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P7 Year Committee – 2017/18

P7 year committee is an important part of our school as they provide our year seven children with an opportunity to suggest ideas and voice their opinion.  Over this academic session the children will have opportunities to make suggestions and discuss them with parents, teachers and senior management team. The year committee will organise and plan the P7 ceilidh, discuss the P7 hoodies, trips for P7 including an end of year celebration.

Our P7 committee meet every fortnight to discuss issues and ideas that have been brought up by P7 children. All children in P7 are invited to apply for a position on the year committee asking them to highlight the skills and attributes, staff then chose a selected few to represent the year. The committee make final decisions or create a short-list of options for the year group to vote on.  Class representatives are, Beth, Amelia, Eilidh, Tiago, Sammi, Michael, Sam, Niko, Jessica, Moray, Charlottte, Carmen and Olivia.


We look forward to some great decisions this year …