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P4H Wk beg: 17/4/18

Here is what we have been up to in P4H this week!

Numeracy and Maths

We have been doing the three and six times tables. To help us learn them we were playing games including counting up and down in the 6 and 3 times tables 3,6,9,12 or 6,12,18,24. The 6 times table is double the three times table. We also realsed that the six times table skips a 3 times table number.

We have been learning about grid references outside. We made a square and quartered it and drew lines to make the grid and wrote numbers on it. We played games with the grids and beanbags.


We wrote stories about Martin and Hannah called her Uh!Oh!. We wrote the start of our story as a class and then had to finish it off ourselves, some people found this hard!

We did a reading comprehension on the Commonwealth Games. It helped us learn more about the Commonwealth.

We had to predict what was going to happen in our new reading books.


Topic and other areas

We have started a 5 week block of ukulele. Here are some pictures of us. We learnt to play the C chord.

We started a piece of clover artwork to enter into a competition.

We have been working on our assembly. We are learning 9 to 5, here is a link to work on at home.


What have we enjoyed?

Zara – playing the ukulele.

Darcey – practising our assembly.

Ella – Doing art.

Tosia – learning outside.

What have we found challenging?

Ukulele – playing with our fingers and remembering the finger numbers.

Drawing the clovers.

Continuing the story from a start.

What would we like to learn next week?

Ukulele, the Vikings, art.

P4H and P4g Wk beg: 26/3/18

In P4 this week we have chosen our new topic for next term. We have chosen the Vikings! The classes got together, did some research on different topic we could do and voted.

What have we enjoyed?

Alexandra – Finishing off the Titanic.

Hannah – Making insta bunnies Easter cards.

Jessica – Doing the birthday song to the rest of the school and hearing their songs.

Darcey – Writing our Titanic diary entry.

What have we found challenging?

Choosing to do either the Celts or the Vikings.

Making the insta bunnies.

Writing the diary entry and remembering all the S.C.


What would we like to learn next week?VIKINGS!!

P4H Wk beg: 26/3/18

We have had lots of fun in P4H this week. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our learning.

We have been acting out what it would be like on the Titanic when it hit the iceburg.

We have been learning our times tables by taking part in a times table teasure hunt.

We have been making insta bunnies for our easter cards.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and comes back ready for our final term in P4!

Mrs Haynes


P4H Wk beg: 19/3/18

In between all of our show preformances and rehersals we have still managed to fir in some work! Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week;

Maths and Numeracy

We have been working on our times tables. We looked at links between the 2, 4 and 8 times tables. The 4 times table is double the 2 times table and the 8 times table is double the 4 times table. We have been looking at the patterns the tables make. To help us learn our tables we got times table booklets. We listened to a song to help us learn our 4 times table.

We have also been learning about grids and symbols and directions that we can use to guide ourselves around maps. We can use compass points, N, E, S, W – Never Eat Shredded Wheat or we can use the words Left, Right, Forwards and Backwards. We have been using BeeBots to help us.


We have been self assessing, peer assessing or editing from teacher assessed our biography writing work. We are getting much more confident with this now.

We have been looking at summarising our stories. Summarising is when you retell the story using only the key parts.

Here are our spelling words this week;

Week 18 aw words

Other Curriculum Areas

 We preformed our Buckstone Birthday Celebration song to parents and the VIPs on Friday. It was really, really, really exciting and we had lots of fun as well. Quite a few of our parents went to Buckstone when they were children.

We made empire biscuits for the VIPs on the friday. Here are some pictures of us having fun making them.

We learnt lots of new facts about the Titanic before it set sail across to New York. The crew on the Titanic forgot their binoculars so they couldn’t use them to look out for iceburgs, and the Titanic made three stops before going across the Atlantic ocean, including one in France. 8 people got on in one port, 7 of them were first class.

When the Titanic hit the iceburg lots of people didnt want to get onto the lifeboats because they thought the Titanic was unsinkable. There was 6 first class children on the Titanic and one of them died. There was a fire on the Titanic that weakened the metal that made it more vunderable when it hit the iceburg, it was started by a stoaker who dropped coal on the floor.

What have we enjoyed? 

Gregor – baking empire biscuits.

Jaiwant – doing the show.

Theo – ICT

Connie – trying to find facts about the Titanic.

What have we found challenging?


Researching the facts about the Titanic was hard, lots of websites had difficult words and you had to choose one ourselves.

Compass points.

What would we like to learn next week?

How big the iceburg was and more about the Titianic.

Programming the BeeBots and compass points.

Line drawings.

P4H Wk beg: 12/3/18

Here is P4H dressed up for Sports Relief, we have got lots of sports reperesented in our class ranging from rugby to judo to triathalon and dancing;

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about grid references. You always have to go along the bottom of your grid before you go up to read a grid referene – you can have letters or numbers to show where things are on a grid. We started to make our own images for people to draw on grids – look out for pictures of these next week!

We did a times table test to see what times tables we know and what we need to learn. We are going to be doing lots of work on times tables up to easter and beyond. Some people have also been starting to look at division.


 We have been using bullet points. We learnt that bullet points don’t always have to be a circle, they can be different shapes. We can use them for listing names, facts or a list for shopping.

We researched passengers who were on the Titanic and drew a picture of them and then wrote biographies for the passengers. We are going to add them to our class Titanic and cabins.

We completed a comprehension sheet on winter snowsports, it was good fun.

Some reading groups wrote diary entries from the point of view of a character in their book.

Our spelling sound was ‘au’ this week, here are our words;

fault                                                 haunted

August                                             sausage

author                                             paused

sauce                                               autograph


Challenge words: Autumn, caution, exhausted

Tricky words: because, move

Other Curriculum Areas

 We have been creating Titanic characters.

In ICT we started to make a Titanic doucment using Word and bullet points.

In PE we have been learning how to hold a racquet correctly and we have been taking part in run a mile for Sports Relief.

We have been continuing to learn the Buckstone Song and our class song for the birthday celebration event. Here is the link if you want to practise;

What have we enjoyed? 

Hannah – Running a mile!

Lottie – I enjoyed researching the Titanic character.

Ryan – Parents evening.

Ella – Doing the grid references.

What have we found challenging?

Run a mile.


The times table tests.

What would we like to learn next week?

How to use maps and grid references.

More about the passengers and crew on the TItanic.


P4H Wk beg: 5/3/18

Here is P4H dressed up for World Book Day (sorry it is sideways but it won’t seem to turn around).

Learning stories – Due to the snow days we had last week, learning stories will be handed out at parents evening.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about tiling. We were trying to make tiling patterns with square paper and dotty paper. Doing it on dotted paper was much harder than square paper. We were using 2D shapes. We had to try and fit two shapes together to see if they would tile. For something to tile it must not have any spaces.

We have started making times table books. The book has got different strategies to help us learn our tables and division.


 We have been doing self, peer and teacher assesing for our Titanic diary. This is beginning to get easier.

We went down to P2 and read our picture books, it was great fun.

We learnt the ‘oi/oy’ sound in spelling. Here are our words;

Other Curriculum Areas

 In ICT we have been learning about being SMART. This means






We have almost finished our Titanic cabins!

We have been doing resilience work about being ourselves. We made a rainbow with positive things about ourselves written on.

We also learnt the Buckstone Song and our class song for the birthday celebration event. Here is the link if you want to practise;

What have we enjoyed?

Finlay – Singing we are the champions.

Lottie – Making and designing the cabins.

Hannah – Tiling.

Zara – The SMART poster.

What have we found challenging?

Designing the cabins.

Fitting two shapes together in tiling.

Tiling with dotty paper.

What would we like to learn next week?

More about the Titanic.

Tiling 3D shapes.

Tiling on dotty paper.

P4H Wk beg: 19/2/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We  have been learning about the nets of 3D shapes. The net is made up of the same 2D shapes that are the faces of the 3D shape. Sometimes when you unfold it, it looks like there are more corners (vertices) and edges than there actually is. We also named the properties of 3D shapes in a game.

At the start of the week we have been rounding to the nearest 100. We have to look at the tens column to decide if we round up or down – 50 and above rounds up and 49 and below rounds down.


We are making picture books making sure that we use exclimation marks and question marks that we have been learning about. We made a draft of the words in the book and we will finish it next week.

We have been making a diary from the view of a passenger boarding the Titanic. We had to try and use WOW words and time connectives as well as our 5 senses to describe what it was like.

We have been learning ‘ph’ sound in spelling. Here are our spelling words;

WORD LIST; graph, phone, photo, photograph, dolphin, phrase, sphere, orphan, alphabet, elephant

TRICKY WORDS; here   hear

Other Curriculum Areas

We started making our cabins for the Titanic. First we had to research what the cabins were like and take notes next to bullet points. Then we had to draw a plan of our cabin. Finally we started making them. We had to decorate the walls and the floor before we could start adding furniture.

We made a gangway so that we could get onto the Titanic for our writing lesson.

What have we enjoyed?

Lily – Making the nets of the shapes and writing the diary entry.

Connie – I enjoyed making the cabins because you could use your imagination.

Jacob – We enjoyed making the Titanic cabin because I enjoy art.

Cameron – I liked making the pillar for the gangplank.

What have we found challenging?

We found recognising the nets of the 3D shapes challenging.

Counting the faces of our 3D shapes we made with bluetack.

Ryan – getting back to school after I was sick.

What would we like to learn next week?

Write another diary entry from when the Titanic hits the iceburg.

Learn about the pets on the Titanic.

More about 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

How big the iceburg was.

P4 Titanic News Week Beginning 19th February

Welcome back Primary Four- we hope everyone had a great break!

Plea: we will need as many shoe boxes as possible as part of a special job we are working on for our Titanic mission.  If you have any at home, please can you bring them to school on Monday or Tuesday- thanks in advance!

Please note that this week we plan to show some short clips from the Titanic movie as part of our learning.  Please let us know if there are any concerns with this by sending a note in to school by Wednesday 21st.

Many thanks,

P4 Team






P4H Wk beg: 5/2/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been naming shapes and discussing some of their properties for example a sphere has 1face, 0 vertices and 0 edges. We have also learnt about shapes with 6,7,8,9 and 10 sides – hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and a decagon.

We have been doing rounding to the nearest 10. If the units are 5 or up we round it up and if they are 4 or below we round it down. We used this skill to help us estimate answers to sums.


We have been learning about exclimation marks. e.g.

Stop it!

Come here now!

The basket ball flew over the gates and landed in the middle of the pond!

We have been doing self and peer-assessing of our writing. Learning story group 1 were peer assessing, group 2 were self-assessing and group 3 were editing from teacher assessing.

We made up stories with time connectives. We wrote sentences with time connectives/openers to start them then we swapped stories and wrote another sentence starting with a time connective/opener. The stories were very daft by the end!

Other Curriculum Areas

We learnt about first, second and third classes on the Titanic and made a poster. We used EPIC and the internet to research about the classes – it was hard!

We also had a music teacher visit us on Thursday and Friday-Miss

What have we enjoyed?

Ruairi – The Titanic posters.

Roni – I enjoyed learning about shapes.

Louise – I enjoyed learning about 3D and 2D shapes.

Zara – I enjoyed writing our time connective stories.

What have we found challenging?

Shape was quite hard.

Visualising the characters from Kaspar Prince of Cats.

Spelling the 3D shapes.

What would we like to learn next week?The Titanic.

More about shape.

Wk beg: 29/1/18

Here is what we have been learning in P4H this week.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about regular and irregular shapes. An irregular shape is different from a regular shape because the edges can be different lengths.

We have been looking at equals and does not equals signs.

e.g. 11+11=10+12

74-52 does not equal 5+7

We made an array street. We made lots of houses that have windows arranged in times table arrays and made this into a street. This will help us with our 3 and 4 times tables AND division.


We have been reading Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. We are enjoying it so far but there was a sad end to chapter two.

The Pikachu reading group have been using their non-fiction reading book to choose an artist and draw themselves in the style of that artist.

Lycanroc have been making quizes about a ‘Weird Little Monster’ from their reading book.

We have written a recount about us building our Titanic. (Mrs Haynes thinks they are BRILLIANT recounts with great time connectives.)

In spelling we have been learning about tch words;

fetch                                     snatch

ditch                                     scratch

patch                                     catch

witch                                     pitched

stretch                                 stitching

Challenge words: patchwork, blotchy, kitchen, itchiest

Tricky words: does, goes

Other Curriculum Areas

In topic we have been learning more about the Titanic by working in threes to research facts. We found out infromation like the Titanic sank at night, it felt like the Titanic was doomed from the beginning because it dragged another boat, the New York, into its wake when it was launched and when it sank it broke in half.

What have we enjoyed?

Lily – Facts about the Titanic.

Louise – Learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Finlay – The cello performance.

Cameron – Making the array street.

What have we found challenging?

Regular and irregular shapes.

The Titanic facts were hard to put into sentences from notes.

Beat Thats

What would we like to learn next week?Jaiwant – The Titanic.

Connie – Shapes

Bea – The Titanic.