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P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW

P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 25th March

Here’s what we’ve been up to in P4G this week:


  • We wrote a diary entry as if we were Matilda thinking about descriptions, feelings and the key features of a diary.
  • In Handwriting we rewrote a tongue twister using our best cursive writing.
  • We finished reading our class novel, Matilda.  In Reading, we completed a comprehension all about Roald Dahl.
  • Using a conversation from Matilda we correctly punctuated some direct speech.
  • We worked on our amazing openers.
  • Our spelling pattern was the ea spelling that says ‘e’; for example, bread.

Home Learning Activities

  • Why not make your own word search using this week’s spellings?  Show someone at home how to do pyramid writing with your words.

week 19 ea words

  • Write a diary entry from a character in your own reading book.
  • Practise your cursive writing by writing a story.


Maths and Numeracy

  • We continued to work on fractions.  This week we looked at halves, quarters and a range of other simple fractions.
  • We worked on our beat-thats and times tables.
  • In Shape we looked at 2-d shapes and the angles within them.

Home Learning Activities


Other Areas

  • We completed our work on mission 2 of Titanic and shared our information in groups.
  • Our Drama was based on recreating a scene from Matilda.
  • We have continued to collect for the foodbank and started to organise the food ready for collection next week: thank you SO MUCH for all the generous donations.
  • We went swimming.
  • In PE we worked on our creative, teamwork and responsibility skills to make up new games and show them to each other.

Home Learning Activities

  • Continue with your health passports.
  • Make up a quiz with the things you now know about Titanic.
  • Can you make up your own active game using what you have at home/in the garden?


Great Big School Clean Up

Dear Parents/carers

You will hopefully have seen in the last Homelink newsletter that our Parent Council have organised a Great Big School Clean Up on Saturday 30th March between 2-4pm as part of the Great British Spring Clean 2019. This is a UK wide mass-action environmental campaign to cut litter and improve public places but it also coincides with the Green Buckstone recycling programme which aims to save ‘hard to recycle’ items from landfill.

The school playground will be open at the main entrance from 2pm on Saturday 30th March for as many volunteers as are able to donate 10 minutes, 1 hour or more of time to help clear the playground and surrounding areas of litter that has escaped the various refuse bins around the school. City of Edinburgh Council will be arriving that afternoon to deliver litter picking kit and will be removing waste from the school after the litter pick is over at 4pm. Our local councillors are also planning to attend and members of the Parent Council will be present to co-ordinate this project. This is an excellent opportunity to help improve the environment on our doorstep so we hope to see you there.

Please bring with you protective gloves if at all possible (some will be provided by the council), refreshments and perhaps some hand sanitiser! Children must not be unaccompanied and will remain the responsibility of their parent/carer at all times.

P5 fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (Sick Kids)


In P5 we are going to be doing a toy sale to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital (Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity). It is going to be on Thursday 4th April in school near the P5 classrooms.

If you have one or two toys that you would like to donate can you please bring them in next week and by Monday 1st of April at the latest.

Please don’t bring in toys that you want to keep, you can bring in toys that you don’t play with any more or that have been sitting in your cupboard. It might be a good time to have a spring clean!

Please put any toys you bring in on the table in the P5 library.

Some examples of toys we would like are


Action figures or Barbies

Soft toys


Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters

Board games

Loom bands



Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.


P5H and P5HW

P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 18th March

What a busy week of learning in P4G!


  • We worked on our new spelling pattern, which was words containing the aw sound.  Please see the list below.
  • Using an extract from Matilda, we visualised what we could see, drew a detailed picture of it and labelled it.  
  • We highlighted where the missing speech marks should be in an extract from Matilda.
  • We worked on a comprehension activity linked to Titanic.

Home Learning Activities

  • Use the spelling list below to help learn your aw words.  You could put them in alphabetical order.  Can you add four extra aw words to the list.  Can you write a sentence including all of the tricky words to, too and two, used correctly?
  • Could you find a really descriptive passage from a book at home and create your own, labelled visualisation?

Week 18 spelling words

Numeracy and Maths

  • We continued to work on our times tables: revision of 2, 5 and 10 and getting super speedy at 3 and 4.  (Some of us are also working on our own personal learning story times tables too!)
  • We discussed what division means and worked on making fact families for our times tables.
  • In fractions, we moved onto revising quarters.  We can work out a quarter of a number by halving, then halving again OR by dividing by 4.
  • In our learning on shape we continued to look at the properties of 3-d shapes.

Home Learning Activities

  • Use the beat that sheets below to get accurate and faster at the beat-thats you are working on.  Don’t forget the sums you’ve worked on in the past though- you need to keep practising ALL of your sums!

Beat thats 2, 5, 10 x tables

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Beat that 3

  • Find a group of objects.  Can you divide them in half?  Can you divide the same group into quarters?  Do you notice anything?  Can all groups of objects be divided into halves?  Can all groups be divided into quarters?
  • Show someone at home how to make a fact family using this sum: 3×5=15
  • Where can you spot the different 3-d shapes you have been learning about around your home/garden/in the local area?

Other Areas

  • This has been a SUPER exciting week in P4G!  
  • We got our second secret Titanic Mission and now our classroom has been transformed! 
  • The P4s have been getting organised for our charity event, collecting for Edinburgh Food Project.  We created posters for around the school and presented a Powerpoint in assembly.  Thank you for all your support with this so far, keep bringing collections in until the deadline on 29th March!
  • In PE we worked on circuits.
  • We enjoyed our swimming on Thursday.
  • We met our new teacher, Mr Couper who will be working with us after Easter on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Home Learning Activities

  • Find out even more facts and information about the Titanic.
  • Draw and label your own picture of the Titanic.
  • Find our more about our charity the Edinburgh Food Project.
  • Keep up the good work on your Health Passport.



P4G Wednesday 20th March: Secret Mission

Today we received a TOP SECRET MISSION into our classroom.  To be successful with this mission, it may get messy! Please can all children from P4G come to school dressed in clothes for painting on Wednesday 20th March. (No uniform required, just clothes that can get painty/gluey!)

Many thanks,

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham

P4 Food Bank Charity Collection

Primary Four are organising a food bank collection for the Edinburgh Food Project, who support families who are struggling to provide food for their families. We are looking for donations from the whole school to support this amazing charity. We require all donations to be in school by Friday 29th March.

 Here is a list of the products that are currently required by the food bank:

Urgently Needed: Instant coffee (jars), cold meat (tins), fruit juice (long-life), tea bags (packs of 40s), tinned fish, sugar

Low On Stock: Rice (500g bags), tinned fruit, toilet roll, tinned vegetables, tinned potatoes, tinned rice pudding, pasta sauces (jars), tinned custard, tinned tomatoes, jam.

We can also donate hygiene items such as: deodorant, shampoo, shaving foam & toilet roll.

 ****Please do not send fresh items as refrigeration is not available.****

Please send your donations to school with your child and ask them to pass them on to Primary Four.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks is advance,

P4 Team


P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 11th March

Another busy week in P4G.


  • We used interesting openers to improve sentences.
  • We completed a comprehension activity about The Titanic.
  • Our spelling pattern this week was au.
  • In Writing, we talked about different styles of letter writing and wrote letters to Eoin Colfer the author of Spud Murphy.
  • In Reading, if we finish early we have started to choose reading challenges.
  • We are learning to use speech marks correctly.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  • Here are the spelling words; you could play a game of hangman using these words.

week 17 au words

  • Write a letter to an author of your choice- why not try to find where to send it and see if you get a response?
  • Look for speech marks in a book at home.  Have they followed our star steps? (A new line for each new speaker; punctuation inside the final speech mark).


Maths and Numeracy:

  • We are starting to learn about fractions and have been revising halves.
  • We have been practising our times tables.  Please focus on revising 2, 5 and 10 and learning the 3 and 4 times tables.  We challenged ourselves to complete as much of a times tables grid as possible in 5 minutes.
  • We sorted 3-d shapes into a Venn Diagram.

Ideas for Home Learning:

Practise your halves and times tables.  You could use Hit the Button to help you get faster.  Remember to practise your tables both in and out of order!

Have a go at sorting shapes based on their properties into this Venn Diagram.


Other Areas:

  • Some students from Heriot Watt University came to talk to us about Science and we did an experiment using oil, water, food dye and some fruit to learn about density.
  • We went swimming!
  • We celebrated Comic Relief- do you want hear our joke? 

What do you call a nose with no body?”

“Nobody knows (nose)!”

  • We have created Health Passports for Getting Active.
  • We had parents’ evening.
  • In PE we started badminton skills.
  • We have been introduced to our charity, supporting Edinburgh Food Project.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  • Continue to work on your goals for Getting Actives so that you can add stamps to your passport.
  • Think about your own learning story targets and work on these.
  • Talk to someone at home about the work of Edinburgh Food Project.