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P3 Spelling w.c. 11November

Here are this week’s spelling words. Please work on the list that you chose in class to help you with your dictation on Friday. As usual, if you did not choose the challenge words but are now feeling confident spelling the words you chose, have a go at some of the trickier words.

Our focus this week is on words containing the ‘oa’ and ‘ow’ sounds. As usual, there are two ‘common’ words to learn or revise too.

  • oats
  • toast
  • coat
  • coast
  • throat
  • show
  • blow
  • snow
  • row
  • which
  • who
  • where

Challenge Words

  • toasted
  • raincoat
  • coaxed
  • aboard
  • bungalow
  • shallow
  • shadow
  • tomorrow
  • follow
  • who
  • where
  • which

P3M 8.11.19

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We finished our topic on shape. We discussed the properties of shapes: faces, vertices, edges and completed a written assessment. We spoke about tiling and began a tile pattern of our own using 2D shapes.

We are going on to  look at subtraction, using different strategies in our calculations.


Everybody completed a piece of writing this week. We were focusing on using punctuation correctly: remembering that- and- is a joining word and should not start or end a sentence, that capital letters should not be in the middle of words, reading our writing over to help us think about where full stops should go, we were also trying to use our knowledge of tricky words and spelling rules to help us spell correctly the words we wanted to use.

Our spelling sound was igh and y (night/ fry) and our tricky words were – what and when. (Please see other blog for full list)

In reading we are asking and answering questions to help our understanding of the text. We are answering written questions about the text, using the questions to help us answer in full sentences using full stops and capital letters.


We started the week with a whole school assembly where the theme was – Be Kind to Others. We will be talking about this in class and trying to put it in to practice!

We continued practising ball skills at PE, trying different ways of passing the ball and having a go at shooting some baskets.


Our new topic is Houses and our local environment. The children discussed what they knew, what they wanted to know and how they wanted to learn. We looked at a map of Edinburgh and talked about some of the buildings. We spoke about the names for different kinds of houses and the children drew their own house.


We are were talking about the composer Tchaikovsky and listening to some of the music from the ballet The Nutcracker.


The class are getting a lesson a week from Mrs Hand who will be doing a variety of drama activities.


We were talking about weather , asking the question – Quel temps fait- il ? and looking at the words for different types of weather.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M


P3M Home Learning Activities 8 November 2019


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been working on asking and answering questions that help us understand what the text is about. Ask someone at home to ask you some questions about the book you are reading. Examples of the type of questions we have been working on include:

  • What adjectives might you use to describe the main character?
  • How did the character feel when ……..?
  • What do you think is meant by……?
  • What is the story about?

Reading Records

We have asked a number of pupils to take responsibility for updating the jotters they take home showing a record of the books they are reading. This means that, unless we are writing comments, we do not see these jotters every week. We ask pupils to show us if there is a message in the jotter from someone at home but pupils are not always doing so. Therefore, if you write a note in the jotter, please make your child aware of this and ask them to show us the jotter so that we can respond as appropriate.

Listening and Talking

We are looking forward to hearing everyone’s book talks. We will begin listening to some on Monday and will continue throughout the week (and possibly to following week).


We were developing our subtraction skills this week during mental maths. This included some revision as well as learning some new strategies.

Follow the link to practise subtracting by counting back from a number.

Expressive Arts

We have begun learning about the Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, and have enjoyed listening to music from The Nutcracker Suite.

At home, listen to some other pieces of music by Tchaikovsky. Think about how they compare to the music you have already listened to and discuss this with someone at home. Which is your favourite piece and why?

Soggy Socks!

We have had a number of incidents where puddles in the playground have resulted in very wet socks! Although the school has a few spare pairs, we do not have enough for everyone who might need them when it is wet outside. It has been suggested to pupils in P3M that they keep a spare pair of socks in their schoolbags now that winter is on its way!

Request for Cardboard Boxes

As part of our new topic about our local area, we are going to be building models using cardboard boxes. If you have any boxes you are about to recycle, and you think they would be useful for making models of houses or other buildings, please send them to school with your child.

Thank you for your support.

P3 Spelling 4 November 2019

Our focus for this week is to spell words containing the ‘igh’ or ‘y’ sound correctly.

Please work on the list that you chose in class. (If you did not choose the challenge words and are feeling confident spelling the list you chose, you might want to try some of the challenge words at home too.)

  • light
  • night
  • right
  • sight
  • tight
  • spy
  • try
  • why
  • fry
  • shy
  • what
  • when

Challenge words

  • mighty
  • sunlight
  • goodnight
  • alright
  • sighting
  • by
  • buy
  • spying
  • trying
  • frying
  • what
  • when

P3M 1.11.19

Hello everyone

It was lovely to see so many parents at our ‘Sharing the Learning’ today.  We hope you enjoyed speaking to your child about the French activity they were engaged with.


This week we have been focusing on shape. We were learning to identify, name and describe the features of 3D objects. We went into the playground to take photos on the iPads and discussed the shapes we found. We identified 2D shapes on the faces of 3D objects and described the features of simple 3D objects by looking at their faces, edges and vertices. We made 3D models using art straws and modelling clay and the children decided whether they wanted to work independently or with a partner.


The children were given their new spelling words at the start of the week and practised them by completing a variety of activities. Their knowledge of the words is assessed through dictation on a Friday.

Everyone got a new reading book this week. We are asking and answering questions to help our understanding of the text . We are learning to answer written questions, trying to remember to use the question to help us and to answer in full sentences.


CHANGE OF DAYS- Our PE times are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We were practising passing the ball using chest, shoulder, bounce and overhead passes.


Mortonhall Garden Centre gave us a bulb planting demonstration and the children planted daffodil bulbs.


The children revised the French words they know for colours and numbers through a number of different activities.


The children created their own pumpkins using card, scissors and glue.


The children have started drama activities with a specialist teacher.

Have a lovely weekend.

P3M, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey

P3M Home Learning Activities 1.11.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We will be focussing on developing our comprehension skills for the rest of this term. We have been working on asking and answering ‘remembering’ questions that require us to recall facts from the text. Ask someone at home to ask you these types of questions about what you have read.


We have been learning about nouns (naming words) this week. When you are at home or out and about, use the environment around you to help identify words which are nouns. Perhaps you could have a competition with someone at home to see who can list the most!


Spelling words for this week were posted on Monday. Look out for new words this coming Monday.

Listening and Talking

Ask someone at home to help you prepare a short talk about your favourite book. We will start listening to talks during the week commencing 11 November.

Talks should include the following:

  • The title and author of your chosen book
  • The name of the main character or characters
  • A short summary of the story
  • The reason why it is your favourite book
  • How many stars you have decided to give the book out of a possible five

At home, practise speaking in a voice that will be loud enough for your audience to hear.

If you have a copy of your chosen book, it would be lovely if you were able to bring it with you for your audience to see when you give your talk.


We have been developing our knowledge of the names and properties of 3D objects this week.

Look around your home and see if you can identify some 3D objects. Tell someone the name of the shape and number of edges, vertices and faces it has.

P3 Spelling 28.10.19

This week’s spelling words:

  • aim
  • pail
  • chair
  • train
  • straining
  • way
  • staying
  • pray
  • today
  • spraying
  • only
  • old

If you would like to try the ‘challenge words’ this week…….

  • aiming
  • railway
  • chairperson
  • training
  • strained
  • always
  • stayed
  • prayed
  • Wednesday
  • anyway
  • only
  • old

P3M 11.10.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

New books will be given out on Wednesday and Thursday after the break. In the meantime, if you are looking for an additional challenge, you might want to read a book at home or borrow a book from the library. See if you can summarise the story (remember to include the most important part). You might want to retell the story to your reading group when we return to school.


We have been revising the ‘ea’ sound with our spelling words this week. Try writing out some more words with the ‘ea’ sound and ask someone at home to check if you are correct. Remember that ‘ee’ also makes the same sound.

If you would like to practise more spelling during the break, work on learning some of the common or tricky words issued at the meetings with parents last week.


In mental maths this week we have been reminding ourselves of some of the strategies we have learned so far. These include, counting on, using doubles and near doubles, starting with the largest number, adding 10 to 2-digit numbers, adding 9 by adding 10 then subtracting 1, and adding 11 by adding 10 then adding another 1. We also completed some calculations involving number bonds to 10 or 20.

If you would like to practise some mental maths during the holidays, follow this link to The Daily Ten. If you go into level 1, there is an option to practise your number bonds, but you may choose to work on any addition strategies that we have been working on.


We continued learning about sound this week and carried out investigations to try and find the best material for soundproofing or muffling sound. We used music on an i-pad as our source of sound and covered the speaker with a variety of materials. We listened to hear the effect of each material on the volume of the music.

With the permission of someone at home, see if you can continue your investigation. Can you find a material even better at soundproofing than the materials we used in class?