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Reflective Friday 8th December 2017

What have we learned?


We have been learning about the soft g sound.  We noticed it’s always followed by an e.  We played each others spelling games.

We made instructions about how to make animal friendly reindeer food.  We watched a bit more of dragon slayer and thought about describing the dragon slayer using powerful verbs and adjectives.

Also we have learnt about how to take notes from a text.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have been subtracting using formal methods (column addition).  We’ve looked at sums that include exchanging using two 2 digit numbers.  We try not to call it borrowing as we don’t pay it back!

In Time, we have looked at o’clock and half hour times and have been solving problems to do with time.

Other Areas:

In Topic we have planned, designed and made our weather instruments.  We took them outside to test them out.  We worked cooperatively in our table groups to make the instruments.

In ICT we started to make a Powerpoint about weather.

What have we enjoyed?

“I’ve enjoyed practising the Christmas songs at the Christmas singalong.” Alfie

“We enjoyed opening the Advent calendar.” Isla-Grace

“We’ve enjoyed playing the spelling games that we made.” Daniel

“I loved making the weather instruments.” Katie

What have we found challenging?

Trying to make the weather instruments work properly, making the spelling games properly so that other people could understand them, taking away sums with exchanging.

What would we like to learn next week?

Everyone is looking forward to watching the P1 Nativity on Monday and going to the Pantomime on Tuesday.  We’re also looking forward to Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day next Friday (15th).

All learning stories are coming home today.  Please read the Literacy and Maths comments written for this term, write a comment of your own, and return to school on Monday or Tuesday.  Many thanks for your support with this.

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham.



Reflective Friday 1st December 2017

What have we learned?


This week was Scottish Book Week so we celebrated by doing lots of extra reading activities such as hearing from a Librarian, a Storyteller and reading with another class.  We played a ‘Guess Who?’ game to find out some of the adults’ in school favourite childhood books.

We have watched more of Dragon Slayer and have been working describing the fight scene using powerful verbs and adjectives.  We have compared this to the written legend of St George and the Dragon.

In Spelling our pattern has been using the soft c.  A c is said like an s sound when it is followed by an e, i or y.  We made spelling board games to help us to learn our spelling patterns and tricky words.

Core words: face, race, slice, cycle, city, cent, centre, certain, cinema, circle

Challenge words: Cinderella, centimetre, certainly

Tricky words: great, small

Numeracy and Maths:

We have revised o’clock and half past times and have started looking at both analogue and digital times.  We have been subtracting numbers using mental models.  Why not try to solve these sums using an empty number line?




Here’s a link to game you could play to practise your subtraction skills:

Other Areas:

On Monday we went to the woods as our Secret Student reward. We did a whole school conga on St Andrew’s Day. We have been watching the weather forecast.

What have we enjoyed?

“We have enjoyed the woods.” Aysu and Sarah

“Scottish Book Week and conga.” Sam and Alfie

“We saw a storyteller and the librarian.” Katie and Jessica

“I enjoyed PE.” Fergus

“I enjoyed beat thats.” Korey

“Times tables.” William

“I loved testing the digital clock.” Sean

What have we found challenging?

Telling the time, beat thats.

What would we like to learn next week?

To finish watching Dragon Slayer, times tables, more weather.



Reflective Friday 24th November 2017

What have we learned?


In Dragon Slayer we were working on writing super sentences.  We up-levelled our sentences and we watched a video clip of our new story Dragon Slayer.  We’ve still not seen the end of the film!  We discussed the techniques that film makers use such as mid-shot, close-up and long-shots.

In Spelling we worked on igh spelling words and the tricky words very and every.

In Handwriting we worked on joining p to h and b to l.

We have also been working on our comprehension skills as well as remembering correct punctuation in our sentence writing.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have been practising beat thats and most of us have been getting better each time.

We have been subtracting using an empty number line.  We need to be really confident with our number facts to make taking away easy so please keep practising your beat thats and turning the adding sums into takeaways.  For example, if we know 6+4=10 then we also know that 10-4=6 and 10-6=4.

We have also been learning about telling the time and looking at key units of time.

Other Areas:

In preparation for the Christmas Fair, we made our animal friendly, magical reindeer food.  We also made posters for selling our product.

In Music we were thinking about what Pitch means (how high or low the music is).

In ICT we sent our Word Documents to Mr Hyde.

We have enjoyed learning about different passes in PE.

Our Topic has been thinking about ways to measure the weather including rainfall and temperature.

In Resilience we are thinking about who our Keep Connected Team would be.  Please have a look at the link below which explains the homework task in more detail.  If you don’t have access to a printer please feel free to design your t-shirt on plain paper.

Keep Connected P1-4 and P5-7 sheets

What have we enjoyed?

I have enjoyed watching some of the Dragon Slayer film.” Daniel

“I have enjoyed reading quietly in ERIC time.” Lucy

“I enjoyed the muddled day on Thursday.” Sarah

“I enjoyed ICT, making a document.” Isla-Grace

What have we found challenging?

ICT- sending the files on the computer; making a big weather poster; beat-thats.

What would we like to learn next week?

The Secret Student treat, learning more about weather, arts and crafts, Scottish Book Week.

Have a look at some of our Autumn art work, which we described using similes.





Reflective Friday 17/11/17

What have we been learning?


We have continued to work on our Dragon Slayer project by comparing St George and the Dragon with The Beast with a Thousand Teeth.  We worked in groups to do this and each took on a different role.  We also thought about good descriptive phrases from the stories.  Look and see how our Learning Wall has developed since last week!


In Spelling we worked on ir/ur words with the tricky words work and know and the challenge words refurbish, furniture and urgently.


We used descriptive words and similes to describe our own paintings.


We have looked at new times tables and are trying to learn the 3 x table.

Use this link to see a times table grid:

We started to work on Time by finding out what we already know and why time is important to us.

We looked at adding several numbers in our heads and looked for useful pairs to add up first, for example if we were adding: 25 + 8 + 75 + 12 + 3 we would add 25 and 75; 8 and 12 and then add the 3.

Other Areas:

Our new topic is Weather and our Art worked was based on this.  We finished our silhouette art by painting trees onto our sunsets.

We continued to work on throwing and catching in PE.

In Music this week we revised what Tempo is and looked at Beat and Rythym.

What have we enjoyed?

“Children in Need activities.” Joe

“Art and Children in Need.” Belle

“I enjoyed learning about weather.” Korey

What have we found challenging?

Spelling, times tables, in Music stopping when the conductor said so, and being quiet!

What would we like to learn next week?

More about the weather, measuring the weather, more skills time, art and music.



Reflective Friday 29.9.17

What have we learned?


We have been working on using descriptive words in our writing.

We have been adding ing to verbs.


Numeracy and Maths:

We have continued to work on our beat that (number facts).

Remember some children are now working on the inverse of these facts. (e.g. 7+2 = 9 therefore 9-2 = 7.

We are working on adding together two, 2-digit numbers and adding together a three and a 2-digit number.  We have been using an empty number line to help us to do this.


 Other areas:

We have continued our work on Living Things and have been finding out more about vertebrates and invertebrates.  We chose how to show our learning, for example by making up a quiz, desiging a poster or making a game.

What have we enjoyed?

“Making capes about resilience.” David and Sean

“Beat-thats and Venn diagrams.” Eilidh and Rebecca

What have we found challenging?

Beat thats,  adding two digit numbers, VCOP.

 What would we like to learn next week?

More 5 A Day, invertebrate groups.


We look forward to our parent consultations this week to discuss your children’s learning.

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham

P4 Giant Turtles’ Blog

What have we learned?


We have worked on writing descriptive paragraphs and have started to learn about VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation).

In spelling we have focused on -ed endings to turns words into the past tense for example, look becomes looked; joke becomes joked.


Numeracy and Maths:

We have learned about Venn diagrams and how to sort information into them.

We have also learned about how to add tens and hundreds, remember the units don’t change! To do this we have used empty number lines; 100 squares and counting on in tens and using the bonds that we already know.


We are working hard on our learn it facts.  Some boys and girls are now working on the inverse of these sums (e.g. 4+9=13  therefore 13-9=4)


 Other areas:

Our learning in Health and Wellbeing has been linked to Resilience and how everyone goes through ups and downs.  There is a homework task you may wish to complete.

Through our topic we have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and we have discussed what these words mean.  Our Art work this week was linked to this- we chose an animal to draw using oil pastels.

 What have we enjoyed?

“I enjoyed gym!” Alfie.

“I’ve enjoyed learning about all the graphs.” Katherine.

“VCOP!” Ben.

“I enjoyed my beat that maths.” Charlie.

 What have we found challenging?

Beat- thats, the animal pictures, morning challenges, learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, cello test.

What would we like to learn next week?

P4 Giant Turtles said: Trickier words in spelling, more about our living things topic, more about excretion(!) Oh dear!


Primary Four Giant Turtles’ Newsletter

Please find attached the Primary Four Giant Turtles’ Newsletter.  The newsletter shares with parents the learning that is planned for this term.  We hope that you enjoy reading what your child will be working on!

Today your child will bring home their Learning Story, which contains a Literacy and Numeracy target.  They will spend some time over the next few weeks trying to achieve their targets and gathering some evidence to show that they have achieved it or are working towards it.  We hope you enjoy sharing this with them.

Please return the Learning Stories on Tuesday 19th.  They are a working document that your children need to be able to refer to in school.  Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham

Termly Newsletter P4 Sept 17 (2)