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P5W Reflective Friday 15.11.19


We have continued reading our group novels and are really enjoying them. We are working on reading aloud with fluency and expression. We completed a comprehension task on Remembrance Day. We used SumDog to reinforce our spelling rules and found it quite challenging! We have also started publishing recounts we wrote about Broomlee and the holidays in the form of news articles, bulletins and brochures.

Home learning activity: Continue reading your group novel and record the chapters on your reading log.

Maths and numeracy:

We continued learning about how to calculate perimeter, including the perimeter of irregular shapes. We looked at how to figure out the missing sides of a shape when they are not all labelled. We also completed a times tables challenge and each chose a particular times table to focus on learning automatic recall.

Home learning activity: Practise your chosen times table – challenge yourself to see how quickly you can recall the times tables facts.

Other areas of the curriculum: In art, we designed our own Pudsey bears for Children in Need. In Mandarin, we learned how to write some common characters. We have spent a lot of time rehearsing for our P5 Broomlee assembly, which we performed to a fantastic crowd or parents this morning.

P5W Reflective Friday 8.11.19


This week we have continued reading and discussing our group novels. We have focused on comprehension activities and completed reading challenge cards. In spelling, we have learned about the ‘tion’ spelling and looked for other words that follow this spelling rule.

Home learning activity: All students have reading homework to complete for next week that can be recorded on their reading logs.

Maths and numeracy:

We have begun learning how to figure out the perimeter of simple shapes like rectangles. We also looked at using strategies like bridging, partitioning and columns to solve subtraction problems that involve trading. We completed a maths mystery and have also begun an Edinburgh-wide SumDog challenge.

Home learning activity: We have taken our SumDog logins home and can continue to earn points for Buckstone Primary until November 14th.

Other areas of the curriculum: This week we have continued to learn about mime in drama and dance during Weekly Wake Up. We are focusing on fitness in P.E. and have completed a multi-stage fitness test. We also began writing our scripts for our Broomlee assembly next week – we hope to see lots of parents come along at 9am next Friday!

Spelling 4.11.19

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • tion says shun in the final syllable.   This is the most regularly used spelling of the sound shun as a final syllable.
  • To support  the breaking up of words into syllable as a spelling strategy, e.g. in / ven / tion, op / er / a / tion














own                      one

P5W Reflective Friday 1.11.19


We celebrated the changing seasons by writing Autumn poems using our five senses. We needed to use describing words to make our poems interesting. We started our new reading books this week and will be discussing these throughout the term.

Home learning: Make sure you’re completing your reading homework and practising our spelling rules – these can be found in our previous blog post.

Maths and numeracy:

We have been learning to use different strategies to solve addition problems, including partitioning, bridging and ‘chimney stack’ trading. A particular highlight was getting to teach these strategies to our parents during the Sharing Our Learning session. We also looked at finding symmetry in shapes.

Home learning: Have a look at objects around your house. Which ones have symmetry?

Other areas of the curriculum: We started drama this week and learned about acting and mime, like how to use our facial expressions. We also planted some daffodil bulbs to tie in with our topic focus on the environment. We are taking these home, so they should be kept outside and will start to grow around March.

Reading – 29/10/19

Children have been allocated their reading book today. We read the first chapter in class and chapters have been allocated for home learning. Home learning should be completed by the dates allocated to book titles, please see below. Comprehension activities will assess the children’s understanding of the texts on their reading day.

Water Horse – Chapter 2 and 3 for Wednesday 6th November

My Brother is a Superhero – chapter 2 and 3 for Tuesday 5th November

How to Train your Dragon – Chapter 2 and 3 for Monday 4th November

Flat Stanley – Chapter 2 for Thursday 30th November

Stanley and the Magic Lamp – Chapter 2 and 3 for Tuesday 5th November

My Dad’s got an Alligator – Chapter 2 for Thursday 30th November

Sports Day – Chapter 2 and 3 for Monday 4th November

SPELLING – 29/10/19

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • Suffix ful / ness
  • When suffixing with full, one l has to be dropped = ful
  • These suffixes both begin with consonants and therefore the root words do not change.

wasteful                 wastefulness

useful                    usefulness

graceful                 gracefulness

faithful            faithfulness

tearful              tearfulness

youthful                youthfulness

truthful            truthfulness

forgetful                forgetfulness

thoughtful             thoughtfulness

respectful              respectfulness

TRICKY WORDS through            threw (Discuss the different meanings with an adult)

P5W Reflective Friday 25.10.19


In spelling we learned to add the suffixes ‘full’ and ‘less’ to words. When adding ‘full’ we need to take away an ‘l’. We wrote the first draft of our recounts about our October holidays and Broomlee camp, which we are planning to revise and publish next week.

Home learning activity: Try looking for words with the ‘full’ and ‘less’ suffixes when you are reading. What other suffixes could you add to the root words to change their meaning?

Maths and numeracy:

We did a diagnostic assessment that covered the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and problem solving to discover our strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on the most. We did a maths mystery challenge and have begun to talk about the strategies we can use to work out tricky worded problems.

Home learning activity: Try making your own maths mystery for someone else to solve.

Other areas of the curriculum: In art, we continued our focus on drawing by learning how to draw minions. In assembly, we sang along to songs and P5 were the best singers! In RME we learned about kindness and why it’s important to be kind. And of course, we are still excited about attending Broomlee camp before the holidays! Some of the highlights were the great meals, climbing trees (sometimes blindfolded!), toasting marshmallows, crate climb, and the catwalk.

P5W Reflective Friday 4.10.19


This week we finished our class novel ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. We looked at which aspects of the novel were realistic and which were fantasy. In writing, we looked at ways to edit and uplevel our writing, like checking for correct spelling in the dictionary and not using the same word too many times. In spelling, we learned to drop the ‘y’ and add ‘i’ when adding ‘er’ and ‘est’ to words.

Home learning activity: Try making your own prompt cards for creative story writing. You could make up cards for characters, settings, objects and plots.

Maths and numeracy:

In shape, we learned about how to identify parallel and perpendicular faces. We looked at number patterns to discover the rule for continuing the pattern, including some tricky patterns like the Fibonacci sequence.

Home learning activity: Try making up your own number pattern. Can you challenge someone to complete it?

Other areas of the curriculum:

We presented our posters with information about the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, our chosen P5 charity this year. We also had an exciting visit from Zoolab, where we talked about our topic focus of the environment and got to look at – and even touch – some animals like a corn snake, a gecko, a rat, a cockroach, and a tarantula (we didn’t touch that one)!

P5W Reflective Friday 27.9.19


In writing, we have been using challenge cards to create a narrative story. They were really useful for giving us good ideas of what to write about. In reading, we discussed how characters reacted to different situations and brainstormed the perfect excuse for a character to get out of trouble.

Home learning activity: When you are reading, think about what a character could have done differently. How would that change the story?

Maths and numeracy:

We looked at number patterns to decide what number they started with and how much they were going up or down by each time. Some of our number patterns were quite challenging and used multiplication or division. A highlight this week was designing our own maths board games. We can’t wait to play them!

Home learning activity: Make up your own maths game – it could be a board game, counting game, physical game, or anything else you can think of.

Other areas of the curriculum:

We have continued to develop our kicking skills in P.E. and we played a game of football bowling to practise our aiming. In art, we created folding surprise pumpkins. In I.C.T, we learned how to log in and out of our Office 365 accounts.

P5W Reflective Friday 20.9.19


We have been writing imaginative stories using the skills we have been practising, like using interesting openers and vocabulary. We have continued to read our class novel ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ and have looked at how the author describes different creatures in the book. In spelling, we are starting to look at spelling rules for adding the suffixes ‘er’ and ‘est’ to words.

Home learning activity: When you are reading at home, see how many words ending in ‘er’ and ‘est’ you can find to make your own spelling list.

Maths and numeracy:

We have continued to learn about place value and are learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. We have been studying 3D shapes to discover how many faces, edges, and vertices they have.

Home learning activity: When you are out shopping, think about how you could round up the amount of what you are buying. Try to estimate how much money you need.

Other areas of the curriculum:

In art, we followed instructions to draw a cute/scary monster. Some of us thought it would be difficult, but we really enjoyed it! In P.E. we practised aiming, passing, and trapping the ball.

P5W Learning 13.9.19


We have been reading our class book ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ and thinking about the characters’ emotions. In writing, we have been practising using different kinds of openers in our sentences, for example, starting our sentences with a place, a time, an emotion, a sound effect, or an action.

Home learning activity: When you are reading at home, talk about what you think the character might be thinking and feeling. How do you know? Is there ever a time that you have felt the same way?

Maths and numeracy:

We have been learning about place value in five-digit numbers. We learned to order five-digit numbers and break them down into tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units. We have started looking at the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been talking the language of 2D and 3D shapes.

Home learning activity: Look around your house. How many different shapes can you see? Can you find any objects made up of more than shape?

Other areas of the curriculum:

In P.E. we have been practising our football and kicking skills, like dribbling, passing and shooting. We have also been doing activities to practise our teamwork skills.