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P3B Reflective Friday 9.2.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have moved our attention away from the 2, 4 and 8 times table to begin identifying the links between the 5 and 10 times table.  The 10 times table is double the 5 times table.  Every number in the 10 times table appears in the 5 times table.
  • The 10 and 5 times table. The numbers with two colours are in both times tables and the numbers with one colour are only in the 5 times table. 

  • We have learned about measure. We split into groups across the year group and learned about volume and capacity, length and weight.  We did practical experiments and learned about the units of measure – cm and m (length), g and kg (weight), and ml and l (volume/ capacity). 
  • Measuring volume and capacity

  • We developed our understanding of adjectives, verbs and nouns so we can use these independently in our writing.   To practice at home you can play this game.
  • We wrote letters to Teatopia and Breadstix asking for their support with our learning.
  • We wrote stories about being in the Scottish countryside whilst listening to Scottish music.  We were using adjectives to describe what we could see and use feelings and emotions to describe how we felt.
  • In gym we have been further developing our gymnastic skills. We also went to the new hall and learned the Virginia Reel.  We learned the steps in sections and then put it all together to the music (provided by Sandy’s mum).  We really enjoyed the dancing.
We enjoyed:
  • The bake sale ran by Primary 6s.   Lots of yummy cakes with the proceeds going to Marie Curie.  
  • We really enjoyed learning the ceilidh dance and are looking forward to doing more. 
  • Writing letters to Teatopia and Breadstix.

P3 Libraries

Dear P3 Parents/Carers,

It was recently discussed at Parent Council that the class libraries were in need of updating.  If you have any good quality, age appropriate books which you would be able to donate, please send them in with your child.

Thanks in advance,

P3 Teachers

P3B Reflective Friday 2.2.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have continued our multiplication focus and have been counting up in 2s 4s and 8s.  Because these times tables all link.  Double two is four and double four is eight.
  • To help figure out the 8 times table we had to practice our doubling.  We have been learning a new partitioning method to help.
  • Doubling method – partitioning

  • We have made an array city for our maths wall. 

Array city

  • We have learned how to use an array for division.  If we have 20 counters and we arrange them into rows of 4 there will be 5 rows. 
  • A sorted array

  • We have produced leaflets about Scotland.  These leaflets include information about myths, places, food & drink, animals, weather and language. 
  • We have been thinking up lots of different adjectives, verbs and nouns for our class wall display.
  • In gym we have been developing our gymnastic skills.  We had the wall bars where we practiced balancing and climbing, we climbed and swung on the ropes, we travelled along the beam in different ways (some of us even tried going backwards) and the springboard and box where we had to use two hands when jumping on to the box to keep our legs straight.
We enjoyed:
  • Drawing and colouring Highland Cows in the style of Steven Brown.  
  • We enjoyed learning about the Scottish flag and then creating our own Scottish flag. 

P3B Reflective Friday 26.1.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We were doing lots of measuring.  We measured the length of the classroom, the volume of some containers with water and compared the weight of lots of classroom objects.
    We took a wander around the school and we tried to find arrays and then we identified what they showed. 

    Searching for arrays in the environment

  • We have been playing an interactive game which you can practice at home.
  • We have continued counting up and down in 3s and 4s. 
  • We have been reading an article about Scotland’s landscape and then we answered questions about them.  We found answering in full sentences quite tricky.
  • We were finding facts from the internet (using the iPads) and took notes so we can make a leaflet about Scotland next week.
  • We have continued learning and practicing Scots poems.
  • We watched a video about Amazing Newts Vibrating and learned about Adjectives, verbs and nouns.
  • We went into the new hall and were exploring how exercise affects our heart rates.
  • In the old gym hall we explored different levels of travelling (low, medium and high) and made up routines and showed these to the class. 
We enjoyed:
  • Listening to some Scottish tunes from Sandy’s mum who played the fiddle and her friend, also named Sandy, who played the accordian.
  • Scottish tunes played in the fiddle and accordian.

    Singing along with the other classes.

  • We enjoyed singing Donald where’s yer troosers for the other P3s. 
  • Watching Katie Morag and eating shortbread in celebration of Robert Burns.

Indoor shoes and gym kits

Some children in P3B are still to bring in their indoor shoes and gym kits.  Unfortunately they can not take part in gym in the hall without these. 

If these can come in ASAP that would be wonderful.

Mr Beardon. 

Reflective Friday 19.1.18

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have began learning about multiplication.
  • We have been using arrays to help visualise the different groups.  If there are three rows and four in each row the calculation would be – 3×4. 
  • We have been playing an interactive game which you can practice at home.
  • We have been doing lots of counting up and down in 3s and 4s – something lots of the children have chosen to be their personal maths target. 
  • We have been learning about the Scots’ language.
  • We have learned two Scots’ poems – ‘The Crocodile’ by JK Annand and ‘Up in the Morning Early’ by Robert Burns.
  • In handwriting we have been joining the letters obe and ole which we hope the children will start using in their writing.
  • In spelling we have been learning the long vowel sound of oa and ow.
  • We have started gymnastics this term and are excited about doing gym in the new hall.
We enjoyed:
  • Finding out that we’re going swimming.
  • NYCoS singing with Mrs Cross.
  • Voting in the primary 7 elections.

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a relaxing time during the holidays.  It’s great to see the children so excited to be back!

A wee reminder that all the children’s GYM BAGS and INDOOR SHOES went home during the break and it would be great to get these back to school ASAP!

Reflective Friday 15.12.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been learning about the games on the iPads – practicing tesselating, and competed with a partner at a game about quick fire addition.
  • We were naming the faces on the objects we used to build Santa’s grotto.
  • We have been practicing our addition and subtraction to find the answer to the Christmas jokes.
  • We wrote a newspaper article many of them about a Christmas disaster, one about a party on the moon and another about a bin lorry breaking down.  
  • Through heiroglyphics we have been practicing our spelling – the sound ea. 
  • In handwriting we have been joining oi and oy. 
  • We have been practicing basketball skills.
  • We have been learning about the Egyptian heiroglyphics and we explored the different contents of the canopic jars.
We enjoyed:
  • PANTOMIME – Beauty and the Beast.
  • Spelling our words in heiroglyphics.
    Christmas jumper day

Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.