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P3M Things to Try at Home (22.2.19)


Please ensure you have completed the agreed reading for your group.


New spelling words for each group are on Spelling City. Please contact us if you are having trouble accessing this.

See if you can think of some other words that follow the same rule or pattern as the ones you have been given to learn. Write them down and ask someone at home to check these for you.


When you visit shops, try adding the prices of some of the items together. Think about the coins and / or notes you would use to pay the exact amounts.

You can also practise your skills with money by playing the games in the following links:


P3M 22.2.19

We hope everybody had a good break.


This week we have been learning about money. We discussed what we knew about money and how it was still really important to understand the value of it even in these days of card and contactless payments. We set up a shop in the classroom and a French café. We are learning to recognise and identify coins and notes to £20, to use different combinations of coins to pay for items and to calculate total amounts spent.


Following our whole school health and wellbeing assembly on getting active we wrote about a sport or activity we enjoyed. We are trying to use adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

New spelling words were given out on Monday and we have been doing a variety of activities to help us learn them.

New reading books were given out on Monday and Tuesday and we have been working on written and oral comprehension in class.


PE- We were practising different ways of balancing on different parts of the body.

Science- Through a variety of games we looked at forces in the playground and discussed : how they work and what makes them stop? Does the wind have any impact on them?

ICT – We built a house to practise our click and drag skills.


We were practising having a short conversation using the French phrases we know and started to look at the numbers 21 to 31.

Further information about how you can help at home is in an additional blog.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

SSPCA Charity Day!

Primary One have organised a charity day THIS FRIDAY to support the SSPCA.

Come to school dressed up as an animal on Friday 22nd February. Any donations are kindly received via Parent Pay.

Primary One hope to raise money to help lots of animals.

I wonder how many different animals we will spot in our school?!

Thank you for your support,

The P1 Team 🙂

P3M 1.2.19

Hi Everyone

We have had an exciting and very busy time in P3M this week.


We have continued to work on sequencing numbers, addition and subtraction and developing early multiplication and division skills.

Things to do at home

Snow Leopards – add numbers by going through the 10

9+4=13       so      9+1+3=13


8+6= 14     so       8+2+4=14 Use the second number to make 10 first then add the number which is left.

King Cobras – How many altogether?

7 groups of 3      8 groups of 4        8×5


Black Panthers

Use counters or draw dots – This array has 2 rows of 5 dots- how many dots are there altogether?

This array has 6 rows of 2 dots- how many dots are there altogether.



The children were given their new spelling words on Monday and we will be doing a variety of activities in class to help us learn these. Mrs Bailey posted the link to Spelling City on 28.1.19.

Things to do at home

Please share your child’s reading book with them. We are focusing on using questions to gain a greater understanding of  the text. We have been using recall questions to help us remember what happened and how and why questions to think more deeply about the story and characters. New books are given out on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on your child’s group.

We have been trying really hard to remember to use full stops and capital letters correctly. Maybe your child would like to write about something they have enjoyed or a TV programme they have watched. Ask them to check their writing over- have they used full stops correctly?

Other areas of the curriculum

P1-3 had  a visit from Professor Eco who entertained the children by singing songs and playing games about litter, transport and energy.

On Thursday  P3M were scientists for the afternoon and investigated mixtures of solids, liquids and gases to discover which combination fizzed! Ask your child what they learned.

PE – Gymnastics-we were looking at ways of travelling.

Science- We continued our learning on forces and were conducting some experiments to help us understand how the size and weight of an object can affect its movement. We were all very excited when Mrs Ritchie came to visit us to talk about gravity. This was something we were keen to learn more about when we planned our topic recently. We learned lots of interesting facts and were shocked to learn what the world would look like without gravity!

French- We tried to consolidate our knowledge of French phrases and vocabulary by having a conversation with our learning partner. We asked them their name, how they were and asked what age they were. Ask your child to teach you!

Spanish- We are lucky to have a Spanish speaking pupil in our class and he taught us to count in Spanish from 1 to 11.

Music – We participated in some more singing games to help us keep a steady beat. We also learned how to clap the rhythms shown in a basic form of music notation. We are really enjoying our sessions with our visitor from NYCoS.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

25.1.19 P3M

Hello Everyone


This week we spoke about the language in the poem My Hoggie by Robert Burns. We discussed the meaning and pronunciation and recited it together. We have been listening to well-know fairy tales in Scots.

We have continued to learn our spelling words through a variety of activities and all wrote a dictation today to test our knowledge.

In reading we are asking and answering written and oral questions about our books.

We were writing our personal star steps for our Learning Stories.

We have been writing sentences to practise using full stops and capital letters correctly.

Things to do at home

Talk about your child’s reading book with them. Ask them questions about the story and characters and get them to make up some questions for you.

Please see previous link to Spelling City for a list of your child’s spelling words and a selection of games for them to play.


Maths and Numeracy

This week we have continued to focus on core number skills. We are practising counting forwards and backwards in 3s and 4s starting from different points.

Things to do at home

Black Panthers-

Determine the number in equal groups- e.g. there are 4 groups of 5, how many altogether? Mental agility: Addition and subtraction in tens- 32+20, 65+30, 47-20 etc. Using our knowledge of doubles, work out doubles plus or minus 1- e.g. 5+6, 6+7 etc

King Cobras-

Subtraction within 20, eg 16-5,14-6 etc. Rolling two dice to make a 2 digit number- write or say the sequence of numbers following on from that number.Mental agility: practise counting forwards and backwards in 3s and 4s.

Snow Leopards –

Determine the number in each group- e.g. The farmer puts 42 eggs equally into 7 boxes. How many eggs are there in each box? Mental agility: Subtracting from a decade number e.g. 70-6,70-9 etc. Addition through a 10 eg 9+5, 8+3 etc.

Other areas of the curriculum

In science we were predicting then testing whether different toys needed a push or pull force to work.

In PE we were travelling using different forms of rolling. We also learned some highland dance steps and used them to come up with a dance sequence of our own.

French- we continued to practise numbers to 20 by playing some games .

Music with the teacher from National Youth Choir Scotland.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey




18.1.19 P3M

Hello everyone

This week in numeracy we have been subtracting from a decade number (80-7), adding and subtracting in 10s,  sequencing numerals ,looking at the missing addend(15 add what makes 19?) and  developing early multiplication and division skills.

In mental maths we have been counting in 3s 4s and 10s and linking that to times tables. we have been practising our near doubles ( if 6+6 is 12, 6+7 will be 1 more).

In literacy we have continued to use our reading books to ask and answer both written and oral questions to develop our understanding of the text. New reading books will be given out on Monday and Tuesday.

We have been practising our new spelling words through a variety of activities. Please see earlier blog for link to Spelling City. We have started to use a textbook to practise grammar and consolidate our knowledge of punctuation.

In writing we were trying to engage the reader by starting our sentences in different ways. We worked with a learning partner to do this and shared our writing with each other.

Mary from NYCO started to work with the class . We sang and played lots of fun games. Mary will be with the class every Tuesday up to Easter.

We started using the laptops in class: practising logging on , using the mousepad and looking at the main functions of a keyboard.

We started to think about our new topic which will be about forces.

In French we were revising the numbers 0 to 20, playing lotto and trying to use the correct pronunciation.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

11.1.19 P3M

Happy New Year to all our P3M families. We hope you  had a lovely festive period and that 2019 is a happy and healthy one.

It was lovely to see the children on Wednesday morning. A cold start to the day but they were so excited to see each other again and share their holiday news.

We have been writing and talking about our holidays, trying  to use the correct punctuation and to remember our tricky words. Spelling activities have focussed on practising tricky words. Everybody got a new book this week which we will continue to work on next week too.

As a class we were counting forwards and backwards in 4s. We worked in our SEAl groups to add and subtract from decade numbers, practise near doubles, counting forwards and backwards in 10s,saying short backwards number sequences, counting on and counting back.

We all enjoyed watching the fantastic talent on display at BGT and were especially proud of Team Ezra giving a fantastic performance in front of a packed hall of pupils and adults.

Have a great weekend.

P3M, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey



P3M Final blog of 2018

Thank you to all family and friends who supported P3 by attending their carol concert in aid of UNICEF. The children sang beautifully and we raised a fantastic £135.88.

The class have been enjoying a variety of Christmas themed numeracy and literacy activities this week. We have been working on shape and tessellation in maths and the class have designed their own wrapping paper using tessellated shapes. We summarised a short Christmas film and the children finished presenting their book reports to the class.

In RME we revised our knowledge of the Christmas story and talked about why it is an important time of  year for Christians.

The children have been finishing off their Christmas art work this week and will be bringing home a sparkly tree decoration and a hanging Santa.

We hope that you have a lovely holiday period and wish you all the very best for 2019. I’m sure you will join us in wishing Mrs Tait all the very best and hope that she has a chance to relax for a little while before her exciting new arrival!

Mrs Bailey, Mrs Munro, Mrs Tait and P3M