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Reflective Friday 8.12.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been practicing everything we’ve learned this term:
  • Writing numbers in words,
  • Tesselating a design on a Christmas jumper
  • We built a Santa’s Grotto with 3D objects and discussed the names of the faces.
  • Coloured by number where we had to figure out the answer of an addition or subtraction using the strategy we like best (partitioning, 99 square and empty number line)
  • We wrote a newspaper article about our trip to the museum.  
  • We practiced a new join – a horizontal join – ou and ow.
  • We began a new story – The Man Who Wore All Of His Clothes. 
  • We have been practicing shooting skills in hocket.
  • We have been learning about the Egyptian pyramids.
We enjoyed:
  • Building the Pyramids – we used milk cartons and layered them up and then we paper mached and finally painted them with sand mixed in.
  • Writing our newspaper articles. 
  • The photographer coming into class to take photos for the Evening News. 

“All About Me”

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have completed the “All About Me” sheet with their child.  Celebrating Wider Achievement is a much looked forward to part of the school day/week and seeing all of the activities/clubs pupils at Buckstone attend is fantastic! The range is amazing! The information gathered from these forms will only be used at school level to now identify any opportunities the school can offer the children.

Additional copies will be sent home over the next week if you have not managed to fill it out yet.

Thank you.

Reflective Friday 1.12.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been making tessellating patterns with triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons.  Tessellating patterns do not have gaps in between the shapes.
  • Partitioning the units, tens, hundreds and thousands to help with addition. 

Partition for addition.

  • We have written numbers in words. 

Numbers in words.

  • This week has been Book Week Scotland.  We have paired up with P5B and they read to the P3B children.  We have Dropped Everything And Read (DEAR) everytime the bell rang in class.  There has also been a bookswap box.
  • We have been planning newspaper articles – using the 5 Ws, writing headlines and captions.  
  • We have been practicing shooting skills in basketball.
  • We have been learning about the day to day life of Egyptians
We enjoyed:
  • The conga all around the school for St Andrew’s Day.
  • We enjoyed our St Andrew’s day hand print art and learning all about the Patron Saint of Scotland. 

Reflective Friday 24.11.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been partitioning numbers into tens and units or hundreds tens and units.
  • We have been adding our partitioned numbers and then gathering them all together.
  • We have been preparing to write a newspaper article.
  • We have been learning about headlines, captions and the 5 Ws – who, what, why, where and when.
  • We have been practicing joining the letters ice and ide. 
We enjoyed:
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the museum where we learned LOADS about the ancient Egyptians.
  • We have enjoyed creating our christmas fair crafts (thank you for the wrapping paper) and we hope you enjoy the fair this afternoon. 
  • We also had a visit this morning from an archaeologist and an Egyptologist who shared their knowledge and artefacts – we felt a sheep skull from 5000 years ago. 

Sumdog – Update

Our Sumdog licence expired at the end of last week.

Sadly the provider has increased the licence fee by 60% per pupil. As a result we have decided to investigate other options to support Maths learning via online applications.

We appreciate this will be a disappointment to some pupils who have actively engaged with Sumdog and been motivated to often use the application. We would hope to identify a solution to continue to support the pupils in the near future.

Reflective Friday 17.11.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • Maths word problems – using a 99/ 100 square or empty number line to calculate addition and subtraction questions e.g. “If you count 67 rabbits in a field and 52 of them hop away, how many rabbits would be left?”
  • We have been discussing and identfying the shapes of faces and the number of verticse (corners) and edges of 3D objects – we have been looking out for these in the real world e.g. an orange and the earth are spheres, a tin of beans and Irn Bru are cylinders.
  • We have been writing a story beginning in the woods where we describe the setting and then the character that we meet (there were a few half eaten ginger bread men) and then solving a problem including thoughts and feelings.
  • In order to get ready for our big writing piece we played lots of VCOP, description and feelings games.
  • Spelling – our spelling rule is to know when to use ck or k. We know when it is a short vowel we use ck, like in crack or snack and when it is a long vowel we just use k, like leak or beak.
We enjoyed:
  • We have created posters about the different jobs people had in Ancient Egypt and presented these in our cooperative groups to the class.
  • Everyone had a fantastic day raising money for Children In Need.  Lots of children had on fantastic spots and a number had good face paint.  Thanks for your donations. 

Reflective Friday 10.11.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • Discussing and identifying the number of corners and sides on 2D shapes.
  • Subtracting on a 99/ 100 square.
  • Describing an experience and using thoughts and feelings.
  • Using adjectives and wow words to describe a setting and experience
  • Spelling – double letters after a short vowel.  Fall, buzz, pass and staff.
We enjoyed:
  • Creating job adverts for the Ancient Egyptians
  • A visit from the zoolab.  We got to hold all sorts of creatures: a frog, a cockroach, a snake, and a tortoise.

Christmas Crafts

Each class in the school will be preparing something to go on sale at the Christmas Fair on Friday 24th November.

P3B are looking forward to this and would like to ask for each child to bring in roughly an A3 size of christmas wrapping paper – nothing fancy just the left overs from last year will be perfect – by Monday 13 November.


Reflective Friday 3.11.17

Our learning this week in P3B:

  • We have been using a 99/ hundred square to support our addition
  • When you are counting in 1s you move along a row.
  • When you are counting in 10s you move up and down a column

  • Children should practice this method alongside the empty number line so they can choose the method they prefer
  • Describing a setting in the style of David Walliams
  • We have been using adjectives to describe a noun
  • We have been using commas to separate a list
  • We have been practicing joining letters – ame/ ace
  • We have continued the planning stage for our egyptian topic and have decided to start with ‘People’ as this was the most popular.  We will start learning this next week.
We enjoyed:
  • Making our ‘all about me’ at home
  • Practicing joining our letters
  • Visiting the Book Fair.

Book Fair

Primary 3 is visiting the Book Fair on Wednesday 1st November, so your child can bring money in on Wednesday to buy a book if they like.
To get an idea of the sorts of books available, and their prices, have a look on the Scholastic website.
We are so looking forward to it! 🙂