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P7 Show Auditions- ‘What a Knight’

Please find an extract from our P7 show script, ‘What a Knight.’ Pupils can opt to read either Kitty or Watt. Mrs Magill or I will read the other part at audition. Children can also opt to sing part of any song of their choice at the audition if they wish to be considered for a singing role. Please note there will be no backing track or music facilities at the audition.

We intend to hold auditions during week beginning 17/04/2018.


Audition Extract

P7A Weekly Blog/Reflective Friday

We have been learning:


  • to use the traditional or chunking methods in long division.
  • to analyse and interpret data.


  • to put ourselves into the characters’ shoes in Goodnight Mister Tom.
  • to write a war diary based on eye witness diaries in WWII.

Social Studies

  • to understand the classifications of the Nuremburg race laws,
  • to analyse and carryout a comparative study on WWII & WWI or the American Civil war,
  • about anti-Semitism and the events of the Holocaust.


  • about road safety from PC Fowler,
  • to share positive affirmation about ourselves,
  • that the Basketball team came 3rd,
  • to participate in circle games to help Sam get to know us.

Modern Languages

  • to recognise and pronounce names of food in German,
  • to plan a special farewell to our German student.

Expressive Arts

  • to perform ‘Money, money, money’ by ABBA for the 40th celebration,
  • what the P7 show is and we are all excited to perform it…
  • to develop our drama techniques.

Written by Niko Krokidis


School lunches

Message from the Catering Department:
Dear Parent/Carer

Due to the severe weather we have been experiencing, the catering department have been unable to receive any deliveries from suppliers. Normal deliveries are not likely to return until Tuesday 6th of March.

School kitchens will be providing a meal service however due to the issues with suppliers this will vary to the advertised menu on ParentPay. Due to the change in menus, allergen information will vary to the website and we will do our upmost to ensure all usual special diets are catered for.

We are working hard to ensure kitchens are back to advertised menus as soon as possible and your support is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Catering Dept.

World Book Day

As you will be aware all Edinburgh schools are closed tomorrow. This means we will miss World Book Day. Not to worry, here are some ideas you might want to do at home together so you can still celebrate World Book Day.


We will rearrange a suitable date to celebrate World Book Day so the children can still dress up – we were looking forward to seeing the different characters coming to school. We will let you know as soon as a date is decided.
Thank you.

P7A Weekly Blog 9.2.18

We have been learning:

  • to use measurement to calculate the dimensions and materials needed to construct a full size Anderson Shelter and to turn our classroom into a 1940s learning environment
  • to overwrite to create maximum impact on our 500 Word competition entries (all 26 now submitted to the BBC – wow well done!)
  • to play Wartime playground games in PE

After the holidays we will be learning:

  • about Renewable Energy in Scotland and beyond
  • how to estimate journey times using timetables in preparation for Transition
  • to apply our knowledge of Profit and Loss during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • about Respectign Ourselves and Others in Health and Wellbeing
  • about the meaning behind War Poetry
  • to plan for a Wartime Tea Party

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday!

Mrs Magill


We Need You

On Monday P7 are going to create two World War 2 themed classrooms.

In the spirit of the 1930/ 40’s we would like to use material / objects which can be recycled for other uses, eg, plastic bottles for the hull of ships, fuselage of plane, boxes for suitcases etc.

Please bring in anything which will help. We only have Monday 5th February to do this.


P7A Writing for a Purpose

Last week, I told P7A a little story about the 14 year old daughter of a friend of mine.  Kira The Machine (she has a page on Face Book) has nueroblastoma and is currently back in hospital. Living in the technological world that we do, Kira’s parents thought it would be a lovely, fun and tactile way for their daughter to receive postcards as “Get Well” messages instead of texts. P7A immediately decided that they would like to send postcards to Kira.

P7A are writing jokes and little messages about themselves to cheer Kira up while she is in the Sick Kids’.

Mrs Imrie has given her support and thinks that this is a lovely piece of learning for P7A to be involved in.  If anyone does not want their son or daughter to take part in this writing, please let the office know.

Thank you,

Mrs Magill