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P5B Reflective Friday 2.2

Reflective Friday

By Abbie and Hana


  • In maths we have been learning division here are some examples e.g. 12/ 2=6, 18/2=9.
  • In maths we have been learning our 8x & 9x table work.


  • We re-drafted our descriptive paragraph and have published them on our walls as a display.
  • We learned through reading comprehension all about Scottish music.


  • We learnt how to balance on a beam by using our arms.
  • We learnt some new skills on bars and volt.
  • We climbed a rope and got to the top.


  • We learnt a story about a dragon called Nian, it was all to do with Chinese new year.




P5B Reflective Friday 26.1

Reflective Friday

By Anna & Finlay



This week for comprehension, we did Robert Burns. We had to read the sheet, highlight the important parts, take notes making sure there in our own words and create a colourful, eye catching and informational poster. I learned all about Robert Burns.

Descriptive writing

This week for descriptive writing we had to describe a scene, from a picture of our favourite place. First we had to sketch our favourite place, then write a descriptive paragraph using powerful vocabulary and finally circle all of your openers. I learned all about how to use good openers to grab the reader’s attention.


Algorithm Method

This week for the algorithm method we did it for the 6, 7 and 8 times table. I learned all about the times tables and did a lot of practice on them.


This week we have been learning about distances between places in Scotland. For this we had to work with our learning partners, use google maps to find out how far away places are from Edinburgh and convert them into kilometres.



This week we have been practicing counting beyond ten.


This week we have been doing months of the year and the dates within. If you have a number you add yeu and it becomes a month depending on what number that month is. January is one. E.g. ba + yue = August. San + ri = August 3rd.


Robert Burns House

This week we had to paint Robert Burns house using water colours. For this we had to sketch a 3D house, mix the right colours to paint the house and try to add shading to the house with lighter coloured paints.

What we enjoyed

This week I enjoyed doing art because I learned about drawing things in the distance.

I also enjoyed doing descriptive writing on our favourite place.

Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.

“All About Me”

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have completed the “All About Me” sheet with their child.  Celebrating Wider Achievement is a much looked forward to part of the school day/week and seeing all of the activities/clubs pupils at Buckstone attend is fantastic! The range is amazing! The information gathered from these forms will only be used at school level to now identify any opportunities the school can offer the children.

Additional copies will be sent home over the next week if you have not managed to fill it out yet.

Thank you.

Sumdog – Update

Our Sumdog licence expired at the end of last week.

Sadly the provider has increased the licence fee by 60% per pupil. As a result we have decided to investigate other options to support Maths learning via online applications.

We appreciate this will be a disappointment to some pupils who have actively engaged with Sumdog and been motivated to often use the application. We would hope to identify a solution to continue to support the pupils in the near future.

P5-post your learning to allow printing

P5B, please use this link to send your 10 men went to mow files – click-here

P5F, please use this link to send your 10 men went to mow files – click-here

PLEASE ensure your filename includes your name, eg If your name is Fred send a file as:


It is also really helpful if your name is in the document so when it is printed you can identify who it belongs to.

It requests a valid email address – use – – DO NOT accept the invitation to create a Dropbox account