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In P5HW this week ( 3/6/19)

This week’s reflections were made by the group who did not go to Bikeability.


Try and think of other words in this family which follow this rule .

We continued with Literacy circles. We also learned about effectivie questioning and created our own questions linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy and a book of our choice. Can you explain what Bloom’s taxonomy is?


We continued estimating measurements in metres which we all agreed can be tricky to visualise.

Fractions We looked at equivalent fractions and linked them to times tables.

In Science we learned about the life cycle of a flowering plant and looked at seed dispersal, germination and fertilisation.

In PE we practised our tennis skills and also used our equipment bag to play games together.


We revised C , F , A minor and G7 chords. We were able to play along to a few tunes like the Banana Song and Shotgun

In French we learned the vocabulary for rooms in the house.

In German we learned the names for people in our family


Group 1 started this week and will have their 2nd session Friday 14th .

Today we were learning how to do an M check and get on and off our bikes safely . We had to control our speeds and learned how to use our brakes correctly. There were lots of skids.

Group 2 are on Friday 21st and Monday 24th June.

27/5/19 P5WH have been learning…..


Can you think of any other words which follow this rule?

We continued with our literacy circles . We wrote a letter to the Sick Kids explaining how we raised the money.

Numeracy We continued to measure length and widths . We went out into the playground and used metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure longer objects. Try estimating larger lengths yourself.

We continued to study equivalent fractions . we had to work out if both fractions were equivalent eg 2/3 = 4/6 Can you think of others?

We were very excited as we met our nursery buddies. We read them our stories and got to chat to them about school. It seemed to go well.

IDL ( Eco)

We explored heat loss in houses. We looked at thermo images to see where most heat is lost in a house. We did an experiment to discover the way heat moves .We learnt that heat moves up.

We also did an experiment about germination and planted beans in soil. one was with fertiliser and one without. What do you think might happen?

PE We went outside for joint PE and used our new box of outdoor sports equipment. Some of us tried Elastics for the first time.

One of the highlights was going to the Brunton to see the play. It was brilliant, interesting and so exciting. Everything we did in the workshop was helpful and made more sense when we saw the play.

This week ( 13/5/19) P5HW have been learning …..

It has been a very busy and active week with Health Week and Sports Day!

Here are our combined reflections .

We continued estimating and measuring objects inside and out side the class in mm, cm and metres. This is something we could do at home.

We made a fraction wall and looked at equivalent fractions . Try practising at home.

Sports Day was…….. amazing, hot , tiring, fun.exciting, enjoyable, exhausting, thirsty work, team building , varied and challenging!

We have been keeping healthy with the nursery. Some of us helped at the Nursery / P1 sports We also did Run a Mile with them . It was fun. They can run fast and far!

On Thursday we had a fantastic day’s workhop with the people from Imaginate Festival It was connected to our visit to see the This girl laughs ,This girl cries,This girl does nothing

You can look it up here

Here are some of the things we did…..

Today we held our own Scootathon

Look out for the Make a Difference family challenge to do at home

Next week we are looking at food and health and we need any empty large plastic bottles and food wrappers to analyse ! Thanks !

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

P5HW ‘s learning this week 8.5.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.

Please feel free to practice any learning at home.


In Spelling we are learning  about silent letters..


We discussed predicting in Literature Circles and wrote down what would happen next.


We continued exploring measurement and looking at equivalent lengths.

We estimated the length of a number of objects in mm and cm. . You can try this with other objects .

In fractions we did fractions on a number line by working out how much of the line had been coloured . 

We continued our stories for Nursery . We began to visit the Nursery at break time. 2 people will go every day 

We have a very interesting talk about energy. It was the man  from the company who had put the solar panels in our school. He told us some very interesting facts like….

  • how solar panels work
  • there are 384 panels on our roof
  • there are electricity boxes behind the panels. 

This is a good website  to help us…

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces in our jotter and also  displayed on our classroom walls

Try finding fractions at home!

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!

P5W learning this week 23.4.19

Welcome back!

We have had a very productive week. It has been a great start to the term learning new skills and reflecting and building on skills.

We have enjoyed

  • discovering facts about castles  
  • recapping on adding and subtraction  with 2/3/4/5 digits 
  • looking at apostrophes with plural nouns
  • reminding ourselves of the difference between area and perimeter and that it is important to record them  correctly 
  • looking at fake news and writing a story about April Fool pranks
  • improving our running skills
  • We also explored the work of Romero Britto

Today’s post is a selection of our reflections…….

To help with tables …

We are sorry but we incorrectly wrote Joyeux Paques (Happy Easter ) in the last post . It should have been Joyeuses Pâques as Pâques is feminine and plural.

Have a good weekend!

P5HW learning this week 1.4.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.

We have had an incredibly busy week! 

On Monday Ms Hastie set us a special quiz , which was actually an April Fool. We were all pranked except one pupil in our Class! 


We did a comprehension on Easter and looked at the symbols. 

We Finished our adventure escape stories and read them to each other. 


We continued to measure perimeter working out the missing number . We looked at number patterns 

We began to look at Tudor fashion .  We continued designing an outfit with a partner and created outfits for Tudor people 

We learned about the last 22 years of Mary Queen of Scots’ life and time in captivity. 

Panda Worshop

As part of out Mandarin lessins we were lucky to have a visitor for the zoo to learn all about Pandas in China. We did 5 activities . It was very interesting .

Sick Kids Toy Sale. 

We had chosen this charity and decided to hold a toy sale. On Wednesday we sorted all the toys into different categories and then worked out their price. We had toys at £3,£2, £1.50,£1,50p and 2 for 50p.

We set the stall up on Thursday and the classes all came round to buy for 10mins each. We learned different techniques to sell. Some of us were very good  at it! It was interesting learning about marketing and selling. We also learned about profits. 

We mad an incredible £326,37! We are delighted!

Joyeux Paques ! Frohe Ostern!

Have a great holiday! School returns on Tuesday 23rd Aprl!

P5 Fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital (Sick Kids)

P5 are still collecting toys for our toy sale on the 4th of April. Please bring them in by Monday and put them outside P5.

We are still looking for some of the following (please make sure they are clean and good quality);

stuffed toys, books, gameboards, barbies or action figures, outdoor toys, lego, baby toys, loom bands, cars, cards, fancy dress clothes, role play items, DVDs (U), Shopkins… the list is endless.

Thank you to those who have brought things in so far.

The prices will be either 50p, £1, £1.50… with the most expensive thing being £3.

From P5H and P5HW

P5HW learning this week 29.3.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.


In Spelling we are learning 2 rules : –

  • words of more than one syllable ending in the sound k are spelt ic  eg  hectic, garlic, athletic
  • when we add ing or ed to words ending in ic we have to add a k to keep the sound hard eg picnicking, panicked
  • Tricky words are people , again 

We finished our books in Literature Circles

We did a comprehension on Red Nose Day. We had to read the passage and then answer questions.

We used the inspiration from the 75th Anniversary of the infamous escape from A POW camp in 1944 and Mary’s attempts to escape from Loch Leven Castle to plan an adventure story. We looked at settings , characters and vocabulary. We will continue writing them on Monday.


We continued with multiplication and division link facts and calculations.  We were working in different groups Some people did word problems and others worked out a  formal method of division and others did bus stop method.

We continued to measure areas in different units eg cm2 and m2 and remembered the function :  area = l x b

We are  learning how to calculate the perimeter of a shape by measuring the sides of the shapes and adding them together . We noted the differences.

We finished our  Tudor houses and For Sale posters looking at the wording and ways to advertise them.  

We began to look at Tudor fashion .  We designed an outfit with a partner and started to select materials to use.

We learned about the Reformation in Scotland and the part John Knox played in Mary ‘s life, We had long discussions about differences within religions 

In PE we used the large apparatus to make movement sequences.

We put up posters about the Toy sale and spoke to all the classes and collected toys in our Drop Off area.  

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces in our jotter and also  displayed on our classroom walls

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!

P5HW learning this week 18.3.19

Today’s post is a selection of our combined reflections.


We were learning that a synonym is a word which has the same or similar meaning as another word  and an antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word

eg  for  big synonym is huge antonym is small

We wrote newspaper reports covering the murder of Lord Darnley . 


We continued with multiplication and division link facts and calculations.

We measured areas in different units eg cm2 and m2 and had to work out some tricky  word problems. we need to practice remembering to put the correct measurement after the numbers 

We continued to explore the life of Mary Stuart after Lord Darnley’s murder. We discussed her captivity and escapes . We performed a play concerning the trial of Lord Darnley in out teams and then decided who were responsible for his murder. We looked at voices and characters.

We designed Tudor houses and then created a For Sale poster outlining the key features of our houses  

In PE we worked with P5H in cooperative games . We nailed the new trio dance.

We discussed out forthcoming Toy Sale and made posters to advertise it . We  created an information message  to send to all classes and parents. 

Please remember that any work you do at home can go into our class Homework highlights jotter. At the moment we have a few research pieces  displayed on our classroom walls

Bon week end! Schones Wochenende!