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P5M Learning Together At Home 26.06.20

Good Morning P5M.

We made it to the last day of term!!

Look out for the assembly from Mrs Imrie today and the email which the admin team are sending out from Mrs Nicholson and I to all of your parents.

A HUGE thank you to you for the extremely kind gifts that we received yesterday. It was so generous of you and we particularly enjoyed reading the little messages.

Hopefully you can relax over the next few weeks and enjoy the break.

See you in August,

Mrs McFarlane


P5M Learning Together At Home 25.06.20

Good Morning P5M,

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. We had the paddling pool out in our garden to keep cool!

You will be able to find the grid and links for this week in yesterday’s blog post (below).

Look out for the assembly tomorrow and the email which will be sent out to all the parents from Mrs Nicholson and I.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs McFarlane


P5M Learning Together At Home 24.06.20

Good Morning P5M,

It was great to speak to so many of you yesterday at our meeting. I hope you enjoyed the quiz! I have attached the grid that Mrs Nicholson posted on Monday along with the other links you need. Ms Hastie has also added the PE videos so you should be able to find them if you scroll down our class blog.

Remember this grid is to last for the whole of this week but I will post a short message each day too.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs McFarlane






Health and Wellbeing

CBBC celebrity supply teacher, Katie Piper offers a unique lesson in well-being and how to feel happy and healthy no matter what worries you may have.

This video takes children through various well-being exercises for confidence, self-esteem and support with anxiety.

I found the strategies here really useful for myself and thought they might be beneficial for all of us during this time. idden1 \lsdun

P5M Transition Day Activities 23.6.20

Good morning everyone!

You should all have received the news yesterday that Mrs McFarlane and myself will be taking you on to Primary 6. We are delighted to be able to spend a full year with you all and hope that you are pleased too!

Today there is a mixture of tasks for you to complete; some organisation for preparing for Primary 6, get to know you activities (in our case get to know you even better), art, numeracy, literacy and ICT. We hope you enjoy these activities, we are looking forward to seeing your completed efforts. I have made a folder in teams called transition day activities for you to upload anything you wish to share.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Teams for a class meeting today at 1.00pm!

Have a great day,

Mrs Nicholson

Word Art

Open the pdf attached below. It has instructions on how to create a piece of lockdown word art. Step 7 gives you instructions on how to share you picture but this was created for a different school. The best way to share your work with us is to email it to the admin team and ask them to forward it on. Alternatively, you could upload it to files within teams.   (Chris and Catriona if you are added to their current class you could just create a folder within files and they could see the work their friends create too.)

Download the pdf attached below titled ‘Football Maths Mystery Game’.  By completing the tasks, you will practise a range of maths skills and solve the Mystery of the Sabotaged Football Kit!

Emoji Code Breaking

A fun maths activity, answers are provided in the PDF.

David Hockney Art

PE Run, Jump and Throw

In the Summer term we usually develop athletics skills . Here are videos of the elements of Running, Jumping and Throwing which you can work through this week. Running has been split into 2 sections.They may have been referred to on your class grid.

You can be creative with the ideas outside and inside. Remember to make sure an adult knows what your are doing, that the area and surface is safe and that you are wearing suitable footwear.

Have fun!

Ms Hastie

PE Throwing
Running Part 1
Running Challenges Part 2
PE Jumping

P5M Learning Together at Home 22.6.20

Good morning everyone, can you believe this is your last Monday as Primary 5?!

Attached below is a grid full of more relaxed, fun learning activities for you to complete if you wish. There will be no formal literacy and numeracy activities this week – hooray!

On tomorrow’s blog there will be some transition activities posted by your new teacher, so please come back to have a look at those.

Have a great day everyone,

Mrs Nicholson

Information on how to access the PE videos to follow…

Class Photo Collage

Good afternoon P5M Team, I hope you are outdoors enjoying the sunshine as I type this message. 

Some info for those of you who couldn’t make it to the last class meeting.  We are going to create our own collage P5M class photo.  Please could you send a portrait style photo of yourself, taken from the waist up, to either the buck- admin email account or save it to the folder called ‘class photo’ in the files section of teams.  Please could you send this by Wednesday 24th June or earlier if possible.    See the example below for an idea of what we are aiming for (we voted on the class call and there will be no message to be held up so just a photo of yourself). 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Have a lovely weekend! 

Food, Glorious Food! 19.06.20

photo of pineapple wearing black aviator style sunglasses and party hat

Today we are focusing on FOOD! I hope you have had your breakfast as you may get really hungry thinking about all this food!

We would love to see what you have been up to today so please send any photos to the admin email account (remember to give permission for any to be shared on the website).

Here are today’s learning activities:

Food, Glorious Food – Second Level

Hope you have a fun (and food) filled day!

P5M Learning Together At Home 18.06.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope that you enjoyed the school trip yesterday! I can’t wait until we can go for outings again in the real world. I think that my own children are most excited to visit the zoo. I wonder where you would like to go?

Here are the links for your Literacy and Maths tasks. Have a great day,

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 18.06.20

P5 Spelling Grid WB 15.06.20

Contracting Words Quiz


Converting Units Colour Answers

Reveal the picture km to m

Reveal the picture m to cm

conversion poster

Capacity Conversion Board Game

Length Conversion Board Game

Weight Conversion Board Game