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P3-posting your ICT learning about Plants to allow printing

P3B, please use this link to send your Plant Word file – click-here

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PLEASE ensure your filename includes your name, eg If your name is Fred send a file as:


It is also really helpful if your name is in the document so when it is printed you can identify who it belongs to.

It requests a valid email address – use – – DO NOT accept the invitation to create a Dropbox account

P3M What have we be learning? Week Ending 20.04.18


In reading we have been learning about inference. This is when you come to an answer by filling in information that wasn’t directly said. We used clues from the text and from our background knowledge to answer these questions. Some of us did a ‘show not tell’ challenge where we had to write about a cold afternoon without explicitly saying it was cold. The rest of the class had to infer the time of day and what the day was.

In spelling we learned to drop the e when adding ing. For example make becomes making and rake becomes raking.

We really enjoyed playing a game outside to develop our use of connectives. We learned how to join s to other letters in handwriting.

We found it quite challenging to write a letter and would like to work on this more next week.


We enjoyed learning more about money. We learned to add different amounts of money and also find the difference between two amounts.

We created our own skip counting puzzles and want to keep working on counting in differerent sequences. Here are some puzzles!


We learned about the Commonwealth Games this week. We really enjoyed team games in PE.

We revised colours in French.

We made suggestions about what we would like to learn this term. We will be learning about how plants and animals rely on each other and food chains next. We will then learn about how to keep our bodies healthy and finally about our local area.

P3M What we have been learning WB 26.03.18


In Literacy this week we watched a video about how a seed grows. After taking notes we had to present this information in our own way. Lots of people chose to do a poster. They were great!

After focusing on instruction writing this term we finished our final one and assessed our work. We had to read over our work to see if we had bossy verbs, time connectives, if our instructions were numbered and all of the features (title, ingredients and method) were included. This of course had to be in the correct order.

Maths and Numeracy

In Maths this week we focused on Money where some of us had to use the correct coins to make the correct amount and others were continuing to find the difference between 2 amounts. (Please see previous post for example). We found this tricky so we will continue this after Easter.

We also continued to look at fact families for division. Some of us found this tricky and others were fairly confident.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E. we were developing our skills in badminton. We had to keep the ball up using the rackets.

We enjoyed doing the Run a Mile. We all tried our best!

Unfortunately, football was cancelled this week and will continue the first week back – please remember outdoor kits.

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We really enjoyed the RSPB visit where we played games and searched around the school to see how animal friendly the school grounds were. After this we designed habitats for animals to live.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the church. We met the minister and worked in teams to solve answers. This was really fun.
  • We liked sharing our song with the rest of the school “We can have our own say”.

We hope you have a lovely holiday and see you all back on Tuesday 17th April! 🙂

P3M What we have been learning this week 23.03.18

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have focused on our fact families. This means we used our times table knowledge to solve division sums. E.g. We know that 4 x 2 = 8 so 8 / 2 = 4.

We also focused on money! We were looking at the difference between two amounts. We used Empty Number Lines to solve…


Some of us found this tricky so we will keep working on this next week.



In Spelling we have continued with the magic e rule. We are becoming confident when using this and how the sound changes!

We have continued to focus on non-fiction. We know we should use the contents and glossary to help us find things in the book and can learn new facts from them.

In Writing we wrote a set of instructions. We were good at using BOSSY VERBS to make the instructions clear. We made different potions including an invisibility potion (watch out for invisible children coming home!) to help us write the instructions. We are going to try to add time connectives to make our instructions flow.


Health and Wellbeing

  • In Assembly PC Fowler came in to talk to us about Road Safety! We learnt about the safe crossings around us and will try to use these. We also saw the Buckstone Baby who has 4 teeth now!
  • We enjoyed football where we were developing our dribbling skills by playing a game of tig.
  • We also liked badminton where we were trying to hit the shuttle accurately.



  • We practised very hard with our song which paid off as we were brilliant during the performances!
  • We enjoyed being part of the celebration.
  • We loved getting medals!


P3M What have we been learning Week Ending 16.03.18

P3M What have we been learning? Week Ending 16.03.18


  • We have been learning how to write a set of instructions using bossy verbs!
  • We found it challenging to write the steps in order.
  • We have all been reading non fiction books. We found it challenging to use the glossary correctly.
  • Most of us are enjoying reading non fiction books and learning about the different features e.g the contents and index pages.
  • In spelling we worked on magic e with i words. E.g. Spine, decline, line. The magic e makes the i sound say its name rather than its sound.


  • We have been working on lots of different times tables.
  • We enjoyed making fortune tellers and playing fun maths games to help us learn our facts.
  • We found some of the times tables challenging. We are going to look for patterns between the tables to help us. For example you can double the two times table to help with the four times table.
  • We want to work on division next week.


  • In PE we found badminton quite a challenge.
  • On Wednesday we had our second session of football skills. Next week could everyone please bring outdoor PE kit so we can do the rest of the block outside.
  • We enjoyed learning the Buckstone School song and our p3 song Buckstone Way for the birthday celebration show next week.
  • We want to work more on “respect yourself” as part of our whole school HWB programme.
  • We hope that we can remember the words to our songs!!

Sports Relief 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians

We are excited to tell you that Primary 5 are raising money for Sport Relief this year!

On Friday 16th March your children can dress up as their favourite sports person. Please bring in £1 (or contribute via Parent Pay). It would be great if the children could share one or two facts about their favourite sports person!

As well as dressing up we will be doing Run a Mile on Wednesday, Thursday  and Friday. Every class will be taking part in the run, so remember your trainers. Remember to do your best – run as far as you can.

Don’t feel the need to go out and buy new clothes. Be creative with what you have! Strips are allowed but we are reminding everyone to be respectful of all favourite sports stars.

Have fun!

From P5

P3M What we have been learning – 09.03.18

Maths and Numeracy

This week in Maths and Numeracy we have been learning  the times tables – we are trying to recite them quickly and accurately. We also compared costs in money to see what is affordable.

We enjoyed the times table games to help us remember. We want to practice division next week.




In Literacy this week we learnt about imperative verbs – they are bossy words we use in instructions. We loved the song to help us learn about them!

In reading we are reading non-fiction books that tell us information.

In spelling our rule is magic e. This turns vowels to say the name of the letter. E.g. Cake

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Not only did we dress up but we also had Drop Everything and Read, watched an Author’s Live and started the Book Swap!

Health and Wellbeing 

In P.E we have developed skills in central net games, particularly badminton. We also started Football lessons where we worked on communication and dribbling. We have 5 more sessions with Pam. We are looking forward to next week.


Sadly, it was our last week of swimming. We had so much fun and all grew in confidence.  Thank you very much to all the parent helpers throughout the swimming sessions. We really liked your help!

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We made our final observations of our experiments. Most of our predictions were correct!
  • We have been practising our song for the Birthday celebration in a couple of weeks. We will keep doing this next week!