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P4W Wise Woodies 13.9.19

It has been a busy week of learning in P4W!

We are developing skills across the curriculum.


Comparing and ordering numbers.

Talking about the position of digits in a number and knowing the value of each.

Counting on and back from a given number.

Being able to find the likelihood of an event happening.

Using the vocabulary of chance and probability.

Quick and accurate recall of addition facts.

Home learning ideas- find out the years family and friends were born. Put the dates in order.

Make 4 digit numbers using the digits in your telephone number.

Explain the value of each digit/ order the numbers.


Developing our reading skills using our class novel ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’ with a focus on finding details in the text.

Developing our listening and talking skills using a variety of texts.

Developing our comprehension skills.

Spelling – adding  ‘ing’ to a root word by doubling the consonant.

Fantastic                                           Spectacular

skipping      running                     wrapping   trimming

swimming  hopping                     dragging   plotting

stopping  dropping                      splitting   scrapping

rubbing  digging                           strumming   quitting

stepping  getting                            forgetting  planning

Tricky words – would, should, could.

Home Learning- write the words using your favourite pens.



Developing our knowledge of Scotland.

Developing mapping skills.

Developing cooperative learning skills.

Skills required for team games.

Developing rugby skills.

Developing the use of our Class Charter.

Developing our resilience by looking on the bright side.

Have a good weekend!