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P6T WB 17/4/18

A warm welcome back after the holidays! We have been outside this week with the lovely weather.

In Maths we have continued to work on adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals up to 2dp using both mental and written strategies.

We started a new class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom. We looked at unfamiliar words and used our skills to work out their meaning. We looked at arguments for and against sailing round the world as this is what happens to the main character and wrote a for and against argument.

We will soon be finishing our topic on Ancient Greece and this week we looked at how life was like for children and made ancient Greek toys out of clay.

Greek Myths

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been looking at Greek Myths and Legends.  We would like to show Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief tomorrow to tie in with what we have been learning in class.  The film is rated PG and we require your permission for your child to watch this.  Please ensure that the permission slip (handed out on Tuesday) is brought back tomorrow.

Many thanks for your support this term,

P6 Team


P6T WB 19/3/18

We did so well in singing for our school’s 40th birthday celebrations, well done all!

This week we have moved from fractions to decimals and focussed on place value, sequencing and ordering. Some of us are working on tenths, some on hundredths.

We read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and looked for words that show a change in scene (both in time and place). We spent a lot of time looking at connectives and how they can be used not only to join two sentences and placed in the middle, but how they can begin a sentence. We talked in detail about where commas should go and got to play around with some sentences from the story.

We also read Pandora’s Box and looked at more intersting vocabulary to desscribe the characters. This proved really interesting and caused lots of discussion on the difference between words and which were more appropriate. For example; argumentative/nagging, stubborn/sulky and stubborn/determined.

In the time of ancient Greece many wars were fought, and we learned about what weapons were used and about the lives of soldiers. We created hoplite shields in the style of design that was used.


P6T WB 12/3/18

It was very nice to meet everyone at parents evenings this week.

We have completed work on fractions this week and have reviewed changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, finding fractions of quantitites, simplifying fractions, and ordering fractions. Next week we will move on to decimals.

We also completed our class novel and discussed the ending and how the character has changed throughout the story.

Last week we researched Alexander the Great and we learned how to organised our notes into a mindmap.

We have been exploring the extent of the Greek Empire and what modern day countries were part of it. We looked at the physical landscapes in these countries and thought of reasons why the army decided to turn back. We thought of:

Mountains: The air is thin in high altitudes, snow and blizzards, freezing temperatures, frostbite and hypothermia, lack of food

Desert: lack of water/dehydrations, sunburn, sunstroke, lack of food and difficult terrain that would be tiring to climb.

We created learning passports to show how much challenge we enjoy and take on in class and what areas we do not feel confident in and developing our growth mindsets.


Sports Relief 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians

We are excited to tell you that Primary 5 are raising money for Sport Relief this year!

On Friday 16th March your children can dress up as their favourite sports person. Please bring in £1 (or contribute via Parent Pay). It would be great if the children could share one or two facts about their favourite sports person!

As well as dressing up we will be doing Run a Mile on Wednesday, Thursday  and Friday. Every class will be taking part in the run, so remember your trainers. Remember to do your best – run as far as you can.

Don’t feel the need to go out and buy new clothes. Be creative with what you have! Strips are allowed but we are reminding everyone to be respectful of all favourite sports stars.

Have fun!

From P5

P6T WB 5/3/18

This week we have been learning about sources of historical evidence and whether they are reliable or not. We researched Alexander the Great and explored how the Greek empire grew in more detail.  We even made use of the snowy weather and made greek temples in the snow!

In Maths we have continued with fractions and we are feeling confident in recognising that 6/6=1,  3/3=1. With this in mind, we looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to change between the two eg. 4 1/3 = 13/3 & 19/6 = 3 1/6.  We also began looking at equivalent fractions. It would be beneficial if children at home could practise using their knowledge of times tables and divide numbers with remainders mentally.

We are nearing the final chapters of our class novel, and we can see a big change in the main character Bradley. We thought about his feelings as people begin to notice the difference in him and wrote a diary entry based on his experiences of one day in school.


P6T Literature Circles

This week we have new novels for our literature circles. Below is what the children have chosen to read each week.

Books go out on a Wednesday and due back on a Tuesday. On Tuesdays the children will complete their task in class  for the group discussion on Wednesday.

Parents and Carers are asked to sign the bookmarks and help children develop their organisation skills to plan their reading at home. We also encourage children to share some of their reading with another child or adult.

P6T Literature Circle Groups Term 3