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Christmas Jumper Day 15th December

Tomorrow, Friday 15th, Buckstone Primary School are helping raise money for Save the Children.

This is a reminder for as many children and staff as possible to wear a Christmas Jumper to help raise awareness for those less fortunate across the world.  If participating you should bring in a £1 donation. 

Thank you.

“All About Me”

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have completed the “All About Me” sheet with their child.  Celebrating Wider Achievement is a much looked forward to part of the school day/week and seeing all of the activities/clubs pupils at Buckstone attend is fantastic! The range is amazing! The information gathered from these forms will only be used at school level to now identify any opportunities the school can offer the children.

Additional copies will be sent home over the next week if you have not managed to fill it out yet.

Thank you.

Sumdog – Update

Our Sumdog licence expired at the end of last week.

Sadly the provider has increased the licence fee by 60% per pupil. As a result we have decided to investigate other options to support Maths learning via online applications.

We appreciate this will be a disappointment to some pupils who have actively engaged with Sumdog and been motivated to often use the application. We would hope to identify a solution to continue to support the pupils in the near future.

P6K Learning w/b 13.11.17


  • We have continued our learning about prime numbers.
  • Also we continued our investigation into rounding of numbers. We rounded to the nearest 1000 and then applied our knowledge to round to the nearest 1 000 000 (million) to help with our scale model of the Solar System.
  • Daily focus has continued on “Beat Thats” to help improve our recall of key maths facts linked to addition & multiplication – well done to all for up levelled improvements.


  • This week we have had a focus on creating an imaginative story which has a mystery/suspense theme. We watched a film where objects started to float up into the sky, (as if there was no gravity, this links to our study on Space). The story again had no speech helping us to focus on good description to help the reader understand what is happening.
  • Spelling City has been continued to be a great hit; with this week’s focus on words ending ‘or’ which are often pronounced as if they end ‘er’.
  • We have started a new book study based on Daniel Pennac’s book “Eye of the Wolf”. The story has lots of great words to describe the scene.

Health and Wellbeing:

  • In PE we continued to develop our skills in basketball which included the opportunity to shoot at the net and looking for space on the court.
  • We are really pleased that Mr Taylor has arrived in class – it has provided the opportunity to share information about ourselves and the school.


  • Working in groups we created some rocket launchers to launch our rockets. The rockets were amazing, they flew so high into the sky just using a puff of air for power. What was really good was that anyone can make these from recycled objects.
  • We learnt how to make a Rangoli pattern – we created individual ones as well as a large one for the class.
  • Working in groups we have started on a large project which requires us to research a key event linked to space exploration. We will then use this information to create a drama performance, supported with music and a movie trailer which will be shared with the class to demonstrate our learning.
  • We created a scale model of the solar system (using lengths of toilet paper to measure the distances). Gosh! it is a long way from the Sun to Uranus – the earth is relatively close to the Sun.
  • In German we practised our numbers & colours with lots of fun games.

P6K Learning w/b 6.11.17


  • We have continued our learning about factors and factor pairs and discovered that for numbers with only 1 factor pair it is called a prime number.
  • Also we have been investigating the rounding of numbers.
  • We have shown great improvements with our daily focus on “Beat Thats” to help improve our recall of key maths facts linked to addition & multiplication – nearly everyone has graduated to a new level – some have graduated twice. Well done.


  • This week we have had a focus on creating a newspaper article linked to aliens landing at Buckstone Primary. This links to our study on Space. The article made us think about using quotes rather than speech.
  • We watched the end of the short film “Alma” and discussed how it ended and how this compared to our own predictions.
  • Spelling City has been continued to be a great hit; with this week’s focus on words ending ‘ar’ which are often pronounced as if they end ‘er’.
  • We completed reading ‘Nule’ – finally we found the part of the story which was more creepy than scary. The author used some interesting vocabulary and short sentences to provide tension. The most interesting part of the story was how the author left the reader with a question.

Heath and Wellbeing:

  • We had the opportunity to practise some basket ball skills this week.
  • The class have focused really well this week on their learning, with the secret student being named 4 days out of 5, great.


  • Mrs Ritchie came into class and gave an amazing talk about Space; it blew our minds away.
  • Working in groups we created a drama performance on the Apollo 13 mission, which contained lots of mixed emotions. The class performed their “play” and were provided with useful feedback from the class.
  • We shared our music we had created for our planets, these have now been published on the blog – here.
  • In German we practised our colours with lots of fun games.

Planet Music

As part of our investigation into Space the pupils composed some music using Garage Band to match the theme of their planet they had created.

Sadly 2 of the planets did not make it to the final stage of being published, they are lost in space somewhere on the iPad.


P6K – Make Rockets – Resources Required – Please

Over the next 2 weeks P6K plan to create models of rockets which will be capable of being launched using:

  • pneumatics (air)
  • pneumatic/hydraulic combination (air/water)

as the power source to generate energy to make the rocket fly.

It would be great if you could source the following to help. The more resources we have the better as it will allow each pupil to launch their rocket simultaneously and we can test which flies the furthest and consider why this might be.

Resources required

  •  2 litre plastic bottle – eg irun bru / coke bottle
  • old rubber bicycle inner tube (please don’t buy one) perhaps you can get some from a friendly bike shop.
  • If anyone has some lengths of waste pipe 40mm or 32 mm (each launcher requires about a 30 cm length) that would be helpful – I think I have some in my “just-in-case” store.

P6K Learning w/b 30.10.17


  • We have been learning about factors and factor pairs (the inverse of multiples)
  • We have started a daily focus on “Beat Thats” to help improve our recall of key maths facts linked to addition & multiplication – Wow! what an amazing daily improvement in the class.
  • Challenge questions were often related to prime factors – although the one linked to some facts about the moon caused a lot of head scratching.


  • This week we have had a focus on creating scary stories (naturally, as this was the week of Halloween).
  • Writing was a challenge to continue a story based on a short film – there was no speech. We had to create suspense using our word bank and using short sentences.
  • Spelling City has been a great hit – a great resource to help our learning and extend our vocabulary. We particularly enjoyed creating a set of words based on the pattern of letters we were studying for the parents to do at the drop-in.
  • We started to read ‘Nule’ – a story which was supposed to be frightening, strangely the author does not seem to have used any of the techniques we have discussed in class. It will be good to discover what happens next week.

Health and Wellbeing:

  • We had the opportunity to practise some hockey skills this week – it was beautiful outside.
  • We have also had the opportunity to review expectations for the class, in particular appropriate behaviour and being kind to others.


  • We have enjoyed creating a Class Book to help “tell” Mr Taylor about the learning we have done this year and also how we manage the class.
  • We listened to some of the Holst planet suites and discovered that in many cases we could match the theme Holst had created for the planet. We have then created our own new planet with a theme and used Garage Band to compose some music for our new planet.
  • It has been a rather unusual week with the Drop In, Book Fair and photos. Perhaps next week will be a bit more “normal”.

Events taking place – week 30th Oct 2017

Just a quick reminder of some events taking place this week:

  • Tuesday 31st October – visit Book Fair (09:30 to 10:00). If you have money you can purchase your book during this visit.
  • Wednesday 1st November – school photo.
  • Thursday 2nd November – opportunity to revisit the book fair to purchase a book (if you did not have money when you visited on Tuesday).

Our Learning w/b 22.09.17

• We have been learning about the rules of divisibility. It can be quite tricky to remember! Kayla
• We also revisited division strategies. Robyn
• We are getting quicker at our mental maths tasks! Tom

• This week we spent a while editing and ‘up-levelling’ our writing. We focussed on ambitious vocabulary and punctuation. Aidan
• Someone in the class suggested we got the chance to type up the finished products. We were given an I.C.T slot to create our typed stories.
• We read ‘The Balaclava Story’ and talked about the key messages. Fraser
• Our spelling rule this week was – suffixing–tion. Robyn

Health and Wellbeing:
• We have been learning about rugby skills.
• We talked about resilience in assembly and did some work in class. We read a poem by Dr Seuss and could identify the ‘life messages’ that it had. We have started to think about writing our own poems about resilience.
• CCLASP – We have been really busy this week raising the profile of our fundraising event. The school looked great in yellow and gold! A group of us presented at assemblies about the work CCLASP does and how our fundraising can help. Rebecca
• We counted all the money and the grand total will be announced on Monday.
• We have been working on posters that show information about the Sun and Moon. Aidan


Thank you to everyone for completing the resilience homework task.