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P7T – 8.11.19

Friday 8th November 2019 Reflective Friday




  • We did persuasive writing where we were trying to sell a house to a chosen monster. For this we look at different houses online for sale, mostly the floor plans so we could make our own. We made floor plans and posters to help us sell our houses.
  • This week our spelling rule was el some of our spelling words were : Level, Jewel ,Quarrel and Travel


Numeracy/ Maths

  • Multiplying and Dividing by muliples of 10, 100 &1000
  • Algebra with Boroughmuir Teacher



  • Coming up with ideas for our Make £5 grow topic.
  • PE: Badminton – we have been learning a range of different serves and shots.


What we enjoyed

  • We particularly enjoyed the persuasive writing advert poster making exercise.





P7 – Algebra

Thank you to all those who shared your home learning, we had some very interesting strategies shared. P7 will continue to work with Mr Walker from BHS on Algebra.

Your task is to download the attached document, print off and complete Task 1 and Task 2. This is the minimum home learning expected for next Tuesday, 12th November 2019. Please bring along next Tuesday and Mrs Henry will give you feedback.

P7 Homework


This week P7 have been the homework grid for this term. A digital copy is available below.

Homework should be taken in on Monday each week to be shared with the rest of the class.

We look forward to seeing what people bring in!

Homework Grid Natural Disasters and Grow a fiver



Both classes have now got their reading book for the term.

Each group have allocated their reading book for the next six weeks and it is expected that the pages allocated will be read by the Monday of each week. There is no task set with the reading this term as this will be completed in class.

Can parents/guardians please keep track of the homework and sign to check that pupils have read the allocated pages each week.

Can books please be taken in on Monday and Tuesday each week to allow time for literature circles to be completed in class.



Please see the separate blog post about the Maths homework.


Thank you

Mrs Haynes

Home Learning


To be able to identify different patterns in sequences.

To be able to identify a rule for a given sequence.

To be able to find my own sequences.

KEY VOCABULARY Sequence, predictions, term, algebra, formula, logical, systematic.

P7 have been learning lots of algebra with Mrs Walker from Boroughmuir High School. To further develop their understanding and encourage organisational skills for High School we will be allocating home learning related to numeracy and maths. Children should download the attached word document, that they were shown in class today. (paper copies are also available in class). Children should identify one page of the three problems that they feel comfortable completing independently. DO NOT attempt all three.

The problem is asking you to generate sequences and describe the general term; use letters and symbols to represent unknown numbers and symbols. Develop and evaluate lines of enquiry. Collect analyse and organise relevant information which we discussed in class.

Please bring your completed home learning to class with you next Tuesday, 5th November 2019. This is not optional.

All resources are available in class as discussed in the lesson. Click on the link below to download Pool Investigation.

Primary 7 Bake-Off Club

While the Great British Bake-Off is on TV 20 Primary 7 pupils are taking part in a Bake-Off lunchtime club run by Mrs Haynes.

Each week 2 or 3 people will bake something based around a theme such as scones, biscuits or free-from to be judged by our very own Paul and Prue! We also have Sandy and Noel to help deliver the news to our star baker too!

This week we baked Scones and had 3 delicious scones to try and decide between. Our Star Baker, chosen by Prue and (our very mean) Paul was Maya in P7T.

Here is the Star-Bake this week and the two runner-up bakes, Hana and Amelie;

P7H – 20.9.19

20.9.19 Reflective Friday By Abbi and Alex



• In spelling we were doing the ly pattern e.g. badly, happily. These are examples of adverbs.

• In writing we were planning our imaginative stories. We have to try and use some adverbs to make our stories more engaging for the reader.

• In reading we read chapter 5 of Kensuke’s kingdom and had to infer Michael’s emotions.


• For math’s the Boroughmuir teacher left us assessments to do on algebra. Some of the questions were quite hard e.g. 2x + 15 = 31 others were easier e.g. x+5=35 or 4x=28


• For PE we played a match of touch rugby against the other class.

• This week in topic we were learning about the different types of volcanos.

What we enjoyed

The thing we enjoyed the most was the transition to Boroughmuir were we got to try the lunch food and the food for the breaktime. We also done different activities including … cooking breakfast pots, doing boxing on the rooftop, playing healthy eating games and doing a club fair were you got to see what clubs you can do.

Home learning

Some home learning we could do this week:

Research some more about the different types of volcanoes, if you want to you can make a ppt to share with the class.

Make a list of some adverbs and wow words to use in our imaginative story.

Create some algebra questions and try and answer them (or get out parents to answer them)

(A suggestion from Mrs Haynes – watch some of the rugby World Cup to see how the professionals play rugby!)

Next week we are going to be doing some volcano art. If you have any corrugated cardboard (not cereal boxes etc.) can you please send this in as a base for our volcano. We also require some some newspaper for this too.