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P7M 15.06.18

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As you can imagine this week has been all about our amazing P7 show. The children were brilliant and created an outstanding piece of entertaining theatre which was enjoyed by our appreciative audiences and the whole school to rave reviews. A huge well done to each one the talented & creative performers who put on a wonderful show. Thank you too, to all our parents who helped the children prepare so well, helped out in a variety of ways and made for a fun audience.

We are so proud of each and every one of you. Have a great weekend all our P7 Stars!


Karen & Chris


You are required to complete an “electronic” version of your profile for Hight School.

Follow the instructions below to support completing the document:

  • Use the link to open the P7-Profile-Template Word document P7-Profile-2017-18
  • Select option to “OPEN” in Word.
  • It may prompt you to “Enable Edit” to allow you to add details.
  • Enter your Name and DOB (Date of Birth). (You may need to backtab the DOB).
  • SAVE the file to the computer you are working on. File name format:
  • cec-p7-profile-buck-YOUR-NAME-2017-18, eg cec-p7-profile-buck-derek-hyde-2017-18
  • ie change “template” in the filename to be your first and last name
  • Upload your file to OneDrive – you might want to create a folder to keep it safe in.
  • You can then edit this file over the coming days/weeks from any computer.
  • ALWAYS select the option “Edit Document / Edit in WORD” (do not edit in the Browser, some of the boxes will not look correct).
  • When you SAVE the file it will auto save it back to the OneDrive area.
  • When complete you can share the document with your class teacher.


P7 Show Auditions- ‘What a Knight’

Please find an extract from our P7 show script, ‘What a Knight.’ Pupils can opt to read either Kitty or Watt. Mrs Magill or I will read the other part at audition. Children can also opt to sing part of any song of their choice at the audition if they wish to be considered for a singing role. Please note there will be no backing track or music facilities at the audition.

We intend to hold auditions during week beginning 17/04/2018.


Audition Extract