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House Captains meet every fortnight to discuss  issues and ideas relating to their house. The House Captians make final decisions or create a short-list of options for classes to vote on. House captains and vice house captains work as a team to celebrate and organise whole school events.

Every year, during the first term, elections are held in school for our new School House Captains.  P2-P7 classes are involved in the voting process.  Pupils are given the opportunity to create and present a manifesto, outlining why they would be a good house captain.

On the election day the pupils get the opportunity to vote for a House Captain and a Vice Captain.  The results are announced in assembly and the chosen pupils receive a badge to identify them.

House Captain is an important part of our school as they provide pupils with an opportunity to suggest ideas and voice their opinion.  Over the past few years the pupils have suggested some wonderful suggestions and our house captains have worked hard to make them happen.

Here are a few examples:-

The Playground                                               A talent show

A school house system                                  Scotter Pods

We will keep you updated!


At BPS we have 4 Houses:

  • Harbour
  • Bells
  • Castle Law
  • Turnhouse

Our pupils are placed in Houses when they start in P1 and remain a part of that House until they leave. We have ongoing House competitions where Houses compete against one another.

Throughout the year, pupils earn House points for e.g. good behaviour, effort etc. They also earn House points at sports.

Each House has a P7 captain and a vice captain.

House Captains

In Year Seven, as part of the additional responsibilities given to the children are the roles of House Captains and Vice House Captains. These are very important roles in school and the children have to apply to Mrs Henry, in writing, if they wish to be considered for the posts.

House Captains and Vice House Captains are expected to set an example to younger children, to embody the values that the school holds dear and to contribute to the wider community.

They help the younger children, both in the classroom and at playtimes. They play a pivotal role in special days and themed weeks, assisting the staff in their planned activities. They also help Mrs Imrie with school events such as Harvest Festival, Christmas, coffee mornings and curriculum evenings. One of their favourite jobs is showing visitors around our wonderful school.

Each year we have two House Captains and two Vice House Captains. They lead our locally named Houses – Bells,Castle Law,  Harbour and Turnhouse. This year they are:


Hannah Knipe – Captain

Archie Morrison – Vice Captain


Max Currie – Captain

Sarah Dugmore – Vice Captain


Finlay Priestly – Captain

Erin Lee – Vice Captain


Jessica Dodd – Captain

Sophie Edwards – Vice Captain


We will keep this post updated with our achievements, news and competitions!