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Our week in P5M

Hello and a warm welcome back from Mrs Nicholson and Mrs McFarlane!

We have enjoyed getting to know all of the boys and girls and cannot wait to get stuck into all of the new learning this term!

Our Learning this Week


This week we have been practising our times tables.  We have all completed a self-assessment, to inform us of which times tables we need to work on.  Please reinforce these at home.

We have been using our knowledge of the times tables facts to complete written calculations using the column (chimney) method.  We hope to move onto other written methods soon.

For an explanation of the column method – follow this link:

We have been playing some games to help us learn our times table facts.  Here is one that you can play at home.

Times Tables War

This card game for two players helps students practice multiplying quickly, as the first person to  say the product wins the cards.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards with the face cards removed. (This game provides practice through 10s. To practice multiplication by 11 and 12, include the jacks and queens. The jacks represent 11 and queens represent 12.) An ace represents one.

Shuffle the cards and divide them evenly between the two players. Each player holds their cards in a pile, front down. At the same time, they flip over the top card. The first person to say the correct product of the two numbers wins both cards. If players tie in saying the correct product, each player keeps their card.

Play continues until one player has all the cards or until a designated time is up.

Hit the Button and Times Table Mountain are games that will help us to learn our times table facts.  They also have the related division facts which can be practised by children who are confident with their times tables.


Beat That’s – we revisited our ‘Beat That’s’, these are a mixture of addition and subtraction questions that we practice every week under timed conditions.  The children self-assessed their own work to decide which level of Beat That’s they would like to work on.


We have also been reinforcing our addition and subtraction skills using money.




We have been focussing on the works of Rabbie Burns in the lead up to a celebration assembly.  Each child has been issued with a poem to learn at home.  These poems will be recited in class next week, some children will be chosen to recite their poem at the assembly.

In writing we wrote a descriptive paragraph of a winter scene.  The focus was on using a variety of sentence openers and descriptive vocabulary. We tried to focus on QUALITY over quantity.

We also began a novel study based on the book ‘Invasion’.  We spent some time finding out about historical stories to understand that they are often based on facts but also contain elements of fiction.  This story is based on the Norman Conquest so we had to find out what events provoked this event.

Optional:  Can you find out more about the Norman Conquest?  Can you find any other examples of historical novels?

We revised the spelling pattern add ves to words ending in f to make the plural. e.g. thief – thieves.


knife                     knives

scarf                     scarves

loaf                       loaves

sheaf                    sheaves

leaf                       leaves

calf                       calves

half                       halves

herself                  themselves

myself                   ourselves

thief                     thieves



ever                      never


Other Curricular Areas


In line with our Scottish theme we practised some Scottish dancing during our PE time.  This week we learned the Gay Gordons.


We looked at some everyday items which were invented by Scottish inventors.  We are looking forward to learning more about Scottish inventors in the coming weeks.


And finally…

We have been learning about a Scottish artist called Gillian Kyle.  She uses famous Scottish food brands such as MacSweens and Irn Bru in her works.  We wrote to Tunnocks who have kindly donated some Teacakes and Caramel Wafers to help us with our art… we will also be enjoying these tasty treats.

Please complete the permission slip that went home by Monday 20th January. 


tunnocks permission slip


P5 Scots Poetry

Good afternoon

As part of our focus on Scotland in January, P5 are looking at the works of Robert Burns. For our reading homework this week we would like the children to learn a poem. We have shown the children four examples of his poetry. These are

A mans a man

My love is like a red red rose

My hearts in the highlands

To a mouse

The children can choose one of these to learn, or any other Scots poem they may know. Next week from Tuesday we will ask the children to recite their poem to the class. We have spoken about all the important parts of talking and listening which will help in their recital.

I have attached the link to the BBC burns site which has the words and some celebrities reciting the four poems.

Good luck to everyone, we cant wait to hear them.


P5W Reflective Friday 20.12.19

It’s been a fantastic term here in P5W! Some of our highlights have been:

  • Maths mysteries – especially when some of us created our own!
  • Learning different types of conjunctions
  • Practising our handwriting and making it much neater
  • Winning points for our tables and participating in the table competition
  • Playing a P5W football match. It was so close at 5-4 in overtime!
  • Learning how to draw in art
  • Practising our reading, spelling and maths in SumDog
  • Putting together our learning stories
  • Making our own TeeJay books
  • Competing in our Christmas singing competition (congratulations to Bells, who won!)
  • Wearing our Christmas jumpers and hats to school
  • Going on a trip to the cinema to see Frozen 2
  • Celebrating our birthdays
  • Presenting our research projects about the environment
  • Doing daily mindfulness
  • ZooLab visiting us with different animals
  • Designing our own Pudsy bears
  • Creating our own comic books
  • Decorating our Christmas star
  • Sharing our medals and achievements
  • Skills time and playing outside
  • Getting our flu immunisations
  • Participating in whole-school learning teams
  • Creating table flags
  • Going to Broomlee and performing our P5 assembly for parents

It’s been a huge pleasure teaching P5 this year, and while I’m sad to be saying goodbye as the P5W class teacher, I’m thrilled to be staying on at Buckstone in the new year. I hope all children and families have a fantastic holidays, and I look forward to seeing you all again in January.

– Ms Wilson

P5W Reflective Friday 13.12.19

We’ve had a very festive week this week in P5W, starting with watching the P1 Nativity performance and finishing with our Christmas jumper day today. We also enjoyed the stalls run by parents and P7, and we’re especially proud of P7 for raising so much money in their ‘Grow a Fiver’ enterprise. Next week is our last week before Winter break!

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • To change a word ending in y to plural change the y to i and add es.
  • If the letter before the y in the singular word is a vowel, simply add s.

lorry                     lorries

army                     armies

injury                   injuries

family                   families

lady                      ladies

reply                     replies

raspberry              raspberries

daisy                    daisies

country                 countries

tray                      trays

monkey                monkeys

holiday                 holidays


gone                     done

P7T Enterprise

Squishy squad! 

Eat sleep squish repeat 

 On the 10th of December we are selling de-stress balls in the top area. All the de-stress balls are 50p or a pound so no need to bring in a five pound note. There will be a DIY stall for people to draw their own faces on the squishies. There are the colours pink, gold, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange to choose from. Our squishies are made by filling a balloon with flour or rice. We also recommend not to squish them too hard otherwise they may burst, however, none of ours have burst yet. All the money will be going to our class charity and a P7 trip.  

From Maya, Ella, Carla, Holly and Eve A.K.A. squishie squad 



All of your favourite footy challenges in one place 

 At Buckstone primary school on the 10th of December 2019 . 

Come for a raffle, keepy uppies challenge and a beat the keeper against Buckstone’s best keeper and nothing over a pound. 

Winner of the raffle wins a  mitre imperil plus ball!  


Buckstone ‘Social Bite- Wee Sleep Out’

A massive well done to all who took part in the sleep out last night. We have raised the following total at time of going to press-


Total raised so far £2,288.00

Target £100.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £2,771.25

Raised offline: £0.00

We want to push on to the £3000 mark, so helping homeless people and raising awareness of their plight.

See blogs below which were created by pupils-


Social bite wee sleepout

Social bite are a charity who help raise awareness for homelessness.p6  have done a sleepout in the gym hall it happened on Thursday 5th December .In the morning  we were very tired!!!  if you would like to donate it would be great. If you wouldn’t like to donate please pass the message on. here is the website for donating click here to donate !              social bite came to our sleepover and talked to us about homelessness and she handed out badges and balloons !!!    it was a great night !!


To support the charity of social bite wee did a wee sleep out so with out further a do Welcome to Buckstone primary’s wee sleep out. This is a hyperlink to the donation page for Social Bite to help end  homelessness. 

Buckstone ‘Wee Sleep out’





The nursery are organising the charity event to support ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN’.

The children are asking everyone to come to school wearing their Christmas Jumper on Friday 13th December.

Please donate £1 via Parent Pay.

The nursery group will be very excited to see all of your jumpers on the day!!! We are planning to do a tour around the school.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team

A message from some P7 enterprise teams

This term P7 are doing an enterprise project run by Virgin money called Make £5 grow. Please see some adverts from some of our teams.

The Christmas Puddings

The Golden Stars 😉


Hello we are Abbie. S, Abbi.M, Rachel.S, Ashley and Hana and in P7 we are doing an enterprise project. We will me making our very own scrunchies our business is called SCRUNCHIEHUT!

We are sending this blog post out because we would love it if your child would be able to bring in some money to buy our homemade scrunchies on the 10th December.

We have scrunchies varying prices from £1.50 – £2.00 and different colours such as… Pink, Purple, Blue and our LIMITED EDITION COLOUR YELLOW!!

We would be very grateful if you and your child would be able to donate some old T-shirts or shirts in any of those colours. It would be helpful if you would be able to donate them from the 29th of November to the 6th of December. If you can please give them to P7H (we would prefer no patterns, and the T-shirt needs to be clean.) .

Thank you very much Scrunchiehut.


Bracelet Bunch

On the 10th of December our group, called bracelet bunch, will be selling bracelets for our enterprise project. We will have lots of different types of bracelets such as: 

  • Bead bracelets  
  • Friendship bracelets 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets 
  • Personalised name bracelets 

We will also have some deals like 3 for the price of 2! 

 Are prices are as follows: 

  • Bead bracelets for £1.00 
  • Friendship bracelets for £1.50 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets for £1.50 
  • Personalised name bracelets for £1.50 

Hope you can bring in your money😀 

thank you 




P5W Reflective Friday 29.11.19

Here are some of our Reflective Fridays from this week. This week’s SumDog challenge is for reading, and children are encouraged to keep practising their spelling and times tables. Book chapters for this week can be found on our previous blog post.

A reminder to all families that the Christmas Fair on Saturday has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for the new year. I hope that all children who have been off have a restful weekend and are feeling better next week.

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • ous says us in the final syllable
  • To support the breaking up of words into syllables as a spelling strategy, e.g. tre / men / dous, scan / dal / ous














country                 school