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P5HW learning this week 26.10.18

Today’s reflective week was written together .

Morning Challenges

Our challenges this week have included:

Using coordinates to make pictures of pumpkins, bats and cobwebs.

Using our thinking and reasoning skills to consider whether we would rather live in a hot or cold place.


We have been learning how to read and use coordinates.  We practised these skills by following coordinates to make a picture, completing a dot-to-dot and by playing Battleships, which was fun!

In mental maths we have been developing our skills using empty number lines to help with addition.


In writing this week, we have been learning about the features of a letter and developed our skills by writing letters to the staff at Broomlee, thanking them for making our experiences so memorable and fun.

In Literacy Circles we changed groups and started new books.


In Mandarin we made a booklet about Chinese numbers.  It was lots of fun!  We also wrote a story in our Chinese number book.

Topic – The Rainforest

We have been continuing with our fact files about animals in tropical rainforests.  We drew some of the animals we have researched and used lots of different materials and coloured paper.  Next week we are going to paint them.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E. we have been developing our rugby skills.  We have been practising throwing and catching and passing along a line.

Have a lovely weekend!

Greetings from Broomlee

Here are some pictures showing what we have been up to. The activities include pole climb, nightlife, problem solving, tree climb, catwalk and archery. Everyone has been a star and we have all had a great time.We are looking forward to a good night of sleep.

P5HW learning this week 5/10/18

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We have started to work on compass points. We linked it to our work on angles.

In number work we did word problems which were very tricky.

Ideas of tables, ideas to practise at home will follow!


Here is what we did in spelling this week.

Tricky words so far are should, could , would, world, word, where, were sigh , high ,learn ,earth, because , people , very and every.

We wrote blurbs for our Greyfriars Bobby book covers.

We wrote a list of things we think we should pack to go to camp.

We wrote our own report about how we have done in P5 so far, for Parent’s Night.

In Literacy Circles  we all took on different jobs . We read them out to our groups and then discussed them . We set our pages for Tuesday.


In Mandarin we revised numbers and were assisted in pronunciation by A  and I .They were great teachers!

In German we revised colours and played corners .

In French we  talked about the weather and used our weather dice to play a game.


We did more work on the 4 layers  and what they are like.They are Forest Floor, Understorey , Canopy and Emergent.

We are creating  a Rainforest in the class. It is a work in progress!

We mad up a kit list for camp ….

We can’t wait for Wednesday!

P5HW’s Week of Learning 14/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Scary Skeletons:

It was Maths week so  our Morning challenge was based on a maths topic. They were very challenging!!

We rounded  numbers up tpo 100 and 1000s. Some of us challenged ourselves beyond 10000

We carried on looking at shapes and this week we learned how to use  protractors and work out angles.

Literacy  by Robotic Wolves

This week was Big Writing assessment week so we wrote imaginative stories about The Door….

In Spelling we looked at comparative and superlative words endings  of er, est

In handwriting we looked at words ending in ed and ing and how it affects the words

Languages by Pretty Pandas

In Mandarin we learned about the mid Autumn Festival and we watched a  story of why they celebrate the Moon Festival in China.

In German we looked at the alphabet and numbers. We used ipads .

In French we looked at the days , months and seasons.

HWB by Daring Dolphins

We looked at resilience and how to cope with stress .We made posters sharing the strategies we use to cope with stress.

Look out for leaflets in our school bags giving ideas on how to Take a Moment.

We had a joint  fitness lesson with P5H and used the Bodycoach you tube workout . We did it in the new hall on the screen. It was hard work.

Topic by Arctic Foxes

We started our new topic by discussing what we know and designed a front cover for our work. We are all really excited about finding out more .

We said goodbye to one of our classmates who is returning to Japan. We were very sad to see her leave and have loved having her in our class. We will miss her.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.

This week in P5W 7/9/18

Our Blog has been created by each Table Team.

Here is our class identity wall!

Literacy written  Arctic Foxes

We wrote imaginative stories about the Magic Escalator. We created a plan which we used to write our stories.

We assessed our own stories using certain criteria and worked out our next steps to work on.

We continued Greyfriars Bobby and discussed  chapter 2. We used Word wizard to find out meanings of some unfamiliar words.

In Spelling we added ing and ed to words ending in y  like cry and try.

Morning challenges by the Scary Skeletons

We created mythical creatures and labelled them They were all very different.

We wrote the good and bad things about living in a city versus living in the countryside. It made a very interesting discussion.

Languages written by the Daring Dolphins

At school we have spoken 4 languages  again this week .In Mandarin we wrote our name and are trying to learn how to do it from memory. We learnt how to count to 12 in German. In French we learned how to hold a conversation and say our birthdays.

Numeracy  written  by Robotic Wolves

We continues working  on 3d shapes and their properties. We worked together to make  a cube form a 3d net. We also worked on right angles and angles with 180, 270 and 360 degrees.

In place value we have been learning to figure out what each number means and how to  work out a random number on a number scale. We worked out  hidden numbers in between  3 digit numbers numbers .

HWB written by Fabulous Footballers

In Assembly we looked at the way stress can effect us and in class we discussed ways we use to cope in stressful situations. We watched a clip which showed an orchestra flash mob. It was very inspirational and uplifting.  In PE we were looking at respect and tolerance , problem solving and motivation . We used hockey sticks and balls .We learnt how to dribble and do a push pass  and we devised our own drills.


Broomlee  by the Pretty Pandas

We made a short list of the people we would like to share a dorm with at Broomlee. We had to think hard about it. We talked about what Broomlee is like.  We are all getting very excited.

Have a lovely weekend!

This week in P5W 31/8/18

Our 3rd Blog has been created by each Table Team.

Literacy written by Scary Skeletons

We created imaginative stories which had to include fireworks, pen and a lollipop. It was fun!

We started out class novel, Greyfriars Bobby and summarised the first chapter. It was hard to put it in short form.

In Spelling we revised adding endings like ing and ed

Morning challenges by Robotic Wolves and Pretty Pandas

We wrote words and rearranged the letters to make new words. It was quite a challenge. We designed a pencil case which had to contain gadgets and be labelled.

We made bookmarks for our class library books.

Languages written by the Fabulous footballers

At school we have spoken 4 languages this week .A Mandarin teacher visited and taught us Mandarin. It was amazing!

We learnt the German alphabet and we revised French numbers, days of the week, months. feelings and weather .

Numeracy  written  by Daring Dolphins

We are working on 3d shapes and their properties. We worked in different stations and made some with straws.

In place value we have been learning about how we figure out what each number means and its value in a bigger number.

Art written by Arctic Foxes

We created portraits which had glasses full of activities which we enjoy.

Our class identity is Highland Waterfalls (P5HW) so drew  landscapes . It was hard to draw waterfalls!

HWB  written by Ms Hastie

We looked at growth mindset and explored  the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. We discussed the importance of the word    ” ……yet!”

We created our class agreement of Ready, Respect and Safe and designed name tags as signatures.

We took part in fitness activities in PE  and played a very active  game of fitness snakes and ladders.

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 5 Reading

Primary 5’s first block of reading is a Novel Study on Greyfriars Bobby.

This is looking at a wide range of literacy skills.

Reading books will be handed out in the middle of September.

In class, pupils have the opportunity to read out of the class library on a daily basis and if you would like a book home then they are welcome to choose a book from the library to take home to read,

P5HW’s Interesting Week 24/8/18

Welcome to our Class Blog

Literacy We wrote a letter to ourselves which we are going to open at the end of P5. It is all about our feelings and hopes for P5 . We had fun trying to make words out of 9 random letters.

Numeracy  We worked through revision questions and topics .We did some mental maths too.

These are the City of Edinburgh guidelines  to mental agility

Mental Agility written document

We made our Class Agreement  together using Ready , Respect and Safe as our main focus. We displayed our ideas using lots of art materials like glitter and sharpies.

We also drew pictures of Highland Waterfalls which are going on our Identity Wall when we have completed them.

Equality week We worked with P5H and looked at photos of children in school in Rwanda and discussed equality and rights. We also talked about equality in age.

We started to read the story of Greyfriars Bobby and are going to explore it as a novel study next week.

Blog written by P5HW.

Welcome back P5HW !

Welcome back to school P5HW!

We have had fun doing activities and playing games to get to know each other better. We are a great team and are working on our Class Agreement!

PE is Monday and Thursday and we need to remember tshirt, shorts and gym shoes( we can wear our indoor shoes if they are rubber soled)

Please remember to name all items!

Have a lovely weekend!