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P5 Scots Poetry

Good afternoon

As part of our focus on Scotland in January, P5 are looking at the works of Robert Burns. For our reading homework this week we would like the children to learn a poem. We have shown the children four examples of his poetry. These are

A mans a man

My love is like a red red rose

My hearts in the highlands

To a mouse

The children can choose one of these to learn, or any other Scots poem they may know. Next week from Tuesday we will ask the children to recite their poem to the class. We have spoken about all the important parts of talking and listening which will help in their recital.

I have attached the link to the BBC burns site which has the words and some celebrities reciting the four poems.

Good luck to everyone, we cant wait to hear them.


P5T – What we have been learning this week 13.12.19


We are enjoying the class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. We are continuing to try to get evidence from the book to support what we say/think about the book.

In Writing, we wrote about the advantages of plants. This was after a big discussion, watching a clip and a visit from Mrs Ritchie telling us all about plants – who knew there was so many things to plants!

We revised our spelling rules from the last couple of weeks (f – ves and y – ies). Some of us are finding this a bit tricky! We will continue our revision next week but focus on patterns/rules we found the hardest.


Activities to do at home:

  • Draw the main event of a story you are reading
  • Read a book and think about ways an author shows you something (e.g. how does the author build tension in the story. They may use words and actions to do this – try to identify them.


Maths and Numeracy

We looked at the perimeter of shapes – we know this is the total distance of the sides of a shape. We also looked at the relationship between multiplication and division and used this knowledge to help us answer questions.

Activities to do at home:


Other areas of the curriculum

  • We decorated the class Christmas tree by designing our own decorations – it looks great!
  • We are learning how to use a word document. We wrote our plant piece of work on word and had to use different features to help us – like cut and paste.


P7T Enterprise

Squishy squad! 

Eat sleep squish repeat 

 On the 10th of December we are selling de-stress balls in the top area. All the de-stress balls are 50p or a pound so no need to bring in a five pound note. There will be a DIY stall for people to draw their own faces on the squishies. There are the colours pink, gold, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange to choose from. Our squishies are made by filling a balloon with flour or rice. We also recommend not to squish them too hard otherwise they may burst, however, none of ours have burst yet. All the money will be going to our class charity and a P7 trip.  

From Maya, Ella, Carla, Holly and Eve A.K.A. squishie squad 



All of your favourite footy challenges in one place 

 At Buckstone primary school on the 10th of December 2019 . 

Come for a raffle, keepy uppies challenge and a beat the keeper against Buckstone’s best keeper and nothing over a pound. 

Winner of the raffle wins a  mitre imperil plus ball!  


P5T – What we have been learning this week 06.12.19


In Spelling, our rule was words ending with a y when turned into plural you add ies. However if the word has a vowel before the y, you just add s. SPELLING P5 WEEK 14

In Reading, we continued with our class novel. We visualised the text by studying what the author said and created a picture to show the description. In our group books, we were predicted what would happen next and compared it to what we would like to happen next.

After our trip to Frozen II, we had to review the film. This involved what we liked about the characters and the setting as well as doing a brief summary. We also drew our favourite character. There was a varying number of stars by the critics!


Activities to do at home:

  • Sumdog
  • Make an imaginative story and use lots of adjectives
  • Practise our spelling rule by coming up with new words
  • Try dictation (see last week’s post)
  • Practise using a dictionary


Maths and Numeracy

We have been practising the 7 timestables to help us with our multiplication and division work. We have also been applying our area knowledge in real life contexts which we will continue to do as part of our learning. As we have finished our work on area we will move on to perimeter next week. We are enjoying working with Sumdog to develop our mental maths.

Activities to do at home:

  • Sumdog
  • Division sum


Other areas of the curriculum

  • We enjoyed our trip to see Frozen II.
  • In P.E. we were developing our team work by playing various games.
  • We have been working on developing our library corner in the classroom to make it more inviting!


Please find your child’s Learning Story in their bag today. Enjoy having a look through their amazing work. We would really appreciate a comment on the Literacy/Numeracy comments sheet and ask they are returned on Monday. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Buckstone ‘Social Bite- Wee Sleep Out’

A massive well done to all who took part in the sleep out last night. We have raised the following total at time of going to press-


Total raised so far £2,288.00

Target £100.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £2,771.25

Raised offline: £0.00

We want to push on to the £3000 mark, so helping homeless people and raising awareness of their plight.

See blogs below which were created by pupils-


Social bite wee sleepout

Social bite are a charity who help raise awareness for homelessness.p6  have done a sleepout in the gym hall it happened on Thursday 5th December .In the morning  we were very tired!!!  if you would like to donate it would be great. If you wouldn’t like to donate please pass the message on. here is the website for donating click here to donate !              social bite came to our sleepover and talked to us about homelessness and she handed out badges and balloons !!!    it was a great night !!


To support the charity of social bite wee did a wee sleep out so with out further a do Welcome to Buckstone primary’s wee sleep out. This is a hyperlink to the donation page for Social Bite to help end  homelessness. 

Buckstone ‘Wee Sleep out’





The nursery are organising the charity event to support ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN’.

The children are asking everyone to come to school wearing their Christmas Jumper on Friday 13th December.

Please donate £1 via Parent Pay.

The nursery group will be very excited to see all of your jumpers on the day!!! We are planning to do a tour around the school.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team

A message from some P7 enterprise teams

This term P7 are doing an enterprise project run by Virgin money called Make £5 grow. Please see some adverts from some of our teams.

The Christmas Puddings

The Golden Stars 😉


Hello we are Abbie. S, Abbi.M, Rachel.S, Ashley and Hana and in P7 we are doing an enterprise project. We will me making our very own scrunchies our business is called SCRUNCHIEHUT!

We are sending this blog post out because we would love it if your child would be able to bring in some money to buy our homemade scrunchies on the 10th December.

We have scrunchies varying prices from £1.50 – £2.00 and different colours such as… Pink, Purple, Blue and our LIMITED EDITION COLOUR YELLOW!!

We would be very grateful if you and your child would be able to donate some old T-shirts or shirts in any of those colours. It would be helpful if you would be able to donate them from the 29th of November to the 6th of December. If you can please give them to P7H (we would prefer no patterns, and the T-shirt needs to be clean.) .

Thank you very much Scrunchiehut.


Bracelet Bunch

On the 10th of December our group, called bracelet bunch, will be selling bracelets for our enterprise project. We will have lots of different types of bracelets such as: 

  • Bead bracelets  
  • Friendship bracelets 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets 
  • Personalised name bracelets 

We will also have some deals like 3 for the price of 2! 

 Are prices are as follows: 

  • Bead bracelets for £1.00 
  • Friendship bracelets for £1.50 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets for £1.50 
  • Personalised name bracelets for £1.50 

Hope you can bring in your money😀 

thank you 




P5T – What we have been learning this week 29.11.19


This week’s spelling rule was f turning to v when it becomes plural. SPELLING P5 WEEK 13 We are enjoying doing dictation with our spelling words. We have to make sure we spell our words correctly as well as include punctuation in the sentences given to us.

We continued reading our class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles” where we analysed characters by hot seating them. This is when some of us answered questions pretending to be that character.

We are learning to join our cursive in handwriting.  A lot of us need to practise this!

Activities to do at home

  • Write a summary on your reading book
  • Practise using a dictionary
  • Try a dictation at home (see spelling document for more information)
  • Continue to practise joining your handwriting


Maths and Numeracy 

We continued our work on area. We were learning how to find the area of a right angle triangle. We know the formula for this is A = 1/2 L x B. We also applied our knowledge of finding the area of a rectangle into real life problems which we found pretty tricky. We will continue to work on this next week. We also started work on perimeter which we will continue over the next couple of weeks. We know the perimeter is the length of the shape edge.

We are enjoying using Sumdog in class to develop our mental maths.

Activities to do at home

  • Use Sumdog at home
  • Do a Suduko
  • Try to work out this problem – A bedroom wall is 3m long and 2m high. What is the total area of the wall? How many tins are needed if each wall needs two coats of paint and each tin covers 10m squared?

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We made a Christmas poster including stars and snowmen.
  • After going outside to find sticks we started to wrap wool around them to make stars. We will finish this Christmas decoration next week.
  • We made a drawing, leaflet, newspaper article or poster to describe our topic.


P5T – What we have been learning this week 22.11.19


This week in Spelling we have been learning about ous words which sound like us. Please see the list attached. A lot of us didn’t quite understand what some of the words meant so we had to look up in the dictionary the definition. We had some dictionary races to see who could find it first.

We started our new class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. When studying this we were looking at how the author described a setting. We had to use the description to create a picture of the characters’ house. We also came across some tricky words within the text so had to look these up to understand.

When planning our writing we made mindmaps to help us write a paragraph about the ice melting.

Activities at home: 

Practise using a dictionary

Anything you read at home try to draw what the character has described

Draw or write about the main event in a story


Maths and Numeracy

We have continued with area. We have been learning more about the formula to calculate the area (A = L x B) as well as creating shapes with a specific area. E.g. create a shape with an area of 36cm2. This could be 6cm x 6cm or 4cm x 9cm.

We were looking at multiplication, addition and subtraction in real life problems. We also made our own. For example Jonny bought a laptop for £234, 3 ipads for £356 each and 5 chocolate bars for £2.11 each. How much would he have left if he had £1800.

Activities at home:

Create your own word/real life problems and solve

Calculate the area of your own rectangles


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In P.E we focused on basketball. We practised dribbling and passing. We had to try to get passed the teacher
  • In Mandarin we read a book about what was made in China
  • In RME, we studied the story of Noah’s Ark and began creating a piece of art

Christmas Fair Hampers

As you will know the Christmas Fair is fast approaching. We have been asked by the Parent Council to collect items to make a hamper for the raffle. Our hamper’s theme is International. From Monday we will be collecting items in class to put in our hamper. We would very much appreciate any donations of anything with an international theme.

Many thanks for your support.

christmas tree with baubles

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