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P5H Learning at Home 26.06.20

Good morning P5H

How do it get to the end of the session? It has been a busy and very different year but we have been so impressed at the way you have carried on and kept going. We have loved reading your work, hearing your stories and seeing photos. Chatting to you on Teams has been lovely. We’d  also like to say a huge thank you to all your parents who have helped with your learning this term. What a great team!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Teams at 11 am with your quiz question ready! 

Have a great summer! See you in August! 

Ms Hastie and Miss Martin

Tuesday 23rd June – Transition Day and Meet the Teacher!

Good morning everyone!

As you will now know, I (Mrs Jones) will be your new teacher in Primary 6! 🙂

I am really looking forward to meeting you all properly after the summer holidays and starting Primary 6 together.  You may have seen me around school (I taught P4J this year) but to get to know a little more about me I will be adding a short video to Teams today so keep an eye out! If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, feel free to post them on Teams and I will try my best to answer them. 🙂

We will be moving into a new classroom for Primary 6. You may recognise the room – it was Miss Fotheringham and P6F’s classroom in the top area this year. This is a picture of what our new classroom looks like at the moment, but it will look a little different in August.

There are several transition activities for you to complete today. I hope that you have fun doing them.

Preparing for Primary 6

To prepare for our first day in Primary 6, there are two tasks to complete. Open the following document to access the tasks and follow the instructions: Preparing for Primary 6

Class Name

We need to choose a class name for Primary 6. As has happened in the past, we will choose two words. The first word should begin with the letter ‘J’ and should be a word that means something positive. The second word should also begin with J. I will put a link to a form on Teams where I have given some suggestions for the name. Please select your choices or give a suggestion of your own. I will choose the class name based on the most popular suggestions. Please select your choices by Wednesday morning at 10am.


So that I can get to know you a little bit better before the start of term, you next task is to write a letter. You should email the letter to the admin email address or submit via the class assignment on Teams. Open the following document for instructions: Letter to Teacher

Lockdown Word Art

Open the pdf below. It has instructions on how to create a piece of lockdown word art. Step 7 gives you instructions on how to share your picture, but this was created for a different school. The best way to share your work with me is to email it to the admin team and ask them to forward it on. Alternatively, you could upload it to the assignment box on Teams.

How to create a Lockdown Memory Word Art

Football Mystery

Download the pdf below titled ‘Football Maths Mystery Game’.  By completing the tasks, you will practise a range of maths skills and solve the Mystery of the Sabotaged Football Kit!

Football Maths Mystery Game

David Hockney Art Activity

We are all missing the outdoors and nature during lockdown. Let’s bring the outdoors inside. David’s landscapes are famed for bold lines & bright colours. Find an image of a landscape you like. You might want to go for a walk and take a photo to help you. Alternatively, it may be from a place you love or inspires you.

Use whatever materials you have or create an electronic piece of art with an app. Please submit on Assignments with the following filename structure- Name- Class- Title of Painting. I will then create a gallery on your blog.

Play around and experiment. I look forward to your inspiring artwork.

David Hockney Gallery

How to paint a Hockney Style Landscape

I hope that you all enjoy the activities today. Please say hello on Teams and feel free to ask any questions that you may have 🙂

Have a lovely summer break when it comes and I look forward to meeting you all properly in August!

Mrs Jones

PE Run, Jump and Throw

In the Summer term we usually develop athletics skills . Here are videos of the elements of Running, Jumping and Throwing which you can work through this week. Running has been split into 2 sections.They may have been referred to on your class grid.

You can be creative with the ideas outside and inside. Remember to make sure an adult knows what your are doing, that the area and surface is safe and that you are wearing suitable footwear.

Have fun!

Ms Hastie

PE Throwing
Running Part 1
Running Challenges Part 2
PE Jumping

P5H Learning Together at Home 22.06.20

Good morning ! I hope you had a great weekend!

Here is your learning for the whole week. It is in the form off a grid which you can work through at your own pace. The PE activities will be posted separately.

Have a lovely week !

Ms Hastie and Miss Martin

Food, Glorious Food! 19.06.20

photo of pineapple wearing black aviator style sunglasses and party hat

Today we are focusing on FOOD! I hope you have had your breakfast as you may get really hungry thinking about all this food!

We would love to see what you have been up to today so please send any photos to the admin email account (remember to give permission for any to be shared on the website).

Here are today’s learning activities:

Food, Glorious Food – Second Level

Hope you have a fun (and food) filled day!

P5H Learning Together at Home

Good afternoon P5H!

I hope you had a great time on your virtual trip to Disneyland yesterday. Some of your photos certainly looked like you had fun!

Here is today’s learning! Please check in Assignments for your feedback on your personal projects. They have all been very impressive and full of interesting information. I am in school today but will try to answer any questions on Teams when I can! Remember do what you can to fit around your family.

Have a good day!

Ms Hastie

Enjoy your day!

Virtual School Trip- 17th June


Welcome to Disney World, Florida

We have a fun-filled day for you today.  Use both of the documents attached to help guide you through the day.  The plan takes you to lots of great websites/links and the activities document has lots of fun ideas for you to make and do.  Do as much or as little as suits you and your family today and in the order that works for you!  Most of all…have fun!

Second Level Disney Day Plan

Second Level Disney activities

Learning Together at Home – 15.06.20

Monday 15th June 2020

Good afternoon P5H,

Hope you enjoyed the rest of The Beach Comes to Buckstone on Friday and had a lovely weekend.

Here is today’s learning. Please only do what you can. If you have any questions then please ask on Teams.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Martin



Spelling – We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule. Please see the document for this week’s activities. SPELLING P5 WEEK 32

Reading – We are learning to analyse an author’s use of language.

Here is today’s task – Roald Dahl

Word of the day – “reverberating”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Optional Task:  Tell a Story using the sentence starter below

The reverberating crash made Arnie jump out of his skin…


Mental Maths – We are learning to plot numbers on a number line.

Plot the following on to a number:

(Super – 0 – 100, Fantastic – 0 – 1000, Spectacular – 0 – 10).


Example: IMG_0655

Maths – We are learning to find a fraction of a number.

Star Steps:

  • divide the number by the denominator
  • multiply the answer by the numerator (Fantastic and Spectacular only)

We are finishing of our Fractions work today. After completing today’s work, please complete the Assessment on Sumdog (you have until Friday at 4pm). This will let me see the difference from the beginning of Fractions to the end.

Watch the clip –

(If you are finding it tricky then stop the clip at 2 minutes 30 seconds and complete the Super task).

Now complete one of the following:


Answers: IMG_0657




Only if you can: Complete the “Form” on Teams to choose a theme for this week’s quiz.