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P4 Titanic News Week Beginning 19th February

Welcome back Primary Four- we hope everyone had a great break!

Plea: we will need as many shoe boxes as possible as part of a special job we are working on for our Titanic mission.  If you have any at home, please can you bring them to school on Monday or Tuesday- thanks in advance!

Please note that this week we plan to show some short clips from the Titanic movie as part of our learning.  Please let us know if there are any concerns with this by sending a note in to school by Wednesday 21st.

Many thanks,

P4 Team






P4G Reflective Friday 9.2.18

What have we learned?


Our new approach to reading is going really well!  Please can we ask parents to sign their children’s reading record each week to help us to monitor their reading.  A link is attached below if they have misplaced their reading record.

Reading record

In Spelling this week we did a dictation to revise all of our spelling patterns and tricky words.

We also continued to work on apostrophes for contractions.


In reading, we visualised chapter four of Kaspar.  We also drew detailed pictures of a short descriptive passage of writing using our visualisation skills with our learning partners.  Thank you to all parents who were able to come in to see us hard at work on Tuesday!  Have a look at one of our visualisation tasks from this week.


Numeracy and Maths:

In Maths we looked at the 12 and 24 hour clock and digital time.  We revised 2D shapes.

We have worked on rounding to the nearest ten.  Try to remember that 5 rounds up!


Here we are playing a game all about rounding.


Here is a link to a game you could play to practise your rounding skills:

Other areas:

Making our Titanic Wall.  In our Titanic topic we got a piece of wall each in our tables to display our learning on. We can add to it whenever we like!

In PE we were using the Gymnastics equipment.

We worked on our miming skills in Drama with P4H and we learned about Tempo in Music.

What have we enjoyed?

“I enjoyed eating cakes from the bake sale.” Sarah

“I enjoyed doing music and drama.” Jessica

“I enjoyed using the book corner.” Daniel

“I loved eating our cakes for break!” Charlie

“We liked decorating the bit of wall for Titanic.” Ingrid and Ariana

What have we found challenging?

Some of the times that we were looking at especially problem solving, beat-thats, rounding.

What would we like to learn next week?

Some more about the Titanic and why the first class passengers didn’t listen to the captain; more music and art, French.




P4G Reflective Friday 2.2.18

What have we learned?


With our reading partners we have been reading Kaspar and visualising the characters.


Each day we have written our Daily Sentence.  This week we have been given the opener and have worked on our connectives, punctuation and vocabulary.


We have been learning the tch sound, please see link below:

Week 14 tch sound

We added the finishing touches to our Library corner- it’s looking great!

Numeracy and Maths:

We have been continuing our learning on symbols, this week looking at equal and not equal to.

In time we have been looking at digital times- this has been a bit tricky! Please help up by talking about both analogue and digital clocks at home. Where can you find digital times around your home?

We are continuing to work on our Beat-That sums. We’ve updated our Maths/Numeracy walls to reflect our learning on times tables and telling the time. We made houses to show arrays of the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables.

Other areas:

Our learning about the Titanic has continued with another mission and we have decided to make a Big Class Book to share our learning, we think we should get it published once it is finished!

In PE we enjoyed using the equipment to practise our gymnastics moves.

We have been discussing the World of Work and the different skills that we think are involved in a variety of jobs.

What have we enjoyed?

“I enjoyed using the equipment in gym!” Korey “Me too!” Ben

“I loved making the Titanic posters.” Charlie

“I enjoyed making the houses for arrays.” Alexandra

What have we found challenging?

Beat-thats, telling the digital time, equals/not equals to.

What would we like to learn next week?

More about the Titanic, Art, Music.


P4G Reflective Friday 26.1.18

What have we learned?


We were given a secret mission to bring back the Titanic from its watery grave!  Each table were given a task to make part of the Titanic/background.  We used lots of skills including team work, art skills, following instructions and thinking skills.

As a class we have redesigned and made a magnificent new book corner in our classroom.   We started a new class book linked to the Titanic, called Kaspar Prince of Cats.  We are continuing to choose our own books and read at a pace that suits us at home.

We learnt about the soft g sound.  Please see the link below.

Week 13 soft g

Numeracy and Maths:

We have continued to practice our beat thats, we’re learning our times tables (focussing on the 3 x table).  See the links below.

The class have worked on quarter to and quarter past.  Why not practice telling the time at home?

In Maths we have been learning about symbols including less than, more than and equals.  Please ask us to explain what these signs mean and what they look like.  Who can give a definition of the equals sign?

Big_Maths-Beat-That 1

Big_Maths-Beat-That 2


Other areas:

The class have worked on new targets for our learning stories which are coming home today.  Please return these on Monday or Tuesday.

In Assembly, we found out about the RSPB Big Bird Watch.  This was particularly exciting because we got to use the new Hall!


What have we enjoyed?

“Lily and I enjoyed going to the new gym hall.” Belle

“Zocy and I enjoyed making the new library corner.” Alexandra

“Ben and I enjoyed rebuilding the Titanic because we got to do Art!” Sean

“Alfie, Austin and I enjoyed getting the mission to create the Titanic.” Korey


What have we found challenging?

Learning about the time, building the Titanic- working together as a team, beat-thats and getting the greater and less than signs the right way around.

What would we like to learn next week?

More about the Titanic; another secret mission; more about greater than and less than.


Reflective Friday 19th January 2018

What have we learned?


We have been writing a Daily Sentence each morning to try to improve our sentence writing using VCOP.

We learnt the dge spelling pattern and tricky words: threw and through. (See link below)

Week 12, dge words

We learnt about Robert Burns and tried to sort out the stanzas of the poem To A Mouse working as a cooperative team.  Looking at information about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

In Reading, we got to choose our own books out of a big selection and work out how much to read for next week.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have continued to work on subtraction using the column method, some of us are still finding this tricky. Don’t worry it will get easier with practise!  We worked on problem solving where we had to work out exactly what the question was asking us to do.


We have also been looking at quarter to and quarter past times.


We are trying to get faster and more accurate at our 3 times tables. We went out into the snow to make arrays on Tuesday. It was great fun but very cold!


Other areas:

We made invitations for the Buckstone Birthday Celebrations. We designed drawings based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

We learnt some new Scots words.

In PE we were doing gymnastics skills including forward rolls.

 What have we enjoyed?

“Doing the To A Mouse poetry.” Sam and Joe

“We enjoyed doing the Buckstone Birthday invitations.” Katie and Lucy

“Voting for the Primary Seven elections.” Lauren.


P4G Reflective Reading

Reading pic


P4G are trialling an exciting new approach to reading between now and the Easter holidays.  We will be working in class on lots of different rich reading tasks. We will work on improving our ability to read independently and with a learning partner and to gain a deeper understanding of what we read through our work in class.

Your child will be given a choice of reading book to take home and will be responsible for working out how much to read each week.  This means that sometimes they may choose a book that you feel is “too easy” or “too difficult”.  Please support your child by discussing their choices with them and encouraging them to choose appropriate books.  We would appreciate it if you could please sign your child’s reading record sheet each week, a copy is attached below in case any pupils misplace them.  Some pupils will continue to have additional reading alongside this that will also be sent home each week.  Please encourage your child to bring in their book each day as it may be needed in class for a task.

We hope that this will provide an opportunity for enjoyment and choice within your child’s reading experience.  We look forward to hearing your own and your children’s thoughts on this and hope that you all find it an exciting reading experience!  Happy reading!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham

Reading record

Reflective Friday 12th January 2018

What have we learned?


We drew a book character to make the Library corner more inviting and interesting.

We worked together to make our new table names and pledges, we voted on the theme of sweets.  Our new names are: Happy Haribos, Colourful Candy Canes, Magnificent Marshmallows, Laughing Lollipops, Delicious Donuts, Fantastic Fudges and the Perfect Popping Candy.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been trying to get faster and more accurate in out beat thats.  Lots of us are now working on times tables.

The class focus is on our 3 times table as well as the known tables: 2, 5 and 10.

We have been doing some problem solving linked to durations of time.

Other Areas

Mrs Richie came to give us a Science talk about weather, the water cycle and pollution.

We got into groups to make and present our own weather forecasts.

We made self portraits with New Year Resolutions.

What have we enjoyed?

” We have enjoyed coming back to school!” Daniel and William

”We enjoyed starting to draw our book characters.” Alfie

”I enjoyed holding Mrs Richie’s coral.” Korey

What have we found challenging?

Talking in front of the class during our weather forecasts, beat thats, the self portraits.

What would we like to learn next week?

Cooking, more music, more about the weather.


Have a look at us presenting the weather forecasts that we made.  As well as working as a team we had to use our map work skills and our knowledge of the weather in Scotland.



Reflective Friday 15th December 2017

We have had an exciting week!  On Monday we saw the Primary Ones performing their Nativity, which was fantastic!  On Tuesday we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Brunton Theatre.  Some of us were surprised as it was really different to the versions we have read and watched on film before.  Some of us found it funny and others found it a bit scary in parts!

There has been lots of learning this week in class too.  We practised telling the time in o’clock and half past intervals, using both digital and analogue clocks.  We’ve also continued to work on subtraction where we have had to exchange.  This can be really tricky!  We also had to estimate our answers first.

We have continued to look at the weather and have taken notes and written from them all about clouds, lightning and snow.  In groups we made posters to share our learning about the weather.

We’re looking forward to our last week before the Christmas holidays.

Many thanks to all the parents who have returned Learning Stories with comments too.  If there are any Learning Stories still at home then please return them to school next week.

Many thanks,

Mrs Tweedie, Mrs Graham and P4G

Reflective Friday 8th December 2017

What have we learned?


We have been learning about the soft g sound.  We noticed it’s always followed by an e.  We played each others spelling games.

We made instructions about how to make animal friendly reindeer food.  We watched a bit more of dragon slayer and thought about describing the dragon slayer using powerful verbs and adjectives.

Also we have learnt about how to take notes from a text.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have been subtracting using formal methods (column addition).  We’ve looked at sums that include exchanging using two 2 digit numbers.  We try not to call it borrowing as we don’t pay it back!

In Time, we have looked at o’clock and half hour times and have been solving problems to do with time.

Other Areas:

In Topic we have planned, designed and made our weather instruments.  We took them outside to test them out.  We worked cooperatively in our table groups to make the instruments.

In ICT we started to make a Powerpoint about weather.

What have we enjoyed?

“I’ve enjoyed practising the Christmas songs at the Christmas singalong.” Alfie

“We enjoyed opening the Advent calendar.” Isla-Grace

“We’ve enjoyed playing the spelling games that we made.” Daniel

“I loved making the weather instruments.” Katie

What have we found challenging?

Trying to make the weather instruments work properly, making the spelling games properly so that other people could understand them, taking away sums with exchanging.

What would we like to learn next week?

Everyone is looking forward to watching the P1 Nativity on Monday and going to the Pantomime on Tuesday.  We’re also looking forward to Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day next Friday (15th).

All learning stories are coming home today.  Please read the Literacy and Maths comments written for this term, write a comment of your own, and return to school on Monday or Tuesday.  Many thanks for your support with this.

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham.