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Gardening Tools Wanted!

If you have any unwanted trowels or forks tucked away in your garage or shed, we would love to give them a new home to help us look after our playground.

If you are able to help, there will be a box in the reception area next week for you to drop off any tools.

We are also looking for children’s gardening gloves. If you have any that your child has finished with or has grown out of, we would be delighted to have them.

Many thanks

Mrs Bailey and the Eco Learning Team

P3 Home Learning – Poems in Scots

We have been learning about poetry this week and have been thinking about actions we can use as we recite the words of a poem. With 25 January not too far away, we have been discussing Robert Burns and his poem ‘My Hoggie’.

We would like everyone in P3 to learn a poem written in Scots and be ready to recite it to the class or a small group on Wednesday or Thursday next week. We have sent some poems home as suggestions but would be delighted to hear any poem (in Scots) that you enjoy. You might learn a whole poem or even just part of one and you may recite your poem on your own or in a small group. It will help you to perform your poem with actions and expression if you are able to recite it without reading the words, but do not worry if you don’t manage to do this.

The school is holding a ‘Celebration of Burns’ on Friday next week (24 January) and someone / a group from each class will be selected to recite their poem. If you think you would like to do this, you will need to be prepared to perform your poem in front of the class first of all and then your class teacher will select someone / a group based on that performance. (We will not ask anybody to do this if they do not wish to.)

If you would like to be considered, please select one of the poems from the list sent home so that we do not recite the same poem as another year stage.

When selecting for the ‘Celebration of Burns’, we will be looking for individuals (on their own or as part of a group) who:

  • speak in a clear voice that others are able to hear.
  • show they have thought about making their poem interesting for others to listen to by thinking about some actions to go with the words.

We would love to hear any Scottish songs or tunes you can play on an instrument too and will consider these for the whole school celebration.

Week beginning 13.01.20

Happy 2020! We have launched straight into the new year and have been working very hard this week.

We have started exploring multiplication in maths this week. We have been looking at using equal groups to solve problems and show our understanding. We watched this video to help us understand how multiplication sums work.

In literacy we investigated poetry and have been looking for patterns in the sounds and on the page. We discovered that sometimes poem rhyme but they don’t always have to, poems describe a feeling, place, person, thing, weather and seasons and we thought poems were another way to tell a story. We had a go at performing a poem and got to be poetry critics! We analysed ‘shape’ poems and thought about why we liked them.

Our spelling sound this week was the or sound but spelt with au (as in haul and author) or an aw (as in paw or lawyer). We had to think carefully about whether the sound was the or sound or another sound. It’s tricky because the au in cause makes an or sound but the au sound in because doesn’t.

We were learning to open applications and change the size of windows during ICT this week. We could all open applications but some of us found trying to have two windows open side by side on the same screen more of a challenge.

We had music with Mary from the National Youth Choir of Scotland on Tuesday. She taught us some new songs and we were learning about beats and rhythms with her.

Class notices

PE this term will be on a Monday and a Wednesday.

New reading books went out this week, please check purple folders. In class we have been talking about poetry as a genre.

Please can any Learning Stories still at home please be returned to school, thank you!

Please see the earlier post this week about Burns poetry for Home Learning.

Our topic for the next few weeks will be the emergency services. If there are any parents/family members who work in this area and would be willing to share their experiences with P3, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Collyns and P3C


P3 Spelling w.c. 13 January

Here are our spelling words for this week. We have been revising the sounds ‘au’ and ‘aw’. We will be working on these in class and dictations will be towards the end of the week.













Challenge Words













Week beginning 09.12.19

We have been practising all week for our carol concert which will be on Thursday 19th December at 2.30pm in the new hall. All parents and families are welcome to attend. We will be asking for a small donation at the end of the concert to raise money for our chosen charity: the Guide Dogs.

Cheryl came to speak to us from the Guide Dogs with her puppy called Tommy. We found out about the important jobs guide dogs do to help blind and visually impaired people. Cheryl has to teach Tommy to be obedient, she has to socialise him so he is used to going on trains and buses and going places like the cinema or the supermarket. Cheryl has to teach Tommy to always come back when she blows a whistle three times and she has to teach him to go to the toilet in one place. Guide dogs have a special word that tells them when to go to the toilet.

We have been working on our subtraction skills in maths. Some of us were using counting backwards in our heads or on a number line to help us subtract. Some of us were using an empty number line to help us subtract. An empty number line means you can count backwards in bigger jumps.

In literacy, we re-told our reading books by making a comic. We had to choose the most important things that happened in the story and only put those in. We liked making speech bubbles to show what the characters were saying.

We also split up into our different learning teams and had a chance to work with people from other classes across the school.

We loved going to the cinema, especially sitting in the big, comfy sofas!

Learning Stories

Thank you for taking the time to look at your child’s learning story. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning with them. Learning stories from last year have come home today for you to keep. Can any learning stories for this year please be returned to school as soon as possible, thank you!

P7T Enterprise

Squishy squad! 

Eat sleep squish repeat 

 On the 10th of December we are selling de-stress balls in the top area. All the de-stress balls are 50p or a pound so no need to bring in a five pound note. There will be a DIY stall for people to draw their own faces on the squishies. There are the colours pink, gold, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange to choose from. Our squishies are made by filling a balloon with flour or rice. We also recommend not to squish them too hard otherwise they may burst, however, none of ours have burst yet. All the money will be going to our class charity and a P7 trip.  

From Maya, Ella, Carla, Holly and Eve A.K.A. squishie squad 



All of your favourite footy challenges in one place 

 At Buckstone primary school on the 10th of December 2019 . 

Come for a raffle, keepy uppies challenge and a beat the keeper against Buckstone’s best keeper and nothing over a pound. 

Winner of the raffle wins a  mitre imperil plus ball!  


Buckstone ‘Social Bite- Wee Sleep Out’

A massive well done to all who took part in the sleep out last night. We have raised the following total at time of going to press-


Total raised so far £2,288.00

Target £100.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £2,771.25

Raised offline: £0.00

We want to push on to the £3000 mark, so helping homeless people and raising awareness of their plight.

See blogs below which were created by pupils-


Social bite wee sleepout

Social bite are a charity who help raise awareness for homelessness.p6  have done a sleepout in the gym hall it happened on Thursday 5th December .In the morning  we were very tired!!!  if you would like to donate it would be great. If you wouldn’t like to donate please pass the message on. here is the website for donating click here to donate !              social bite came to our sleepover and talked to us about homelessness and she handed out badges and balloons !!!    it was a great night !!


To support the charity of social bite wee did a wee sleep out so with out further a do Welcome to Buckstone primary’s wee sleep out. This is a hyperlink to the donation page for Social Bite to help end  homelessness. 

Buckstone ‘Wee Sleep out’





The nursery are organising the charity event to support ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN’.

The children are asking everyone to come to school wearing their Christmas Jumper on Friday 13th December.

Please donate £1 via Parent Pay.

The nursery group will be very excited to see all of your jumpers on the day!!! We are planning to do a tour around the school.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team