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P2WG Learning 11.10.19

We have been busy in P2WG this week.



  • In Spelling we have been learning about oa and ow. Some words for oa are: soap, oats, boat, oar, float, goat, loaf, toast, roast. Some words for ow are: show, sow, flow, slow, low and glow.
  • We have been learning how to write a super sentence! We need to include a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. We use our polishing pencil to make super sentences.
  • We are reading Polly Jean Pyjama Queen. We love it!
  • We were designing front/back covers for our books.

Things to do at home

– try to write super sentences. Remember your capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.

– design a front cover for a book you are reading at home. Think about what happens in the story.


  • We are learning about doubles. For example we know that 6 +6 = 12. This is double 6.
  • We have also been learning our number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We know that 5+ 5 = 10, 10 + 10 = 20 and 50 + 50 = 100.
  • We have been learning how to copy patterns.

Things to do at home

– practise number bonds by saying/choosing a number from cards then quickly saying the other number to complete the number bond. This could be a race against someone else!

-make up your own patterns for someone to copy.

-use things you find at home/in the garden to make patterns.

Other areas

  • We have been learning all about habitats. We know this is an animals home.
  • We enjoyed our last signing session. We liked the Scottish songs we sang and were able to keep the beat.

Aaaaatchoo !

It seems to be the season for sneezes !


We would greatly appreciate any donations of boxes of tissues for the classroom to help us keep noses clean!


Thank you

P2 Warty Gruffalos Blog

Please remind your child to bring their book and reading record to school every day. ‘Reading Rockets’ to support reading will be sent home next week.  Please do not be worried if your child moves/changes reading groups – reading groups are fluid and your child may move in order to support their individual learning needs.


  • We have been doing reading in class focusing on decoding tricky words and reading with increased fluency and expression
  • Exploring digraph sounds ‘ee’ and ‘ea’
  • Practising spelling block 1/2 tricky words
  • We have been learning to write sentences correctly and retell a story in the correct sequence
  • We have also been creating settings and habitats linked to stories we have been reading in class
  • Writing – P2 were supported to write about things they are enjoying in P2. We focussed on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Some children were also able to use a connective (and/because) in their writing!


  • Add doubles facts with a range of number. You can play this game at home:

  • P2 have been learning to use Carroll diagrams
  • Continuing to investigate and create patterns

 Other Areas

  • P.E. (small balls skills) – aiming, throwing, catching and passing, hand/eye coordination
  • Planning and building animal dens
  • Developing fine motor control
  • Building resilience in school

Other Information

  • Tempest are in school on Monday and Tuesday taking the children’s photos
  • P2 Zoo Lab – P2 have a visit from the Zoo Lab on Wednesday 2nd Oct. Please use Parent Pay to pay and give permission for your child to attend
  • It would be really helpful if all items of clothing could be labelled
  • We politely ask you to encourage your child to keep toys and trading cards at home – we have lots of resources at school to keep your child busy learning
  • We are looking for materials for building, modelling and using at our creation station – recycling is welcome!


Thank you and have a lovely weekend!


P2WG Learning 20/09/19


P2 Reading was sent home this week, please use the ‘reading rockets’ to support reading at home (these will be sent home in colour when the printer has been fixed).



  • We have been practising letter formation
  • We have focused on hand writing and correct pencil grip
  • Exploring digraph sounds eg. ai and ay
  • Exploring block 1/2 tricky words
  • We introduced a new book called ‘Who’s Our New Teacher?’ and have been focusing on our prediction and imagination skills linked to this
  • We have been learning about what makes a super sentence e.g. capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, checking it makes sense and challenging ourselves by trying to add in a describing word



  • Sequencing and ordering numbers
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points
  • P2 have been learning to use tally marks to record amounts and complete tally charts accurately
  • Finding missing numbers up to 100
  • Investigating and creating patterns


Other Areas

  • P.E. (small balls skills) – aiming, throwing, catching and passing, hand/eye coordination
  • Developing fine motor control
  • Building resilience in school



Helpers required

P2 would love to welcome some parent/grandparent volunteer helpers into class.
We would love help to carry out practical tasks such as filing, organising resources, photocopying/laminating as well as supervising group activities with small numbers of pupils.
You may be asked to work across the p2 stage, so not necessarily exclusively in your own child’s class.

If you are interested in helping out at all, please feel free to chat with any member of the p2 team.

All volunteers must be part of the PVG scheme (forms are available from the school office if you wish to register)

PcWG Reflective Friday 23.8.19

Welcome back to P2WG

We have had a fantastic start to our year, getting to know our new class, our new routines and the expectations for Primary 2.

We have been discussing our class values and made a list of three ways to be READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE. Ask your child if they can remember what they were, and you can see our class display at meet the teacher.

We have also been learning about Data Handling, creating and analysing pictograms.

Purple folders will come home every day after the September weekend when we start home reading. In the meantime we will only send purple folders home if there are any letters.

PE – as yet we are unsure of which days will be our PE days as the new timetables have not been finalised. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Please name all school clothes, even just initials on a label, as it helps enormously when trying to reunite lost sweatshirts with their rightful owners

<strong>Please note that the school website will be under construction for the next couple of weeks so there will be no blog posts until it is back up and running.</strong>