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P3 Spelling w.c. 17 February

We are continuing to revise the ‘magic e’ rule in spelling. This time we are focussing on words with ‘u’ as the vowel preceding ‘e’. The common words we are revising this week are often misspelled, for obvious reasons! To help you, try to remember ‘ O u lucky duck!’

  • cube
  • tube
  • June
  • tune
  • cure
  • fuse
  • amuse
  • pure
  • use
  • mute
  • could
  • should
  • would

Challenge Words:

  • cubed
  • dude
  • mused
  • rude
  • cured
  • huge
  • cute
  • plume
  • used
  • flute
  • could
  • should
  • would

Week beginning 03.02.20

We had a very special visitor this week… PC Scott and PC Rogers came to talk to us about being a police officer! We learnt that some police officers have huge horses, that there are different types of police officers. We learnt that police officers have lots of different equipment like batons, stingers, vests, signs and cones and special jackets. We learnt that they are always trying to keep people safe and that they have to work together lots.

In maths this week we were looking for patterns in the times tables. Some of us were exploring the link between the 5s and 10s, the 2s, 4s and 8s and some of us were looking at the 3s and 6s. For example we know that to work out 9×4 we can first work out 9×2 then double our answer. We have also still been trying to learn our times tables by heart, 2s, 5s and 10s are particularly important. Some of us were proving that we know them to Miss Collyns but we need to keep practising them over the holidays!

Our spelling rule this week was the magic e but with o-e like in woke and remote.

We learnt the days of the week in French and listened to this song to help us learn them:

Thank you to everyone who came to see how we are getting on in gymnastics! This week we were also looking at climbing the ropes and getting better at the splits, teddy bear rolls, bridges and balancing.

In ICT we were trying to get better at typing with two hands. We were playing this game to practice and improve:

Enjoy the holidays!

Miss Collyns and P3C

Drop In tomorrow, 05.02.20


P3C will be at gym tomorrow morning during the drop in. Parents and families are welcome to join us as part of the drop in experience.

Please come into the school through Door 3, the P5 door and then wait outside the new gym hall until P3C are changed and ready to go.

We are looking forward to showing you what we have been learning in gym!

P3 Spelling w.c. 3 February

This week’s words contain ‘magic e’ with ‘o’ as the preceding vowel. As usual, there are two common words to revise. Dictations will be at the end of the week.

  • woke
  • coke
  • smoke
  • rode
  • shore
  • rose
  • hole
  • stole
  • nose
  • stove
  • put
  • before

Challenge Words

  • awoke
  • erode
  • whole
  • hole
  • stolen
  • those
  • tiptoe
  • oboe
  • alone
  • remote
  • put
  • before

Week beginning 27.01.20

This week we all became published poets! We worked hard to be authors, editing, improving and sharing out work with others.

In maths we have been learning our times tables with Miss Collyns and exploring symmetry with Mrs Bailey. We experimented with trying to add actions to help us learn our times tables. Some of us said it helped while some of us said we liked to write them down to learn them.

Our spelling rule was the magic e again but this week we looked at when it is an i_e like in ride and divide. Most of us are feeling confident with the magic e!

We had music with Mary. She taught us a new song and helped us learn about rhythm and beats in songs.

In ICT we were trying to improve our typing skills. If you have access to a keyboard at home you could practice your typing skills using one of these games:

We learnt about the Ambulance Service for topic and got to create drama scenes involving paramedics and ambulances. We have really enjoyed being doctors and nurses as well during skills time.

In health and wellbeing we thought about what qualities make a good friend and we thought about our own best qualities.

Our Growth Mindset Hero of the week was Dillon who did a fantastic job at describing our class dog for his poem. He had lots of fantastic describing words and worked hard to meet the success criteria, well done!

Class notices

Buckstone’s Got Talent will be held on February 20th with the House Captains acting as judges. P3 can put through 2 acts to the competition so we will be holding P3 auditions on Wednesday 19th February. Good luck!

Home Learning was posted earlier in the week.

Have a lovely weekend!

P3C and Miss Collyns

Primary 5 Charity – Edinburgh Cat and Dog home

Good morning

Primary 5 picked the Edinburgh cat and dog home as our charity for this year. We are looking for any donations of food, dry or wet, treats, toys, food or water bowls, used leads for dogs and poop bags.

Please could you send any donations in by next Wednesday and P5 will collect them. A member of staff from the home will be working with P5 next Thursday and will take them away then.

Thank you in advance from all of P5.

I have included the link to their website.

Have a great weekend

P3M Home Learning Activities


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been continuing our work on poetry and have been creating poems using rhyme. With someone at home, see if you can create a poem using words that rhyme with the names of the people in your home. Think about the poems we created in class to help you.


We have been looking at using adjectives to make our writing more interesting. At home, see if you can think of adjectives to describe items you can see. For example, a shiny fork or a pink, fluffy teddy. Perhaps have a competition with a member of your family to see who can come up with the most adjectives.


Words were posted on the blog earlier this week. We will post new words on Monday. Dictations are usually on Friday mornings.


Keep working on your times tables! Ask someone at home to help.

P3 Spelling w.c. 27 January

We are continuing with the ‘magic e’ rule this week and are thinking about what happens to words where ‘i’ is the vowel preceding the ‘e’. We are also revising the common words ‘was’ and ‘saw’.

  • fine
  • spine
  • shine
  • wife
  • like
  • drive
  • ride
  • hide
  • prize
  • stripe
  • was
  • saw

Challenge Words:

  • fined
  • find
  • quite
  • liked
  • invite
  • while
  • polite
  • inside
  • decide
  • divide
  • was
  • saw

Week beginning 20.01.20

Learning Stories have come home today with new targets the children have set for themselves. We have started working towards them already! Please can Learning Stories be returned to school by Tuesday 28th January.

This week we have been working hard to be poets. We were trying to create poems with a pattern, some rhyming words, lots of WOW words and that were describing an object not telling a story. Some of us found it a challenge but we are very proud of what we have created so far! Our next step will be to edit and improve them so we can publish and share them.

We have been learning about the magic e spelling rule this week. This video helped us understand what the magic e does to words. We know that the magic e changes the sound from the letter sound to the letter name. For example, the a sound changes between hat and hate and in cap and cape. We also explored what strategies help us learn best with some of us trying writing our words to learn them, some of us trying saying them and some of us trying to act them out to help us remember.

In maths we have been exploring different strategies to help us work out multiplication sums. This week we looked at how arrays can help us picture and solve a problem. We have also been working to learn our times tables by heart.

We were also learning about symmetry with Mrs Bailey. We explored different shapes and investigated whether they had lines of symmetry or not.

We talked about what we would like to learn for our new mini-topic: Emergency Services. Some of the questions we had were: What equipment do they use? What training do they do? How long have there been emergency services? We would love to hear from any parents or family members who have experience in this area and would like to share their knowledge with us!

In ICT we were learning how to save files to a location as well as develop our skills in clicking and dragging, using the mouse, opening applications and re-sizing windows.

In PE we started to develop our gymnastics skills. This week we were trying to improve our balance and control of our bodies. We had to use our tummy muscles a lot! We tried yoga, rolling, jumping and balancing on the beam. Lots of us found the teddy roll quite challenging and we all enjoyed trying different yoga poses.

We have also been trying our best to be Growth Mindset Superheroes this week! We were inspired by these paralympians and our class motto at the moment is ‘YES I CAN’. Kai was a superhero in maths this week because he tried different strategies to solve a multiplication sum and he didn’t give up even though he found it tricky. Blake had a fantastic growth mindset attitude in maths this week because he believed in himself and took on the challenge of harder problems to solve. Abigail was a growth mindset superhero because she didn’t give up on her poetry writing but tried a different strategy and created a poem she was very proud of.

Home Learning

Choose one of the times tables we have been working on to practice at home. We have been practising (and will continue to practice) the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.

You might find the website below helpful:

Complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been learning about poetry and have enjoyed listening to and performing different poems.

Speak to someone at home about a poem they enjoyed as a child. What was it about and why did they enjoy it? If it is possible, you might wish to read or listen to the poem together.

P3 Spelling w.c. 20 January

Our spelling words all contain ‘magic e’ this week. The ‘e’ has the effect of changing the preceding vowel sound from short (its sound, as pupils learned initially) to long (its name). As usual, there are two common words to learn too. Dictations using these words will be completed at the end of the week.

  • cake
  • make
  • lake
  • ate
  • late
  • date
  • frame
  • shame
  • spade
  • scrape
  • because
  • want

Challenge Words

  • made
  • brave
  • raced
  • flame
  • pavement
  • amazed
  • framed
  • ashamed
  • traced
  • scraped
  • because
  • want