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P5T What we have been learning this week 15.11.19

We’ve had such a busy week with assembly! We loved performing it this morning for the parents/carers etc. Was lovely to see so many people there – thanks for coming!

Please see our Reflective Friday reflections below to see what we have been learning and our spelling words.









P5T are one of the classes in school to take part in the Sumdog pilot until Christmas. We have just started using this today so if you get a chance at home then please try to log on too!


Have a lovely weekend.



P5T Reflective Friday 8.11.19

It has been a busy week in Primary 5 this week!

In Literacy this week…


In Reading we started our new group books. We also analysed a music video. We were to answer questions to show our understanding.

Our rule this week in Spelling was “tion” to sound like “shun” SPELLING P5 WEEK 10 1

We use the Edinburgh Sound Chart to sound out the words. This shows us that there are different ways to say the same sound.


Activities to do at home –

  • See spelling document
  • Make notes for a programme you watch (think of the mindmaps we were making.


In Maths and Numeracy…


Things to do at home:

  • Randomly ask the time – say it in 2 different ways
  • Try to find the area using our formula (Area = Length x Breadth) for things around the house.


Other Areas of the Curriculum


  • We started practising our assembly! You are in for treat next Friday!
  • In P.E. we looked at volleyball rules. We are learning new skills.



Reflective Friday P5 1.11.19

Wow – what an exciting, busy and eventful week we have had in P5!
It has been lots of fun enjoying Halloween and also it was great to have so many visitors into our class as part of our Sharing our Learning drop in on Friday 1.11.19

Mrs Ling would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to P5 for being such a fabulous class and also a big thank you to all of the parents, families and carers who have been so supportive and kind. I will keep in touch and wish you all the very best and a super rest of P5.

Please find our more detailed reflections on our learning as an attachment for you to see and our ideas of home learning activities. Please also find attached our spelling words and possible activities for this week. Also attached is our Mandarin learning from this week incase you want to practise and teach someone at home!

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!
Primary 5, Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

Reflections 25.10.19

Primary 5 have enjoyed a busy and successful start to our term! Welcome back everyone and it has been wonderful to see you all.

Please find attached some reflections from our Reflective Friday discussions today in P5T and our spelling rule and words for this week.

Have a lovely weekend!
Primary 5, Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

Our Exciting Week :)

Primary 5 have had a very exciting week of learning and we are having a great time at Broomlee for our camp!!

This week we are away for Reflective Friday but here are some of our learning highlights:
– We enjoyed a whole-school assembly on Monday to share successes of the term
– We have engaged in learning lots of songs with the other P5-P7 classes as part of our Health and Wellbeing and Music
– We have learnt all about the suffix ly in our weekly rule (find attached our spelling words if you wish to practise these over the holidays)
– We enjoyed creating Christmas cards with Mr Tsirigkas
– We have continued to build on our Mandarin by making a book sharing our number knowledge

At home over the holidays you could look back over the blog posts this term with many tasks and links attached to practise any of the following:
Our common words
Our weekly spelling rules and activities
Division with and without remainders
Place value games
Times Tables
Writing ideas and themes
Mandarin vocabulary

Most of all we wish you a relaxing and wonderful break over the October holidays and look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 23rd October!

Thank you for all of your support this term. 🙂
Primary 5, Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

Learning Reflections and Optional Home Learning 4.10.19

Well done Primary 5 for another exciting and busy week of learning!
We have enjoyed sharing our learning and coming up with our own ideas for Home Learning to help us again this week.
Please find attached some Division learning tasks to do to practise our written method for division with and without remainders. See the link on our Reflective Post to a description and video of our strategy!
Please also find the Spelling weekly rules words and task uploaded for your practise.
All Spelling common words have been uploaded for use in previous weeks with activity cards and other tasks!

Thank you for all of your support at our Parents Appointments,
Have a lovely weekend!
P5, Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

Learning Summary 27.9.19

We have enjoyed a wonderful week of learning together! Well done everyone.

Please return any remaining Learning Stories on Monday as we are gathering evidence from our learning in preparation for Parents Appointments next week.

Please also return any remaining forms e.g. Broomlee permissions or Photo permissions asap.

Thank you,
Mrs Ling, Mr Tsirigkas and P5

Reflective Friday 27.9.19 P5T


We have been continuing to practise our cursive handwriting. We were learning how to join our letters to make words. For example, we have worked on words like ‘magic, me, meal, high and magical’ using our letters that we have been learning to accurately form.

In our Spelling we were learning about how to add our suffix er and est. Sometimes the words ended in a consonant so we had to double the consonant but we also had words ending in an e. To add our suffix to these we learnt to take away the e and then add er/est. For example, we had: fit, fitter and fittest and also nice, nicer and nicest. You can find our other words on the blog post from Monday and some games to try on the weblink on this!

In Writing and Reading we used our skills in learning to find and summarise main events from our class novel. Here is an example of one of the main events we shared together: The battle started because King Harold became the King but the crown had been promised to Duke William.

We have started working in our Reading groups. Here are the books we are working on: Flat Stanley, The Twits, The Last Wolf and Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion. For Tuesday we need to read through the given pages by Mr Tsirigkas.

Home Learning Ideas:

  1. Practise our weekly spelling words using the blog post from Monday with words attached (and game – – Active Spelling cards are in a previous post.
  2. Try to read a book of our choice and practise note-taking or summarising main events to share with the class.
  3. Complete our given Reading Book reading for Tuesday.


In our Numeracy we have been learning traditional calculations with a focus on subtraction using 3 or 4 digit numbers. We have been challenged to try and do this with values such as millions! You start with the biggest number at the top and then you put the subtraction sign at the side and take away the smaller number underneath. You then draw a line and work from the units along to the tens, hundreds and thousands.

We have been learning all about how to construct a 3D shape from a 2D net. We have made cuboids, cubes, triangular based pyramids, square based pyramids, icosahedrons, octagonal prisms, pentagonal prisms, dodecahedrons, octahedrons and other challenge shapes! We had to use our Growth Mindset and perseverance to build these tricky shapes!

In our Beat That’s we have been working on our speed skills in adding, subtracting and multiplying. It has been more challenging than the questions we worked on in Primary 4 but we are getting quicker each time!

Home Learning Ideas:

  1. Subtraction games and methods –
  2. Can you make your own 2D net to make a 3D shape?
  3. Practise constructing a 3D shape using a net (see attached files to blog post)

Topic/I.D.L/Health and Wellbeing

In our PE we have been learning about the rules of Basketball. If you take more than 3 steps with the ball in your hands without dribbling the other team get the ball. If you score inside the ring you get 2 points and if you score outside the ring you get 3 points. In our games we had to keep track of the score!

In our RME we have been learning to create an engaging poster all about our P5 chosen charity. Our chosen charity is the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. We have used our ICT skills to research information and here is a fact we have found out: the EDCH can help to look after a cat or dog that is not well or if you are on holiday they can help. We know that their slogan is Rescue, Reunite and Rehome and we have learnt about their logo!

Home Learning Ideas:

  1. Explain the rules of Basketball to someone at home to remind you what they are!
  2. Go onto the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home website and research any other areas –

Learning Reflections 20.9.19

We have enjoyed another busy week of learning in P5!
This week we wanted to share our reflections in learning partners. Here are some examples of what we worked on together, our skills that we have been developing and our Home Learning ideas.
Please find attached a PDF of our class reflections and below some examples of our learning partner ideas.

Please also look at the post from last week to see further opportunities for Home Learning and reflections.
Thank you for the Learning Stories that have been returned now, please ensure you share this at home and then return them to school ASAP so that we can start gathering our learning evidence.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Primary 5H, Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas

Learning Reflections P5 13.9.19

Good afternoon everyone! 🙂

Primary 5 have enjoyed another very busy week of learning. We have worked hard together to reflect on our learning and created our blog entry together. Please enjoy sharing this.

Please also find on the blog entry a list of some possible Home Learning Activities to support our class learning if you wish to do more.

Also we have attached some useful documents including our Common Word Lists (we can tell you which one we have chosen to challenge ourselves with), Spelling Activity cards, Spelling Words from our rule this week and a link to our Newsletter which you will also find on our blog.

Please note that Broomlee permission letters are to be returned when possible.

Our Learning Stories have come home with us. We have been sharing our learning for Term 1 and we have set our own targets for Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. Please share these at home and think about how you might be able to also work on these at home. We would be very grateful if you can return the Learning Stories when you have shared these so that we can begin to gather our evidence of learning together.

Thank you for your ongoing support
Have a lovely long weekend,
Mrs Ling and Mr Tsirigkas