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P5H – 31.5.19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week;


We have done some spelling, our sound was le. Here are our spelling words.

We carried out our literature circles, we are enjoying our books that we have chosen.

We read our stories that we wrote to our nursery buddies. They really enjoyed it and so did we!

On Thursday we wrote letters to the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (Sick kids). We wrote the letter to explain what we did to raise money and explain how we organised the Toy Sale. We have got a big cheque to get our photo with to send with the letters.


In numeracy we continued to link division to fractions. We learnt how to lay it out correctly. Instead of working out 1/4 of a number we worked out 3/4 or 3/6 or 7/8 or a number is.

To work out 3/4 of a number we first of all have to divide the number by the denominator wich is 4 then times it by the numerator wich is 3.

e.g. 3/4 of 36

36 dividied by 4 = 9

9×3 = 27

so 3/4 of 36 = 27

We have also started to work on estimating length. We had to try an immagine a ruler in our head and use it to help us calculate how long an object might be. Next week we will be doing this with bigger objects and measuring in m.

Home learning – Can you find some objects to estimate and then measure at home?


We got to meet our new Nursery Buddies. We made a picture for them to colour in when we meet them next.

We became scientists this week!

We carried out a scientific investigation into different types of insulation. We wanted to find out which was the best insulation between wool, thick paper, thin paper, plastic, bubble wrap and nothing. We found out that bubble wrap was the best and none was the worst. You are better to have some insulation than no insulation.

We also started investigating if fertiliser or no fertiliser is better when making beans grow. We won’t know if this works until the plants start to grow.

We completed our Looking Back and Looking Forward sheets.

P5H – 24.5.19

We have had such a short, quick week in P5H this week.

In Maths we have worked on finding fractions of numbers. This is something you can practice at home.

Next week we will be starting to plan some science experiments. For the experiments we will need at least 10 2L, 1.75L or 1.5L plastic bottles. If you finish any of these over the next week can you please send them in.

P5H – 17.5.19

This week has been a bit different because we have had our Health Week!

One of the first things we did was the Scootathon with the Nursery. We scooted in a circle in the playground and chatted to our buddies. We also got to show off some tricks on our scooter. At the end when Nursery had gone we did a relay race on our scooters.

We learnt about First Aid with Mrs Murray.

The highlight of our Health Week was Sport Day!! We had 10 activities including javelin, skipping, sack race, obsticle race, egg and spoon, running, beanbag run, football dribbling, relay race and beanbag throw. Some of our favourites were the football dribble and javelin and running! It was really fun.  Some of us also helped out with the Nursery and P1 sports day, we had to tell the children how to do the activities and encourage them and count up their points.

We did some research into Paralympic sports. It was very interesting to find out things that were different to able-bodied sports. Paralympic athletes get treated with the same attitude by coaches as able-bodies althletes, their coaches don’t go easy on them because of their disability. We discovered how para-athletes have rules adapted to help them in the sport.

We learnt about the Eatwell plate. There are 5 different sections of the plate, one of the sections was Carbohydrates and Starchy food, this has things like bread in it. Sweets and treats were not on the plate because we shouldn’t have lots of them but we discovered that when we brought in wrappers from home we had the most of this section!

On Thursday we had an exctiting day! The Immaginate festival came in to do a workshop with us.

We learnt about sound! We made our own soundtrack for a fire video. We used bubble wrap, plastic, newspaper, wrapping paper and crisp packets to create the sounds which were recorded by a microphone onto a computer where they were mixed together. It sounded really relistic.

We also recorded footsteps in woods, we used rice crispies being crushed to make the sound of people walking.

In the afternoon we learnt about the play we are going to see – This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries and This Girl Does Nothing. We discovered a lot about the characters – we had to create a frozen picture to represent the personalities of each of the girls.

At the end we went into groups and picked songs that represented us. Some of the songs were Leave the Light on because if we get into an argument we always help each other, Working 9 till 5 becuase it is a cheery song that makes us happy and From Now On becuase it reminded some of us about the dance show!

Home learning this week is to ‘Make a difference’ You will find details on the sheet below which will be sent home next week to fill in.

P5H – 10.5.19

For Monday – can you please bring in a small selection of food packets/wrappers. If you have any fruit and veg papacking then please send this in too.

We are going to have a scootathon with our nursery buddies on Monday too. If you have a scooter can you please take it in.

We have had a VERY busy week this week so here are some photo highlights of what we have been up to.




P5H – 3.5.19


Please remember to take bikes in on both Wednesday and Thursday next week.


Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week;


We have started to plan some books that we are writing for our Nursery buddies. The books are about going to Primary School and what it is like. We will write them next week.

We have learnt about onomatopoeias and used them in a poem about animals.

We did spelling, we learnt about hard k. We also chose new literature circle books.

Finally we wrote an immaginitive story about a lift. Some of them were scary and some were happy, we wrote in the past tense. Some people finished on a cliffhanger.


We have started learning about fractions. We found this easier than in P4 because we know our times tables and division so well now!

We put fractions on a number line, we played fractions games, we learnt about fractions of shapes.

We also started measurement. We discussed different things we could measure – lenght, weight, volume/capacity and area and perimeter.


We started Bikeability this week. We learnt how to safely get onto a bike and looking for traffic before you set off. It is really important to do a lifesaver look before leaving! We did a slow race, we had to keep steady and the winner was the person came last. We learnt how to stop safely in a controlled manner using our breaks without skidding.

We chose our new topic – It is an eco friendly topic. We have started to learn about energy and where it comes from.

We looked at different materials and put them into man-made materials and natural material piles. Then we looked at the properties of the materials and then designed a boat which has to float with some weights in it.

Here are some pictures of us running some relay races with P5WH

P5H – 26.4.19

*** Reminder***

Bikeability is next week on Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure your bike is in working order (especially the brakes), tyres are pumped up and that you have a helmet that fits.

If bikes are already in working order then we get more time working on our cycling skills instead of fixing bikes at the beginning of the session.


Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week.


We completed some comprehension on Easter, it was about Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. It explained what happened on the original day and what happens now.

We wrote an immaginative story in writing. It was about a Spring garden with a twist – we met a creature! We had to try and use similes and metaphors, WOW words, write in the present tense and some speech to challenge ourselves.

Home learning – Imagine you are on a jorney somewhere, can you write a paragraph written in present tense, using first person. Challenge yourself by adding in some similes and metaphors.

Here Are some pictures of us looking for inspiration for our spring story.


We revised column addition and subtraction, we found out a lot of us had forgotten how to do column subtraction we found it useful.

We also revised over perimiter and area and time.

Home learning – Look at some bus timetables and work out how long some different journeys will be.


On office 365 we logged on and started learning how to send emails. When you send an email it is important to say who it is from and too and also a subject.

We got new tables, made new table names and designed Tudor-inspired shields for our tables. We had to think about the patterns and colours that we used as different ones stand for different meanings. We also chose an animal to represent our table based on how we think our table would work and how we act.

We started designing some spring artwork based on tulips. We had to use line, pattern and shading to help us with our designes. We then learnt about flowers with Mrs Martindale. We learnt what is inside a flower using tulips.

P5 had good fun this week!

P5 fundraising

On Thursday we held our Toy Sale for Sick Kids (Edinburgh Children’s Hosiptal Charity).

In total we raised over £300!!! £326.38 to be exact which is an amazing amount to raise!

We would like to say thank you for buying our Toys to help such an amazing cause, we hope you enjoy playing with all the toys you bought. Thank you for bringing in toys for us to sell.

Below are some pictures of us selling to some classes.


P5H panda workshop

On Thursday we had a visit from a member of the Zoo who works with the pandas. She came in to tell us all about Pandas including where they live, what they eat, what babies look like and even what their poo looks like!

This is what a baby panda looks like! It’s tiny compared to its mum and also has a tail. we found out why baby pandas are so small- pandas have something called delayed implantation which means it can be 1-3 months before the baby starts to grow. The baby only grows for around 6 weeks inside its mum!

P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW

P5H – 29.3.19

Here is what we have been up to this week in P5H;


We did our last week of literature circles with our current books. We looked at our predictor role and some people had some of their predictions come true but others had none!

We assesed our newspaper article about Mary QoS. Lots of people got tickled pink in it and there were only a few green for growths. Here is a link to see all of our newspaper reports!

We planned some senses poems and watched a Michael Rosen poem. Some of us preformed our poems to the class.

Some home learning – go outside into your back garden and relax. Listen and feel what is around you and write your own senses poem about your garden!

Our spelling pattern was soft g this week.



We did some more work on division. One chilli has been dividing with remainders, two and three chilli have been doing short division and three chilli became teachers to help the two chilli group.

we have been learning more about number patterns. We learnt to decipher number patterns to help us solve codes. We had to use a key to help us. Three chilli did some work on the fibinachi sequence.

We learned about the Ceaser Cipher – when you write the letters are shifted along three spaces, the Enigma code helped us during WWII. We designed our own secret codes to test each other.

Some home learning – try and make some of your own codes using number patterns! Bring them in for people to solve.



We learned about Tudor jewlerey and made our own using pasta and art materials. It was quite messy to do!

We went on Scratch to learn how to do computer programming. We had to use codes at the side to help us move our character move and say thing. The character was called ‘Sprite’.

In assembly we learned about the Easter story from the SU. We have done an easter wordsearch or crossword to test our knowledg. Eilidh’s wee brother Callum came into assembly, he smiled the whole way through and was really cute. He has grown lots since we last met him, he was able to eat a lot more foods too.