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P7H – 15.11.19

Reflective Friday – Hana-Ashley 15.11.19


In literacy this week we done spelling and the rule was soft C.

We also did a reading comprehension on Remembrance Day.

On Monday we did literature circles.



Numeracy/ Maths

In maths we did dividing multiples of 10,100,1000 eg. 10,000 divided by 20.

We had maths with Mrs Walker. We started to look at equations with letters on both sides of the equals sign.

We also did a children in need code breaker activity.



We had a Remembrance Day Assembly with Scripture union and Mrs Ritchie.

Mrs Ritchie’s son Callum who’s a pilot to do a talk with us.

We made our business plan and looked at our market research to help us work out what to sell and for how much. We had to look at the costs of what we are making and how much our profit would be. We then did our Enterprise presentations to three judges and all groups are getting their investment.

In P.E we practiced for Sportshall athletics.

We also had German with Sabrina.


What we enjoyed

We enjoyed the talk from Callum which we thought was very interesting.

We also enjoyed P.E.



P7H – 8/11/19

Reflective Friday – Alanna & Maggie 8.11.19


  • Spelling – el endings e.g. cockerel, level
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom – make an alternative ending
  • Writing – firework poems with Mrs Mcfarline

Numeracy/ Maths

  • Number work – using RUCSAC to solve 2 step equation word problems
  • Boroughmuir Teacher – balanced equations


  • Topic work – Enterprise
  • PE – badminton skills
  • Art/drama/music/dance – miming with Mrs Hand
  • Languages – German numbers
  • Art – firework art with Mrs Mcfarline

What we enjoyed

  • This week we enjoyed doing Firework art with Mrs McFarlin

Next steps/home learning

  • Do our maths homework about algebra neatly and accurately
  • Write a poem about firework




P7 – Algebra

Thank you to all those who shared your home learning, we had some very interesting strategies shared. P7 will continue to work with Mr Walker from BHS on Algebra.

Your task is to download the attached document, print off and complete Task 1 and Task 2. This is the minimum home learning expected for next Tuesday, 12th November 2019. Please bring along next Tuesday and Mrs Henry will give you feedback.

P7 Homework


This week P7 have been the homework grid for this term. A digital copy is available below.

Homework should be taken in on Monday each week to be shared with the rest of the class.

We look forward to seeing what people bring in!

Homework Grid Natural Disasters and Grow a fiver



Both classes have now got their reading book for the term.

Each group have allocated their reading book for the next six weeks and it is expected that the pages allocated will be read by the Monday of each week. There is no task set with the reading this term as this will be completed in class.

Can parents/guardians please keep track of the homework and sign to check that pupils have read the allocated pages each week.

Can books please be taken in on Monday and Tuesday each week to allow time for literature circles to be completed in class.



Please see the separate blog post about the Maths homework.


Thank you

Mrs Haynes

P7H – 1.11.19

Reflective Friday – Sammy & Alanna 1.11.19


  • Finishing Kensuke’s kingdom
  • Writing about selling our Halloween houses
  • Writing a book review about Kensuke’s kingdom,


Numeracy/ Maths

  • For number work we did place value
  • Topic maths – dividing by 10,100,1000
  • Boroughmuir Teacher – balanced equation



  • Topic work – we learnt about our new topic, Enterprise
  • PE – related to enterprise teamwork by trusting our group members
  • Art/drama/music/dance – we started our first drama session talking about our self
  • Assembly – internet safety
  • Languages – new German teacher, revising about what we did last year


What we enjoyed

  • New topic enterprise. We make £5 grow so we get a budget then we get supplies so take make our shop
  • Painting the great wave with watercolour


Next steps/home learning

  • Planning what to make on our enterprise to sell




Home Learning


To be able to identify different patterns in sequences.

To be able to identify a rule for a given sequence.

To be able to find my own sequences.

KEY VOCABULARY Sequence, predictions, term, algebra, formula, logical, systematic.

P7 have been learning lots of algebra with Mrs Walker from Boroughmuir High School. To further develop their understanding and encourage organisational skills for High School we will be allocating home learning related to numeracy and maths. Children should download the attached word document, that they were shown in class today. (paper copies are also available in class). Children should identify one page of the three problems that they feel comfortable completing independently. DO NOT attempt all three.

The problem is asking you to generate sequences and describe the general term; use letters and symbols to represent unknown numbers and symbols. Develop and evaluate lines of enquiry. Collect analyse and organise relevant information which we discussed in class.

Please bring your completed home learning to class with you next Tuesday, 5th November 2019. This is not optional.

All resources are available in class as discussed in the lesson. Click on the link below to download Pool Investigation.

P7H – 11.10.19

A message from Mrs Haynes – I hope you all have a lovely holiday week and I look forward to hearing all the exciting things that you get up to on our first Wednesday back!

Reflective Friday 

11 October 2019 by Max D Dhilan  


In spelling this week. We did ly words such as hysterically, happily and family. 

In our reading we have carried on with our Kensukes kingdom. In this weeks chapter we see Michael and Kensuke becoming friends and Kensuke tells Michael his story. Our work on it was questions on vocab, inferring, explain and retrieve. We also wrote a letter to St Johns ambulance for our charity which is going to be an open day we wrote our letter with Mrs Ling 


In maths we did an assessment on 3d and 2d shapes in 1 figure accuracy we did a sheet on adding and rounding to create a more accurate answer. We also learned how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 including doing this to decimals.  


In our topic work we looked at hurricanes and how they form we also looked at the damage they cause and how you put them into category’s. In PE we did the bleep test if you don’t know what the bleep test is. Its when you have to get to the other side of the hall before it bleeps. Our assembly was about looking on the bright side of life. We also had an exciting session of Bikeability which we all enjoyed! 

What We Enjoyed 

Are favourite moment of the week was when we did our Bikeability which we all loved. 

Next Steps/Home Learning  

Well everybody could practise the new skills we learned at Bikeability. Also staying safe. If you haven’t read the leaflet on it. Its worth a read so you can stay safe on the roads. 

Our next steps are to divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  



P7H – 4.10.19

Reflective Friday – By Chris and Seán



In writing, we have been learning how to write a piece of writing from an orangutan’s view. We were using our non- negotiables, adverbs and using our success criteria. In spelling we have been revising our past spelling words and patterns, then choosing the hardest words. In reading, we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and examining the sentence structures to help with our writing.



In maths we have been looking at rounding decimals to the nearest whole, tenth and hundredth. We also rounded to the nearest significant number to help with our addition.

We used these skills in real life to help us spend the money we were given to by helpful things for the classroom.



In our topic, we have been looking at volcanos/hurricanes. Hurricanes also are called cyclones, typhoons and whirly whirly’s depending on where you are in the world. In IDL we have been looking at St john’s ambulance and planning our fundraisers in groups. We also went on a trip to Megitland to play tennis, football and touch rugby. We also got a new German teacher and we revised from what we did last year. In addition, some people did bike ability. In H&W we did our ICT SMART posters, it stands for safe, messages, accepting, reliability and talk.


What we enjoyed

We enjoyed megitland a lot and it was very fun. We also enjoyed bikeablity because it was fun and enjoyable.


Next steps/home learning

To round to the nearest thousandth and maybe ten thousandths.

At home you could practice your bikeability skills. You could play maths games to help practice. You could also look at maths is fun.