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P3T WB 27/5/19


This week we made a ‘for sale’ sign linked to the houses in our community. We used persuasive language to ‘sell’ our houses.

We also wrote a piece of writing about what our community looks like, what we love about it and what would make it better.

At Home: Practise common words that were sent home after parent’s night please.



We have been halving numbers. Our number machines split numbers into hundred, tens and units  and then halve them.

For example:  64 half of 60=30 and half 4 is 2, so half of 64 is 32

Some of us are halving 3 digit numbers like 376!  We are only halving even numbers.

We have also been looking at describing journeys using North, South, East and West. We blindfolded our partners and guided them through the woods.

AT Home: You can practise halving using the ‘hit the button game’ on Topmarks website:


In PE we have been lucky to get our tennis lessons which we will do over the next few weeks. It was lots of fun!

PLEASE do not send any snacks or packed lunches with any products containing nuts.

P3T WB 21/5/19

A short post for a very short week!

This week P3T have been learning the 4x table in maths.

Home Learning Activity: Practise the 4x table and counting in 4s.

We have been looking at the houses in our community and exploring the different types of homes there are in Buckstone. We are currently making for sale signs!

Home Learning Activity: Look at the different housing types and see if you can spot: a detached, semi detached, terraced, bungalow and a flat.

Spelling: see last week’s blog post for the words.

Reading will be issued today (Friday) and is due on Wednesday as the short weeks have interfered with the normal reading days.

Thank you

P3T WB 13/5/19

Health Week


We have been very active this week and well done to everyone for all their super efforts at sports day and what a lovely sunny day we had for it. We have been busy making the most of the summer weather by being outside as much as we can.

Other activities we have been doing this week related to our health and wellbeing are: introducing mindfulness and thinking positively, we have learned breathing exercises to help us when we feel angry or upset.  We baked some healthy banana muffins and had a talk about keeping ourselves safe.


We have been continuing with subtraction and linking our community topic map work to our maths.  We have been learning to use grid references.


Home Learning Activities:  Create a treasure map and locate the treasure using grid references. We have been making similar maps in class. Remember the letter comes first eg D4. I will send home maths activities that can be ongoing next week which are similar to the spelling grids that were issued last week.



Reading Groups started this week with new books and because of the long weekend reading goes out today for all groups and to be returned for Wednesday.

Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day: Ch 5 and 6

The Last Wolf: P25-44

Cliffhanger: Ch 2

All other groups: Whole book

Spelling:  Here are the words that we will start next week for two weeks. Everyone was issued with spelling activities that you can try at home.

Green Grasshoppers words: Compound Words


Sapphire Sharks: Prefixes out-  un-  over- under-


Yellow Yaks and Black Bats:  ea and ee


Can you please return any learning stories that haven’t been returned to school yet please.

Thank you

P3T WB 30/4/19

Thank you to everyone for such a fantastic turnout to celebrate the end of our Egyptians topic. For those of you who could not manage, here’s some pictures.

In literacy this week we have written a story about the adventures of Mr Benn as part of our assessed piece of writing now we are nearing the end of the year.

Below are the spelling words for each group and a PDF document with spelling activities you can do at home. To change things up, we will not be using spelling city.

Home Learning Activity:  t-l-6333–new-spelling-activities-challenge-cards_ver_1

Sapphire Sharks: contractions and hyphenated words


Green Grasshoppers: qu and squ


Black Bats and Yellow Yaks



In Maths we have continued subtraction, taking away a single digit from a 2 digit number eg 57-4,  56-6,  27-5 and 2d-2d eg 67-34,  45-23. We have been learning how to use the number line method.  We have also been learning the 3x table.

Home Learning Activity:  Show an adult how to do the above sums using the number line and be the teacher!  Practise the 3x table.   – to practise the 3x table.


As we have been busy preparing for our Egyptian event and assessed piece of writing, we have not done reading books this week. As it’s a long weekend too, reading will go out in 2 weeks time. This is not to say that valuable time can be reading at home a book of their choice.

P3T Talks

Giving a Personal Talk


Next week (beginning 8th May) you will give a talk to the class, possibly in a large group The talk will be about something that interests you.


Your talk should only last 2-3 minutes. You have one week to plan this and practise at home. If you need time to do this in school then let me know and I will make time for you to do this.


You could give your talk on a sport, hobby, activity or other topic that you are interested in.


Star Steps

  • Have a loud and clear voice
  • Speak so that your audience can keep up with you, so not too slow or too fast.
  • Have eye contact with your audience
  • Don’t write a script. Use some notes to help you remember what you want to talk about. Ask an adult to help you write a few words that will help you remember what you want to say.
  • Include interesting facts about your topic and explain what it is about


You can also bring in anything to show the class



P3T WB 23/4/19


We watched some episodes of Mr Benn, who goes to a costume shop where he chooses a costume and enters (through the changing room) a world of adventure suited to the costume he is wearing. These adventures will serve as a stimulus for our next piece of imaginative writing.

Home Learning Activities: watch an episode of Mr Benn and talk about:

What clues at the beginning which suggest which costume he might pick?

What phrases or openers are used to introduce the story and signal moving on in the story to a new scene or next part?

What is featured in every story? What’s the pattern of each episode’s story?

Spelling and reading will start next week.

We have been recapping the 2 and ten times table and we have been learning the 5x table and using it to solve problems. We talked a lot about the meaning of multiples, multiply, times, groups of so we know what is being asked of us.

Home Learning Activities: I have been impressed at how much the children have been practising their tables at home, please continue this. There are games online and  I have sent home their weekly number bond ‘beat that’ tests for extra practise.

Other areas of the curriculum:

As we finish our Egyptians topic and prepare for your visit next Thursday to see our learning we have been looking at the Nile and it’s importance and influence on Egyptian society.

P3T WB 1st April


This week we have been learning about the Easter story with reading comprehension activities. We have written more in our fact books about ancient Egyptian homes.

Home Learning Activities: Set a reading challenge for the holiday, perhaps finish a book or read a magazine. Write a postcard and bring it in the first week back from a days outing, or if you’re away for the holiday, keep a diary.


We looked at building pyramids and used repeated addition and linking this to our understanding of multiplication.

We also went on an Easter maths trail round the school searching for questions to test us.

Home Learning Activities: practise quick recall of 2 and 10x table facts. Continue practising counting in 3s and 4s.

Topic:  We have been learning about Egyptian homes and fashion. We returned to our mummification of tomatoes after leaving them in salt for two weeks. We cleaned them out and stuffed them to regain their shape and painted them in glue and bandaged them.
Have a happy and safe holiday.

P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW

P3T Week Beginning 25/3/19




This week we have been learning the 10x table so lots of practise of the 2 and 10x table at home please. We also looked a bar charts and what information they show.

Home Learning Activities; Practise the 2x and 10x tables.  Look for different bar graphs and discuss what information is shown. Think of: the title, how the axes are labelled, what the bars show.



We have been looking at dictionaries and alphabetical order.  We also finished writing our instructions for how mummify someone. In spelling, we are looking at Easter and Spring words. We created a picture of an Easter/Spring scene and included our words.

Home Learning Activities: Practise Spring/Easter spelling words at home (not on spelling city this week)  Practise putting some words in alphabetical order.


Other Areas of the Curriculum:

We put our knowledge of mummification to the test and mummified a tomato!

Can you see the TIME CONNECTIVES and BOSSY verbs in the instructions below?

First you clean the outside and cut off the top of the tomato. Then scoop out and remove the inside. Stuff the tomato with a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda, which replaces natron that the Egyptians used. Finally place in a tray and completely cover and leave for two weeks.

Then we will remove the tomatoes, paint in PVA glue to replace the resin that was used and stuff the tomato with material and wrap it up.