimate and measure length using standard and non- standard units.
  • identify numbers before and after.
  • revisit all vowel digraphs and tricky words.
  • write a sentence using a ‘because’.
  • talk about the differences between our homes and where the Royal Family live.
  • reflect on our year in Primary One- what we have enjoyed and what we would like to learn in Primary Two.
  • work on our cursive handwriting.

We are looking forward to a full week at school next week. Home Learning will continue then.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Davidson and Miss McGhee ๐Ÿ™‚

P1 Home Learning- Week beginning 13.5.19


Please make sure that you are asking your child questions to check understanding. We have been reading a page backwards in class to make sure we are focusing on each word!


We have not been focusing on sounds this week as it has been HEALTH WEEK!

Please continue to revisit all sounds covered at home.

We wrote all about our favourite race and enjoyed sharing our sentences with our group. We even spotted mistakes in Miss Davidson’s and Miss McGhee’s writing!


This week we have been continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Please see the previous post for a numeracy link to work on at home.


This week has been HEALTH WEEK and we have had a super week in Primary One. Below is a list of some activities we have taken part in:

  • It was SPORTS DAY! Thank you to everyone for coming.
  • We had a visit from the School Nurse who showed us how to clean our hands properly and we covered our hands in glitter and had to wash it all off.
  • We had a ‘Tiny Taste’ session in the classroom. We gave lots of foods a taste. Lots of us enjoyed the Brie cheese!
  • We had lots of active breaks.
  • We are taking part in playground games with P6 tomorrow.
  • We have been learning all about eating and drinking and making good choices.

What a fantastic week!