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P3M Learning 08.12.17

Maths and Numeracy 

We have been revising our Maths topics so far…addition and subtraction, tessellation and shape. We had to use the most efficient strategy when adding and subtracting, we had to tessellate three shapes and name 3D objects. We enjoyed making a Christmas jumper out of three shapes but did find this tricky. We also continued to study symmetry. We were able to complete symmetrical pictures and know they must be the same on both sides.

Next week we would like to continue with symmetry and maybe even do some Christmas Puzzles.



This week our spelling pattern was “ea”. We know this makes the E sound. Examples of “ea” words are eat, cheat and screaming.

In Writing, we wrote our own newspaper articles. We thought of our own story and had to include certain features of newspaper articles – headline, caption and we even started using phrases like “it was reported that”. We would like to continue to develop this next week.


Other areas of the curriculum

  •  gods. We wrote our own names which was fun. We also made “Top Trump” cards for the gods.
  • In P.E. we learnt how to play in a team. We know we have to follow the rules.


“All About Me”

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have completed the “All About Me” sheet with their child.  Celebrating Wider Achievement is a much looked forward to part of the school day/week and seeing all of the activities/clubs pupils at Buckstone attend is fantastic! The range is amazing! The information gathered from these forms will only be used at school level to now identify any opportunities the school can offer the children.

Additional copies will be sent home over the next week if you have not managed to fill it out yet.

Thank you.

This week’s Learning in P3M WB 06.11.17


In Writing, we were writing about our Bonfire Night experience. We had to do this by using an author’s technique. This included us making sure we used the punctuation the author used as well as some of the key words they used. We then had to include our own emotions. In Spelling we were learning about the rule – putting in two consonants after a vowel, e.g. whizz, fizzy, success and challenging. In Reading, we had to answer questions about our books using the Reflective Reading grid.

We enjoyed writing about our firework experience including our emotions.

Some of us found answering the questions about our books tricky.

We want to keep working on using the author’s technique, especially punctuation, to develop our writing skills.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been using a 0 – 99 square to subtract 2 numbers. We had to put counters on the numbers and then had to count back in 10s then 1s. Some of us were also finding the missing number so sometimes we had to add before taking away.  We have also been counting in 2s in odds numbers,e.g. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11…

In Shape, we started work on Tessellation where we had to fit shapes together. We were making Tiling Patterns. We really enjoyed this!

We found counting in 10s (off the decade – not a friendly number) tricky.

We want to work on counting in different steps.

Other areas of the curriculum 

We have been preparing for Children in Need (Friday 17th November) – which has included drawing maps for a Spotty Race and making up letters for our Trail. We enjoyed drawing Pudsey so everyone can count how many Pudseys they see. We have made posters together to advertise the day. Watch this space!

In PE, we have been learning new throws – we remember them by thinking “SCRUB” (Shoulder pass, Chest pass, Roll pass, Underarm pass and Bounce pass). We liked the Bounce pass the most!

In Assembly, we were celebrating differences and learnt about Remembrance in time for Remembrance Day!


P3M Our Learning this week 24.11.17


We have been learning about the features of a newspaper. This includes how the headline only has 3 or 4 words and stands out, how the pictures have captions and finally the articles need to answer the 5 Ws (What, Who, Where, When and Why).

In Reading we are trying to read with expression and fluency. The more we read the better we get! Also, we are continuing to try to answer tricky questions about our stories and finding key words.

In Spelling we revised our rules/patterns so far! We will keep practising!

We enjoyed learning about the newspaper but found labelling the different features tricky. We want to continue to try to do this next week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning how to add by using partitioning. E.g 126 + 42 = 100 + 0, 20 + 40, 6 + 2. We are learning to show this in our grids. Ask us to give an example!  We also started to look at symmetry. We had to find the lines of symmetry in our own shapes.

We enjoyed making our own worksheets but found sums tricky when they went over the ten. E.g. 7 +6.

Other areas of the Curriculum 

We enjoyed going on our trip to the museum in Edinburgh! We had lots of fun learning about Ancient Egypt, in particular when somebody got mummified! We also made our own pyramids (out of sugar cubes, lego and milk cartons). We thought the legos worked the best – they were the strongest!

In Assembly we started the new Building Resilience topic – Keep Connected! We understand that we need our Back Up team to support us!

In PE we enjoyed doing different stations on basketball.


Sumdog – Update

Our Sumdog licence expired at the end of last week.

Sadly the provider has increased the licence fee by 60% per pupil. As a result we have decided to investigate other options to support Maths learning via online applications.

We appreciate this will be a disappointment to some pupils who have actively engaged with Sumdog and been motivated to often use the application. We would hope to identify a solution to continue to support the pupils in the near future.

P3M Reflective Friday 17.11.17


This week our spelling rule is to know when to use ck or k. We know when it is a short vowel we use ck, like in crack or snack and when it is a long vowel we just use k, like leak or beak.
In Writing, we have been writing our own stories, trying to use what we learned over the past 3 weeks (using an author’s technique). This included using super adjectives, correct punctuation and lots of detail. We created fantastic, descriptive stories!
In Handwriting, we learned how to join o with w and u.
We would like to do more handwriting next week!


Maths and Numeracy

We have been using 99 square and Empty Number Lines to work out word problems. We had to decide whether we had to add or subtract before finding the answer. In Maths, we made tiling patterns out of different 2D shapes.
We enjoyed playing fun Maths games to practise addition and subtraction.
We would like to learn more about word problems.
Can you solve the problems…
You had 47 stickers and you gave 19 to a friend. How many do you have now?
You collected 87 match attacks then got 34 for your birthday. How many have you got now?

Other areas of the curriculum

We enjoyed preparing for Children in Need, especially organising the events, for example the obstacle race. We had to be very responsible and very clear to ensure people knew what they were doing!
We created our own floorbook for our topic – The Egyptians! We can’t wait to add to it!
In Assembly, we discussed anti-bullying week and how we have to look out for each other.

WB 02.10.17 P3M Learning

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning how to use an empty number line to add numbers together. We had to look for the friendly number (a number ending in zero) to make it easier. Then we showed the jumps on our number line.

Although we enjoyed finding the friendly number, some of us also found it quite tricky. We will try to work on this next week!


This week we have focused on learning new Openers and WOW words. Some examples of this include: flabbergasted, surprised and mysterious. This helped us to make our sentences more exciting!

In Spelling, we studied cl, fl, gl, pl and sl. We created words that challenged us to use these.

We enjoyed learning how to join our letters in Handwriting but some of us found it challenging! We will keep working on this.

Other areas of the Curriculum 

  • We loved performing our assembly to the parents/carers, family and friends! Although some of us were nervous we did a great job!
  • In P.E. we were learning how to catch a rugby ball.


P3M week ending 29.09.17

This week’s learning in P3M:


This week we have been learning about VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation). In Reading we got new books and answered questions about our books. We talked about literal questions e.g. ‘Who is the main character?’ We found the inferential questions trickier. These were questions such as ‘What was the author’s purpose in writing this book?’  In Spelling we focused on blending fr,br,pr,gr,cr and tr words. E.g. frost, brush,pram,green,crab and trap.

For a ‘hot’ challenge some of us worked on the words:







Next week some of us want to make our handwriting a bit neater. We also want to keep working on our spelling.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been looking at the links between addition and subtraction facts.  It helps to think of these as ‘If I know… then I know…’.

For example if you know 10 + 2 = 12 then you also know that 2 + 10 = 12.

You can then work out that 12 – 10 = 2     and    12 – 2 = 10.

We have been focusing  on doing this with numbers between 10 and 20.


We started a unit of work on shapes.  We revisited the names of 2D shapes and counted their corners and sides. We found it tricky to spell the names of some shapes.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We enjoyed bringing in our resilience posters and showing these to the class.
  • We have been really busy preparing for our Emergency Services assembly next week.