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P3M 11.10.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

New books will be given out on Wednesday and Thursday after the break. In the meantime, if you are looking for an additional challenge, you might want to read a book at home or borrow a book from the library. See if you can summarise the story (remember to include the most important part). You might want to retell the story to your reading group when we return to school.


We have been revising the ‘ea’ sound with our spelling words this week. Try writing out some more words with the ‘ea’ sound and ask someone at home to check if you are correct. Remember that ‘ee’ also makes the same sound.

If you would like to practise more spelling during the break, work on learning some of the common or tricky words issued at the meetings with parents last week.


In mental maths this week we have been reminding ourselves of some of the strategies we have learned so far. These include, counting on, using doubles and near doubles, starting with the largest number, adding 10 to 2-digit numbers, adding 9 by adding 10 then subtracting 1, and adding 11 by adding 10 then adding another 1. We also completed some calculations involving number bonds to 10 or 20.

If you would like to practise some mental maths during the holidays, follow this link to The Daily Ten. If you go into level 1, there is an option to practise your number bonds, but you may choose to work on any addition strategies that we have been working on.


We continued learning about sound this week and carried out investigations to try and find the best material for soundproofing or muffling sound. We used music on an i-pad as our source of sound and covered the speaker with a variety of materials. We listened to hear the effect of each material on the volume of the music.

With the permission of someone at home, see if you can continue your investigation. Can you find a material even better at soundproofing than the materials we used in class?

Reflective Friday P3M

We have enjoyed a busy week of learning in P3M!

Literacy – Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking and Spelling

We have been learning to summarise a story. This means we have to write the book and what happens but not in much detail so it is just the important parts. We have worked hard on our reading in groups and have enjoyed different books. We have also been learning to identify our favourite part and using more detailed sentences to explain it.

We have been learning all about words which have an ea spelling in them as our weekly rule. We learnt about some tricky words that sound the same for example steal (when someone takes something) and steel (a type of strong metal). Other words that follow our rule are: seal, leaf and dream.

In our writing we have been learning to check for a capital letter and full stop in all of our sentences.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about how to count in 2s and 5s. We have been learning all about how to add numbers to make a total. We were working hard on some number sums to help us. We have been learning to use a number line to help us ‘jump’ and count.

In our number work we have also worked hard on our number bonds (ways to add 2 numbers) to make 10 and 20.


With Mrs Ritchie we really enjoyed learning about sound and vibration in our Science work. We learnt that if you make a sound there will be sound waves from it. We had a chance to play with an instrument and watch the vibrations in water when we did this.

In our PE lessons we have been learning rugby skills. We use our two hands to hit or score a try. Thank you for all of your help and support this term and well done Primary 3 for working so hard!
Have a fantastic holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back on Wednesday 23rd October.

P3M Home Learning 4.10.19

Apologies for last week’s missing post! We have been experiencing some difficulties with the site!


Please complete the reading assigned to your group. Keep practising summarising stories. Remember to include the most important or interesting part.


Spelling words for this week were posted on the site on Monday. Just to be clear, you only need to work on the list that you chose in class on Monday.

Please also pick one or two common (or tricky) words to learn at home. Work on the words that have been highlighted on the sheet you were given (or your parents were given) at parent consultations this week. Aim to learn one or two of these a week in addition to the weekly spelling list.

Try using Spelling City to help you learn the common words. You can enter the words you need to work on and are then given a little test to see how well you know them.


We have been continuing with addition this week and in mental maths we have been working on adding 10 to a two-digit number as well as adding 9 by first adding 10 and then subtracting 1.

Follow the link to practise adding 10. You should choose Level 2; Addition; Up to 100 – ten more.


We have been learning all about sound this week. See if you can explain how sound is made to someone at home. If you need a little bit of help, you could watch the following clip first:

P3M 27.9.19


Thanks to everybody who supported P3 with their assembly. The children were very excited and enjoyed having such an appreciative audience. We were delighted by the way the two classes worked together in groups to come up with ideas and create drama, music, art work and scripts.  The children really tried to speak loudly and clearly in a big space in front of two audiences. Well done P3!


We have continued to look at different addition strategies and have been practising using them in our mental maths sessions: counting on, using doubles and near doubles, using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20. We have been learning about addition in our SEAL groups.


We have continued to practise summarising our reading books. We have also answered written comprehension questions about our reading books and tried very hard to answer in full sentences using punctuation. We are trying to remember to use the book and the question to help us with the answer and to spell correctly.

We did an assessment of the Block 3 words so we could identify the words we need to practise. We also looked at words ending in a double consonant and completed a variety of activities to help us learn them. Dictation is on a Friday to help assess the words we need to practise.


We completed the written French work we had started last week and used our knowledge of colours and numbers to create a drawing for our friends to colour in. We are confident in our knowledge of numbers 0-10 and will continue to practise numbers 11- 20.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M




P3M Home Learning Activities



Please complete the reading assigned to your group. Try to summarise the story to someone at home using the ‘Someone, wanted, but, so, then’ format we were using in school. You could try this with some of your books at home too.


New words will be on the blog on Monday. Apologies if you have been trying to access this week’s words and could not open the document. Hopefully this issue will be resolved next week. In the meantime, you may want to revise the words we have been learning so far.


Follow the link to practise making a number using tens and units.

P3M 20.9.19

Hi Everyone

This is what we have been learning in P3 this week.


We have continued to learn to use different addition strategies in our SEAL groups. In mental maths we were talking about place value, discussing what the numbers represented in 2 digit numbers. We used a number square to help us solve addition problems. Written work supported this along with a game on the iPad- Topmarks-Caterpillar ordering.


Every group got a new book this week . We are continuing to learn to summarise stories. This week we were trying to use the words: somebody, wanted, but , so then, to help us rewrite the story. We summarised a chapter of the BFG for our assembly.


We began to learn some rugby skills: dodging opponents, running with a ball and passing successfully.


We planned together in groups to work out what we could do to share our learning with our families. Some of us put together short drama sequences, some of us wrote facts, some practised dancing and playing instruments and some created pictures. We were really pleased the way the two classes worked together.

The assembly is on FRIDAY 27 SEPTEMBER @ 9.15am. Please see previous blog for information on costumes or speak to one of the P3 teachers.


We have been practising forming letters correctly using cursive handwriting. This week we focused on s w v and joined them using the letters already revised : a c e m n o r u .


We revised our colours and numbers 0-20. We sang songs, played games and tried some written work to help us do this.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro. Mrs Bailey and P3M