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Gracemount Transition

Gracemount High School have created a new parental newsletter (see link below) and a pupil booklet that has been emailed out to individuals who will be attending Gracemount. The pupil booklet includes a number of links that the pupils can access, this includes a virtual tour of the school and letters from a current S1 pupil and the Head Boy and Girl. 

The biggest announcement is that Gracemount are going to go with a virtual 3 day visit instead of the traditional one. They are also going to try and plan an in school visit for all pupils and this will hopefully happen on the last week of term. 

Parental Newsletter:


Meet BHS Librarian at

Introducing Ms Aleksandrowicz and BHS fabulous library. Please enjoy this video explaining the many reasons why the library is a great place to be and a great place to learn about before you join us! 

You have now met:

  • BHS Building – Virtual Tour and Map
  • PE
  • Modern Languages
  • Support for Learning
  • Expressive Arts
  • Library

You might also want to watch:

  • What learning means to us
  • Boroughmuir Staff Stay Active

On the way next…Health and Food Technology and RMPS


BHS Transition

Please enjoy this virtual tour of Boroughmuir. You can use this to bring your maps to life.  The school looks a little empty but there some more people for you to meet.  The staff will be uploading more videos from teachers over the next few weeks and are looking forward to meeting you whenever that may be.

P7 Learning From Home

Good morning P7!

Tuesday 28 April / mardi vingt-huit avril / Deinstag achtundzwanzig April


Here’s the riddle for you to solve today: What can travel all the way around the world, always stays in the same spot?

Post your suggested solutions in the P7H Playground or P7C Chat Room and we will reveal the answer at the end of the day.

Thank you everyone who has added their target for the week. Please try to add these today if you haven’t already done so. There is a folder in this week’s file.

Please see below for today’s learning:


Writing: Write your next entry into your Coronavirus Journal. Remember! You are historians creating Primary Evidence of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Be authentic and honest!

Reading: Today you have got to put yourself in a character’s shoes. Choose three different stages of your story. In a thought bubble, write what your character is thinking or feeling at these three points in the story.

Maths & Numeracy:

Problem Solving!

There are two levels of challenge to choose from. Once you have completed the work, check your answers.

–          For the spicier challenge the suggested strategies are; make a model, guess and check, trial and improvement, work systematically.

–          For the milder challenge the suggested strategies are; work systematically, guess and check, reason logically, work backwards.

If you do something systematically, you do it in an orderly, methodical way. Mathematicians like to work systematically on a problem rather than approaching it in a random, unstructured way.


Oscars Planning Sheet

Hopefully you have an idea for your Oscars topic and have started your planning ideas sheet. Remember that your planning needs to be uploaded into the Oscars file when you have completed it, and needs to be completed by Friday. We will have a Teams meeting on Thursday to share some of your ideas and to help those who might be a bit stuck.

Toilet Roll Challenge

Remember to video yourself passing a toilet paper for our class toilet roll challenge! Please have your toilet roll coming in from your right and out to your left. If you want to take part this needs to be sent in or uploaded to the files by FRIDAY.

Watch Newsround. It is broadcast live on TV at 9:15 and 12:10, or available on-line. If something interests you, start a thread on Teams (posts).

Art: Mindfulness Colouring

Some more designs have been added for you to try to create your own mindfulness colouring sheets. Follow the instructions up to step 3 on the file named “Mindfulness Colouring Art Activity” Then have a look at the designs on the file named “Mindfulness Design Ideas” which you can use (or create your own!). At the end of the document there are other ideas to try which do not follow the first 3 steps.

It would be great if some of you could post pictures of your completed colouring sheets to brighten our day!


You can choose one of the activities from the PE folder in Files or join in with Joe Wicks (or do both!). Remember to stay active! Let us know what you get up to in the Gym Hall.

Mr Jaggs (a PE teacher) will be posting some challenges on Twitter. Some are PE related, others are just a general challenge like rolling pound coins into a fork! Let us know how you get on in the Gym Hall channel.

If you need any help, please contact us through Teams.

Cyborg Campbell & Android Haynes x

Transition to High School

Staff from Buckstone Primary, Boroughmuir, Firrhill, Gracemount, Watsons, Heriots and Beeslack High Schools are all working together to make transition as smooth and easy as possible for everyone in the current situation.

No-one should be worrying, I know that is not easy during this time but everything will work out and we will make this as meaningful, fun and stress free as possible. If you do have questions for school please feel free to ask me through teams. Maybe you just would like a chat, we can set this up for anyone who feels this would benefit them. Remember you are not alone!

Just to get you thinking about transition here is a workbook of activities suited for the transition between primary and secondary school and it is available for you all to work through whatever High School you will be attending, we are working together on this. There is a variety of activities including “All about Me!”, careers, skills and aspirations, timetables and lessons, uniform and expectations for you to complete. Give it a try. Please remember to complete the P7 Profile, it is being passed on to all High Schools, not just BHS.

I will continue to post small activities on your blogs periodically related to transition and the expectation is that everyone completes.

Thank you

Mrs Henry

Evening Everyone,

I hope you are all well and managing in these strange times. 

BHS staff were due to visit today.  So instead Mrs Priestly (DHT) has produced the documents below for you and your Parents. This basically covers everything they would have presented when they visited us in school and questions they would usually get asked. 
BHS are also hoping to upload wee videos each week starting next week to meet faculties and get to know more people. We will let you know when this happens. PE are starting next week. 

We will keep you all updated.  Mrs Henry.