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P3 Spelling w.c. 17 February

We are continuing to revise the ‘magic e’ rule in spelling. This time we are focussing on words with ‘u’ as the vowel preceding ‘e’. The common words we are revising this week are often misspelled, for obvious reasons! To help you, try to remember ‘ O u lucky duck!’

  • cube
  • tube
  • June
  • tune
  • cure
  • fuse
  • amuse
  • pure
  • use
  • mute
  • could
  • should
  • would

Challenge Words:

  • cubed
  • dude
  • mused
  • rude
  • cured
  • huge
  • cute
  • plume
  • used
  • flute
  • could
  • should
  • would

P3M 7.2.20

Hi Everyone

This is what we have been learning in P3M this week:


We have continued to focus on practising our times tables: 2,3,4, 5 and 10. We have played games, worked out problems, used the iPads and completed worksheets to help us learn.


In writing this week the children were creating  poems and continued to write and illustrate their own stories for a younger child.

In reading we answered comprehension questions on our reading books and everyone was given a poetry book to read at home and school.



The children were given the chance to save documents on the laptops



We were extremely lucky to have PC Scott and PC Rogers visit P3 to talk to the  children about their jobs. The children got the chance to ask questions as well as going into the playground to see the police vehicle. It was a very exciting visit and we are grateful to the officers for taking the time to come to speak to us.


Please remember P3 auditions are on Wednesday 19 February where two acts will be picked to go forward to the whole school auditions on Thursday 20th February.

Have a great holiday week.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M



P3M Home Learning Activities 6.2.20


New words will be posted after the mid-term break. In the meantime, continue to work on words containing ‘magic e’ as well as the common or tricky words. See how many ‘magic e’ words you can come up with or look out for them when you are out and about.


We are continuing our learning about poetry and some groups have poetry books to read at home this week. See if you can pick out some features of poetry we have been looking at (rhyme, patterns, alliteration, rhythm and pace) in the book you have been given to read.

If you have been asked to create your own verse, based on one of the poems in your book, please be ready to share this with your group on Monday 17 February. It will be written in your reading record if you are expected to do this.

Numeracy and Maths

Keep working on learning the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables! Ask someone at home to test you. There are lots of games and songs online to help you. You’ll find some of these below:

P3 Spelling w.c. 3 February

This week’s words contain ‘magic e’ with ‘o’ as the preceding vowel. As usual, there are two common words to revise. Dictations will be at the end of the week.

  • woke
  • coke
  • smoke
  • rode
  • shore
  • rose
  • hole
  • stole
  • nose
  • stove
  • put
  • before

Challenge Words

  • awoke
  • erode
  • whole
  • hole
  • stolen
  • those
  • tiptoe
  • oboe
  • alone
  • remote
  • put
  • before

P3M 31.1.20

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We have continued to learn and practise times tables this week with a particular focus on the 3 times tables. Please refer to additional blog for ideas of games and activities to help your child with this.

We were talking about making equal groups in our SEAL groups and also recognising  numerals in the 1-100 range. Another group was counting and sequencing in the 1-100 range and adding two numbers together using the counting on method.


In order to give the us a purpose and audience for our writing we began to write a story suitable for a nursery/P1 child. We looked at some examples of story books with our learning partners and made a list together of what makes a good story. We made a plan of our own ideas thinking about a beginning, middle and end for our stories. We then began a first draft. We will transfer our stories to a booklet and illustrate them. We are hoping to read them to the nursery/P1 children after the February break.

In reading we have been looking at poetry and we worked together to think of words which rhyme with our names. We used these rhymes to create poems of our own.

Spelling focus was on magic e words with an I in the middle. We talked about the spelling activity which best helped them to learn their words. We finish the week with dictation.


The children were split into learning teams across the school and on Monday afternoon they participated in the activity they had chosen. Please ask your child about their chosen activity.


We were looking at saving documents to a folder.


NYCoS (external visitor) We were developing our understanding of rhythm and pulse.


This week we were practising some Scottish country dancing.


We recapped on the weather phrases we had been learning before Christmas and worked in a group to make up a mime which would show our given phrase.


We spoke about the health and wellbeing indicators and thought about the things that are done at school and home to make sure we are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active,  responsible, respected and included.


P3 will be holding auditions for anyone in P3 who would like to go through to the Buckstone’s Got Talent competition. The auditions will take place on Wednesday 19 February and following on from this audition  two acts from P3 will take part in the whole school audition on Thursday 20 February. The acts can be dancing, singing, telling jokes, reciting poems, magic, juggling or any other skill or talent the child would like to share.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

Primary 5 Charity – Edinburgh Cat and Dog home

Good morning

Primary 5 picked the Edinburgh cat and dog home as our charity for this year. We are looking for any donations of food, dry or wet, treats, toys, food or water bowls, used leads for dogs and poop bags.

Please could you send any donations in by next Wednesday and P5 will collect them. A member of staff from the home will be working with P5 next Thursday and will take them away then.

Thank you in advance from all of P5.

I have included the link to their website.

Have a great weekend

P3M Home Learning Activities


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been continuing our work on poetry and have been creating poems using rhyme. With someone at home, see if you can create a poem using words that rhyme with the names of the people in your home. Think about the poems we created in class to help you.


We have been looking at using adjectives to make our writing more interesting. At home, see if you can think of adjectives to describe items you can see. For example, a shiny fork or a pink, fluffy teddy. Perhaps have a competition with a member of your family to see who can come up with the most adjectives.


Words were posted on the blog earlier this week. We will post new words on Monday. Dictations are usually on Friday mornings.


Keep working on your times tables! Ask someone at home to help.

P3 Spelling w.c. 27 January

We are continuing with the ‘magic e’ rule this week and are thinking about what happens to words where ‘i’ is the vowel preceding the ‘e’. We are also revising the common words ‘was’ and ‘saw’.

  • fine
  • spine
  • shine
  • wife
  • like
  • drive
  • ride
  • hide
  • prize
  • stripe
  • was
  • saw

Challenge Words:

  • fined
  • find
  • quite
  • liked
  • invite
  • while
  • polite
  • inside
  • decide
  • divide
  • was
  • saw

P3M 24.1.20

Good afternoon everyone.

This is what P3M have been learning this week:


In our SEAL groups we have been talking about and making equal groups. Some children have been counting and sequencing in the 1-100 range. Our mental maths activities have focused on the 2 and 5 times tables. Please see additional blog for suggestions of activities you could try with your child.


This week we have been talking about the life and work of Robert Burns. We have looked at some Scottish words and listened to each other recite the poems they have learned. Well done to everyone who learned a Scottish poem.

Our writing activity involved using the character we had created last week to write about an adventure they might have. We are trying to use adjectives and interesting vocabulary in our writing.

Spelling and reading activities as normal.


In gymnastics we were thinking about balance using different parts of the body.


NYCoS-We were developing our understanding of rhythm and pulse.


We were learning to open and resize applications.


We talked about the work of the police service and spoke about which people could help us in specific situations.


We really enjoyed watching and listening to all the performers during our Scottish assembly, thanks to everyone who took part.


The postponed Christmas fair will now take place on Saturday the 22nd February. Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the p3 hamper. Any other donations would be gratefully received – the P3 hamper has a Scottish theme.

Apologies- I forgot to send our learning stories out today. The children will bring them home on Monday 27.1.20

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

P3M Home Learning Activities

Numeracy and Maths

Choose one of the times tables we have been working on to practice at home. We have been practising (and will continue to practice) the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.

You might find the website below helpful:


Complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been learning about poetry and have enjoyed listening to and performing different poems.

Speak to someone at home about a poem they enjoyed as a child. What was it about and why did they enjoy it? If it is possible, you might wish to read or listen to the poem together.


New words will be posted on the blog on Monday.

Continue to practise the common words sent home last term.