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P4G Reflective Friday 15th June 2018

What have we been learning this week?


Our spelling pattern this week was silent k, see the link below.

Week 29 silent k

This week we also completed a spelling assessment.

In Handwriting we wrote out some poetry using our neatest joined up writing.

We set our new reading and got together in our reading detective groups.

We started to research for our solo presentations, we need to research an area we are interested in about the Vikings and produce a 1-2 minute talk.  We can use posters, powerpoints and should work on this at home. 

We need to include:

  • what our talk is about
  • at least three interesting facts
  • a conclusion

Please have a talk prepared by Wednesday.


We worked with money: adding amounts and change.

In fractions we worked with tenths and fifths.

We continued with our beat-thats.   Keep practising at home.  Here are links to the beat thats that we are working on.


Other Areas:

In our Vikings topic we started to find out about Viking longhouses.  We also found out about the history of the Lewis Chessmen and designed and made our own out of clay.  Have a look at the pictures below.

In Music we were learning about beat and rhythm through songs and using instruments.

What have we enjoyed?

“The P7 show.  The best show EVER!” everyone!

“We enjoyed doing our Lewis chess pieces.” William

“I enjoyed doing two gym classes.” Jessica

“I loved hearing the ugly duckling song!” Rebecca

P4G Reflective Friday 8.6.18

What have we been learning this week?


In Reading Detectives we have moved groups and started new books.  We only have three weeks of term left so may need to squeeze in some extra reading at home and during ERIC time to get finished off.

Spelling: we have been learning about Silent k words and we made our own wordsearches with these words.

Week 29 silent k

We have been learning about adverbs (words which describe a verb).  Everyone has treid to use adverbs to start a sentence.  Can you use these adverbs at the beginning of a sentence:





We had a look at some Shape poems: “Handy to Have”, “Fruit Salad” and “Hair We Go Again”.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have started to work on tenths in fractions.  Can you work out a tenth of these numbers?

900, 1000, 50, 140, 290

(Remember to divide by 10).

In Money, we looked at different coins, notes, credit cards and debit cards.

Please continue to learn your times tables.

Other Areas:

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Sigurd the Viking.  We looked at a timeline of important events in history and where the Vikings fitted into this.  We had our own battle and used our shields to make a Viking wall.  We learned about the toys that children played with in Viking times and that they were useful for teaching them skills for the future.  For example, a spinning top strengthened the muscles needed for using a spinning wheel for weaving.  Do your toys and games help you when you’re an adult?

What we have enjoyed:

“In PE we played tennis and I had fun!” Daniel

“We enjoyed our Viking workshop.” Belle

“I loved doing watercolours.” Sarah

“We enjoyed doing some fractions in maths.” Sean

What we have found challenging:

Playing the Viking games- thinking about our tactics; choosing new books for our Book Detective groups; the fractions worksheet.

P4G Reflective Friday 1.6.18


We have worked on different roles in our Reading Detectives groups.  The spelling pattern was words with a silent w.

Week 28 silent w

Look at our silly sentences:

In Poetry we worked on calligrams and wrote our own poems including these.  Our poems had to have good descriptions but didn’t have to rhyme.


We have looked at halves and quarters using shapes and number lines.

We have continued to look at compass points and angles.

Other Areas:

Everyone made their own Viking shields from the designs we had drawn.  We added descriptions to our Viking Wall about what the Vikings may have worn.

We used watercolour pencils to make pictures in the style of Monet, based on The Water Lily Pond.


Remember to dress as a Viking on Tuesday!



P4G Reflective Friday 25.5.18

What have we been learning this week?


We have been learning about changing words that have an f or fe at the end into their plurals by changing the ending to ves.  Example shelf becomes shelves.  Have a look at the link below and the pictures of us practising our spellings outside.

Week 24 ves endings


We have been learning about calligrams.  They are words that you describe by the way you write them.



Have a go at writing these words as calligrams: hot, cold, smelly, windy, sunny.

In our reading detective groups we all got a different job to work on in our groups.  We also made a code of conduct about how to work well in a group.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning about fractions, focussing on halves.  We have continued with our beat thats.  We have looked at halving shapes and numbers.  Can you find any shapes around your house that can be halved?


We also learned about compass points (North, South, East and West) and started to look at right angles.

Other Areas

In our Vikings topic we were learning about Viking clothes.  Please look at the links below for some ideas about what Vikings wore.  Primary Four will be dressing up as Vikings on Tuesday 5th June.  Please be imaginative and don’t spend any money!!

We designed our own Viking shields.  On Tuesday we will be making our Viking shields.  If you have any big pieces of cardboard you could bring into school that would be really helpful.  If you could cut them into a circle of approximately 30cm diameter that would be even more useful as it would save us some time on the day! 

Our learning in Resilience is about challenging our mindset, you should have a worksheet at home to discuss and colour.  Perhaps you could make a poster to illustrate some of the words?

What we have enjoyed

“We enjoyed drama with P4H about resilience and using our mime skills.” Katherine

“We enjoyed doing the spelling outside.” Katie

“We are enjoying mindfulness colouring.” Lucy

“I enjoyed doing the fractions.” Ben

Any challenges?

Some of us found drama challenging especially saying what we were good at; we have found fractions challenging; drawing our Vikings.


P4G Reflective Friday 18/05/18

What we have been learning in P4G this week.


We had a Big Writing assessment this week.  We had to think about using correct punctuation, interesting descriptions, using our senses, writing in paragraphs and trying to use similes.

In reading we met our new Reading Detective groups and got our new books to read.  The skill we worked on this week was summarising.  We also made predictions about what might happen in our new books.

Our spelling were plurals where we need to add ‘es’.  See link below.

week 22 es endings

Here is a link to Spelling City where there are games you can play using this rule.  All pupils have their own log-in.


We solved a mystery by working out clues using our number skills, including big division sums- it was a challenge!  The mystery was about who unwrapped the Royal Wedding presents.

We have also worked on our word problem-solving using multiplication and division skills.

In our morning challenges this week we have found as many ways to make 24 and 40 as we could.

We are contiuning to improve on our beat-thats.

Other Areas:

We drew and labelled our own Viking.

Primary Two organised the biscuit sale and dress down day  in aid of Together in Sport.

We really enjoyed Sports Day.

We had our last ukulele lesson and learnt the song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

What we have enjoyed:

Katherine, “I enjoyed sports day.”

Alexandra, “On sports day I liked everything!”

William, “On sports day I loved the sprint race.”

Sarah, “I loved the P2 biscuits!”

Ingrid, “I enjoyed drawing and labelling our Vikings.”


The Wedding Present maths, sports day, our writing assessment.

P4G Reflective Friday 11/05/18

It’s been a shorter week than usual, but there has still been a lot of learning going on!


We read with our Book Detective groups, talked about what we read, began to think about summarising and set our reading for Monday.

We made a list with commas using some of the character names from How to Train Your Dragon.

Numeracy and Maths

  • Practising our beat thats.
  • 2, 4 and 8 times tables with links to division and problem solving.
  • Compass points- north, south, east and west.

Other Areas

We practised our sports day events.  Have a look at the pictures below.

Ukulele was really tricky this week: we practised our chords, strumming up and down and learnt the song, “Wake Me Up”.

We made our Viking long ship.  Each table has some wall space that they can add Viking research and information to.  In pairs, we made a Viking timeline of some of the main events.



P4G Reflective Friday 4.5.18

What we have learned?


In our reading detective groups we were doing the Illustrator role.  We had to draw pictures (cartoon, comic strip, diagram- whatever we fancied!) to illustrate what had happened in the pages we had read at home.  Reading this week is for Wednesday 9th May.

Our new French phrase of the week is levez la main (put your hand up!)

Our Spelling pattern is o that says u.  See the document below.

Week 21 ove and o

Maths and Numeracy:

We were looking at lines of symmetry in shapes and letters.

We started to work on division and used our times tables to help us.  Here are some pictures of us working on our multiplication and division games.  Please keep practising your tables at home.  Can you explain the link between multiplication and division?


Other Areas:

We have practised for our Sports Day in PE.

P4 have been practising for our Assembly- we hope those who came to see it enjoyed learning about the World of Work.

We sent our Titanic Powerpoints to Mr Hyde in ICT.

We have started to learn about the Vikings; we went to P4H to look at pictures of Viking artefacts and discuss them.

P4G learnt about the Water Cycle and how it works. There is a link to a song below (to the tune of Wheels on the Bus).

Water cycle song

We have learned about the F chord in ukulele and started to play Seven Years.

What we enjoyed:

Sarah: “I enjoyed doing the assembly.”

Sam: “I enjoyed gym!”

Emily: “I loved sitting on the amazing seats in the new hall to watch the clips from assembly!”

Sean: “I liked ukulele.”

Any challenges?

Not smudging the Viking runes chalk art work; symmetry; being confident in Assembly.

For Wednesday- bring in old clothes/aprons to protect your clothes for painting.  Thank you!

Enjoy your long weekend!