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P2M – What we have been learning this week 25.01.19



This week we continued our magic e investigation with i – e. This includes: pip=pipe, grim=grime, pin=pine and spin=spine.

We braved the cold earlier in the week and challenged each other with magic e words. We loved racing against each other, making sure we sounded out the words.

We continued reading our class book – “Man On The Moon. We thought about sequencing events.





Things to do at home – 

Find more magic e words. Can you find any outdoors?

Read a variety of books at home. Can you find any facts about the moon?



Maths and Numeracy

This week we continued to learn about number patterns. We are becoming more confident when counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.





Things to do at home – 


Other areas of the curriculum 

We started to plan our new topic – The Dark. We thought about what we knew and what we would like to know. We are going to have lots of fun finding out.

ecadb568-923e-4323-ab8d-4b91cf91b58e9eb220be-65c6-49ab-ba13-ccf4c47c6b2eAs there were the most questions asked about the moon, this is where we will start our learning.



We enjoyed listening to our budding guitarists!



Have a lovely weekend!

P2M – What we have been learning this week 18.01.19


This week we have been learning about the magic e rule. We know the magic e is special – it makes a short vowel turn into a long vowel. This week we looked at magic e words with a. This included cap=cape, mat=mate, pan=pane and same=same.

We enjoyed our magic e word hunt. We had to find words hidden in the classroom and turn them into magic e words.


In Reading we started our class book “A Man on the Moon”. We enjoyed pretending to be on the moon – some of us even saw aliens! We predicted what the story was about, discussed the main events and asked questions about the story. We will keep reading this next week.

Things to to do at home –

find magic e words (with a) in books you are reading at home

predict and ask questions about different books at home

Maths and Numeracy


This week we have been learning about shape and number patterns. We know that we must spot the pattern before we continue it. If it is a shape pattern we know we repeat the pattern to continue it and if it is a number pattern we need to work out what we are counting up in. This is quite tricky so will keep doing this next week.

Things to do at home –

spot patterns in the environment and discuss why they are patterns

count in different steps (for example you could count how many footsteps you take but count up in 2s)

Expressive Arts

We made aliens with paper, glue and scissors. Some aliens had huge legs and arms!



Please remember to bring your P.E kit every Wednesday and Friday.

Have a lovely weekend!




P2M – What we have been learning this week 21.12.18

This week we have been busy thinking about and preparing for Christmas.

We became authors this week because we created our own stories on “The Grinch”! We had to remember to include a beginning, middle and end, capital letters and full stops and describing words.

We shared these with P7 who seemed to enjoy them and liked listening to their Christmas stories too!



We have enjoyed making Christmas crafts. image


Our fine motor skills were tested as we had to carefully cut to make neat patterns and had to link the paper together. The hard work paid off though because they look great!

We enjoyed singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas stories, Ceilidh dancing and of course our Christmas Party!

We also had a visit from Santa last night! He left footprints and a letter! We were so excited! (The photo of the footprints is after the class came in in the morning so a little bit messy!)


merry christmas sign

Photo by Brett Sayles on

It has been a busy first term in P2M. Thank you for your support and kindness this year. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in January!

Miss Martin and Mrs McFarlane.

P2M What have we been learning this week? WB 10.12.18


  • We wrote invitations to our Christmas Carol Singing.
  • We have been reading pieces of information about The Body as we round off our topic.
  • We wrote a Christmas story.


  • We have been consolidating our addition and subtraction work by completing fun puzzles were we have to work out the answers to sums.
  • We have been playing mental maths games.

Our Body Topic

  • We had a visit from Mrs Scott who is a microbiologist. She answered our questions about germs and how they are spread. We were reminded to cover our coughs and sneezes and to wash our hands regularly with soap and warm water. We enjoyed looking at the pictures she showed us of different kinds of germs!


  • We have been very busy rehearsing for our Carol Singing all week.  We hope you enjoyed this if you were able to come along on Thursday or this morning.
  • We enjoyed watching the P1 and Nursery nativities.
  • We made Christmas cards.

We have now collected in the reading books and folders for this term. There are just one or two still to return so please send in the purple folder if it is still at home.

Thank you very much for returning the blue Learning Stories. There are still one or two to come back so please return on Monday if you can.


P2M – What we have been learning this week 23.11.18


This week is Book Week Scotland! We’ve had fun doing lots of different activities! This included listening to a super funny storyteller, getting our Book Bags, Reading with P7M and watching an Author’s Live! We have decided to read with P7M weekly as we really enjoyed it!

In Spelling this week we have focused on the sound oa and ow. We know it sounds like o. This includes boat, toad, low and show. This was quite tricky so will keep doing this next week.

In Writing, we wrote about an experience and had to remember all of our star steps. Ask us about what they were!

We have been practising all of the cursive letters since the summer! This includes c, o, d, a, g, q and s.


We have been learning about equal groups. This means each group needs to have an equal amount. Try doing this at home – you can use anything!

We have also been learning about shapes. 2D and 3D. We are trying to name and describe them. For example we know a square has 4 equal sided sides. A cube is made up of squares.

Other areas of the curriculum

In HWB we have enjoyed meeting people’s Worry Monsters! We started our Dance block in P.E. We practised skipping and side stepping.

We have been learning about the Digestive System! It was cool!

We enjoyed decorating Christmas Tree decorations! The stars look very colourful.

We raised lots of money for Marie Curie by giving away our plants. Thank you all very much!

Finally, we have been weeding in the school playground. This was fun and a bit dirty!

P7 Children In Need Day Friday 16th November 2018

Well done to all the awesome Primary 7 children who organised and delivered a fun and inclusive Activity Day raising vital funds for Children In Need.  There were Free Activities where children could win a prize: Pin the Bandana on the Pudsey; Best Dressed Children per Stage.  There was also a Free Quiz: winners will be announced next week once the Primary 7s have had a chance to mark the answer sheets.

P7M planned a Guess Pudsey’s Birthday competition at 50p per guess.  We used a Random Date Generator to choose the date which was 30th November.  The winner was a girl in P5HW.  P7M presented her with her cuddly Pudsey backpack.

The Bake Sale organised by P7F was a massive sellout!  Not a crumb was left!  The Primary 7 children engaged with all the children and listened carefully to what their customers wanted and ensured they gave them the correct change.

P7R had queues out of the door for Face Painting.  The Artists did a superb job of turning their customers into tremendous Pudseys, Tigers, Cats, Lizards and Dragons!

Mrs Magill, Miss Fotheringham and Miss Robinson are incredibly proud of you all!

Have a wonderful weekend, have fun, be safe 🙂

P2M What have we been learning? Week Ending 16.11.18


  • We have been continuing to work on the igh and y sounds. We have been reading and spelling words such as by,my,sky,might,light,night.
  • In handwriting we formed the letter s.

  • We wrote about our weekend news and also described the experience of attending the road safety workshop.


  • In mental maths we have been recalling doubles. E.g. double 6 is 12.
  • We have introduced the concept of equal groups which will build the foundation for multiplication and division.

Here are 5 groups of 3. They are equal because there are three in each group.


Here are two equal groups of six.

  • We have been learning the names of 2D shapes and using the term ‘sides’ to describe them. E.g. it has 4 equal sides.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We attended a road safety magic show
  • We planted daffodil bulbs which we will be giving away on Tuesday and Thursday after school (donations for Marie Curie welcome)
  • We have been learning about our teeth and loved finding out about the different types using little mirrors
  • In RME we listened to the bible story of the loaves and the fishes

P6 Wee Sleepout!

Primary 6 have decided to support the local charity Social Bite!

Social Bite are on a mission to STOP homelessness in Scotland.

The way P6 are going to support them is by doing a Wee Sleepout, sleeping in the gym hall.

The reason we chose to do a sleepout rather than anything else is because every year Social Bite do a sleep in the park to raise money. We wanted to know what it would feel like to be sleeping out of our comfort zone with no mattress, and no technology, but it won’t be as bad as being homeless but it will still be hard.

If you would to sponsor us please visit the Just Giving link below.



P2M – what we have been learning this week 09.11.18


In Handwriting we have been practising the letter ‘s’. Some of us are finding this tricky – we will keep doing this next week.


In Spelling, we have been looking at the sound I. We know it can be written as y (my, sky, spy and by) and igh (night, knight, light and tight). We have also been practising our tricky words from block one and two.

In Writing, we were learning to write about an experience. We had to try to include describing words, full stops, finger spaces and capital letters. We did a great job!

Maths and Numeracy

In Numeracy, we were spotting patterns to see what numbers we had in our ten frames. We thought this was okay and managed well.

We also practised our number recognition to 20 by playing different games.


In Maths, we used our knowledge of tally marks to collect information and started to present this using block/bar graphs. We enjoyed this!

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In HWB, our new Building Resilience topic is “Talk it over”. One thing we were to do to help us talk things through is make a worry monster! They look cool!



In P.E. we are continuing with gymnastics. We were creating sequences by using our skills of balancing, jumping, travelling and rolling. We will keep doing this next week.

We started our topic – “The Body”. We looked at the sense this week. These are touch, see, hear, taste and smell. We had to feel what was in different cups – this was fun!

Christmas Card designs for the Mp’s competition are being sent home. If you would like your child to enter then please return the card and the permission slip. Thanks.

P2M What have we been learning? Week Ending 2.11.18


  • In phonics we have been learning to use ee and ea when reading and spelling words. Examples of the words are meet, feet, read, leap, seed, seal.

  • We have continued to work on spelling tricky words such as want, was, saw, put and his.
  • We have been working on different skills in our reading groups such as sequencing events from the story, reading key words and offering ideas about the main ideas in the book.
  • We also identified adjectives (describing words) and are going to build on this next week.


  • We have been using tally marks as part of information handling.
  • We have been working on saying two more and two less than numbers (e.g. two less than 25 is 23).
  • We have been looking at ten frames and dice patterns and recognising the number patterns quickly.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We have had great fun learning gymnastics skills in PE.
  • We developed a bank of strategies that the children can refer to when they are feeling stressed. Each child has chosen a particular strategy which they would like to work on over the next few weeks to see if it helps them.
  • We looked at leaves with magnifying glasses then created autumn inspired art work.

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