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P2 Script

Hi everyone,

Your child will come home with lines to learn today or tomorrow. We won’t send home the whole script, only the lines your child should learn.

If your child has no lines in their purple bag then that is because these will be easily worked on in class.

Please check your child’s purple folder.

We will also send home a costume letter this week.

Can the lines be brought back to school each day?

Many thanks for all of your support,

The P2 Team 🙂

Reflective Friday in P2D

Week beginning 5.2.18

We are still looking for some junk for our classroom.


I will collect all reading books in today (Friday). We will begin reading when we return to school after the February holiday.


I have uploaded all tricky word sheets below. Please work on reading and spelling all of the words at home.

block one tricky words

Block Two Tricky Words (August)-2

Block Three Tricky Words (August)-2

Block Four Tricky Words

Block Five Tricky Words

Numeracy and Maths

  • We are continuing to subtract in class by counting backwards on a number line.
  • We are continuing to tell the time- quarter past and to the hour.
  • We are describing the position of an object- ‘to the left of’ and ‘to the right of’.

Topic (IDL- interdisciplinary learning)

  • We have been discussing the weather in Scotland.
  • We have been identifying weather symbols and creating our own weather forecasts in teams.

What we have enjoyed this week:

  • Having our parents/carers visit our classroom
  • PE in the new hall
  • Improving our speed when answering addition calculations by playing ‘Around the World’.

Have a lovely holiday everyone!



P2D Reflective Friday

Drop-in session: Tuesday 6th February 9 – 9.30

We will share some of our learning in literacy and numeracy from the past few weeks. The children in P2D have chosen the activities to share.


Please read a little each day. Can you recognise any soft ‘c’ words as you read?


We are continuing to work on the soft ‘c’ sound with ‘ance’ and ‘ence’.

Can you write a sentence with a word below:

fence                                  France

glance                                pence




We are continuing to work on subtraction in class. We are also telling the time to quarter past and quarter to.

We have been using the app ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. The children would like me to share the name of the app so parents/carers can download it at home.

Below are some websites we have been using


  • We have been discussing which foods come from Scotland
  • We sorted foods into categories.

What have we enjoyed this week:

  • Using number lines to take away numbers
  • Using the iPads during our maths rotation
  • Maths challenge activities
  • Writing about our Bedtime routine
  • Creating our own soft ‘c’ for our learning wall

What would we like to do next week:

  • More writing!
  • Inviting our parents/carers into our classroom
  • Work on spelling our tricky words



P2 Easter Show

Just a little blog post to let all parents/carers know that we have started to prepare for our Easter show. Once all parts have been given out then we will then send a script home for you to work on with your child. We would very much appreciate your support with this at home. We will also be asking you all for a costume for your child but more information will follow after the February break.

We have started to learn a song this week. We will keep you updated on the blog with more information!

Many thanks for your support with this,

The P2 Team 🙂

P2D Information

Learning Stories

Please can all learning stories be returned by Friday.


We have changed our PE timetable so our new PE days are below:

Tuesday afternoon

Thursday morning


We are looking for a collection of junk from home. (boxes, tubs, tubes)

Many thanks

Miss Davidson