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Learning Reflections P5 13.9.19

Good afternoon everyone! 🙂

Primary 5 have enjoyed another very busy week of learning. We have worked hard together to reflect on our learning and created our blog entry together. Please enjoy sharing this.

Please also find on the blog entry a list of some possible Home Learning Activities to support our class learning if you wish to do more.

Also we have attached some useful documents including our Common Word Lists (we can tell you which one we have chosen to challenge ourselves with), Spelling Activity cards, Spelling Words from our rule this week and a link to our Newsletter which you will also find on our blog.

Please note that Broomlee permission letters are to be returned when possible.

Our Learning Stories have come home with us. We have been sharing our learning for Term 1 and we have set our own targets for Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. Please share these at home and think about how you might be able to also work on these at home. We would be very grateful if you can return the Learning Stories when you have shared these so that we can begin to gather our evidence of learning together.

Thank you for your ongoing support
Have a lovely long weekend,
Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

P5 Learning Stories

Dear all,

Just a quick plea to ask for any Learning Stories (Blue Folders) from P4 that were not returned at the end of last session to come back please. We are now ready to start sharing our learning for P5 and will be organising our learning from P4 to allow us to share new items in the stories. These are due to come home on Friday 13th September so we would be very grateful if they could be returned before Friday please to allow for them to be updated and sent home on time.

Thank you, The P5 Teachers