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P7H – 11.10.19

A message from Mrs Haynes – I hope you all have a lovely holiday week and I look forward to hearing all the exciting things that you get up to on our first Wednesday back!

Reflective Friday 

11 October 2019 by Max D Dhilan  


In spelling this week. We did ly words such as hysterically, happily and family. 

In our reading we have carried on with our Kensukes kingdom. In this weeks chapter we see Michael and Kensuke becoming friends and Kensuke tells Michael his story. Our work on it was questions on vocab, inferring, explain and retrieve. We also wrote a letter to St Johns ambulance for our charity which is going to be an open day we wrote our letter with Mrs Ling 


In maths we did an assessment on 3d and 2d shapes in 1 figure accuracy we did a sheet on adding and rounding to create a more accurate answer. We also learned how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 including doing this to decimals.  


In our topic work we looked at hurricanes and how they form we also looked at the damage they cause and how you put them into category’s. In PE we did the bleep test if you don’t know what the bleep test is. Its when you have to get to the other side of the hall before it bleeps. Our assembly was about looking on the bright side of life. We also had an exciting session of Bikeability which we all enjoyed! 

What We Enjoyed 

Are favourite moment of the week was when we did our Bikeability which we all loved. 

Next Steps/Home Learning  

Well everybody could practise the new skills we learned at Bikeability. Also staying safe. If you haven’t read the leaflet on it. Its worth a read so you can stay safe on the roads. 

Our next steps are to divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  



P7H – 4.10.19

Reflective Friday – By Chris and Seán



In writing, we have been learning how to write a piece of writing from an orangutan’s view. We were using our non- negotiables, adverbs and using our success criteria. In spelling we have been revising our past spelling words and patterns, then choosing the hardest words. In reading, we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and examining the sentence structures to help with our writing.



In maths we have been looking at rounding decimals to the nearest whole, tenth and hundredth. We also rounded to the nearest significant number to help with our addition.

We used these skills in real life to help us spend the money we were given to by helpful things for the classroom.



In our topic, we have been looking at volcanos/hurricanes. Hurricanes also are called cyclones, typhoons and whirly whirly’s depending on where you are in the world. In IDL we have been looking at St john’s ambulance and planning our fundraisers in groups. We also went on a trip to Megitland to play tennis, football and touch rugby. We also got a new German teacher and we revised from what we did last year. In addition, some people did bike ability. In H&W we did our ICT SMART posters, it stands for safe, messages, accepting, reliability and talk.


What we enjoyed

We enjoyed megitland a lot and it was very fun. We also enjoyed bikeablity because it was fun and enjoyable.


Next steps/home learning

To round to the nearest thousandth and maybe ten thousandths.

At home you could practice your bikeability skills. You could play maths games to help practice. You could also look at maths is fun.

Primary 7 Bake-Off Club

While the Great British Bake-Off is on TV 20 Primary 7 pupils are taking part in a Bake-Off lunchtime club run by Mrs Haynes.

Each week 2 or 3 people will bake something based around a theme such as scones, biscuits or free-from to be judged by our very own Paul and Prue! We also have Sandy and Noel to help deliver the news to our star baker too!

This week we baked Scones and had 3 delicious scones to try and decide between. Our Star Baker, chosen by Prue and (our very mean) Paul was Maya in P7T.

Here is the Star-Bake this week and the two runner-up bakes, Hana and Amelie;

P7H – 20.9.19

20.9.19 Reflective Friday By Abbi and Alex



• In spelling we were doing the ly pattern e.g. badly, happily. These are examples of adverbs.

• In writing we were planning our imaginative stories. We have to try and use some adverbs to make our stories more engaging for the reader.

• In reading we read chapter 5 of Kensuke’s kingdom and had to infer Michael’s emotions.


• For math’s the Boroughmuir teacher left us assessments to do on algebra. Some of the questions were quite hard e.g. 2x + 15 = 31 others were easier e.g. x+5=35 or 4x=28


• For PE we played a match of touch rugby against the other class.

• This week in topic we were learning about the different types of volcanos.

What we enjoyed

The thing we enjoyed the most was the transition to Boroughmuir were we got to try the lunch food and the food for the breaktime. We also done different activities including … cooking breakfast pots, doing boxing on the rooftop, playing healthy eating games and doing a club fair were you got to see what clubs you can do.

Home learning

Some home learning we could do this week:

Research some more about the different types of volcanoes, if you want to you can make a ppt to share with the class.

Make a list of some adverbs and wow words to use in our imaginative story.

Create some algebra questions and try and answer them (or get out parents to answer them)

(A suggestion from Mrs Haynes – watch some of the rugby World Cup to see how the professionals play rugby!)

Next week we are going to be doing some volcano art. If you have any corrugated cardboard (not cereal boxes etc.) can you please send this in as a base for our volcano. We also require some some newspaper for this too.

P7H – 13.9.19

Reflective Friday

By Amelie and James


In literacy this week we learned the sound ‘le’ in our spelling lesson. We also learned that if you make one of the words plural, you would have to take away the ‘e’ and put ‘ing’ e.g. Sprinkle = sprinkling

Another thing we learned in literacy was writing a discursive essay. A discursive essay is when you look at an argument from both sides and explain your ‘for’ and ‘against’. Our discursive essay was about the Daleks from doctor who are coming to live in Buckstone. We have used our signpost words. Signpost words are like furthermore, moreover, also, finally to help join up our arguments to others without having to create a new sentence.


In maths this week we worked on place value. In place value we have been working with decimal columns like tenths, hundredths and thousandths and knowing what they mean. We also have been working on rounding. Rounding is when you must make a number easier to read by rounding it to the nearest 10s, 100s, 1,000s, and even up to 10 million. We have also had a Boroughmuir teacher come in called Mrs. Walker who has been teaching us algebra and how to lay out your work properly. We will not be getting her for a few weeks from now, but we are all hoping she will come back.


This week we have done a lot of our topic work. We have finished about earthquakes and now we have moved on to learning about volcanoes and how they shape and form. In PE we have learnt a lot about rugby and how to pass and move with a rugby ball. We have played a few games of rugby but we are all still learning. Because we are still learning we have only been doing tag rugby but when we are more confident we will move on to touch rugby. In assembly we have been learning about SHANARRI which stands for safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible, included.

Next Steps/ Home Learning

To help us with our Maths learning next week we could look through some newspaper or websites to find some numbers to practice rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 and 1 000 000– for example house prices, populations of countries or cities.

At we could practice our inferring skills by looking at adverts and trying to infer what they are trying to share with us. This could be posters at the bus stop or adverts on TV.