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P6T Week Beginning 29/1/18

We have been busy this week preparing for our assembly. Thank you, it was lovely to see all those who could attend.

We sang A man’s a man for a’ that and Caledonia. We performed our chorographed Scottish dances and presented our Scottish Wonders that we chose, researched and made models of. We will put these up on the blog soon!

We looked at all the skills we’ve been developing over the past four weeks:

researching, note taking, organsising notes, reading, cooperative learning, dancing and choreographing, singing, presenting, listening and talking, drama, our knowledge of scots and poetry.  We’ve been surprised at actually how much we’ve learned and developed in just under a month!

Mr Taylor and Miss Garden are very proud of us!



Reflective Friday P6T WB 22/1/18

This week P6T have been busy preparing for next week’s assembly, which we hope to see as many of you as we can!

Our Focus this term has been Scotland.  P6T have been practising our research and presentation skills as we have selected a “Scottish Wonder of the World” We will assess these using a rubric to see where we are and where our next steps will be. We look forward to sharing these with you next week and we will post photos on here for those who cannot make it.

We will also be building a model of our wonder, we have discussed this together and thought about what we will need. Any donations of any kind of junk would be welcome.

In Maths we have been building houses!  These are to apply what we have been learning about area and perimeter. we have also revised acute, obtuse, right and reflect angles from P5 before we move on to measuring angles using a protractor.

P6 Assembly

In preparation for our upcoming assembly, Primary 6 have been practising the songs ‘Caledonia’ and ‘A Man’s a Man for a’That’.  It would be helpful if children could practise the words to these songs at home. Many thanks to Mrs Humphries and Mrs Turner for giving up thier time to help us rehearse.

Please find the words to these songs in the attached documents.


Thank you for your support,

P6 Team

P6T WB 15/1/18

We are busy preparing for our assembly!  We have been learning the words to Caledonia and we have been learning some Scottish dance moves and will be putting together a routine to perform.

In Literacy we have been learning the spelling of plurals when words end in ‘o’ or ‘oo’. We practised our literature circle roles with our class novel; ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’ and we had our literacy circle books given out on Tuesday. We have bookmarks so we can keep check on what to read and when to read it by.

We wrote leaflets about Scottish towns/cities and islands using persuasive language to try and attract tourists.

We have began researching the ancient and modern wonders of the world and will make a presentation about them next week.

In Maths, we have continued work on area and perimeter. We learned to calculate the area of a right angled triangle. To apply what we have learned, we are building a small house, and solving problems.

P6T Literacy Circles

Your child’s new book has been sent out. I’ve provided a bookmark that has all the due dates (every Tuesday) and what pages/chapters to read. We ask parents and carers to sign/initial that reading has been completed.

Books need to be in school every Tuesday and Wednesday so that the children can complete their tasks.


Thank you for your continued support

Mr Taylor

Primary Six Literature Circles

Primary Six are delighted to announce that we are starting Literature Circles this week.

This is an exciting opportunity for children to develop their reading skills, as well as their organisational skills.

Literature Circles allow children to develop independence, confidence and social skills.

Children will work in small groups, choosing the novels and the tasks they would like to complete each week. Following this, the children will meet together and discuss activities that they have prepared in class.

Children will have a set amount of pages to read each week at home in order for them to participate successfully in both the independent and group tasks – this will be decided on a Wednesday. We would therefore appreciate your support to ensure that the children have read the set pages at home for the following Tuesday of each week.


Thank you,


Primary Six Team

P6T Week Beginning 9/1/18

Welcome back, I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday. We’ve been straight to work on a number of mini projects this week!

PE will be on a Monday and Thursday this term and we will be covering gymnastics and Dance. Please ensure that indoor shoes are in school otherwise muddy outdoor shoes won’t be able to be used on the gymnastic equipment. Thank you.

Our P6 assembly will be just before the February holiday and we are learning about Scotland this term.

This week we started our new class novel: There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar.  The book is set in America and we were comparing British English and American English words. We thought about our first impressions of the main character and found supporting evidence in the text.

In Maths we have been learning about area and perimeter.

  • We can find the area and perimeter of a rectangle and square
  • We are learning to calculate the missing lengths of sides in composite shapes
  • calculating the area of composite shapes by breaking it down into smaller, easier shapes.

In our topic we used an atlas to find the location of Scottish towns and cities. We have been researching some cities and islands to make a tourist leaflet.


Mr Taylor and P6T

WB 4/12/17 & WB 11/12/17

What a busy past two weeks we have had in P6T!  We thoroughly enjoyed the panto this week, oh yes we did!


We looked at parts of speech. We looked at what words were nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and prepositions in sentences.

We learned different winter idioms such as: To give the cold shoulder, To break the ice, To have forty winks, Skating on thin ice and To be snowed under.

We wrote a story based on Scott’s expedition to the south pole. We used our idioms in our stories. Some had tragic endings, we all tried to use ambitious vocabulary and we recorded our super openers and vocabulary on our graffiti wall in class to share our work.



We finished off written methods of multiplication. Most of us are able to use long multiplication. We have also been looking at how maths can be used in space and solving some mini missions using maths. This included: plotting and reading coordinates, lines graphs, calculating durations and using negative numbers.


IDL: Space

We finished our films on a significant event in space exploration. We filmed these using the i pads and sound effects using musical instruments.


In Art we have been learning to draw using 1 point perspective. We have also been creating a 10* hotel for kids using criteria. We got a visit from the Scripture Union. We learned about Christmas.



Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.

Week Beginning 27/11/17


· Creating summaries of our reading books which we are currently making into an interactive book using the I pads

· Empathising with characters in our class novel

· We had an ‘escape room’ where we had to use many reading skills to decipher unknown words


· Exploring and extending our mental multiplication strategies and which we prefer to use

Topic on Space

· We wrote scripts for our chosen historic space event and began recording sound effects before starting filming next week

· We explored how we have both solar and lunar eclipses

Health & Wellbeing

· Strategies for resilience

· Developing basketball skills