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As mentioned on our Reflective Friday blog last week, we will be posting our reflections on Teams each Friday from now on. All the information you need will be in General, in the Files section, in the Blog folder. You will see other documents posted there too from time-to-time including photographs of our learning, ideas for learning together at home (should you wish to) and weekly spelling rules in advance for the week ahead.

Thank you,

Mrs Ling and Ms Hastie

Ms Hastie & Mrs Ling P5HL

P5HL Reflective Friday WB 23.8.21

Reflective Friday

Week Beginning 23rd August 2021 

Well done Primary 5HL for a busy first whole week back! It has been great getting to know everyone in school and we are sending wishes to our lovely learners who are currently learning at home and wishing you a speedy recovery. Ms Hastie and Mrs Ling are really proud of you all, in school and at home, for your resilience and perseverance in what has been a bit of a challenging start to the new school year. We make a great team already and can’t wait to all be back together soon and have fun learning! We will make sure that nobody misses out on the experiences and learning tasks. Thank you for all of your hard work and support Primary 5HL and to your wonderful families, we really appreciate all that you are doing and please can we reiterate that we completely understand everyone is in a different home scenario and there is no expectation for home learning, just do what suits you (we used to say that to you all last year too!). 

Please note PE days will be Tuesdays and Fridays unless we are notified otherwise, if your child would like to wear their PE kit to school on these days please encourage them to do so with the addition of their school jumper to try and maintain consistency with uniform. This is not mandatory so your child can wear full school uniform if they prefer but having suitable outdoor shoes for PE/Outdoor Learning will be important. It is helpful for them to have suitable clothing for Outdoor Learning with them as we will be going out everyday unless it is unsafe to do so. Please help us to avoid losing things by making sure you have any items labelled such as spare clothes, lunchboxes, bags and jackets. Spare clothing can stay on the children’s labelled pegs in the cloakroom. 

This week our blog has been collated together and we wanted to share some of the things that we have been learning. We hope you enjoy reading it! 

We enjoyed getting some new seats on Monday and having a table group to work with. We are going to have these groups and partners for 2 weeks and then there will be another change! 

We have continued reading our Class Novel Catscape and enjoyed recapping and answering questions about chapter 1 and then had lots of fun reading chapters 2 and 3 this week! It has been great to hear the different place-names in Edinburgh mentioned. We were learning about word association as a follow-up task, which means words that we might link together. We focused on the word ‘cat’ and ‘lost’ and came up with some fabulous mind-maps and lists to share our thoughts. These included ‘miaow’, ‘vicious’, ‘sly’ and ‘firemen’ (ask us about this one!) for the cat example. Some of us even researched different breeds of cats! We have developed our dictionary skills by finding the definitions of more challenging vocabulary from our reading and phrases we can use to up level our writing. If any of our learners at home would like to keep going with the class novel please scroll down to the bottom of this post where you will find a weblink to little videos of each chapter (this week we have focused on Chapter 2 and 3) and you can choose a follow-up activity to try. Next week we will look to Chapter 4 and 5 so if you wish to try learning at home you could do this. 

We worked hard on our first P5 Spelling Rule, which was all about learning how to use a suffix ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ with a root word ending in a consonant. We had to remember to double the consonant before adding the suffix! Some of the words included were run = run + n + ing = running. Mrs Ling helped us to use different colours to find the three parts of the words and some of us even used little flash cards to practise making the words up with their suffixes. Lots of us challenged ourselves to think of as many other words as we could which could fit in the rule – swimming, humming, mopping, hitting and skipping were a few of our favourites! We worked really hard to Peer Assess our learning using the 2 Stars and a Wish method – see if you can ask us what this means! We then enjoyed using a range of active strategies to practise our spelling words, including code words, backwards words, pyramid words and rainbow letters. You might like to try an activity like this to practise your words at home!

Our Spelling Rule for next week is – 

WALT: Accurately spell words with a suffix ing/ed that have two consonants.

Suffixing Rules:

  • Root words containing long vowel sounds – add ing
  • Root words containing short vowel sounds + 2 consonants – add ing

Magic e                          Long Vowel

phoned                           avoided

escaping                         delayed

thriving                          displayed

driving                           flowing

2 Consonants






world          word

For a Spectacular challenge can you think of any other words of your own which follow this pattern and find the definition of these words, if unknown, using a dictionary for a further challenge.

We enjoyed writing this week and focused on personal recounts and sharing information about ourselves to get to know our classmates. In class we created our own 3D Hot Air Balloons using skills in Art (drawing), Literacy (writing and listening and talking) and Technology (constructing a hanging 3D model from paper) to do this and we have enjoyed sharing these with our peers and hanging them in our classroom for others to see! Our friends learning at home might like to try this when they return to school and we can help them! Next week we will try some creative writing so get thinking about your story writing techniques, we will also start to recap our understanding of some of the functional parts of our writing such as punctuation, paragraphing and checking our grammar and punctuation. Think back over your Big Writing targets from last year (we will look over these in class) and we will be building on these to challenge ourselves in P5! We also created our own ‘Special Shields’ to display in our classroom which is another way that our new classmates and teachers can get to know us! 

We have been revising our Maths learning from P4 and thinking onto P5, seeing what we have remembered and understood and areas where we need to practise and develop further. We have started looking back over strategies for addition and subtraction and focused on the column (traditional) method this week with some Super, Fantastic and Spectacular challenges. Look at the BBC Bitesize clips at the bottom of this page to practise this! We will continue to work on different challenges using this learning next week and continue to build on problem solving with this knowledge too. We have enjoyed creating and playing some Maths games as part of our Outdoor Learning time too – counting and adding and subtracting with dice, hoops, balls and bats. We have taken part in Mental Maths challenges to practise the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and will continue to do this. We began looking back at Place Value this week and will continue working on understanding values within 100s, 1000s, 10000s and beyond for some over the next few weeks. We enjoyed reading different numbers and then writing them using what we know about digits. We took our learning linked to place value outdoors by using natural materials such as sticks, stones and leaves etc. We have also started to look over our Times Tables (multiplication) knowledge and completing different challenges to revisit and revise these.

As part of our Health and Wellbeing learning we have made a start on our Class Charter design and display for the classroom! We worked hard to learn more about Children’s Rights and Responsibilities and discussed the sort of things that will help us to have a fantastic year in P5. We enjoyed creating some posters about a Right of our choice after looking carefully at the Class Charter. We answered some different questions together, using our voice and opinions as well as post-it note ideas. We decided to think of key words that will help us to be a great team – these included kind, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, challenging, thinking and helpful and display these up. We thought that these words helped to describe the kind of qualities for us all and classroom environment we would strive for! We then worked hard on our Art skills by following a drawing tutorial for some Llamas to add to this, showing each of us contributing and agreeing on our charter aims! This means our Class Charter display will go along nicely with our P5HL Happy Llamas class identify!! We will be creating a Happy Llama display for our corridor wall too and shall post some pictures when it is all done. If you want to try this at home check out the link at the bottom of the page!

Finally, we have enjoyed starting to learn a little about the Olympics and soon we will be focusing on the Paralympics! These are such exciting events and timing nicely with our return to school. We will enjoy talking about what we want to learn together and coming up with some engaging and interesting lessons with the children! We have enjoyed seeing some information on Newsround already and starting to design our own Olympic medals by looking at some previous examples and reading about them. Some of us have been taking part in a little Paralympics STEM challenge and others have been reading about a very famous British Paralympic athlete Ellie Simmonds and answering questions about this to challenge ourselves.
Well done everyone!

Please see a couple of pictures below (more will come next week) and some Home Learning Ideas underneath 🙂

Ideas for Learning Together at Home:

Watch Newsround at Home

Catscape Novel Study – see link to chapter videos and follow-up tasks for each chapter, if you are learning at home and wish to try this too you can choose a task after listening to each chapter (try to stick to Chapters 2-5 as this is what we have/will be working on last week or over the next week)

Spelling Rule and activities – can you try and practise our rule from last week (posted in the previous blog entry) or for the coming week (see above)?

Addition and Subtraction: –

Place Value –

Art – Llama drawing video (for any learners at home who would like to do this before they return to school, please don’t worry we will also find the time so you can do this in school when you are back with us too) –

Topic/HWB – Paralympics – see if you can watch any of the events and be ready to share what you’ve enjoyed with your classmates! Think of what you might like to learn about and you can let us know. Here’s one website with lots of helpful information –
Can you find any other good websites with interesting information to share with your teachers and classmates?

We hope you can have a restful weekend and we are wishing everyone well. Looking forward to seeing you back in school on Monday or as soon as you can! 

Mrs Ling, Ms Hastie and P5HL 

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P5HL Learning 20/8/21

Welcome back to everyone. It has been lovely working with everyone getting to know each other and settle into the new class.

It has been a very busy few days but we have enjoyed being able to work with the other P5 class too.

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday at present.

Today’s blog was compiled together.


Next week’s Spelling

We are learning to spell words with a suffix ing/ed and to find the root word.

Rule: Double the final consonant in the root word before adding the suffix ing / ed e.g. shred + d + ing / ed

Super…. chatting ragged throbbing shredded

Fantastic…. knitting scrapped strapping banned

Spectacular ….. skinned whipping skidded strumming

We began our Class novel Catscape by Mike Nicholson.

This is an intriguing mystery story. It is very exciting as it is set in Edinburgh. We were thinking like detectives to spot the clues . We made a Missing poster and designed a new Databoy watch.


We did some calculations using our birth date. We had to add , divide , subtract and multiply. Some were very tricky!

We looked at the months and date.


We worked in groups and as a class inside and outdoors to get to know each other better. We introduced ourselves, shared holiday stories and played some fun games.

We discussed the 5 signs of good listening and class organisation.

Have a great weekend !

P5 Happy Llamas