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P5H – 1/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We got our new reading books for Literature Circles – remember reading is due for Monday each week.

We learnt about words to show emotion in news articles with Mrs Martindale. We had to read through a piece of news about deforestation and try and find words that showed emotion in it.

The P3s had written stories for us and they came and told them on Monday! They were great stories.


We learnt some more about time durations. This week we looked at a timetable for a train. We had to try and figure out how long the train journey would be.

We began to learn about area. Area is the space that a shape takes up. We made up our own shapes which had to have a certain amount of cm2 in them. We also had to try and draw outlines of shapes with a certain area, this was a bit harder.

Some home learning we can do on a bit of squared paper

Draw some shapes with the following areas;





25 1/2 cm2


On Monay we learnt about how David Rizzio got stabbed 56 times and thrown down some stairs! Lord Darnely was part of the plot for this. A crime scene appeared outside the classroom to help us solve this.

We made health passports to share how we are going how are we are going to be active and healthy.

We went on a trip to HOLYROOD PALACE! When we arrived we looked outside and discovered that one side is older than the other. We found out that the stone structure outside was a replica of one at Linlithgow Palace. Next we went on a tour of the inside of the palace, it was very ‘polished’ and old but nice. We liked seeing the room where Rizzio died and Mary’s bedroom with the secret stairway.

After this we Fergus and Rebecca got dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley! The clothes were quite tight.

P5H – 22/2/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We wrote a report on Generation Science from earlier in the week. We had to use scientific words to help us.

In spelling we had to change a word ending in y to a plural. If the second last letter was a vowel then we just had to add an s onto it, if the second last letter was a consonant then we have to change the y to a i and add es.

We finished our books in literacy circles! We will get new ones next week.


We learnt about time intervals with Mrs Martindale. We had to use different methods to find out the time between two times or to find out when something finished. We also looked at timetables for busses and trains.

Some home learning for maths is to look at timetables and calculate durations of different things e.g. tv shows, busses or trains. Remember to write any highlights in the homework highlights book.

We did our daily10, next week all groups are going to start dividing so start to practise at home.

We made our own maths board games to show what we know about times tables.


We used excel to add up money to help us understand the purpose of excel. Someone wanted to go to the sweet shop and we had to type in a formula to work out how to get 14 sweets for £10.

We have been learning about Lord Darnley. He get married to Mary but it wasn’t a happy marriage. He was a very vain man.

In PE we were on the apparatus for gymnastics.

P5 Generation Science – Good Vibrations

This afternoon P5 had Generation Science in to visit us to teach us all about sound and sound vibrations.

We discovered that everything is made up of particles, and for sound to move it needs to pass through the particles by bumping into each other. Sound can travel through gas, liquids or solids and it travels fastest through solids.

We also found out that higher pitched notes have waves that vibrate quicker than low pitched notes.

Even notes that we can’t hear still make sound vibrations.

Bigger vibrations make noises that are louder. E.g. hitting a drum harder.

The reason a guitar has a hole in the middle is so that the sound vibrations can be amplified by air in the box.

We recorded our own song using digital technology.

SSPCA Charity Day!

Primary One have organised a charity day THIS FRIDAY to support the SSPCA.

Come to school dressed up as an animal on Friday 22nd February. Any donations are kindly received via Parent Pay.

Primary One hope to raise money to help lots of animals.

I wonder how many different animals we will spot in our school?!

Thank you for your support,

The P1 Team 🙂

P5H – 8.2.19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week!


On Monday we used our story sticks that we made last week to tell our stories to the P3s. The P3s really liked our stories and they managed to answer some questions we asked about our stories too!

Later in the week we used our story sticks to help us write about our stories. Mrs Haynes asked us to try and write at least one full page and almost everyone managed which was great! We had to try and include a simile and at least three different openers and connectives when we were writing.

Here is our spelling this week;



WE have done some more work on time this week. We converted 12 hour time to 24 hour time. To convert PM times you add the number of hours it is to 12. If there is only 3 digits in your AM time then you add a 0 at the start.

We have done some more work on using column sums to multiply, it’s getting much easier and we are starting to do it with bigger numbers.

Some home learing you can do over the holidays is practise division!

Daily10 is a fun way to do this.


WE learnt some more about Tudor food. We had to use the iPads to help us search for Tudor food for rich and poor people to make a menu. We then used ‘hot seating’ to interview people by asking them about their food to try and work out if they were a rich or poor person.

We designed some artwork inspired by Steven Brown’s Mccoo artwork. Our artwork was inspired by Mary Queen of Scots so we added in crowns, Scottish flags, jewlery and thistles to respresent Mary. In the background we put castles that Mary Queen of Scots had visited.

We also learnt about internet safety. The most important messages we got about internet safety were;

Always to ask for permission before sharing a picture of someone.

If someone you don’t know tries to add you then tell a trusted adult and block them.

If you are on a website and a notification pops up that you don’t know what to do then ask an adult.

P5H – 25.1.19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week!


We have started making some story sticks. As story stick is a stick where you attach props from your story to help you remember it and re-tell the story. We will use them on Monday when we are telling our stories to P3. There are some pictures of us hunting for our story sticks below!

We have been learning ‘ous’ endings in spelling, here are our words;


When Mrs Martindale was in we learnt about ‘fake news’. We got given a news article about a wonman who got hit by a flying hotdog. We had to read it and highlight some of the key parts and then summarise the story. At the end we had a vote to see if it was fake or not. We thought it was fake – it turns out it was REAL!!



We have been learning about column multiplication with two or three digits multiplied by one digit. We played some board games, there are some pictures below of us playing.

We have been doing Daily10 in class, we work in a group to complete a times table or division and try and get as many right as we can.

Remember to keep on playing Daily10 to help with times tables and division. If you do really well, write it in our homework highlights book in class!

We have also started to learn about clocks and telling the time. This week we revised over times to and past from P4. If you have a watch, please start wearing it to school to help us with our time learining.


We have learnt all about Mary’s early life when she moved to France. We have found out about her first husband, Francis II of France and he died of an ear infection one year after Mary and Him got married.

We took part in the Big Bird Watch in the playground. Mrs Martindale took us in groups round the playground to look for different types of birds. When we saw a bird we tallied our results on a sheet.

We have been learning how to use Excel. We were doing addition, we had to type it in a certain way into the cell to get it to give you the answer.

P5H – 25.1.19

This week in primary 5 we have been very busy.

Mrs Martindate is in our class every Wednesday and Thursday until may.


We have been using our story mountains that we wrote last week to plan a story to tell other classes. We took the plan and made it into a comic strip to help remember our story and to start to think about props that we might need to tell our story.

You can find information about story mountains in here

We have been learning ture endings in spelling, here are our words;

spelling p5 week 11


We have been learning about estimating time. Mrs Martindale gave us some tasks to do, including one where we had to estimate how long had passed and another was estimating how long a task might take and checking our estimate with a stopwatch.

We have started revising our times tables (and division) and completing the ‘Daily10’ to help us with this;

We will be completing this as often as we can in school to try and get quicker at our times tables and division.

We did a times table test to find out the times tables we didn’t know to help us practise them. This sheet will be sent home so you can practise at home too! In the blog post below this one there are loads of tables games to play.


We have been learning about Robert Burns and Burns night, including that he was born in Ayrshire, that haggis is made of sheeps internal organes and that he died when he was 37.

We also learnt about Mary Queen of Scots family tree – she was related to HenryVIII who had 6 wives which he “divorced, beheded, and died, divorced, beheded and survived”! We also found out she married her cousin.

We also looked at the timeline of Mary’s life.

Times tables

Primary 5 are learning about multiplication and division this term.

For homework, can pupils please complete some of the following games to help them learn their times tables and division facts. If you play any and find it really useful, make sure you add it to our homework highlights jotter in class!


Below are some interactive games to help learn times tables;


This website has some other great games to play!



Have fun!!