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P3M What have we been learning? Week Ending 08.02.18


  • We created leaflets all about Scotland. We used our notes from last week.
  • In spelling we revised the ow ou pattern. E.g. Cloud and clown. Ow can be found at the beginning, middle or end of a word but ou will never be at the end of a word.
  • We enjoyed making the leaflets after building up all our notes over the last few weeks.
  • We also enjoyed answering mild, spicy and hot questions.
  • We found it challenging to add detail to our leaflets. We want to work more on this after the holiday!


We enjoyed learning about lots of different units of measure. We covered :

  • cm and metres in length
  • ml and litres in volume and capacity
  • grams and kilograms in weight


  • We especially enjoyed estimating and measuring using water when learning about volume and capacity.
  • We also liked using metre sticks in the area.
  • We found estimating tricky (especially for weight) and want to do more of this.
  • We have continued to work on our 2 and 4 times tables too.


Thank you for the jars you have sent in so far! We are looking forward to using them for our science experiments.

We looked at the different parts of a plant.

We wrote letters to the local shops to ask questions about what they do.



  • In PE we have been thinking about getting our heart rate up. We loved using all the climbing and balancing equipment.
  • In swimming we want to work on bobbing!
  • At assembly we talked about love and respect.





P3 Libraries

Dear P3 Parents/Carers,

It was recently discussed at Parent Council that the class libraries were in need of updating.  If you have any good quality, age appropriate books which you would be able to donate, please send them in with your child.

Thanks in advance,

P3 Teachers

P3M Reflective Friday 02.02.18


This week in Writing we started to create a leaflet all about Scotland. We enjoyed sharing our research notes with each other to make our writing informative. We tried to include interesting openers and adjectives to make it sound exciting – some of us found this tricky! We will continue this next week.

We enjoyed spelling (oi/oy) this week. We know these sounds are best friends and make the same sound.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been busy this week learning about division (using our multiplying knowledge), measure and area. We really enjoyed using arrays to help us understand. In Measure we explored lots of resources such as rulers, trundle wheels and jugs to get us thinking about measuring and what units we use. We will continue this next week – through length, volume and weight.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In P.E. we thought about how quickly our hearts were beating during exercise and why this was. We got to use the apparatus in  gymnastics which was so much fun!  Some of us did find it was quite high!
  • We continued to learn about Scotland and enjoyed researching lots of information – including using the ipads!
  • We want to find out more about flags.







P3M Week Ending 26.01.18 What have we been learning?


  • Our spelling pattern was oo and ew.

We had to remember oo comes in the middle of words e.g. Balloon, crook. Ew comes at the end of a word e.g. preview. We know that ew stays when we add ‘ing’ for example brewing.

We enjoyed doing a dictation with Mrs Conlin when she was teaching us handwriting.

We also enjoyed learning new Scottish words.


We continued to learn about multiplication arrays. We really enjoyed making array cities.

We started to learn about division and found this quite challenging.We shared cubes into equal groups to help with this.

We want to work on division some more.

We were learning to count and write with different amounts of money.

Interdisciplinary Learning

  • We enjoyed learning a Scottish song called Brainboxer!
  • Today we loved it when Sandy’s Mum (from 3B) played her fiddle with her friend (also called Sandy!) who played his accordion.
  • We found it tricky to remember all the words (the children were even better than Mrs McFarlane!!)
  • We would be interested to learn more about Scottish poems.

Health and Wellbeing

  • In assembly we learned about the Big Bird Watch.
  • We enjoyed swimming.
  • In PE we found backward rolls very challenging.
  • Next week we are looking forward to developing our swimming skills more.

P3M Learning WB 15.01.18


In Spelling we have been focusing on  “oa” and “ow” words. This makes an O sound like in bow, toad, pillow and window.

In Reading we have been answering tricky questions to show our understanding. We will continue to do this so we answer in detail.

We have also been learning about nouns, adjective and verbs. A noun is a naming word, e.g. snow, an adjective is a describing word (WOW words), e.g. freezing and a verb is a doing word e.g. playing.

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been describing and making arrays – please see previous post for explanation. Arrays will help us multiply and divide numbers. We enjoyed making booklets all about arrays!

We have also started to learn about Money! Some of us found it challenging to count money. We would like to continue to do this next week.

Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We have been learning about Scotland! We enjoyed learning Scots words when studying Scots poems (The Sair Finger and Sair Teeth).  We would like to spell Scots words next week.
  • We enjoyed researching information about Scotland an want to do more of this.
  • We found weaving strips of paper to make tartan challenging.
  • In P.E we are building our Gymnastics skills. This included forward rolls, backwards rolls, pencils rolls and teddy bear rolls. The teddy bear roll/backwards roll were the trickiest ones.
  • We enjoyed voting for a Party in the P7 Elections!

P3M Maths this week

We have been learning to make equal groups and combine them to make a larger number. This is the beginning of a unit of work on multiplication.

Today we displayed equal groups in different ways and wrote number sentences about them.

Objects can be organised into rows and columns to create arrays.

Here are some we did this morning.

Another way to record an array is using equal jumps on a number line.

We know that an array can be shown on a number line in two different ways. (4 steps of 3 or 3 steps of 4).


What have we been learning? P3M Week Ending 12.01.18

Welcome back!

It is lovely to see everyone back at school after the holiday. If you have not already brought back your PE kit, please do so ASAP.

Our PE days this term will be MONDAY and FRIDAY.


We have been working on fluency and expression with our new reading books. We also worked on our prediction skills with a whole class book called Bog Baby. We really liked this story!

Next week we will be learning about Scottish poems and words. Do you use any Scottish words at home? You could discuss what they mean and come ready to explain them to the rest of the class.


On Tuesday we did some revision of number work. We have been counting in different steps e.g. In 2s- 2,4,6,8 or 10s- 10,20,30,40.  We started to work on multiplication but will do much more on this next week.


Health and Wellbeing

We had a circle time about friendship and playground expectations.

Expressive Arts

Mrs Cross came in on Thursday to begin our NYCOS music lessons. We loved learning new songs and rhymes!

We painted winter trees in art and added snow to them.

We did ceilidh dancing in the hall.




What have we been learning? P3M Week Ending 15.12.17

P3M Week Ending 15.12.17

What have we been learning?


In writing lessons, we have been creating our own Christmas stories.  We had to  write in the third person, have a clear beginning, middle and end and include adjectives.

In spelling we have been learning when to use igh and when to use y. The rule is:

  • /igh/ normally takes medial position
  • /y/ normally takes final position


In maths we have been learning how to use different apps on the ipads to practise the speed and accuracy of our number bonds.

We have also been working on tesselation and symmetry.



We have been making Christmas baubles and Christmas boxes.




Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.