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P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 8.10.18

Here is a summary of our learning in P4G this week:


  • We used our senses to write a paragraph about our playground.
  • We completed our cursive alphabet so we are now ready to start all of our joins.


  • We worked on our comprehension skills.
  • In Spelling we added ed endings to words where we need to double the consonant, for example: drop becomes dropped.  See link below.

Week 5 ed endings


  • In Reading we looked at characterisation.


Numeracy and Maths:

  • We gathered information using a questionnaire that we made up and made them into a bar chart or a pictogram.
  • In Place Value we looked at rounding up and down to the nearest 10.


  • We continued to work on our jigsaw numbers to 10, 20 and 100.
  • We are still trying to get faster and more accurate at our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Other Areas:

  • In ICT we worked on making Powerpoints about Living Things- Vertebrates.
  • Mrs Richie came to give the class a talk about living things including how living things began, habitats, evolution and extinction.
  • In PE we worked on our defending skills and on fitness.

Have a great HOLIDAY and we will see you on Tuesday 23rd October!

(Apologies for the upside down pictures!)

P4G Reflective Friday WB 1st October 2018

What we have been learning in P4G this week.


  • Our spelling pattern was adding ed endings.

ed endings

  • We were describing Mr Twit by writing a paragraph using descriptive words.
  • We looked for VCOP features in Cafe Chocolat.
  • We looked for descriptions in an extract called The Thing in the Basement.
  • In cursive writing we learnt how to write w, x and z.
  • We made a new front cover for our reading books including key information such as book title, author and illustrator.



  • We have revised greater than, less than and equals signs.


  • We continued to work on our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • We played Jigsaw Number bingo. (For example, for jigsaw numbers to 100 we might say 20 add what makes 100; a challenge might be 12 add what makes 100?)
  • Here is an example of a challenge sheet we’ve worked on using different numeracy skills.


  • We took our learning outside to make pictograms of outdoor objects.


Other Areas:

  • In Art we sketched pictures of living things.
  • In PE we worked on different netball passes: chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass.
  • We thought about our feelings and emotions in Resilience.
  • In living things we started to think about classification and found out about vertebrates and invertebrates.  Can you remember what these words mean?  See the link below to the video we used:


Thank you for all your helpful feedback at Parents’ Evening- it was lovely to meet everyone.

P4G Week beginning 24th September 2018

Learning in P4G this week


We uplevelled an extract called Cafe Chocolat using what we know about VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation).

In spelling we revised all of our ing endings from the previous weeks.

We worked on comprehension about hibernation.

We worked on Blooms’ questions using our class novel Storm.


In information handling we made some pictograms.

We practised our beat that sums.

We finished our learning on place value and made board games with our learning partners to show what we know.

Other Areas:

In PE we worked on our dribbling skills.

In Music we continued our learning on beat and rhythm.

In French we talked about our birthdays.

We continued to learn about MRS FERG/NERG (what makes something living).

In Art we continued shading.

What we have enjoyed:

We enjoyed making slime.

We enjoyed making the maths board games.

We enjoyed ERIC time.

We enjoyed beat thats.


Making the board games; making slime; place value worksheet; keeping the beat in music.



P4G Week Beginning 17th September 2018

What we have been learning in P4G this week:


  • We named our new reading groups after book characters.  Please make sure that reading books are in school each day.  Please sign your child’s reading record when they have completed their reading.
  • In handwriting we practised cursive o, r, s, t, u and v.
  • We have been learning about Rosie the Superhero to help us with our remembering reading skills.
  • We worked on our comprehension skills.
  • In Storm we talked about descriptive language.
  • Our spelling sound this week was ing endings on magic e words.  You need to get rid of the final e before adding ing.  See link below.

Week 3 ing words

Maths and Numeracy

  • We have been working on pictograms to show our birthdays.
  • We have been learning about jigsaw numbers to 10, 20 and 100.  For example, 5 + ? = 10,  13 + ? = 20, 60 + ? = 100
  • We continued to work on speed and accuracy of our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • In place value, we worked on ordering numbers.  Here’s a link to a game you could use to practise.

  • We used a board game to help us add on in tens and hundreds.
  • Using a bingo game we added two 2-digit numbers in our heads.


Other Areas

  • We were using out sketching skills and working on line, tone and shade.
  • We have been increasing our knowledge of living things.  This week we found out about what all living things have in common.  Can you remember all of the seven things that make something living? (MRS FERG)
  • In Music we worked on beat and rhythm.
  • We enjoyed watching an assembly about space.
  • In French we learned the months of the year.


What have we enjoyed this week?

“I enjoyed sketching!” 

“We enjoyed cursive very much!” 

“I enjoyed sketching with Mrs Graham.” 

“I loved doing the pictograms.” 

Any challenges?

The sketching and shading, reading and adding tens and hundreds.

P4G Week Beginning 10th September 2018

Here is some of the learning that we have been doing this week in P4G.


  • In spelling we doubled up the final consonant to add ing endings, using “Across and Down” to practise our words.  

Week 2 ing words

  • In cursive writing we worked on the letters i, l, m, n, h and k.
  • We used describing words to describe an object then wrote sentences about using super description.
  • We up-levelled some sentences by improving the openers and descriptive words (vocabulary).
  • We worked on using capitals (to start sentences and for proper nouns) and full stops.


Numeracy and Maths:

  • We made our own bar graphs about how we get to school and about films.
  • We revised our beat- thats (links below).

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • We continued to work on place value, ordering numbers and talking about bigger and smaller numbers.


Other Areas:

  • In PE, we worked on hockey skills.
  • We worked on making posters about Living Things.
  • We added to our All About Me posters.
  • In French we continued to learn the French months of the year.

What we have found challenging:

Beat thats and PE.

What we have enjoyed.

“Finding out who our new vice and house captains are and voting.” 

“We enjoyed playing hockey!” 

“I enjoyed doing the Quiz of the Week.” 

P4G Week beginning 3rd September 2018

Here’s what we have been learning this week.


  • We wrote a short piece all about ouselves.
  • After being given the start of a story, we finished it ourselves using exciting vocabulary.
  • We worked on pyramid writing using our new spelling pattern, ing words.  (See link below for the words).
  • We finished reading Storm and were surprised by the cliffhanger at the end- we were left with so many questions!
  • In cursive writing we worked on c, d and e.

3.9.18 spellings ing endings


  • In maths we worked on bar graphs, trying to interpret information from them.
  • We continued working on our beat-thats (links below).
  • We have practised our times tables (2, 5 and 3).
  • We have worked on ordering numbers, some of us worked on numbers bigger than 1000.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Other Areas:

  • In PE, we tried out lots of different fitness skills and talked about changes in our bodies when we exercise.
  • In Topic, we started to look at the differences between living and non-living things.  Here’s a picture of some of the sorting that we did.


  • In French we learnt about the months of the year.
  • In Music, we worked in groups to follow the conductor’s instructions.  We were working on loud and soft sounds.

What we have found challenging:

The French months of the year, bar graphs- when they go up in multiples instead of ones, comprehension.

What we have enjoyed:

“I enjoyed beat-thats!”

“I enjoyed learning about living things.”

“Finishing our table signs.”

Isn’t our classroom starting to look fab? We have been working really hard on our displays!

P4G Week beginning 27th August 2018

Here’s what we have been learning this week.


  • Using our novel Storm we thought about what the characters were thinking and feeling, then looked at how an author uses the setting to create a mood or feeling.
  • We learned how to write a and b in cursive script.
  • We worked on our reading comprehension skills.


  • We worked on our beat thats (see links below).
  • We practised our times tables.
  • We learned about block graphs and bar charts and used information about our birthdays to do this.
  • We continued our place value work and were ordering numbers.





Other Areas:

  • We made our class agreement under the headings: READY, RESPECTFUL, SAFE.  We thought about what this means in our own learning environment and made a display.
  • In PE, we played Snakes and Ladders to work on our fitness and cooperation skills.
  • In Music, we revised what the beat is and keeping a steady beat.
  • We learnt the days of the week and began to look at months of the year, in French.


P4G Week beginning 20th August 2018

Here’s a summary of what we have been learning in P4 Giggling Tokyo class this week.


We have been reading a new class novel called Storm and we made winter and summer storm pictures based on the book and started to find descriptive words and phrases in the story.

We completed some research about Tokyo for our class display. 

We revised some tricky spelling words by playing hangman and other games with our learning partners.


We have practised our beat that sums and are working on speed and accuracy.

In class we have been working on place value to 1000.  Here we are playing some of our maths games to explore place value.

We were exploring how to use block graphs.

Other Areas

In PE we made up our own games and taught them to other teams.

We came up with some great ideas for table names and voted on movie titles.  We are now the Jumanji, Greatest Showman, ET, Hobbits, Harry Potter and Paddington.  We’re working hard to be table of the week.

We did some mindfulness colouring to help us with concentration and focus.

What have we enjoyed?

“Seeing Mr Beardon.”

“We enjoyed making the display for the Tokyo wall.”

“I enjoyed painting in the area.”

“We enjoyed doing the mindfulness colouring.”

What have we found challenging?

Getting used to being in P4, early nights and waking up early for school!

What would we like to learn next week?

More about Tokyo, more French and German, Music.


Welcome back P4 Giggling Tokyo Class!

We have all really enjoyed coming back to school and are looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

This week we have made self portraits, thinking about the proportion of our faces, using pastels.

We have started to organise our classroom walls, including the class library where we made some posters of favourite book characters.

We wrote and drew some clues about “Who am I?” which we will share with our classmates next week.

We have been playing some games to get to know each other better.

Please check our blog regularly for more updates, we will update it on a Friday with all of our learning.

Thank you,

Mrs Graham and Mrs Tweedie