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P7M 15.06.18

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As you can imagine this week has been all about our amazing P7 show. The children were brilliant and created an outstanding piece of entertaining theatre which was enjoyed by our appreciative audiences and the whole school to rave reviews. A huge well done to each one the talented & creative performers who put on a wonderful show. Thank you too, to all our parents who helped the children prepare so well, helped out in a variety of ways and made for a fun audience.

We are so proud of each and every one of you. Have a great weekend all our P7 Stars!


Karen & Chris

P7A Weekly Blog 18.5.18

This week (18.5.18) we have been learning:


  • To convert fractions into decimals and percentages.
  • To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  • to use our mathematical knowledge and understanding to complete the  P7 online maths assessment with Mrs Henry.


  • our lines for the P7 show.
  • To analyse a piece of text and answer questions to test our comprehension.
  • To use our listening and talking skills during Mr Edwards’ talk to expand our knowledge of Renewable Energy.
  • To design and write the P7 Show programme.
  • To personalise our P7 profiles using an online form.


  • What it means to have a growth mindset.
  • To develop our sportsmanship during the P6 and P7 Sports day.
  • To support and encourage the P2-P5s on their Sports day.
  • Demonstrate our athletic skills in the trials for the Interscholastics.

Expressive Arts

  • To bring our characters to life during rehearsals for the P7 Show.
  • To design and make props for the P7 Show.
  • To understand how music can tell a story, and learning how to analyse sections of Finlandia by Sibelius.
  • Basic fencing moves for the P7 Show.

Looking forward to next week’s learning:

  • Meggetland Tennis and Rugby festival on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Finishing the final edit of our persuasive letters to Daniel Johnson MSP.
  • Comparing Scottish and Japanese fairy tales then writing our own using typical conventions.
  • Learning how to play Boules with Mrs Magill in French.
  • Philosophy with Mr McKeesick.
  • Analysing a poem that deals with different aspects of mental health in relation to Building Resilience .
  • P7 Show practice.
  • Enhanced transition.
  • Learning how to solve algebraic equations in Mathematics.

written by OK!

Have a lovely weekend!

P7A Reflective Friday 11.5.18

This week (7.5.18) we have been learning:


  • Using our knowledge of pattern in Maths to predict chemical formulae at Boroughmuir High School.


  • Using our Listening & Talking skills during PC Fowler’s talk on Bullying.


  • To keep ourselves safe travelling to and from Boroughmuir on our own.


Expressive Arts

  • P7 Show – honing our acting skills
  • Different Art techniques at High School


Looking forward to next week’s learning:

  • PE & HWB – Sports Day
  • Literacy – Comprehension
  • Art – making props for the P7 Show
  • Music – Mrs Bailey teaching about the composer Sibelius
  • HWB – Resilience
  • Maths – Fractions/Decimals/%


written by Mrs Magill

Have a lovely weekend!


You are required to complete an “electronic” version of your profile for Hight School.

Follow the instructions below to support completing the document:

  • Use the link to open the P7-Profile-Template Word document P7-Profile-2017-18
  • Select option to “OPEN” in Word.
  • It may prompt you to “Enable Edit” to allow you to add details.
  • Enter your Name and DOB (Date of Birth). (You may need to backtab the DOB).
  • SAVE the file to the computer you are working on. File name format:
  • cec-p7-profile-buck-YOUR-NAME-2017-18, eg cec-p7-profile-buck-derek-hyde-2017-18
  • ie change “template” in the filename to be your first and last name
  • Upload your file to OneDrive – you might want to create a folder to keep it safe in.
  • You can then edit this file over the coming days/weeks from any computer.
  • ALWAYS select the option “Edit Document / Edit in WORD” (do not edit in the Browser, some of the boxes will not look correct).
  • When you SAVE the file it will auto save it back to the OneDrive area.
  • When complete you can share the document with your class teacher.


P7 Show Auditions- ‘What a Knight’

Please find an extract from our P7 show script, ‘What a Knight.’ Pupils can opt to read either Kitty or Watt. Mrs Magill or I will read the other part at audition. Children can also opt to sing part of any song of their choice at the audition if they wish to be considered for a singing role. Please note there will be no backing track or music facilities at the audition.

We intend to hold auditions during week beginning 17/04/2018.


Audition Extract

P7A Weekly Blog/Reflective Friday

We have been learning:


  • to use the traditional or chunking methods in long division.
  • to analyse and interpret data.


  • to put ourselves into the characters’ shoes in Goodnight Mister Tom.
  • to write a war diary based on eye witness diaries in WWII.

Social Studies

  • to understand the classifications of the Nuremburg race laws,
  • to analyse and carryout a comparative study on WWII & WWI or the American Civil war,
  • about anti-Semitism and the events of the Holocaust.


  • about road safety from PC Fowler,
  • to share positive affirmation about ourselves,
  • that the Basketball team came 3rd,
  • to participate in circle games to help Sam get to know us.

Modern Languages

  • to recognise and pronounce names of food in German,
  • to plan a special farewell to our German student.

Expressive Arts

  • to perform ‘Money, money, money’ by ABBA for the 40th celebration,
  • what the P7 show is and we are all excited to perform it…
  • to develop our drama techniques.

Written by Niko Krokidis