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P3T WB 23/10/18

Welcome back!

This week we have been busy working on the Lighthouse Keeper stories. We have been busy learning how to use commas in a list, making predictions and will continue the story next week. Reading groups will start next week and books will be issued on Friday.

In Maths we have been counting up and down in hundreds eg 456, 556, 656 up to 1000.  We have been looking at which digit changes.

We have started Talk Partners to help us share our ideas. We devised a set of success criteria to be a good talk partner. they include: face each other, listen to each other, talk about the work, encourage each other, share ideas, help explain things and finally, be nice if you don’t agree.

Next week we will have spelling work on so we can practise at home if we wish. Details will be on the  blog.

Next week our days for the book fair are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

We will be doing some work on road safety (be bright, be seen) and bonfire night safety. Could everyone bring in an ‘average’ sized teddy bear for or on Friday.

This term PE continues to be on a Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you, enjoy your weekend.



P3T What we have been learning this week 12.10.18

We have been learning lots this week.  In spelling we have continued to learn and practise spelling rules.  We have also been learning to write the letters g, j, y, f and s using cursive writing.

In Numeracy we have been counting forwards and backwards in 100s.

In Health and Wellbeing, we were discussing emotions and learnt about strategies to cope with stress.  In PE we have been focusing on fitness, and completed stations which included step ups, star jumps, skipping and sit ups.

In our emergency services topic we have been learning about the Coastguards – the Coastguards search for people at sea.

Happy holidays to everyone.



P3T WB 1/10/18

Another busy week in P3. We wrote an incident report in our writing lesson. We used a thinking routine to help us understand and think about a picture of an accident. We looked at what we could see and what we thought happened. We used our ideas to write a police report to explain when, where, who was involved and what happened.

In Maths, we have continued to look at between numbers, numbers before and after and counting in 10s crossing the hundreds.

We performed last week’s assembly to P2-4 and put on another fantastic show.

We looked at shading and how to do this using a pencil.

There will be no reading sent home this week. We have been looking at non-fiction books and their features such as; contents page and how to locate information, titles tell us what the page is about, captions tell us what pictures and diagrams are about, headings tell us what that paragraph or section is about.

P3T WB 18/9/18

This week we have learning about cold and warm colours and we made a painting to show different shades of cool solours and warm colours. Cool colours are blues, greens and purples. Warm colours are oranges, reds and yellows.

In Maths we have continued to work on place value and finding the number before and after.

In Literacy we are  learning to use adjectives to describe appearance a personality.

In our emergency services topic we have been learning about fire hazards in the home and we made a poster to remind people how to stay safe.

Here are some links to some maths games to help us practise at home:




P3T WB 10/9/18

This week we have been learning to tell the time. Most of us can tell o’clock and half past, some of us can tell when it’s quarter past and a few can tell quarter to and beyond. We will continue learning using analogue clocks.

In literacy we have been learning how to use different connectives to make longer and better sentences.

In PE we have started looking at fitness, and recording how well we do and will look for improvments over the weeks. With Mrs Hastie we have been working on hockey.

We continue to work with colour in art and have been adding white to create different shades. We will look at cool and warm colours next week.

P3T WB 27/8/18

This week we have been busy learning about what an emergency is and when we should diall 999 and looked at different scenarios.

We have been further exploring the features of letters and how to write them. We started our reading books this week. We work on them in class during the week to decode new words, develop our comprehension and other reading skills. We get our books home on a Friday until Thursday to help us with our fluency. It’s our chance to show off our reading to our parents. We are being encouraged to read a wider variety of books, magazines, comics etc at home too.

In art we are mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.

In Maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers. Here’s a link to a game we have been playing for further practice.


Collage 2018-08-31 19_07_42




P3T Week Beginning 20/8/18

This week we have started our topic on Emergency Services. We looked at what we know and want to learn and what to do if we need to call 999.

In Literacy we have been looking at vowels, they are a,e,i,o,u. Each word has at least one vowel in it. If a word starts with a vowel ‘an’ comes before it.  We are also starting to learn to use cursive handwriting!

We finished our turtles and they look amazing!

In ICT we learned how to create avatars of ourselves. Can you recognise any of us below?

We have also been practising the five signs of good listening: Eyes looking, ears listening, bodies turned, hands free and lips closed. We are needing practise, but we’ll get there!

Miss Martin was teaching us French greetings this week!

PE is on Mondays and Wednesday.



Welcome to P3!

A very warm welcome to primary 3!  We have been busy settling into our new classrooms and meeting our new teachers; Mr Taylor, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailley.

We listened to everyones exciting stories about their holidays and we all wrote about them.

We have three simple rules in our classes and they are be READY, be RESPECTFUL and be SAFE.  We thought about what being ready, respectful and safe looks like in school and here are some of our ideas:


  • come to school prepared with a pencil, PE kit, water bottle etc
  • Sitting on the carpet ready to listen
  • Lining up quietly ready to move through the school
  • When we come into class we have what we need on our desks ready to start our work


  • Treat other people how we want to be treated
  • Be kind
  • be gentle
  • look after our own and others belongings including the schools


  • Make sensible choices
  • follow instructions
  • listen to adults in school
  • Walking through the school

P3 Magical Mumbai have been designing Indian lunchboxes as we were learning about the dabbawalas who deliver home cooked lunches to workplaces by bicycle and cart.

P3 Tremendous Tasmania have located where Tasmania is using google earth. It is south of mainland Australia. Mr Taylor calls us his little Tasmanian Devils!  We read about sea turtles and answered questions about them. We are making paper mache turtles which we will finish next week. We can’t wait to show them to you at meet the teacher in a few weeks time.

We are all getting used to our new routines and we will let you know PE times etc very soon. Please have PE kits, indoor shoes in class at all times. Many Thanks


Primary Three.