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P6N Learning w/c 9th October


  • Reading- we used evidence from our group novel to create a profile of a character
  • Writing – we continued to develop our technical vocabulary when describing the experience of an astronaut during a shuttle launch
  • We discussed the themes and the techniques used by the author to create tension and suspense in the mystery story – Nule
  • Spelling – we thought of lots of examples of the ‘soft c’ rule


  • Strategies for multiplying and dividing by 100 and 1000
  • Developing our strategies for halving 3 digit numbers
  • Developing addition strategies to jigsaw numbers to 100

Health and Wellbeing

  • We developed our rugby skills in PE.
  • We enjoyed our rugby taster session on the Waterboard Field this week
  • We are continuing to discuss how we can develop our resilience

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topic)

  • We created a Sway document to share our learning of the rules of divisibility
  • We listened to a talk from Mrs Richie about Friction and Streamlining


Primary 6N Reading Homework

The children have enjoyed having some choice in their learning and have chosen their group reading book from a selection chosen by the teacher.

The groups have decided on the following reading homework:

Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens – Finish end of Chapter 6 and read Chapters 7 and 8

Fabled Beast Chronicles – Chapter 5 and 6

The Shadow Keeper – Chapter 1 and 2

Iron Man – Chapter 4

P6N Learning w/c 2nd October


  • We have been continuing to develop our summarising skills and this week we recorded summaries of our reading homework.
  • We are continuing to develop our technical language linked to our topic on the solar system.
  • We explored themes in the Sci-Fi story ‘Virtually True’.
  • We continued our own Sci-Fi stories about a Shuttle Launch.


  • This week we continued our learning of the rules of divisibility. We focussed on the rules for numbers divisible by 3, 6 and 9. We explored some rules for numbers divisible by 7.
  • We are continuing to work on our speed and accuracy when completing mental calculations and have recorded our scores for the ‘Beat That’ challenge. We are going to beat these scores next week!
  • We are continuing to work on recalling times table facts quickly and accurately

Health and Wellbeing

  • We developed our rugby skills in PE.
  • We are enjoying sharing the resilience posters children have made for homework – well done to everyone who made one!
  • We are continuing to work on cooperative skills when we are working in groups to complete joint tasks.

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topic)

  • Our planets posters are looking fab! We are looking forwards to preparing and sharing a presentation of our group research on our planets.
  • We explored a Microsoft program called Sway in ICT and will be using this to record what we have learned about the planets.


Home Learning – here are some ideas for extra tasks that can be carried out at home


Rules of Divisibility

Is it possible? Investigate these puzzles and write an explanation justifying your reasoning:

  • Is it possible to arrange the digits 4, 5 and 9 to make a 3-digit number that is divisible by 4?
  • Is it possible to arrange the digits 3, 7 and 9 to make a 3-digit number that is divisible by 8?
  • Is it possible to arrange the digits 2, 3 and 4 to make a 3-digit number that is NOT divisible by 9?  Can you create your own puzzles?


Soft c Spelling Pattern

We have been learning about spelling patterns using soft c (sounds like s). Create a list of words with the ending ‘-ice’ e.g. notice. Practise spelling these correctly by rainbow writing or pyramid writing or typing onto Microsoft Word. Can you find any exceptions? e.g. lettuce/ promise.


The Cassini Spacecraft recently ended it’s mission to explore Saturn. Find out more about this mission and create a poster, power point or sway to demonstrate what you have learned.

Reflective Friday

This week the children were asked to reflect upon:

What will you do differently next week?

Some of our answers were:

I would like to get quicker at completing our ‘beat that’s’ challenge.

I would like to use more ambitious vocabulary in my writing.

I am going to read more.

I am going to focus on answering maths questions more confidently.

P6N Learning w/c 25th September


  • We learned how to write a summary. We used 5 questions (when, where, why, who, what) and answered these in 5 words. We then used these words to help us write 3 sentences to summarise the short story, ‘Balaclava Boys’.
  • In groups we worked on creating a word bank of space vocabulary and recorded any relevant words and the definitions in our vocab jotters.
  • We used this vocabulary to write an opening to an imaginative piece of writing about a shuttle launch.
  • Some reading groups received a new book this week.


  • We learned about the rules of divisibility this week. We already knew some of the rules. For example, any even number is divisible by 2 and any number that has a 5 or 0 in the units column is divisible by 5. The other rules we focussed on were 4, 3, 8 and 10.
  • We applied these rules in different scenarios and practised making challenges for our learning partners.
  • Times tables are a continuing focus- have a good game called ‘Hit the Button’ to help us to practise our tables.

Health and Wellbeing

  • This week in PE we continued to develop coordination and accuracy when passing and receiving the ball in hockey. We will be moving onto rugby next week.
  • This week in assembly we learned about being resilient and heard some stories about how other people have been resilient in a difficult time in their life.
  • We enjoyed sharing the resilience posters children have made for homework.

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topic)

  • We are continuing to work in teams to research a planet. We are planning how to make a bright, colourful, eye catching poster to display our learning.
  • We have also enjoyed visits from a native German speaker working at Boroughmuir High School. Dani comes on a Wednesday and has been focussing on number games with our class.

Reflective Friday

Our Learning Stories help us to reflect on our learning through the setting and evaluation of targets on a three weekly basis.

A third of the class have now reviewed their targets and have decided on actions necessary to achieve these targets or have set new targets for the following three weeks.

In order to review our learning we have ‘Reflective Friday’ time to help us to remember and evaluate the week.

We have chosen to record our reflections using a ‘whatsapp’ display. The teacher will start the ‘whatspp’ conversation by asking a different question each week.

Some of the comments this week:

-I really enjoyed creating a ‘word jail’ for common words and looking up better words using a thesaurus. Kyle

-I enjoyed learning about solving calculations/ problems in bank accounts. Stephanie

-I most enjoyed when we learnt about the comparison of the sizes of the Sun and Earth and how far away they actually are. Fabian

-This week I felt engaged during story writing. Alex


P6N Learning w/c 18th September


  • We continued to explore Genres using a selection of short stories. This week we read The Balaclava Boys which focussed on issues and dilemmas. We enjoyed this genre because we could relate with the main character and discussed any issued or dilemmas we have faced.
  • We worked on improving the sentence openers we use in our writing. We brain stormed openers that show the passing of time such as ‘after a while’ or ‘days came and went’ and also adverbs such as ‘suddenly’, ‘abruptly’ or ‘miserably’.
  • We are continuing to collect ambitious vocabulary from our group reading books and are adding this to a display.


  • We continued to use negative numbers in numeracy this week.
  • We used minus temperatures and bank accounts as real life scenarios for using negative numbers.
  • We have continued to use negative numbers in mental calculations and have practised creating our own calculations using these numbers.
  • Times tables are a continuing focus.

Health and Wellbeing

  • This week in PE we continued to develop coordination and accuracy when passing and receiving the ball in hockey.
  • This week in assembly we learned about ‘the river of life’ and linked this to improving our resilience.

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topic)

  • We learned about the relative sizes of the earth sun and moon. We used a beach ball, pea and peppercorn to demonstrate the differences in size.
  • We worked with a learning partner to create a mnemonic to help us to remember the order of the planets.

The Solar System

P6N children are leading their own learning.

We looked at the Curriculum for Excellence’s ‘Experience and Outcome’ – By observing and researching the features of our solar system, I can use simple models to communicate my understanding of size, scale, time and relative motion within it.

We used this statement to help us brain storm what we already knew about the solar system and what we would like to learn about.

Our next steps are to plan what we can say, write, make and do in order to achieve this learning.

Watch this space!


Primary 6N Class Blog

Welcome to our Class Blog! Learning across the curriculum is already well underway. We are enjoying getting to know one another in our new classes and planning our learning together. We will use this blog to update you on our learning and our journey through the curriculum.

Our Learning this Week


  • Identifying different genres with a focus on features of fairy tales
  • Imaginative writing in the fairy tale genre using ambitious vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation
  • Reading a range of traditional fairy tales to compare similarities and differences
  • Reading group novels with a focus on gathering ambitious vocabulary


  • Looking at negative numbers on scales and number lines
  • Carrying out simple calculations using negative numbers
  • Mental agility strategies using the four operations
  • A focus on rapid recall of times table facts

Health and Wellbeing

  • Developing hockey skills and improving our overall fitness levels and stamina
  • Learning the importance of respecting each other and the contributions of others
  • Developing social skills and making new friends

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topic)

  • Learning about the planets in our Solar System and their place in relation to one another and the sun
  • A visit from the SSPCA highlighted the importance of their work and how we can contact them in an animal emergency