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P7 Children In Need Day Friday 16th November 2018

Well done to all the awesome Primary 7 children who organised and delivered a fun and inclusive Activity Day raising vital funds for Children In Need.  There were Free Activities where children could win a prize: Pin the Bandana on the Pudsey; Best Dressed Children per Stage.  There was also a Free Quiz: winners will be announced next week once the Primary 7s have had a chance to mark the answer sheets.

P7M planned a Guess Pudsey’s Birthday competition at 50p per guess.  We used a Random Date Generator to choose the date which was 30th November.  The winner was a girl in P5HW.  P7M presented her with her cuddly Pudsey backpack.

The Bake Sale organised by P7F was a massive sellout!  Not a crumb was left!  The Primary 7 children engaged with all the children and listened carefully to what their customers wanted and ensured they gave them the correct change.

P7R had queues out of the door for Face Painting.  The Artists did a superb job of turning their customers into tremendous Pudseys, Tigers, Cats, Lizards and Dragons!

Mrs Magill, Miss Fotheringham and Miss Robinson are incredibly proud of you all!

Have a wonderful weekend, have fun, be safe 🙂

P6 Wee Sleepout!

Primary 6 have decided to support the local charity Social Bite!

Social Bite are on a mission to STOP homelessness in Scotland.

The way P6 are going to support them is by doing a Wee Sleepout, sleeping in the gym hall.

The reason we chose to do a sleepout rather than anything else is because every year Social Bite do a sleep in the park to raise money. We wanted to know what it would feel like to be sleeping out of our comfort zone with no mattress, and no technology, but it won’t be as bad as being homeless but it will still be hard.

If you would to sponsor us please visit the Just Giving link below.



P7M Magical Madrid blog 


This week in Maths we have been learning about measure; how to estimate and calculate perimeter and area using formulae. 

In Literacy we have been putting the finishing touches to our Coraline display of art and poetry.   We wrote a variety of acrostic, sonnet and haiku poems. In addition, we have been overwriting a few paragraphs of a story called The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone in order to uplevel our writing to a more sophicsticated level and engage the reader. 

During P.E. we have been beginning to learn the first few steps of the Gay Gordons for our P7 Ceilidh in December. 

In social studies we received a very exciting visit from an MSP called Ian Clark who presented a talk and a workshop where we had our very own debate on whether animals should be allowed to perform in circuses; the majority vote was that it should be banned.  

On Wednesday we had an awesome trip to Liberton High School where over the course of the day we learnt different skills, activities and competed against 13 other schools. We performed our very best and we received several different awards.  We returned home with two trophies for 1st place in Athletics and Boys’ Rugby, 2nd place for Dance and three 3rd places for Girls’ Rugby, Taekwondo and Boys’ Football.  We also took 1st for Best Dressed! 

This week we have also had a few of our p7s helping out at the Book Fair and they all worked very well and cooperatively to raise a fabulous amount of money. 

As you can tell we have had an incredible week and are looking forward to the next one ahead of us. Have a fab weekend everyone!! 

 Written by 2 girls and 2 boys from P7M

Pupil Targets

Over the last few weeks we have been setting this term’s targets. The targets, which have been created jointly by the teacher and the pupil, focus on three areas of curriculum – Literacy, Maths and Numeracy and another subject suited to each class.

We have been discussing targets in class so the children know themselves as learners so please ask your child what their targets are (your child may call them Learning Intentions and Star Steps depending on their age) so we can all be partners in the children’s learning. These targets may have already been shared with you at Parents’ Evening and at the Drop-in today.

Evidence for these targets will then be gathered and shared in the pupils’ Learning Stories to see how they are progressing with their individual target. The staff can edit these targets if necessary. The Learning Stories will be sent home in December in order for you to see your child’s learning.

If you have any questions or queries then please ask the class teacher.




P7M Reflective Friday 12.10.18

This week in P7M we have been learning:

How to convert fractions into decimals and percentages.We have also been developing our skills solving word problems.

In literacy this week we have been learning how to write a recount.We used our trip to Boroughmuir as the subject this week. We have been putting more work into our prospectuses too.

We have been experiencing what high school might be like in our Mixed Up Monday by switching to different classes for French, German and Religious and Moral Education.

In music we performed our soundtracks to different Wallace and Gromit animations using GarageBand and musical instruments.

Have an Awesome October Break!

P7M and Mrs Magill 🙂






P7M Reflective Friday 21.9.18

This week in P7M we have been learning:

How to convert fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths.  We then solved real life problems in a pizzeria using this learning.

How to write a character reference for a Head Teacher position in our Literacy Writing.  We had to use our knowledge of writing pursuasive letters and using positive launguage in this reference.  After reading chapter 4 of Coraline, our class novel, we used the Drama convention of Hot Seating to question the characters in depth, drawing on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

How to use Garage Band in Music to create a soundtrack for good and evil charaters to make connections to our class novel.

Next week we are looking forward to:

Completing our Bikeability!

Consolidating our knowledge of converting fractions, decimals and percentages.

Using our knowledge of Banksy grafitti art and David Zinn, chalk artist, to bring a smile to our playground 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend,

P7M and Mrs Magill 🙂






P7M Reflective Friday 14.09.18

This week we have been learning about the graffiti artist Banksy and how to use stencils and create tags. We learned that Graffiti releases feelings and emotions, and also uses artistic skills such as line drawing. Graffiti Is Academic in that it is a combination of imagery and text. Usually, the text is a “code name,” or a unique aspect of the individual’s identity. We created and designed our own code name or tag to represent an aspect of our own identity. Our graffiti art incorporated imagery demonstrating our understanding of symbolism, metaphor, and artistic conventions.

We learned how to use persuasive language in our writing. We have been learning to use Bloom’s Taxonomy to up-level our questioning skills to understand texts in more depth.

We have been learning how to round decimals to tenths, hundredths, thousandths and tens of thousandths.

In Social Studies we used our maths knowledge of time to research the Scottish Parliament Time line.

In PE we consolidated our dribbling and passing skills in Hockey.

In Music we were learning how to keep a beat and a pulse by using Boom whackers and Maracas.

In Health and Wellbeing we discussed what coping mechanisms we use when we are feeling down.

In other news we celebrated the announcement of our new house captains and vice captains. In our class we have two house captains and one vice captain. Go us! We also celebrated two members of our class being successful in their job interviews for Fundraising Assistant and Resources Manager. In our classroom we decided to take on more responsibilities which would benefit the whole school.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

P7M and Mrs Magill

P7M Reflective Friday 31.8.18

This week some of our learning has involved:


We finished our board games and wrote the instructions. Then we tested them out. This week has also been Scottish maths week where we’ve been challenged with different problems to solve each day.



We have been learning to use evidence from our class novel, Coraline, to back up our first impressions of the main character.  We also been identifying key details to highlight how the author creates suspense.


Social Studies

We used the Experiences and Outcomes to help us to choose to learn about the Scottish and European Parliaments as our next topic.


Remember: Closing Date for House Captain and JRSO applications is Monday 3rd September.


Have wonderful weekend!

Mrs Magill