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P6 Wee Sleepout!

Primary 6 have decided to support the local charity Social Bite!

Social Bite are on a mission to STOP homelessness in Scotland.

The way P6 are going to support them is by doing a Wee Sleepout, sleeping in the gym hall.

The reason we chose to do a sleepout rather than anything else is because every year Social Bite do a sleep in the park to raise money. We wanted to know what it would feel like to be sleeping out of our comfort zone with no mattress, and no technology, but it won’t be as bad as being homeless but it will still be hard.

If you would to sponsor us please visit the Just Giving link below.



9.11.18 P3M

Hello everyone

Here’s our update to let you know what we’ve been learning this week.

We have continued to work on time.We were drawing hands on analogue clocks and writing numbers on digital ones to show quarter past and quarter to. We have spoken about our routines and what we might be doing at quarter past and quarter to the hour throughout the day. We have also worked on converting written analogue time to digital . This is quite challenging , especially the quarter to times. More practice definitely needed with this! Our numeracy work has been saying the number 10 before/after a given number.

In literacy we began our spelling programme and the children have been split into groups with their own lists of words to work on. These will be added to Spelling City shortly and shared with you so you can help at home. The children will take part in a variety of activities over a two week block to help them learn the spelling pattern they are focusing on.

We have continued to work on answering written questions in reading. We are practising reading the relevant pages again to find the information we need and then writing the answers in sentences – trying not to start with the word because.

In writing we have been working on sentence openers again, thinking about different ways of starting a sentence. The children worked very hard on a piece of imaginative writing. We are encouraging everybody to read their writing over to check that they have thought about the star steps we are working on that day.

We are starting a new topic on Food Chains. The children talked about how and what they want to learn.

In PE we were working on netball skill and general fitness.

In French we revised some words for colour by singing them to a well known tune- ask your child to explain!

We have started making firework pictures using acrylic paint and pastels. We will finish these next week.

Your child is coming home with a piece of paper about a Christmas card competition. This is entirely voluntary and is to be done at home. Please see email from Mrs George for further information.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro,Mrs Bailey,Mrs Tait and P3M

2.11.18 P3M

The children were very excited to share their learning with parents today.

In literacy this week we were  thinking about asking and answering questions in reading. We will continue to focus on questioning over the next few weeks.

As it was Hallowe’en we tried to write a spooky story by continuing the story -“It’s Too Frightening For Me” by Shirley Hughes. The children had some great ideas, have a look at our display in the corridor outside the old gym hall. Next week in writing we are going to look at sentence starts and how we can make our writing more interesting to read.

We were revising some tricky words this week in spelling , our spelling programme will begin next week.

In numeracy we have been counting in 4s and looking at the 4 times table. We have been revising O’clock and half past times and learning  quarter past and quarter to using analogue and digital clocks. We will be continuing with time next week. Please encourage your child to  look at clocks in his/her environment and try to tell the correct time.

In music the class were listening to Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens and drawing their responses to it.

We have been looking at the emergency services and talking about the skills and qualities you would need for jobs in these areas. We have been practising saying our full address.

In PE we have beeen doing circuits and trying to improve our fitness levels.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro,Mrs Bailey,Mrs Tait and P3M.

Pupil Targets

Over the last few weeks we have been setting this term’s targets. The targets, which have been created jointly by the teacher and the pupil, focus on three areas of curriculum – Literacy, Maths and Numeracy and another subject suited to each class.

We have been discussing targets in class so the children know themselves as learners so please ask your child what their targets are (your child may call them Learning Intentions and Star Steps depending on their age) so we can all be partners in the children’s learning. These targets may have already been shared with you at Parents’ Evening and at the Drop-in today.

Evidence for these targets will then be gathered and shared in the pupils’ Learning Stories to see how they are progressing with their individual target. The staff can edit these targets if necessary. The Learning Stories will be sent home in December in order for you to see your child’s learning.

If you have any questions or queries then please ask the class teacher.




12.10.18 P3M

We have been finishing our topic on India this week.

These are some of our thoughts on the topic.

‘I liked learning about the different religions’

‘I enjoyed listening to Mrs Watson tell us about an Indian wedding’.

‘I liked learning about the animals in India.’

‘I enjoyed learning about the dabbawalas’

We used iPads, books and short films to learn about India. This week we used the iPads to research information about the snakes who live in India.

Some of us made lassi this week,we all got the chance to try it. Some thoughts:

‘I liked the lassi.’

‘I thought it was too strong because of the cardamom.’

‘I enjoyed the mango juice.’

We would like to give everybody in the class the chance to make or bake something at some point over the school year. If you would be happy to come in to help us with this, please talk to Mrs Munro or Mrs Bailey.

Have a great holiday.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Tait and P3M.

P3M 5.10.18

In numeracy this week we have been talking and writing about number bonds. We have been practising fast and accurate recall of addition and subtraction within 20. We were also thinking about different addition strategies we could use to help us.

We have continued to summarise our reading books thinking about the main points in the beginning, middle and end of the story. We worked with a partner to expand our ideas using interesting vocabulary. We had dictation which revised the tricky words : they said your was so we could.

We linked our drama activity to health and well being and played a mime game to help identify our emotions.

In PE we were learning rugby skills and in French we played lotto to revise our numbers to 20.

We thought about our own star steps for our learning stories and wrote them in our new folders.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and Mrs Tait.

28.9.18 P3M

Another very busy week for P3M!

In maths we were counting in 3s, practising our number bonds to 20 and developing our skills in using multiplication and division strategies.

In literacy we continued to work on summarising our reading books. We worked with our learning partner to rewrite chapter 34 of Awful Auntie, our class novel. We worked well together and had some great ideas!

On Wednesday it was European Day of Languages . We looked at a map of Europe and some people from our class shared some words and phrases with us. We all forecast the weather using the French words we had learned last week.

We found out about some Indian religions and learned all about Karma.

We ended the week with our assembly, we all enjoyed sharing our learning about India and appreciated having such a quality audience!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and Mrs Tait

P3M 21.9.18


Hi Everyone, a quick update of what P3M have been learning this week.

In our maths warm up we were playing ‘Round the World’ to help us remember the number before and the number after from 0 to 100.In our SEAL groups we were sequencing numerals to 100,practising fast and accurate addition and subtraction within 20,adding and subtracting to and from decade numbers,counting items in two screened collections.

In literacy activities we were continuing to talk about our predictions for our reading books and we were writing about characters in our class novel and our reading books. We were trying to use some describing words while still writing in proper sentences.

Our spelling this week was revising consonant blends : dr br cr fr tr gr pr. Tricky words for last week were you and your, this week- come and some.

We introduced some French words to describe the weather and did a French weather conga in class!


P3M have been working very hard towards sharing their learning on 28.9.18. Today they have brought home the words they are going to be saying at the assembly. These can be read aloud or learned off by heart. Please practise them at home but return them every day in your child’s folder. We are looking forward to seeing everybody on Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and Mrs Tait

P3 Magical Mumbai 14.9.18

This week was Maths Week in Scotland. We had a daily maths challenge . We were counting on in 1s and 2s and working on place value.In PE we collected data from our fitness challenge and made bar graphs.

It was our Big Writing assessment this week and we were writing about our weekends. As well as using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces correctly we were also trying to use wow words and joining words. In reading we were working on characterisation and prediction. Ask us to describe the main character in our reading books .

Mrs Watson came to visit us as she had been at an Indian wedding in the summer, she brought her beautiful sari and we asked her lots of questions about her trip. We finished our posters about Jaipur and worked successfully with a partner.

We were learing the French words for 11 colours and we played some games to help us remember them.

In Health and Wellbeing we were talking about emotions and played a miming game to help us think about our feelings.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Tait and P3M

P3M 7.9.18

Another busy week for P3M!

We began the week with a whole school assembly all about resilience with the focus on “taking a moment” when we feel stressed, upset or angry. We explored this further in drama where some of us shared with the rest of the class when we had felt this way.

In PE we were outside playing hockey and played some fitness games as well.

In maths our mental warm ups were the 2 and 5 times tables before we worked on different aspects of SEAL  in our groups.

We went for a walk around the woods and playground to look for some signs of Autumn. We then wrote about what we had seen, trying to use full stops and capital letters correctly as well as thinking about different ways of starting our sentences.

We worked with a partner to find information about India for a poster we are going to design. We have been practising our Indian song and dance for our upcoming assembly!

We have started to look at the French words for colours.

Have a great weekend.

P3M Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey