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P4 Titanic News Week Beginning 19th February

Welcome back Primary Four- we hope everyone had a great break!

Plea: we will need as many shoe boxes as possible as part of a special job we are working on for our Titanic mission.  If you have any at home, please can you bring them to school on Monday or Tuesday- thanks in advance!

Please note that this week we plan to show some short clips from the Titanic movie as part of our learning.  Please let us know if there are any concerns with this by sending a note in to school by Wednesday 21st.

Many thanks,

P4 Team






P4H Wk beg: 5/2/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been naming shapes and discussing some of their properties for example a sphere has 1face, 0 vertices and 0 edges. We have also learnt about shapes with 6,7,8,9 and 10 sides – hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and a decagon.

We have been doing rounding to the nearest 10. If the units are 5 or up we round it up and if they are 4 or below we round it down. We used this skill to help us estimate answers to sums.


We have been learning about exclimation marks. e.g.

Stop it!

Come here now!

The basket ball flew over the gates and landed in the middle of the pond!

We have been doing self and peer-assessing of our writing. Learning story group 1 were peer assessing, group 2 were self-assessing and group 3 were editing from teacher assessing.

We made up stories with time connectives. We wrote sentences with time connectives/openers to start them then we swapped stories and wrote another sentence starting with a time connective/opener. The stories were very daft by the end!

Other Curriculum Areas

We learnt about first, second and third classes on the Titanic and made a poster. We used EPIC and the internet to research about the classes – it was hard!

We also had a music teacher visit us on Thursday and Friday-Miss

What have we enjoyed?

Ruairi – The Titanic posters.

Roni – I enjoyed learning about shapes.

Louise – I enjoyed learning about 3D and 2D shapes.

Zara – I enjoyed writing our time connective stories.

What have we found challenging?

Shape was quite hard.

Visualising the characters from Kaspar Prince of Cats.

Spelling the 3D shapes.

What would we like to learn next week?The Titanic.

More about shape.

Wk beg: 29/1/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about regular and irregular shapes. An irregular shape is different from a regular shape because the edges can be different lengths.

We have been looking at equals and does not equals signs.

e.g. 11+11=10+12

74-52 does not equal 5+7

We made an array street. We made lots of houses that have windows arranged in times table arrays and made this into a street. This will help us with our 3 and 4 times tables AND division.


We have been reading Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. We are enjoying it so far but there was a sad end to chapter two.

The Pikachu reading group have been using their non-fiction reading book to choose an artist and draw themselves in the style of that artist.

Lycanroc have been making quizes about a ‘Weird Little Monster’ from their reading book.

We have written a recount about us building our Titanic. (Mrs Haynes thinks they are BRILLIANT recounts with great time connectives.)

In spelling we have been learning about tch words;

fetch                                     snatch

ditch                                     scratch

patch                                     catch

witch                                     pitched

stretch                                 stitching

Challenge words: patchwork, blotchy, kitchen, itchiest

Tricky words: does, goes

Other Curriculum Areas

In topic we have been learning more about the Titanic by working in threes to research facts. We found out infromation like the Titanic sank at night, it felt like the Titanic was doomed from the beginning because it dragged another boat, the New York, into its wake when it was launched and when it sank it broke in half.

What have we enjoyed?

Lily – Facts about the Titanic.

Louise – Learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Finlay – The cello performance.

Cameron – Making the array street.

What have we found challenging?

Regular and irregular shapes.

The Titanic facts were hard to put into sentences from notes.

Beat Thats

What would we like to learn next week?Jaiwant – The Titanic.

Connie – Shapes

Bea – The Titanic.

Wk beg: 22/1/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about greater than and less than symbols <> e.g. 34 < 65 and 8930 > 4293. We played some great games with these symbols.

We made loop cards with times tables that we find tricky.

We looked at different timetables and when things are due to happen. Here are some examples of timetables; in school, at the bus stop, at the airport, on TV and in TV magazines and at train stations.


We were contracting words and using apostrophes e.g. I am becomes I’m, might not becomes mightn’t and can not becomes can’t.

We have planned a recount for our writing next week about building the Titanic.

In spelling we were doing more work on soft g.

Other Curriculum Areas

We have been learning more about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and we designed a poster to share information about his life.

We made a gigantic Titanic for our class wall as part of a special mission. We made it on Tuesday and had to come dressed in clothes that we could get messy. We spent all day making it (apart from a little bit of spelling in the afternoon). It was great fun.

What have we enjoyed?

Cameron- Making the Titanic.

Darcey – I liked the Titanic too and also  learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh to make a poster.

Ryan – I liked the Charles Rennie Mackintosh poster too.

Hannah – I enjoyed making the GIGANTIC Titanic.

What have we found challenging?

Timestable loop cards.

Making the gigantic Titanic.

Times tables.

What would we like to learn next week?

A bit more about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The Titanic.


Wk beg: 11/12/17

I hope everyone has been out enjoying the snow this week!

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about time. We have looking at individual minutes as well as 5 minute intervals.We looked at times to and past an hour as well as playing stop the clock 3 AND 4.

Here is a link to all of the stop the clock games;

We have been learning about how we can check our column subtraction by adding the bottom two numbers.

We also made time table arrays in the snow. Here are some pictures of us enjoying working together;


We wrote a thank you letter to thank people for gifts we got given over Christmas.

In spelling we have been learning dge words.

edge                                     fridge

bridge                                 dodged

hedge                                   sledging

fudge                                   judged

smudge                                 trudging

Challenge words: cartridge, dislodge, dodgeball, fidgeted

Tricky words: threw, through

We have started writing daily sentences in our challenge jotters. This helps us practise writing sentences with the correct spelling and punctuation! We do this every morning when we come in.

We started to learn about squeezing two words together with an apostrophe. This is called contracting words.

Other Curriculum Areas

We went and voted for a P7 party.

In Art we have been designing Charles Rennie Mackintosh Roses – Mrs Haynes will put a picture up when we have them on display.

We have been learning some strange and interesting facts about Robert Burns including he wasn’t popular when he was alive, he died when he was 37, he had 12 children, he died because of a heart condition, his birthady is the 25th January and on this night we celebrate Burns night.

What have we enjoyed?

Theo- Drawing our Mackintosh roses.

Lottie and Darcey – I also enjoyed the roses.

Connie – I enjoyed the clock times.

Roni – I enjoyed voting!

What have we found challenging?

Drawing the invitations for the hall opening.

Drawing the Mackintosh roses, tyring to get them the right size was hard.

Telling the time with the minutes.

Learning about the minute hand.

What would we like to learn next week?

More about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Learning about our new topic.

Finding out about some more famous Scots.

Wk beg: 11/12/17

Happy New Year!

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have learnt about 5 minute intervals for clocks and we played a new version of Stop The Clock! If the hand is on the one it is at 5 past, if it is 2 it is 10 past and if it is on the 7 it would be 25 to and hour. Here is the link

We added half an hour to a time to help us solve problems. E.g. half an hour after quarter past 2 is quarter to three.

We made our own rocket challenges for time problems.

We had fun revision column subtraction.


We used our handwriting practise to show how we should lay out our work with a title and date.

We wrote new year goals, we had 2 school goals and 2 home goals.

Using our ERIC books we had to find intersting openers and use them to start sentences.

Other Curriculum Areas

In trios, we made weather forecasts. We had to locate towns and cities and put them on a Map of Scotland. After this we designed and created weather icons and icons for the temperatures and wind direction and speed. Then we enjoyed showing our weather forecasts to another group.

We researched information about the weather using the website BBC What is Weather.

What have we enjoyed?

Theo – I enjoyed making our new year goals.

Gregor – I enjoyed our maths sheet at the begining of the week.

Ella – I enjoyed using the computers to research the weather.

What have we found challenging?

Ella – I found 5 minute intervals in analogue time a bit tricky, but iti was easier in digital time.

What would we like to learn next week?

Theo – More time work, I really enjoy it.

Gregor – I would like to learn more about climate.

Finlay – I would like to do subtraction with 4 digit numbers.

Ella – I would like to use the dictionary more.

Roni – I want to find out what our new topic is!

Wk beg: 11/12/17

Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been matching digital clocks to analogue clocks, we were matching up quarter past, half past and quarter to.

 We have been playing a game called STOP THE CLOCK to help us with this. Our class personal best time is 30 seconds!

Here is the link for the game;


We wrote a story about an elf adventure. We had to include time connectives and openers e.g. next, after, soon after, then, later, the next day and firstly.

Other Curriculum Areas

We put together our cubes all about the weather this week. We had to read facts about the weather and then highlight the important parts then use our own words to write about it.

To make the cube we had to cut out the faces, fold the edges in and out, glue them together and then trim the edges to make them look neat. Now we need to decide where to display them!

We made some Christmas cards with a bauble design.

On Tuesday we went to the Pantomime! We saw Beauty and the Beast. It was funny and had a lot of characters. There was a man dressed as a woman, they were the Dame.

We learnt about cooperation and learning to trust other people who we don’t know as well as our best friends. We had to start a picture then pass it round for others to finish off.


What have we enjoyed?

Zara – making the Christmas cards.

Louise – The Panto.

Gregor – I enjoyed ICT.

What have we found challenging?

Theo – I found making the cubes challenging.

Ruairi – ICT was challenging.

Hannah – Making the Christmas cards 3D was hard.

What would we like to learn next week?

Ella – making Christmas crafts.

Finlay – I want to play more STOP THE CLOCK.

Mrs Haynes – I would like to teach everyone about the Christmas story.

Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.

Wk beg: 4/12/17

Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been working on the iPads to solve subtraction sums.In our jotters, we have taken away two digit numbers from three digit numbers, it was hard.

We estimated how long a minute is.

We have been counting on and back in tens off the decade, this means counting in numbers like 103, 113, 123 etc.

We played some time games.


We have been learnig about connectives, e.g although, while, if, when and because.

We have written questions about our reading books for other people to answer.

In spelling we have learnt about soft g. We spelt words such as sausage, engagement, advantage, stage, village and image.


Other Curriculum Areas

We have designed a new jumper for Rex the reindeer who is visiting us from Santa in the North Pole.

In ICT we created a powerpoint and learnt how to save it.

In RME we learnt about the Good Samaritan story and that we should treat other people like our neighbours.

We made our weather experiments and put them outside to collect information on the weather.

What have we enjoyed?

Jaiwant – Making Rex’s jumper.

Ryan – ICT was cool.

Zara – I enjoyed designing a jumper for Rex.


What have we found challenging?

Cameron – taking away three digit numbers from each other.

Bea – using connectives.

Theo – writing a question about my reading book.


What would we like to learn next week?

Alice – I would like to learn more about taking away three digit numbers.

Eilidh – I would like to do more maths games on the iPads.

Ella – I would like to learn more about durations of time.