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P4G Final Titanic Mission

Dear Parents,

We were very excited to receive our final Titanic mission today, which we have attached a copy of below. We have been tasked with designing and making a lifeboat that would be able to rescue stranded passengers from the Titanic. Today we designed our lifeboats but now we need materials to make them. Please can you send in any recycling that you think may be useful for the task: boxes, cartons, juice bottles etc to help make our final mission a success. If you have any Barbie Dolls/Action Men type figures that we could try to save that would be really useful too!

Thank you in advance,

Primary Four Giant Turtles


P4G Reflective Friday 20.4.18

What have we learned?


In Handwriting we were learning to form our capital letters correctly.

We finished reading Kaspar, it was an interesting ending that was both happy and sad depending on which character you were.

In reading, we learnt about being a Book Detective, which we will start as a class on Monday when new reading books will be sent home. We learned about the role of Word Finder looking at new, unusual or interesting words and looking them up in a dictionary.  On Monday everyone will get a new reading book and have pages to read at home.   Please encourage your child to read what has been set so that they are ready for their group to meet.

Numeracy and Maths:

We were looking at the properties of 3-D shapes and learning what makes a prism.

“Two triangles and three rectangles would make a triangular based prism.” Katie and Ingrid.

“We figured out that a prism can’t be a prism if it doesn’t have any rectangles.” Alexandra

We learned about times tables using repeated addition to work out the answers. Keep working on the 2, 4 and 8 times tables. What patterns can you spot in these tables?

Everyone should continue to work on their Beat Thats.

Other areas:

Ukulele teachers came in to begin teaching ukulele skills.

The whole of Primary Four have been working on our World of Work assembly. We are learning Nine to Five, here is a link if you want to practice at home.


We moved to new tables and invented our new table names, linked to Food.

What have we enjoyed?

“I have enjoyed doing the Nine to Five song.” Rebecca

“I loved playing the ukulele.” Lily

“I liked making the table names.” Charlie

What have we found challenging?

Beat-that’s; learning the song; doing the letter search with Mrs Conlin; times tables quiz.

What would we like to learn next week?

Start the Vikings, more ukulele, cooking.




P4G Reflective Friday 23.3.18

What have we learned?


Spelling pattern: aw which can be found at the beginning, middle and end of words.

Week 18 aw words

We wrote letters to our families pretending that we were passengers on the Titanic.  We told them all about our adventures aboard the Unsinkable Ship.

Working in groups, we made a poster to show how to use bullet points.

Numeracy and Maths

In class we have been working on strategies to help us with our times tables.  These include: arrays, drawing groups, skip counting, number lines and repeated addition.  We are looking at patterns in the 2, 4 and 8 times tables.  Please keep practising at home! If you’re already a times table expert, can you turn them into division facts?

We have been working on the properties of 3-D shapes.

Other Areas:

In Art, we made our own “McCoos” in the style of Steven Brown using oil pastels or chalks.

In Titanic we researched to find new facts to share with the class.

We have been really busy singing and practising for the Buckstone Birthday Show.  Our rendition of the school song and We Are the Champions were AWESOME!!!


What we have enjoyed:

“I have enjoyed drawing the McCoos.” Hazel

“I enjoyed getting the medal for the Birthday Show!” Ingrid

“I liked the Buckstone Birthday Show.” Sarah

“I loved seeing my dad at the Buckstone Birthday!” Charlie

“I liked my brother, DJ Donnie, in his show.” Ariana

Please take a look at our work on the Titanic!

P4G Reflective Friday 9.3.18

What have we learned?


In Reading we have been working on questioning and we worked with our reading partners to write some questions about Kaspar, using the Remembering Superpower.

We have been learning about the two different oy/oi sounds in Spelling.  See link below:


Week 16 oyoi

Today, we have dressed up as our favourite book characters, brought in our favourite books and been to the Book Fair.  We dropped whatever we were doing when the bell went to do some reading.

In Handwriting on descenders such as g and ys.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have completed our Beat-Thats aiming to get faster and more accurate each week.  Keep practising at home.  We are practising our times tables, especially the 3 and 4 times.

In class we have been learning more about 3-D shapes.  Can you work out which 3D shapes are being described below?


Other areas:

All of us got into pairs/trios to design and make a model of a cabin from the Titanic.  To do this we had to do lots of research into what the living conditions, decor, clothing and facilities might be like in a certain class of cabin.  We will share photos of these on the blog next week once they are complete.

In Resilience we were thinking about there being noone quite like you.  Can you work out why we were looking at potatoes??


What have we enjoyed?

“We enjoyed making our Titanic models” Katherine

“I enjoyed World Book Day, getting to read when the bell goes.” Hazel

“I enjoyed going to the Book Fair and discussing that everyone is different.”

What have we found challenging?

The 3-D shapes were a bit challenging, using the correct vocabulary: vertices, edges and faces.

Making the Titanic cabins was a bit tricky!

What would we like to learn next week?

More about Music, Art and Titanic and Resilience.

We look forward to welcoming you into class next week for Parent Consultations.  We will give your child’s learning story home during the consultation so that we can discuss targets with you.

For the Buckstone Birthday celebrations we are learning the lyrics to We are the Champions.  Here is a link below if you would like to help your child practise at home.




School lunches

Message from the Catering Department:
Dear Parent/Carer

Due to the severe weather we have been experiencing, the catering department have been unable to receive any deliveries from suppliers. Normal deliveries are not likely to return until Tuesday 6th of March.

School kitchens will be providing a meal service however due to the issues with suppliers this will vary to the advertised menu on ParentPay. Due to the change in menus, allergen information will vary to the website and we will do our upmost to ensure all usual special diets are catered for.

We are working hard to ensure kitchens are back to advertised menus as soon as possible and your support is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Catering Dept.

World Book Day

As you will be aware all Edinburgh schools are closed tomorrow. This means we will miss World Book Day. Not to worry, here are some ideas you might want to do at home together so you can still celebrate World Book Day.


We will rearrange a suitable date to celebrate World Book Day so the children can still dress up – we were looking forward to seeing the different characters coming to school. We will let you know as soon as a date is decided.
Thank you.

P4 Titanic News Week Beginning 19th February

Welcome back Primary Four- we hope everyone had a great break!

Plea: we will need as many shoe boxes as possible as part of a special job we are working on for our Titanic mission.  If you have any at home, please can you bring them to school on Monday or Tuesday- thanks in advance!

Please note that this week we plan to show some short clips from the Titanic movie as part of our learning.  Please let us know if there are any concerns with this by sending a note in to school by Wednesday 21st.

Many thanks,

P4 Team






P4G Reflective Friday 9.2.18

What have we learned?


Our new approach to reading is going really well!  Please can we ask parents to sign their children’s reading record each week to help us to monitor their reading.  A link is attached below if they have misplaced their reading record.

Reading record

In Spelling this week we did a dictation to revise all of our spelling patterns and tricky words.

We also continued to work on apostrophes for contractions.


In reading, we visualised chapter four of Kaspar.  We also drew detailed pictures of a short descriptive passage of writing using our visualisation skills with our learning partners.  Thank you to all parents who were able to come in to see us hard at work on Tuesday!  Have a look at one of our visualisation tasks from this week.


Numeracy and Maths:

In Maths we looked at the 12 and 24 hour clock and digital time.  We revised 2D shapes.

We have worked on rounding to the nearest ten.  Try to remember that 5 rounds up!


Here we are playing a game all about rounding.


Here is a link to a game you could play to practise your rounding skills:

Other areas:

Making our Titanic Wall.  In our Titanic topic we got a piece of wall each in our tables to display our learning on. We can add to it whenever we like!

In PE we were using the Gymnastics equipment.

We worked on our miming skills in Drama with P4H and we learned about Tempo in Music.

What have we enjoyed?

“I enjoyed eating cakes from the bake sale.” Sarah

“I enjoyed doing music and drama.” Jessica

“I enjoyed using the book corner.” Daniel

“I loved eating our cakes for break!” Charlie

“We liked decorating the bit of wall for Titanic.” Ingrid and Ariana

What have we found challenging?

Some of the times that we were looking at especially problem solving, beat-thats, rounding.

What would we like to learn next week?

Some more about the Titanic and why the first class passengers didn’t listen to the captain; more music and art, French.