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Titanic resources

Dear Parents / Carers

As part of our learning about the Titanic we are about to re-create the cabins found on board. We are therefore looking for resources to help the children build their models.

This includes –

Shoe boxes – Wallpaper – Material/Fabric – Toy furniture – Toy figures – anything else you think would be useful.

Please could you bring anything you have in on Monday next week.

Thank you

P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW


A new mission has been delivered to P4W!

It will be challenging, it will be exciting and it may be messy!

To successfully complete our challenge, please come to school dressed in clothes for painting on Wednesday.

Thank you.



P5 fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (Sick Kids)


In P5 we are going to be doing a toy sale to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital (Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity). It is going to be on Thursday 4th April in school near the P5 classrooms.

If you have one or two toys that you would like to donate can you please bring them in next week and by Monday 1st of April at the latest.

Please don’t bring in toys that you want to keep, you can bring in toys that you don’t play with any more or that have been sitting in your cupboard. It might be a good time to have a spring clean!

Please put any toys you bring in on the table in the P5 library.

Some examples of toys we would like are


Action figures or Barbies

Soft toys


Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters

Board games

Loom bands



Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.


P5H and P5HW

P4 Food Bank Charity Collection

Primary Four are organising a food bank collection for the Edinburgh Food Project, who support families who are struggling to provide food for their families. We are looking for donations from the whole school to support this amazing charity. We require all donations to be in school by Friday 29th March.

 Here is a list of the products that are currently required by the food bank:

Urgently Needed: Instant coffee (jars), cold meat (tins), fruit juice (long-life), tea bags (packs of 40s), tinned fish, sugar

Low On Stock: Rice (500g bags), tinned fruit, toilet roll, tinned vegetables, tinned potatoes, tinned rice pudding, pasta sauces (jars), tinned custard, tinned tomatoes, jam.

We can also donate hygiene items such as: deodorant, shampoo, shaving foam & toilet roll.

 ****Please do not send fresh items as refrigeration is not available.****

Please send your donations to school with your child and ask them to pass them on to Primary Four.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks is advance,

P4 Team


SSPCA Charity Day!

Primary One have organised a charity day THIS FRIDAY to support the SSPCA.

Come to school dressed up as an animal on Friday 22nd February. Any donations are kindly received via Parent Pay.

Primary One hope to raise money to help lots of animals.

I wonder how many different animals we will spot in our school?!

Thank you for your support,

The P1 Team 🙂

P4W Wonderful Woodland 14. 6.19.

It has been another busy week of learning in P4W!


We have been developing our reading skills using a variety of fiction and non – fiction texts.

To help us develop these skills we are continuing to read our class novel, Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo.

We have been summarising the text and developing our understanding  by asking remembering, understanding and applying questions.

We are also developing our vocabulary using the role of Word Finder.

Developing our Functional Writing skills- identifying the key features of successful posters.

Developing our poetry skills – understanding what makes a good calligram.

Developing these skills at home.

Share a 60 second summary of a book you have been reading.

Ask questions about the events that have happened in a book you are reading.


Plurals- f/fe  to ves endings.

To make a plural of a word that ends f (or fe) we change the f to a v and add es.

scarf-scarves   shelf    leaf    knife   wolf   wife   half  calf   life

Challenge – find other words which follow the same rule.

Developing these skills at home.

There are lots of ideas on the Home Learning Wall.


Developing our recall of a times tables.

Making links between the 3, 6  and 9  times tables

Multiplying two digit numbers by 6 using traditional, diamond and grid methods.

Multiplying and dividing by 6.

Using ‘Smile Multiplication’ to multiply a number that is a multiple of 10.

Calculating the total cost of items and deciding if they are affordable.


Developing these skills at home

There are lots of activities for developing these skills and others on the Home Learning Wall.


Developing our technology skills- we have been busy creating our Titanic cabins.

Working cooperatively.

Creating a design.

Choosing the most appropriate  materials for the job.

Developing our music skills – ukulele lessons.

Developing our swimming skills.

Developing the skills needed for tennis.

Developing I.C.T. skills- with a focus on art.

Developing our knowledge  of  weather and the water cycle.


Enjoy your weekend!