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P7F Reflective Friday 7/09/18

This week in P7F:


In literacy we have started our literacy circles we have also been learning how to use commas and colons correctly.



We have been using our throwing skills in dodgeball and we have also developed our hockey skills.


Maths and Numeracy

In maths we have been learning learning how to round to 10, 100 and 1000.


In assembly we have been learning how to take a moment.


We have been doing mindfulness colouring to rest our brains.


Have a lovely weekend. from P7F Xx



P7F blog 24/08/18




We are enjoying our morning maths challenges and are looking forward to some more! We have done a maths activity to see what level we are at.



In literacy we have been writing some biographies about our friends. Miss Fotheringham showed us some of them, we have also learnt about our partners.

Other news

P7F have been creating a display of Florida display including palm trees,the mocking bird, a map of Florida,Disney castle and the Kennedy space centre.We are have nearly finished the wall! We have  been discussing RRS (Respectful Ready Safe) as our new class agreement.



In P.E we have been learning many tasks including basketball, tennis, football, skipping and hoopla.

This document was written by two P7 pupils! Well done boys!

P7 Fantastic Florida

We  are looking forward to many different challenging activities including Lagganlia and The P7 show and many responsibilities.

We have been talking about our responsibility’s in P7 for example house captains.


This week in maths some P7’s hid cards around the classroom with a different variety of questions like find the perimeter of this square in meters etc.

Fantastic Florida

Recently we decided that are class name was Fantastic Florida so we have been making a display and everyone is having fun. We have learnt about Florida’s surroundings like the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Mexico it is also called the sunshine state and orange state.

Document made by William Howat and Aidan mcleod.