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We Need You

On Monday P7 are going to create two World War 2 themed classrooms.

In the spirit of the 1930/ 40’s we would like to use material / objects which can be recycled for other uses, eg, plastic bottles for the hull of ships, fuselage of plane, boxes for suitcases etc.

Please bring in anything which will help. We only have Monday 5th February to do this.


Creating the WW2 themed classroom

Below is a list of the ideas you had for “changing” the classroom on Monday, along with who is responsible for completing the task.

Hope the hunt for “material” is going well.

Main Areas to work on:

  • Anderson Shelter
    • Ciran, Jack, Beth, Daisy
  • Plane (ceiling)
    • Maisy, Jamie, Yazan, Eilidh
  • Propaganda Posters
    • Tiago, Callum
  • Station (band)
    • Liam + others as they complete
  • Room – Pipes, rats , electrics, flames, rubble
    • Hannah, Abigail, Katie
  • Windows / walls – cracks – bullet holes / blackout
    • Ava, Amiya
  • Squadron / Ship formation
    • Sanjeev, Finlay R
  • Tables, Flags, Blackboard
    • Lucy R, Lea
  • Morrison shelter
    • Nathan, Finlay P
  • Bombs, Lanterns
    • Lucy I, Jessica
  • Evacuees – suitcase, placard, gas mask
    • Lucy P, Ruth, Josh
  • Class objects – bell, siren
    • Mr Hyde



P7M Home Learning 16.1.18-9.2.18


Primary 7 voted to learn about Word War II as their new Social Studies topic.  Therefore, this Home Learning Grid has been designed around this theme covering all discrete curricular areas.

The children are also going to undertake a Personal Project in Social Studies.  They compiled a list of Wars and Conflicts that they were interested in learning about; either WWI or The American Civil War.  The end of their Personal Project will culminate in a comparative study with WWII.  Their key tasks for this will be to identify similarities and differences.