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Reflective Friday from P3M


  • We have been working on subtraction. We have tried different strategies including using empty number lines, function machines, split strategy and finding the difference. 
  • We started learning about time. We focused on analog clocks and discussed what the clock hands told us. We were learning how to read o’clock and half past. 


  • Spelling – As usual we continued with the wraparound spelling programme. Our words this week were: pick, mist, finish, gym, mystery, system, what, when
  • Reading – We continued reading aloud in our reading groups. Children are enjoying summarising their book to their peers. This is becoming a favourite part of the week! There have been some changes to reading groups this week, if you have any queries about your child’s reading please feel free to leave a note in their blue jotter. 
  • Writing- This week we wrote letters to world leaders at COP26. We described the impact of climate change and came up with suggestions of how we could slow it down. A lot of the class are still working on remembering full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Some of us are thinking about how we can make our work more interesting with adjectives. 


  • Loose Parts was a big hit as always, the children are so creative with their play and have a brilliant time!
  • PE: we did a forest workout with Miss Scott this week. We also practiced ball skills in the hall and played some games, it was a lot of fun!
  • Science: Miss Scott worked with the class to learn about sound. They were learning about how different sounds were made and they focused on instruments. 
  • COP26 – We were learning about climate change. We discussed the causes, impact and some things we could do to slow down climate change. This learning was reflected in our writing lesson.
  • Art- we focused on Remembrance Day for our art this week. We based this on the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ which we discussed on Thursday. The learners created their own field of poppies. We now have these displayed in the classroom, they are beautiful.  

Reflective Friday

“I enjoyed doing the poppies because they look very beautiful.”
“I loved doing the taking away sums.”
“I liked that we got to write letters about COP26.”
“I found it cool learning about time.”
“Loose parts was the best part of my week.”
“PE in the gym hall was my favourite part of the week.”
“Doing maths colour by number was good.” 
“I enjoy doing spelling because it helps me spell more stuff.”

Coming Up 

  • We are collecting empty kitchen roll tubes for an art activity. If you have any spare, please do send them in to school. 
  • PE will continue to be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next Week Spelling

We will be moving onto the short /o/ sound.

Our words: box, hop, shop, spot, shock, compose


  • A reminder of our drop off and collection times. Drop off is 8.45am and pick up is 3.10pm. We are aware of logistical issues this may bring with collecting other children, however we have got to stick to these timings for now and cannot let the class out before this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
  • Please ensure that your child has a change of clothes in school. As the ground gets damp, we are having more slips at break and lunch time. This can lead to children being cold and wet if they do not have spare clothes. 
  • We are working in school to improve our handwriting. We are focusing on making are it stays on the lines, is neater and in some cases smaller. If you are wanting to do some extra learning at home this is something that could be worked on.

Loose Parts

Some Photos

Sorry for the very long post this week!

Hope you have a great weekend and do give me a shout (or catch me at the door) if you have any queries at all.

Mrs McSporran
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P3 Reflective Friday

Hello P3M 

An update on some of our learning from this week


  • We completed our work on addition for now 
  • We moved onto learning about subtraction. We were working in groups to work out subtraction sums in our outdoor learning and in the classroom. We will continue with this next week.
  • We completed our learning on direction and compass points, we were able to follow directions using compass points. We will be moving onto time next week.


  • Spelling – Our words this week were: head, deaf, heavy, ready, measure, friend Tricky words: little, down
  • We used the wrap around spelling programme to facilitate our learning. 
  • Reading – we were reading in our reading groups. The children enjoyed summarising their books and reporting back to the rest of the class. There have been some changes to reading groups this week, if you have any questions or concerns about this feel free to write me a note in the blue reading jotter. 
  • Writing – we made posters to show what we learned about Diwali, the learners enjoyed working in groups to complete these. 


  • We were using the RSHP programme to explore different family set ups.
  • We discussed ‘taking a moment’ and were doing mindful colouring, yoga and breathing exercises.


  • Science: Miss Scott started a topic on sound, she will be continuing with this 
  • RME: we were learning about Diwali. We heard the story of Rama and Sita, found out about how Diwali is celebrated today, made rangoli and posters to display our learning.
  • PE: we were doing fitness, outdoor games and an indoor PE session in the hall working on ball skills.

Reflective Friday 

“I liked learning about the compass”

“I loved doing the rangoli, because they were so colourful and look nice”

“I liked working in the groups to make the posters about Diwali”

“I loved doing PE in the new gym hall because we got to use equipment”

“It was very interesting learning about sound. I really like sound because without it we wouldn’t be able to hear important things”

Some Photos

Next Week Spelling 

We are learning the short /i/ sound

Our Words: pick, mist, finish, gym, mystery, system

Next Week 

  • We have our next loose parts session on Monday 8th November, please send your child dressed to be outdoors.
  • Our PE days going forward will be Tuesday and Wednesday due to the new timetable for the hall.

Have a brilliant weekend, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Mrs McSporran
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Happy (Halloween) Friday!

Hello parents and learners, 

It has been so lovely to see everyone after the holidays. It sounds like everyone had a fun filled and exciting break, we have enjoyed sharing our stories with each other!

Here’s some of our learning from this week:


  • We have continued with our addition work, and were learning to bridge to the next 10 on an empty number line 
  • We progressed with direction and have been learning about compass points. We have been practising our clockwise and anticlockwise turns to face North, South, East and West.


  • Spelling: we have been working on the short /e/ sound. We have continued with the wraparound spelling programme and this has been working well. We have been listening out for all the individual sounds in each word and thinking about how we grow them and words that rhyme with them. 

Our words this week were: peg, tell, nest, shell, sense, quest

Our tricky words were: old, only

  • Reading: we have continued with our reading groups this week and have focused on summarising for our reading tasks. 
  • Writing: this week we have been doing imaginative writing based on a setting. The children all had the same setting, each table group came up with characters for the story and each child came up with their own story. The class really enjoyed this and were keen to share their stories with the class. 


  • PE- we have been doing more fitness games, our woodland workout and yoga. Next week we will be moving onto ball skills. 
  • Art- we started our firework night sky pieces. These will be finished next week, they are beautiful. 
  • COP26 – Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning about COP26. On Thursday we had a discussion about what this is and why it is important to have meetings like this. We will continue to focus on COP26 over the next couple of weeks and will consider what we can do to slow down climate change. 

Pumpkin Trail

We had a lot of fun today on our walk around school today looking at all the wonderful pumpkins.

Reflective Friday 

“I enjoyed learning about compasses because I like the north south east and south to tell the direction”
“I loved seeing how all the pumpkins were made differently”
“I liked doing the bunny hops on the number line because it was quite fun”
“Doing worksheets was fun because I like learning”
“I liked doing art, it’s my favourite thing”
“I liked making firework pictures”
“I liked everything”

Next Week:

  • A reminder that all children should have indoor shoes in school, this helps to keep our classroom clean and dry!
  • This week brought the end of staggered starts and finishes to the day, this has maximised learning time in the classroom. Thanks for your support with this.
  • – Our new drop off time is 8.45 am
    • – Our new pick up time is 3.10pm
      • – Our Friday pick up time is 12.25pm
  • We try to get outside as much as we can, please send your child to school with a hooded coat.

Spelling for next week: short /e/ using other graphemes

Our words: head, deaf, heavy, ready, measure, friend Tricky words: little, down

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, please do let me know if you have any queries or concerns.

Mrs McSporran

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P3M Reflective Friday

Hello P3M learners and parents, 

I hope you have a great week; we have had a fun week in P3M. 

I can’t believe we have arrived at the October holiday! Thanks to you all for your support this term. It has been greatly appreciated.


We have been continuing with addition, learning about number bonds to 30, 100 and 1000

We used our addition skills to solve a code, this revealed a mystery message  

We learned about right angles and created shapes with right angles during outdoor learning


The children all gave wonderful Book Talks, their preparation and effort was evident and they enjoyed listening to each other’s presentations    

We have been continuing to use wrap around spelling programme to learn soft /a/ words this week 

Reading groups continued as normal this week 

For writing we worked on summarising learning from our science lesson


We were learning about mindfulness. We practiced this throughout the week by doing colouring, breathing exercises and yoga


Science: the children have been requesting to learn about volcanoes and lava. This was a highlight of the week and linked to our writing lesson 

Art: we created autumn wreaths using leaves the children collected from the playground, we also designed our class Christmas card

PE: we continued to work on fitness and outdoor games 

Book Talks

Autumn Wreaths

Reflective Friday

I am so proud of all of the learners in P3M. They have been amazing so far this term, have learned lots and definitely deserve a break. I have loved getting to know each of them, what a wonderful bunch! I hope you all have a restful, fun and memorable holiday. All of your plans sound fabulous. I cannot wait to hear all about them when we are back at school.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any stage with any queries. Mrs McSporran 🙂
Mrs MacSporran P3M, Primary 3

P3M Friday Update

Hello everyone, 

I hope you have had a great week. It has been lovely to chat with most parents over the course of this week, thank you! If after chatting there has been anything else you meant to mention, please do just drop me an email. 

We have had another great week in P3M with lots of fun and learning. 

Here is some of what we have been up to:


  • We have been working on addition this week. The class have taken to this well and have enjoyed challenging themselves. We have done independent work and addition games with peers. 
  • Miss Scott continued with direction for topic maths. We learned about clockwise and anti-clockwise.


  • We have been using the wrap around spelling programme to help us with our spelling words. This week we have been learning about the ‘nk’ ending. 
  • Reading, we have continued with reading groups. The groups had the chance to run these groups independently and read aloud to each other. This went well and we will do this again. We have continued to focus on summarising what we have read. 
  • Writing – we developed our writing skills this week. We were writing predictions about what would happen next based on what we already know.


  • We learned about the parts of the body and followed the RSHP lesson plan. There was a verbal input and then children labelled the body of both a boy and a girl.  You can see what we were learning about through their website:
  • Following on from this we learned about privacy and the PANTS rule. Again, more information can be found on the RSHP website. 


  • Outdoor learning – this week we practised our spelling words outside with chalk, the learners also thought of other ‘nk’ words they knew. We also had our reading groups outside on Wednesday in the sunshine, this was one of our highlights of the week! 
  • PE- unfortunately we were unable to get outside on Tuesday due to the weather, we got outside for games on Wednesday instead. We had our woodland workout on Thursday.

Coming Up

– Friday 15th October: information about give racism the red card in Homelink

– Next week we have our book talks. Each child will be encouraged to present to the class, posters can be made if they would find this helpful. I know some children have already started these! There is no expectation that the presentations are a certain length. We have discussed this in school, but children could start by considering;

– What is your favourite book?

– Why do you like it?

– Do you have a favourite part or character from the book?

To make it straight forward I have allocated each child to a day of the week to ensure we get through them all.

Monday 11th October: Eesha, Ciaran, Kara, William, Innes, Megan
Tuesday 12th October: Alexander, Callum, Erin, Eliza, Lewis, Faith
Wednesday 13th October: Ben, Ross, Toby, Archie, Bella-Rose
Thursday 14th October: Maika, Hugo, Sophie, Carl, Kayden, Scarlett
Friday 15th October: Anyone that missed their day

Next week spelling: We will be learning about short /a/ words.

Our Words: act, pat, happy, snap, star
Tricky Words: said, there

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend.

Mrs McSporran 🙂
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P3M Reflective Friday

Happy Friday P3M!

Here’s some of what we have been up to this week 


  • We finished learning about place value 
  • We continued working on direction with Miss Scott
  • We have moved onto addition; we will continue with this next week 


  • We have continued to use Wraparound spelling. This week we were learning words with ‘ng’ at the end
  • We have been working on summarising this week in our reading groups
  • We have done some senses writing about Autumn: considering the things we see, hear, smell, taste and feel in this season. The children enjoyed this writing task. 


  • This week we have been looking RSHP: Privacy – My body belongs to me
  • We had circle time and good discussion. 


  • PE: fitness-based games 
  • Art: autumn pointillism to go with our autumn writing 
  • Outdoor learning: handwriting with ‘ng’ words 
  • Loose parts this morning was a highlight of the week. Apologies we didn’t get out on Monday, we swapped our slot to suit another class

Some Pictures

Coming up 

  • Parent consultations are next week, I am looking forward to meeting you. A reminder that appointments are 10 minutes and the booking system will cut out after 10 minutes has passed. 
  • WB 11th October we will be doing Book Talks – each child will have the opportunity to give a presentation about their favourite book

Reflective Friday

Next Weeks Spellings – we are moving onto ‘nk’ words

Our words: bank, chunk, thank, wink, drink, blink

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend.

Mrs McSporran 🙂
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P3M – Reflective Friday

Hello P3M learners and grown ups, 

We have had a brilliant and busy week in P3, here is some of what we have been up to! We have managed to fit a lot into the shorter week. 


  1. We have continued with place value in 2-digit and 3-digit numbers 
  2. Some learners have challenged themselves with 4-digit numbers 
  3. Miss Scott continued with direction, we had fun with this outside


  1. We have continued to use the Wraparound spelling programme and this have been looking at initial consonant clusters
  2. Reading groups have been going well and the learners have been enjoying their different books. We have been thinking about how we can predict what will happen next.
  3. We finished our class novel ‘The Great Food Bank Heist’, we have had some great conversations about the book.


  1. All learners from P3 up in school have completed a wellbeing web, to better understand how everyone is doing. Each child had to rate each of the wellbeing indicators (safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, responsible, respected, included) from 1-10, then explain their response. 

Other areas

  1. French: we have been learning numbers 1-20
  2. PE: continuation with fitness and games, learners have really enjoyed the woodland workouts on a Thursday.

Reflective Friday – Some highlights from this week

“I have enjoyed the morning challenges each day”

“I loved making a Pokémon card our favourite book character”

“We described how we feel on the wellbeing web”

“It was fun doing rainbow writing for our spelling”

“We got to give our partners directions to follow in outdoor learning”

“Innes lost his tooth”


Coming up

  1. We have our loose parts session next Monday (27th September) afternoon. Please could all children come in PE clothes on Monday, along with Tuesday and Thursday. 
  2. Parents consultations are coming up on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October. Booking for these goes live this evening at 6pm. 
  3. Book talks – each child will give a presentation on their favourite book WB 11th October. This can be any book, fiction or non-fiction. We will talk more about these next week but just to give a heads up. 


  1. Reading books and reading records (small blue jotters) are sent home with all of the class each Monday and should be returned to school on a Thursday. As ever, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. 
  2. If you have not already, please could you ensure that learning stories have been returned to school. 

Next week’s spelling: we will be looking at ‘ng’ words

Our words: bang, hang, song, long, wing, sting, bring, thing,

Please do get in touch at any stage, via the office.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, see you on Monday!

Mrs McSporran
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P3M Reflective Friday

Happy Friday P3M! We have had a busy week and have done lots of learning 


  1. We have been revising place value in 2-digit numbers 
  2. We have been trying a lot of challenge questions on our whiteboards with 3-digit numbers
  3. We have started learning about direction with Miss Scott


  1. Spelling – we are continuing our work on initial consonant blends (Our words: plug, slip, clock, blunt, swing, swim, twig, tweet)
  2. We started a new class novel called ‘The Food Bank Heist’. We used the front cover and the blurb to make predictions about what we think will happen in the story
  3. Reading –reading groups have continued and we have been asking questions to see if we understand what we are reading 
  4. Handwriting – we have been working on joining our cursive letters to form words


  1. RSHP: ‘When friends fall out’ – P3M loved working on this with Miss Scott and created puppets to make up a drama 
  2. SHANARRI – we have been learning about our wellbeing indicators. We considered what they mean and why they are important 

Other Areas 

  1. PE: This week we focused on games on Tuesday and had a woodland workout – circuits style workout and games on Thursday
  2. French – we are learning numbers 1-20 
  3. Outdoor learning – this week we did some of our reading groups outdoors whilst the rest of the class were sketching. We also continued handwriting practice outdoors 

Reflective Friday

-“We were learning about the SHANARRI wheel”
– “We have been learning how to be kind to our friends”
– “We’ve been learning about what numbers mean, like 17 is one 10 and 7 units”
– “We have been learning about the Paralympics and how people learn to dive into the water and other sports”

Extra Information

  1. Thank you to those that have already returned their learning stories. Please could these all be returned next week. 
  2. Reading books will be sent home on a Monday and should be returned to school on a Thursday. I have decided to send home a reading record books with every learner. This will leave space for a signature and the date that you have read with your child. Please feel free to or continue to leave a message for me here if you have any queries or comments about the reading.
  3. MILK – The milk list is closed online, however if you would like your child to receive milk in school the office will be able to organise this for you. Please contact them for more information. 

Next week’s spelling words:

scrap, scrub, split, spring, strap, street, strong, thrush

(We are moving onto initial consonant clusters)

As ever, if you have any queries or concerns please get in touch with the office and they will pass on to me. 

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend, see you on Tuesday!

Mrs McSporran
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Happy Friday from P3M!

Hello P3M and grown-ups!

What a brilliant week we have had in P3M. All of our learners are adjusting really well to being back at school and building friendships. 

This some of our super learning from this week… 


  • We have been counting forwards and back in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s & 10s
  • We have focused on 3s & 4s as they can be a bit more tricky


  • Spelling- we have continued to work on initial consonant blends 

(Our words: drip, crab, brush, frost, tramp, trunk, brick, bring)

  • We did a wonderful imaginative writing piece using a photograph for stimulus. The title was ‘Hedgehog needs a hug’. P3M had lots of wonderful ideas and created book covers to go along with their story. 
  • Reading – we have been continuing to read in groups in school and have been assessing reading levels and working on reading skills
  • Handwriting – we practiced individual cursive letters and joining them together to create words


  • We have been thinking about friendship and how we can be good friends to one another 
  • We talked about empathy and kindness and the importance of these to form good friendships
  • The class came up with ideas of how we could show kindness to each other 

Other Areas

  • P.E – games and fitness 
  • French – our French word of the week is ‘Au revoir!’. We have been verbally practising our French numbers 1-10 and writing them down
  • Outdoor Learning – handwriting with chalk outside was a big hit! 
  • Our topic is the Paralympics. This week we learned about the values of the Paralympics and designed our own medals

Reading Information

  • As I said last week, we are continuing to assess reading levels in the class and children have been moving groups and changing between levels. I so appreciate your patience as this is firmed up. There will be ongoing reading assessment throughout the year to ensure all children are reading at the correct level. 
  • Reading books will go home on Monday and should be returned to school by Thursday. However, it would be helpful if books could be brought into school each day to allow us to read in groups throughout the day. 

Extra Information

  • P.E days will be Tuesday and Thursday please come to school dressed for this.
  • Miss Scott will teach P3M each Wednesday until the Christmas holidays.
  • Please ensure that all children have a waterproof coat in school to allow us to get outside as much as possible.
  • Milk: lots of learners are opting not to have their milk in school or are requesting milk when not on the list Please check again if your child would like to receive milk and make any changes with the office. 

Friday Reflections

  • “I enjoyed the counting in 4s fish pond worksheet.”
  • “I have loved playing pizza shop in the role play area.”
  • “I have loved drawing pictures with my friends.”
  • “I loved creating a story about the hedgehog, I had a fox in my story.”

Next Week’s Spelling words 

plug, slip, clock, blunt, swing, swim, twig, tweet

I am here to help and support you and your child. Please let me know if there’s anything I could help with and feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. Can’t wait to hear all about them on Monday!

Mrs McSporran