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The nursery are organising the charity event to support ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN’.

The children are asking everyone to come to school wearing their Christmas Jumper on Friday 13th December.

Please donate £1 via Parent Pay.

The nursery group will be very excited to see all of your jumpers on the day!!! We are planning to do a tour around the school.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team

A message from some P7 enterprise teams

This term P7 are doing an enterprise project run by Virgin money called Make £5 grow. Please see some adverts from some of our teams.

The Christmas Puddings

The Golden Stars 😉


Hello we are Abbie. S, Abbi.M, Rachel.S, Ashley and Hana and in P7 we are doing an enterprise project. We will me making our very own scrunchies our business is called SCRUNCHIEHUT!

We are sending this blog post out because we would love it if your child would be able to bring in some money to buy our homemade scrunchies on the 10th December.

We have scrunchies varying prices from £1.50 – £2.00 and different colours such as… Pink, Purple, Blue and our LIMITED EDITION COLOUR YELLOW!!

We would be very grateful if you and your child would be able to donate some old T-shirts or shirts in any of those colours. It would be helpful if you would be able to donate them from the 29th of November to the 6th of December. If you can please give them to P7H (we would prefer no patterns, and the T-shirt needs to be clean.) .

Thank you very much Scrunchiehut.


Bracelet Bunch

On the 10th of December our group, called bracelet bunch, will be selling bracelets for our enterprise project. We will have lots of different types of bracelets such as: 

  • Bead bracelets  
  • Friendship bracelets 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets 
  • Personalised name bracelets 

We will also have some deals like 3 for the price of 2! 

 Are prices are as follows: 

  • Bead bracelets for £1.00 
  • Friendship bracelets for £1.50 
  • Embroidery thread bracelets for £1.50 
  • Personalised name bracelets for £1.50 

Hope you can bring in your money😀 

thank you 




P6F Reflective Friday 29.11.19


We had a visit from Ms Walker who work in Boroughmuir High School and she began to teach us algebra, starting with number machines. We had to use our knowledge of the four operations to find our end product.

In the latter part of the week we created time board games, which we hope to share with our younger years.


To practice our spelling this week, we have been making our own Active Spelling Cards, which worked on our imagination skills. As well as allowing us to spell in a fun way.

We have been working on our picture books, by writing our own Newspaper articles and diary entries.

Other Curriculum Areas-

We have been practicing our capital cities in Europe in preparation for the Euro Quiz 2020.

In Drama, we have been working on our improvising skills, by using a stimulus to create a piece of drama.

We have also had a German visitor who taught us numbers and greetings which we used for a game of bingo.


Home Learning Options: 

  • Transum- practicing our 4 operations
  • Sumdog
  • Practice cursive handwriting
  • Maths Frame
  • Practice our capital cities.





P6F Reflective Friday 15.11.19


We have been learning time this week, where we revised using 12-hour and 24-hour time. Then we moved on to finding time intervals, where we used our conversion skills of 12 and 24 hour time where worked with number lines to show how we count on.

In the latter part of the week, we have used Sumdog to help improve our mental maths.


In literacy, this week we have started planning our monster stories, which we are going to give to our buddies. In order to do this, we have been looking at a variety of different picture books, to help inspire ideas for our own picture books.

For spelling we have been working on our common words, which will help to improve our writing.

We have also had our regular literacy circle meeting where we have been able to discuss the task we have worked on at home and plan the next task we will do. Additionally, to help improve our listening skills, we also carried out a listening comprehension. This involved us working on our listening as well as multitasking skills.

Home Learning Options:

-Play Sumdog

-Practice spelling our common words

-Read a selection of other picture books to get more ideas for our own monster stories.

-Continue practicing our timetables.