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P4W Wise Woodies 15.11.19

It has been a very busy week of learning in P4W!


We are developing skills across the curriculum.


Finding totals using the jump method.

Using the diamond or grid method to check our calculations.

Recalling addition facts quickly and accurately.

Mental Agility- making subtraction calculations.

Explaining our strategies for subtraction calculations.

Adding several numbers to find the total.

Using strategies to make addition calculations easier.


Home learning ideas.

Using tins and packets in the kitchen cupboard, calculate the total weight of two items using the Jump method.

Check using the grid or diamond method.




Developing our reading skills using our class novel ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’ with a focus on developing vocabulary and finding details and evidence in the text.

Developing our listening and talking skills using a variety of texts.

Developing our understanding of a text.

Identifying what we like, dislike and are puzzled by in a text.

Identifying patterns and making connections with other texts.

Using key words from a question to help create a clear answer.


Spelling– Words with  ‘ir’ and ‘ur‘.

We have been exploring  words that can be made using these root words.

first  third  stir  bird  dirt  shirt  thirty

circus  birch  confirm  Birthday  thirsty  squirrel

hurt  turn  blur  return  Thursday  burst

disturb  Church  curtain  nurture  occur   surprise

Our key words linked to our science topic are COLLECTION, EVAPORATION, CONDENSATION, PRECIPITATION

Home Learning Ideas -Find examples of evaporation at home.



Developing our knowledge of the Water Cycle.

Developing cooperative learning skills.

Developing our resilience by showing kindness to others.

Skills required for team games.

Developing  ball skills.

Developing our knowledge of stories from the Bible.

Developing our drawing skills,

Developing I.C.T. skills.

Developing drama skills-mirroring actions.

Developing our knowledge of our school woodland.


Have a good weekend!