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Wk beg: 4/12/17

Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been working on the iPads to solve subtraction sums.In our jotters, we have taken away two digit numbers from three digit numbers, it was hard.

We estimated how long a minute is.

We have been counting on and back in tens off the decade, this means counting in numbers like 103, 113, 123 etc.

We played some time games.


We have been learnig about connectives, e.g although, while, if, when and because.

We have written questions about our reading books for other people to answer.

In spelling we have learnt about soft g. We spelt words such as sausage, engagement, advantage, stage, village and image.


Other Curriculum Areas

We have designed a new jumper for Rex the reindeer who is visiting us from Santa in the North Pole.

In ICT we created a powerpoint and learnt how to save it.

In RME we learnt about the Good Samaritan story and that we should treat other people like our neighbours.

We made our weather experiments and put them outside to collect information on the weather.

What have we enjoyed?

Jaiwant – Making Rex’s jumper.

Ryan – ICT was cool.

Zara – I enjoyed designing a jumper for Rex.


What have we found challenging?

Cameron – taking away three digit numbers from each other.

Bea – using connectives.

Theo – writing a question about my reading book.


What would we like to learn next week?

Alice – I would like to learn more about taking away three digit numbers.

Eilidh – I would like to do more maths games on the iPads.

Ella – I would like to learn more about durations of time.

“All About Me”

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have completed the “All About Me” sheet with their child.  Celebrating Wider Achievement is a much looked forward to part of the school day/week and seeing all of the activities/clubs pupils at Buckstone attend is fantastic! The range is amazing! The information gathered from these forms will only be used at school level to now identify any opportunities the school can offer the children.

Additional copies will be sent home over the next week if you have not managed to fill it out yet.

Thank you.

Wk beg: 1/12/17

Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We used an empty number line to help us with our subtracting.

We have been learning how to estimate how long an activity will take and then we timed it to see who was the closest. Some of the activities we estimated were how long it took to do 10 jumping jacks and how long it took to do 10 pushups.


We have been learning how to assess our elbow partners work using tickled pink and green for growth. After we did 2 stars and a wish using the S.C.

We learnt about soft c in our spelling words. Some words with soft c are race, cinema, literacy and face.

We have been celebrating Scottish Book Week. We have done reading buddies and DEAR time and we made book marks about our favourite book.


Other Curriculum Areas

We have been making our weather investigation projects. Some of us made wind vanes, rain gauges and anemomiters. We are going to put them outside next week. Here are some pictures of us making them.

What have we enjoyed?

Euan – I enjoyed doing French and learning the body parts.

Charlotte – I enjoyed making weather instrument.

Lily – I enjoyed doing our topic.

What have we found challenging?

Finlay and Gregor – I found making the experiment challenging.

Jaiwant – Doing the conga without tripping up.

What would we like to learn next week?

 Ella – More French!

Alice – More about the weather.

Jacob – I would like to do more maths.

Wk beg: 20/11/17


Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning to tell the time on digital and analogue clocks. We have practised quarter past , half past, quarter to and o’clock. If it was quarter to an hour for digital time e.g. quarter to 4 we would still have the hour as a 3 because it hasn’t reached 4 o’clock yet. – 3.45, this was a bit tricky when we first saw it.

We have also been writing out our number bonds onto a poster to make a display to help us us take away.



We have been learning about commas in a list. When we use commas we need to use them to replace the word and apart from the last and. E.g – We had apples, corn and strawberries.

We are learning how to write a story that has different openers in it.


Other Curriculum Areas

We have been learning more about weather including the instruments that we use to measure the weather. We have been thinking about how to make our own instuments. We have written a letter to people at home, asking them to help us bring some things in for this.

Dear Parents/ Carer,

In class we are making some experiments to measure the weather. To make them we need some equipment. If you have any of the junk we need then can you please send it in.

We need the following;

2 litre bottles

Yoghurt/custard pots (small/medium size, no more than 10cm tall)


Ducktape (for strength)

1 litre bottles

Plastic cups

Pencil with a rubber on the end.

Thank you, P4M


We made Christmas Tree shaped decorations for the Christmas fair. We used a brown stick and then we had to measure green paper with a ruler and cut and stick them on. We then put decorations and glitter on.

P4-post your learning to allow printing

P4G, please use this link to send your Mary’s-Moose files – click-here

P4M, please use this link to send your Mary’s Moose files – click-here

PLEASE ensure your filename includes your name, eg If your name is Fred send a file as:


It is also really helpful if your name is in the document so when it is printed you can identify who it belongs to.

It requests a valid email address – use – – DO NOT accept the invitation to create a Dropbox account

Sumdog – Update

Our Sumdog licence expired at the end of last week.

Sadly the provider has increased the licence fee by 60% per pupil. As a result we have decided to investigate other options to support Maths learning via online applications.

We appreciate this will be a disappointment to some pupils who have actively engaged with Sumdog and been motivated to often use the application. We would hope to identify a solution to continue to support the pupils in the near future.

Wk beg: 13/11/17

Hello from Mrs Haynes!

I have had a lovely week getting to know the pupils.

Hannah – We have played a few name games to help Mrs Haynes learn our names.

Lily – We have been making statements about ourselves and everyone has to guess if they are true or false. Mrs Haynes did it too and we found out that Mrs Haynes shared a flat with an Olympic siver medalist but she had not climbed Ben Nevis!

Here is what we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about subtracting and exchanging using columns.

Here is what we thouhgt of this

Jaiwant “It was a bit challenging”

Connie “I found it a bit hard but it got easier when I used the tens and units”

Hannah “I thouhght it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too tricky either”



We have been planning a story about a trip to the beach. It is a fiction story, and we are using our immagination to help us write it.

We wrote our plan in notes, which are not written in a full sentence and we thought about what emotion we might be feeling for each part of the story.


Other Curriculum Areas

We learnt about what makes a quality class, a quality pupil and a quality line. We are going to make sure that we are all quality pupils in P4m!

We learnt about the weather as part of our new topic. We have been watching the weather forecast every day to help us with this!


Wk beg: 6/11/17

What we have been learning this week:

Maths and Numeracy

We have been continuing our learning on using the formal column  method for addition.

This week we have been working on adding using three digit numbers.

Here’s what we said about this:

“Last week I found carrying the tens tricky, but this week I found it easier.”

“I found it easier this week.”

“I liked adding using three-digit numbers instead of two-digit numbers.”




We have been learning about legends and have been using planning tools to help us write our own legends.  We had to think of descriptive words, problems and resolutions.

We created ‘wanted’ posters for characters in Roald Dahl books.  We had to read and think about what was happening in the text and how the character was described.

Other Curriculum Areas

Science / Drama

We demonstrated our knowledge of food chains using drama.  We thought about how a food chain works and were able to show what happens if the middle or beginning of a food chain collapses.



We have been listening to Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and were identifying the different characters represented by different instruments.  We thought about the sounds the instruments made and how the characters might move or feel.

“I thought it was really good how he [Prokofiev] uses different instruments to make the different characters.”

“I thought it was good how the music told the story.”

“Once you knew who the characters were, it felt like you could see them.”


Wk beg: 24/10/17

What we have been learning 

Maths and Numeracy

This week we began to look at column addition. We found it tricky once we started carrying the tens. 

We played a racing car game to make our learning more fun. 


The children had fun taking on the role of teacher to assess each other’s writing. Each children wrote their holiday news before reading it to a friend. The friend then read the piece of work themselves, marking it with two stars and a wish. 

Other Curriculum Areas

In drama this week we explored movement, facial expression and taking on a different character. The children worked in pairs with a child from P4G to act out a scene from a fairy tale. As the audience the other children then guessed which fairytale it was.

In Art the children created Autumn pictures. The chose their own art materials and  whether to create a 2d or 3d design. Here are some of the results. Well done P4M. 

In our Living Things project we began to learn about food chains. 

Iggy: It goes from plant eater to carnivores.

Jaiwant: The sun is in the food chain too as plants get their energy from the sun. 

Lily: A food chain can collapse if you take something out of the bottom of it.

Ella: We are a part of the food chain. 

Theo: It has predictors in it. 
Well done this week P4M. 

Wk beg: 09/10/17

What we have been learning in P4M.

Mathematics and Numeracy

This week we have been working on our addition learn its. We have also been practising our times tables. 

In Literacy we have been working on descriptive writing. The class wrote character descriptions of characters from fairytales without including the character’s name. The descriptions were then handed out at random and their friend had to draw the character using just the description. From this we were able to discuss what made a good description and how important descriptive words are in helping us create an image in our heads of what a character is like. 

The spelling pattern that we have been working on can be found below.

Other Curriculum Areas

In art this week we used the information we had learnt about ‘Living Things’ to create 2D and 3D living things. This helped the children in developing their design and problem solving skills. We then created a new display outside our classroom with our work.

As part of topic we have been learning about classification keys. The children created questions for a key with sections missing before going on to create their own classification keys.  Ask your child to explain what a classification key is and how we use it. 
Learning Stories
Group 1 will be bringing home their learning stories the week after half term. 
There is no reading homework over half term but all the children should have a library book if you wish to hear them do some extra reading. 
Have a great break everyone. Mrs McClintock