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P3M 17.6.19

Hi Everyone


In our groups last week we were adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. In mental agility we practised halving numbers. Please see the maths grid your child brought home for ideas of how you can help your child in numeracy.


New spelling words were given out on Monday and we are doing various activities to help us learn these words and patterns. Dictation is on Fridays. Please see Spelling City for a list of your child’s words. Please use the spelling grid for games to play at home.

We will be finishing our reading books on Monday and Tuesday of this week and the books will be collected in towards the end of the week.

We wrote about our trip to the Botanics after discussing what we enjoyed, what we learned and how it could have been improved.

We have used iPads and information books to make fact posters about plants.


We developed our understanding of how trees depend on insects and on one another.

TRIP TO BOTANICS- We had planned to extend our knowledge of trees by participating in The Secrets Of Trees programme . Unfortunately the weather was so rainy we were confined to the glass houses. The children were able to learn about the various cacti, fruit trees and ferns growing there.


Linked to our planting of sunflowers we learned a little bit about Van Gogh’s life and then mixed colours to paint our own versions of The Sunflowers.


We have continued to develop our tennis skills.

This will be the last blog of the term.

Mrs Bailey,Mrs Munro and P3M

P3M Home Learning Activities 7.6.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group and ask someone at home to ask you questions about what you have read to help with your understanding.


New words will be given out and put onto Spelling City for you to practise at home at the beginning of next week.


We have been working on identifying half on a number line and this was something we found quite tricky. Practise counting in halves with someone at home and see if you can draw a number line from 0-10 showing 0, 1/2, 1 11/2, 2, 21/2 etc. For an additional challenge, show quarters on the number line too.

You could also try the following links to help you practise what we have been doing in class.

Our Cress Investigation

We put these seeds in a dark place.
These seeds are in a sunny place in the classroom.

We have made predictions about how the seeds in each of the conditions will grow. We are looking forward to finding out the results next week.

P3M Home Learning Activities 31.5.19


Please complete the reading allocated to your group. We will be discussing the books in class and answering questions about what we have read.


Choose an activity from the spelling grid to help you learn your spelling words. You will find these on Spelling City, as usual.


Choose an activity from the grid you took home this week. Our recent maths learning has included times tables, place value and partitioning (splitting) numbers, sequencing numbers and adding and subtracting using empty number lines.


Tell someone at home what you have learned about plants this week. Was there anything that surprised you?

31.5.19 P3M

Hi Everyone

Can you please return your child’s Learning Story if you have not already done so-we have 5 outstanding and need to write comments and talk about your child’s individual star steps. Thank you.


We were talking about fractions this week and doing a variety of activities involving halves and quarters. We were also talking about the structure of numbers and breaking up 3 digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones in different ways. We are continuing to practise tables. Please see the Learning wall your child is bringing home with them today. They contain a  number of numeracy activities for you to do at home if you wish.


New spelling words were given out on Monday- please see Spelling City for a list of your child’s words.

We continued reading the books which were given out last week, new books will be handed out next Monday and Tuesday. We are continuing to read to find specific information.

We were writing instructions  for planting seeds  making sure we wrote in a logical sequence using suitable linking words.


In numeracy and literacy we reflected on our individual star steps for the term to ensure we are working on what each child chose to achieve.

We were also reflecting on our year in P3 and completed a Looking Back/Looking Forward sheet to be included in our Learning Story with our reports.


Matthew and Susan from Mortonhall Garden Centre came to visit P3M and showed us how to plant seeds properly. Each child has planted a sunflower /nasturtium seed and a chocolate mint cutting. We are learning to care for these plants. We are also conducting an experiment with cress to observe the best conditions for growing. Please ask your child to explain this to you.


We are learning to develop our tennis skills.


We practised the different words for facial features and played Jacques a dit. We then tried to describe the monsters we had drawn to our learning partners using the vocabulary we knew.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M Home Learning Activities 24.5.19


Please complete the reading allocated to your group. Ask someone at home to ask you questions about what you are reading.


New words are on Spelling City. Pick an activity from the grid sent home previously to help you learn your words.


Explain to someone at home how to use an empty number line to subtract. Have a go at some calculations.

P3M Reflective Friday 24.05.19

This week in P3M:

We have been working on our skills in reading for information.

We read texts about ladybirds and answered questions. Next week, we are going to add headings and sub-headings.

We read information about Tchaikovsky and his music and tried to put statements into categories or sub-headings.

We were learning new spelling words today. These are on Spelling City.

In maths, we have been practising our 3 and 4 times tables and trying to recall the facts a little faster.

We learned how to use ’empty number lines’ to subtract. We found this fun but it was a bit tricky to get used to at first.

In science, we discovered what plants need to grow and be healthy.

In PE, we began developing our skills in tennis. We will continue with this over the coming weeks.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bailey, Mrs Munro and P3M

P3M Home Learning Activities 17.5.19


Please ensure you have completed the reading assigned to your group.

We have been working on our skills in reading for a specific purpose / to find out specific information. You could practise this at home using newspapers, magazines, books or internet sites (as long as an adult says it’s OK and can help you). You can research any topic you are interested in or ask someone to give you a topic or a question. Try to write down the information you find out using headings and / or bullet points.


On Tuesday, we will repeat the spelling test we did back in March. Keep practising your common words and focus on those you did not spell correctly last time (highlighted on your sheet). Remember to refer to the grid that was sent out last week with lots of fun spelling activities to help you.


Explain to someone at home how to add numbers together using an empty number line as a strategy.

Have a look at this clip if you need a bit of help:


We have been listening to Tchaikovsky’s Russian Dance (Trepak) this week and will be comparing this with Waltz of the Flowers over the coming weeks. Listen to some other music composed by Tchaikovsky, such as pieces from Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. You might like to draw a picture of what you imagine is happening or perhaps you could make up a dance.

17.5.19 P3M

Hi Everyone

We have all enjoyed a fantastic health week and have made the most of the beautiful weather.

Here are some of our activities:

We started the week with a whole school assembly where we spoke about the way we can all make a difference in our street, school and community. The children took a family challenge sheet home yesterday.

In PE we were practising jumping different distances and heights.

We discussed well being indicators and played a game to help us understand what they were.

We listened and responded to Tchaikovsky’s Trepak.

We made healthy muffins.

We participated in a classroom yoga session and had daily Just Dance sessions.

Sports day was great fun with everyone participating and trying their best. Well done to the Green team for being the overall winners.

Mrs Murray spoke to us about keeping ourselves safe in different situations.

Outdoor learning- we worked cooperatively with a partner to complete a list of tasks in our wooded outdoor area and used the iPads to take photographs.

We finished the week with a whole school fitness session in the playground.


I enjoyed the running race because I love running.

I liked the sack race because it was fun falling over.

I liked making the muffins, they were lovely.

I really enjoyed taking photos during our outdoor learning.


We began to read for information and to make notes for a specific purpose. (New reading books will be given out next Tuesday and Wednesday)

We did a whole class standardised maths assessment using the laptops. The class focused very well on this.

We did a whole class standardised spelling test.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M


P3M 10.5.19

A short week at school for everyone!


We were looking at place value and the structure of numbers in our SEAL groups. We were talking about numbers being made up of hundreds, tens and ones . We played a place value game on the iPads to help us practise.



We have continued to focus on learning the common words and had a table competition to help us learn.


We wrote a couple of sentences about our long weekend and then swapped with a learning partner to check spelling, punctuation and to offer suggestions for improvement.

We talked about proper nouns and completed some written work to help us practise.


All groups got new books this week. As it was such a short week Lassi, Turmeric and Mangoes have until 21.5.19 to read their books. Tuk Tuk will get a new book on 13.5.19.


We learned to say some words for facial features this week. We drew monsters with numerous coloured eyes, ears noses etc. and will use our knowledge of the vocabulary for numbers and colours to describe our monsters in French.


We continued to work on our athletic skills: running, jumping and throwing. We had a javelin throwing competition!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M