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P6 Wee Sleepout!

Primary 6 have decided to support the local charity Social Bite!

Social Bite are on a mission to STOP homelessness in Scotland.

The way P6 are going to support them is by doing a Wee Sleepout, sleeping in the gym hall.

The reason we chose to do a sleepout rather than anything else is because every year Social Bite do a sleep in the park to raise money. We wanted to know what it would feel like to be sleeping out of our comfort zone with no mattress, and no technology, but it won’t be as bad as being homeless but it will still be hard.

If you would to sponsor us please visit the Just Giving link below.



P4 Important Viking Information

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are beginning an exciting new topic all about the Vikings.  We would really appreciate it if you could send in some cardboard in order to make Viking shields.  If you could help us out further by pre-cutting it into approximately 30-40cm diameter circles that would be even more helpful! Two pieces per pupil would be ideal.

Also, on Thursday November 22nd the pupils will take part in a Viking workshop all day in school.  A letter will be coming home soon with all of the details.  We would like as many children as possible to dress up as a Viking for the day.  We’ve included links to websites for some ideas of how they could dress.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

P4 Team

P4B Reflective Friday 9.11.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We are going to begin our new topic of time in maths next week. So we worked on a KWHL grid to find out,

K – What we know already

W – What we would like to know

H – How we think we would like to learn about it

We had some great ideas and my favourite part was the childrens knowledge of time devices. One child said when they want to find out the time the just ask Alexa.

We also carried on with our beat thats, the children chose how they would like to practice, with some using flashcards on the IPADS and others using whiteboards and testing eachother. I have attached a copy of our levels for you to practice at home.





We continued to use our description skills to write a paragrah about our favourite place. We added another focus this week which was using amazing openers to interest the reader. We did lots of practice and investigated using our ERIC books, seeing how many amazing openers we could find.

In spelling this week we had fun creating our own wordsearches with our words.  Here they are

yard             shark

artist           alarm

carve            cork

forty            orbit

horse          inform

Other areas

We carried on looking at the skills of shading in art, last week we looked at crosshatching and this week we learned all about stippling. This is where you use lots of little dots to create areas of light and dark. We used our own self portraits to do this.

We used all the skills we have developed in basketball and had a games lesson. It was fantastic to see the children thinking about how to move the ball quickly and find space on the court.


Pupil Targets

Over the last few weeks we have been setting this term’s targets. The targets, which have been created jointly by the teacher and the pupil, focus on three areas of curriculum – Literacy, Maths and Numeracy and another subject suited to each class.

We have been discussing targets in class so the children know themselves as learners so please ask your child what their targets are (your child may call them Learning Intentions and Star Steps depending on their age) so we can all be partners in the children’s learning. These targets may have already been shared with you at Parents’ Evening and at the Drop-in today.

Evidence for these targets will then be gathered and shared in the pupils’ Learning Stories to see how they are progressing with their individual target. The staff can edit these targets if necessary. The Learning Stories will be sent home in December in order for you to see your child’s learning.

If you have any questions or queries then please ask the class teacher.




P4B Reflective Friday 12.10.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We learned how to round a number to the nearest 10 this week, we created our own success criteria which were.

I can round up if the units are above 5

I can round down if the units are below 5

I can round up if the unit is 5

We also carried on with our beat thats, we now have children on level 2 and 3. I have attached a copy of both levels for you to practice at home.




We used our developing skills in description to write a paragrah about a creepy doorway. We were able to use some fantatstic WOW words and when reading them I could really imagine what the doorway looked like. Well done

In spelling this week we carried on with adding on ed to the end of words. We had words where we had to drop the ‘e’ on the end of the root word and then add ‘ed’. Here they are

cropped            prodded

crushed            slammed

scrubbed          scared

dived                stroked

joked                 muted


Hope you all have a great holiday week


P4B Reflective Friday 5.10.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have been creating our own true or false statements using greater or less than and becoming experts in using the symbols < >.

We also worked on creating new ways to get to an answer in addition. We have really enjoyed trying to come up with strategies that we can explain to others.


We read information about looking after a bird and used our comprehension skills to identify the important bits and then used this to create our own information sheet.

In spelling this week we looked at adding on ed to the end of words. It was great to see that the rules that we have already learned to do with root words and long and short vowel sounds still help us. We practiced using an activity called code words. Here are the words.

clamped               gasped

granted              stranded

murdered            fainted

enjoyed                haunted

explained             leaked

Other areas

In French we have been learning how to greet one another, we can now say hello and and how we are feeling and also what is your name. This week we moved on to numbers so we can ask someones age. Its great fun all learning together.


P4B Reflective Friday 28.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have continued with developing our understanding of bigger numbers, looking at thousands and tens of thousands. We also investigated using symbols in maths. We concentrated on meaning of greater and less than and did lots of examples using the < > symbols.

This week we began our own survey, by creating a question with five answers that we would use show our understanding of collecting and using information.


In writing we created a detailed description using the character Hagrid. We used our understanding of WOW words to think about how we could make our descriptions better.

In spelling this week we looked back over the past three weeks of  rules. It was great to see how much we remembered. We had great discussions about the meaning of a root word and long and short vowel sounds and how they can change the rule.

Other areas

In PE this week we carried on developing our skills in basketball. Our focus on dribbling allowed us to work in pairs. We learned how to shoot the basketball which was quite tricky.

In topic we used our learning about the characteristics of living things and explored our playground looking for evidence of things we could describe as living. We took the IPADS out to take photographs.


P4B Reflective Friday 21.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have worked hard with our understanding of bigger numbers, looking at thousands and tens of thousands. We have been writing these using digits and words. We have also focused on adding on 10 and 100 to numbers.

Our first bar charts look great, we concentrated on presentation making sure we always use a ruler and that we have a title and sub headings for each axis. Well done P4.


In writing we started learning about how to use WOW words to make a boring sentence better. We all had to edit and improve two sentences about our summer.

In spelling this week we carried on using words that end in ‘ing’. We learned about words that finish with an ‘e’. When you add ‘ing’ you have to get drop the ‘e’.          For example hope – hoping.

Other areas

In our new topic we learned about what makes something living. What are the characteristics it needs. We found out more about a good way to remember these. It is MRS NERG, this week we found out the MRS stands for – M – Movement – R- Respiration – S – Sensitivity.


P4B Reflective Friday 14.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have played a fun game called addition bingo on the smart board, during this game we came up with lots of strategies for working out sums with a partner and also learned about bridging 10.

We have continued with Data Handling. This week we have begun to collect information and create our own bar charts. We found out that we need a title, also names for the each of the bars and we had to think about a scale.


We carried on with our class novel Spud Murphy. We talked about how the author created humour and tried to find out our top 3 funny bits.

In spelling this week we carried on using words that end in ‘ing’. It was tricky because we had to add an extra consonant to the word to keep the vowel short. For example swim – swimming.

We learned how to write the letters u, w and d in cursive this week. We even started to self assess our own work.

Other areas

We learned how to create a line drawing of a moving person, a line drawing has no shading or colouring at all. We added these drawings to our water colour background from last week. They look fab!!

We created a table flag in our new tables, this meant we had to all work together as a team and make sure everyones ideas were included. We had to join our four pictures in the middle perfectly. It was tricky!!