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P5HW learning this week 18.3.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.


We were learning that a synonym is a word which has the same or similar meaning as another word  and an antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word

eg  for  big synonym is huge antonym is small

We wrote newspaper reports covering the murder of Lord Darnley . 


We continued with multiplication and division link facts and calculations.

We measured areas in different units eg cm2 and m2 and had to work out some tricky  word problems. we need to practice remembering to put the correct measurement after the numbers 

We continued to explore the life of Mary Stuart after Lord Darnley’s murder. We discussed her captivity and escapes . We performed a play concerning the trial of Lord Darnley in out teams and then decided who were responsible for his murder. We looked at voices and characters.

We designed Tudor houses and then created a For Sale poster outlining the key features of our houses  

In PE we worked with P5H in cooperative games . We nailed the new trio dance.

We discussed out forthcoming Toy Sale and made posters to advertise it . We  created an information message  to send to all classes and parents. 

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces  displayed on our classroom walls

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!

P5 fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (Sick Kids)


In P5 we are going to be doing a toy sale to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation. It is going to be on Thursday 4th April in school near the P5 classrooms.

If you have any toys that you would like to donate can you please bring them in next week and by Monday 1st of April at the latest.

Please don’t bring in toys that you want to keep, you can bring in toys that you don’t play with any more or that have been sitting in your cupboard. It might be a good time to have a spring clean!

Please put any toys you bring in on the table in the P5 library.

Some examples of toys we would like are


Action figures or Barbies

Soft toys


Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters

Board games

Loom bands



Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.


P5H and P5HW

P4 Food Bank Charity Collection

Primary Four are organising a food bank collection for the Edinburgh Food Project, who support families who are struggling to provide food for their families. We are looking for donations from the whole school to support this amazing charity. We require all donations to be in school by Friday 29th March.

 Here is a list of the products that are currently required by the food bank:

Urgently Needed: Instant coffee (jars), cold meat (tins), fruit juice (long-life), tea bags (packs of 40s), tinned fish, sugar

Low On Stock: Rice (500g bags), tinned fruit, toilet roll, tinned vegetables, tinned potatoes, tinned rice pudding, pasta sauces (jars), tinned custard, tinned tomatoes, jam.

We can also donate hygiene items such as: deodorant, shampoo, shaving foam & toilet roll.

 ****Please do not send fresh items as refrigeration is not available.****

Please send your donations to school with your child and ask them to pass them on to Primary Four.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks is advance,

P4 Team


P5HW’s learning this week….

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We are learning how to calculate the area of shapes by counting square cm. We know that area is different from measuring a line so we have to record it like this….. cm2

We were trying to work out shapes’ area which included counting half squares too which was a little trickier.

In division  we are learning to calculate the answer using the bus stop method. Some people are doing the hang man method.

We are also trying to make the  link in fact families which helps  us calculate quicker.

eg 4 x 5=20 20 divided by 5 = 4


In Spelling we are learing that soft g in the final position is always made with the letter ge and not j and that defensive d always defends the vowel 

eg badge, ridge, gadget

Tricky words don’t , won’t, gone and done 


In Mandarin we are learning the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and the names of fruits.

In French awe are learning the names of family members 

In German we are learning the names of fruits

Mary Queen of Scots involved leaning about Lord Darnley and his murder….another whodunnit? and why? We  became journalists and began to compile a newspaper report about it. 

We are learning about Tudor houses and that they had timber frames and a jetty. We have begun to make our own houses.

In PE we were practising our skills to help us play central net games. we are getting really good at rallying

Herriot Watt University students visited and we did some science experiments with liquids to find out of the separated when they were put together like oil and water.It was really interesting.

Today we donated money so we could dress up in red for Comic Relief

Have a lovely weekend!

Blog – 8.3.19

Reflective Friday 8th March 2019 – p5HW



We have been learning division – some people did “bus stop” strategy, and some did “hangman” strategy. We used times tables to help! Some people did stations (eg 72 divided by 9 = 8).

We also worked a bit on bus timetables.


We wrote space stories for the 500 words competition. We voted for the best at each table, then Mrs W chose three from those winners to go forward to the Second Level competition.

Someone in our class won the Design a Favourite Book Cover Competition!

We learned a spelling rule this week: if a word ends in -y, take it off and add -ies. However, if the letter before y is a vowel, simply add s.



Tudor houses – each higher floor juts out further to create more space. It’s called a jetty.

Poor people had thatched roofs, while rich people had tiles. Wattle and daub was used to fill in wooden frames – it’s made from straw, hay, horse hair, and animal droppings!


P5HW learning this week 1/3/19

Today’s Reflective blog was written together .


We continued to learn about Time. We were looking at different bus timetables and trying to work out the times it took the buses to reach different places. .

In number work we continued to practise  our times tables daily. 

We are learning how to multiply numbers  x10 , x100 ,  x1000.


We changed our books in Literacy Circles and added another role…the predictor.

We worked on speech marks and putting them in sentences.

We continued to explore the life of Mary Queen of Scots .


We discovered the outline of a body with questions around it . There were lots of clues scattered around the crime scene. We had to work out Who? When? Where? How? Why?

It was really exciting

Holyrood Palace visit.

We had a brilliant trip to explore the life of Mary Queen on Scots

These are words we thought of to describe the trip…

interesting, fascinating, exciting. amazing, awesome , detailed , incredible. unbelievable 

Our favourite parts included ,….

  • dressing up as Mary and Darnley ,
  • visiting Mary’s own bed chamber and seeing the scene of the crime
  • the long  gallery of paintings,
  • being history detectives
Mary is dressed by her servant
Darnley is dressed by his servant!
Being history detectives!

Next week it is the Book Fair and Book Week so a busy time ahead!

P5 Generation Science – Good Vibrations

This afternoon P5 had Generation Science in to visit us to teach us all about sound and sound vibrations.

We discovered that everything is made up of particles, and for sound to move it needs to pass through the particles by bumping into each other. Sound can travel through gas, liquids or solids and it travels fastest through solids.

We also found out that higher pitched notes have waves that vibrate quicker than low pitched notes.

Even notes that we can’t hear still make sound vibrations.

Bigger vibrations make noises that are louder. E.g. hitting a drum harder.

The reason a guitar has a hole in the middle is so that the sound vibrations can be amplified by air in the box.

We recorded our own song using digital technology.

SSPCA Charity Day!

Primary One have organised a charity day THIS FRIDAY to support the SSPCA.

Come to school dressed up as an animal on Friday 22nd February. Any donations are kindly received via Parent Pay.

Primary One hope to raise money to help lots of animals.

I wonder how many different animals we will spot in our school?!

Thank you for your support,

The P1 Team 🙂

P5HW learning this week 8/2/19

Today’s Reflective blog was written together .


We continued to learn about Time. We did a number of activities to do with Time . We rotated in groups so we all took part in them all..

In number work we continued to practise  our times tables daily.We continued to learn to multiply 2 , 3 and 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number like 2556 x 6 =

We are learning to transfer our multiplication to work out word problems


In Spelling we have been learning to add ves to words with  f  to make them plural like knife to knives 

Our tricky words to date are….

would, world, very,every,threw , through, heard, herd, own, one, school, country, between, begin,ever never

We re wrote our stories we had told to P3 in our books. We concentrated on describing words and openers aswell as punctuation.

We are learning how to use quotation marks correctly. We also worked on our handwriting.


In Mandarin we celebrated Chinese New Year by dong a few activities like picking up marshmallows using chopsticks and making things with paper.

In French we continued to learn the names of animals.

In German we revised colours.

Topic We continued to explore the life of Mary Queen of Scots .

We looked at her early life spent in France and her marriage to Francis. We discussed whether she had made good choices in her life.

We discussed food eaten  in Tudor times. We discovered that rich Tudors ate lots of meat Some about 2 kg a day so we measured how that felt in weight.

In PE we were learning how to handle and use large apparatus. We made up movement sequences on the large apparatus. It was great fun

In Art we have began pictures in the style of Steven Brown using oil pastels. The background is a castle from the life of Mary Queen of Scots.

In drama we learned how to mime different emotions. We used a chair as an object.

We learned the effects of jumping in puddles in the playground!

Have a good holiday week!