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P2M – What we have been learning this week 01.04.19

We are ready for the holiday!

This week we have been reviewing all the sounds, spelling words and maths skills that we worked on during the term.



We reviewed soft -c, soft -g and -dg sounds.  We have done some lovely work with the soft -c sound:

We have been working on spelling blocks. Some of us went further and made their own sentences.

We have been working on: using a plan to retell a story and to plain the main events of a story. We worked with our learning partners to create our story, we know that we need a setting, characters, problem and ending.

We have been working on letter h “up , all the way, and down, back up and over  down and a flick”. Like every week we started our work outside using different media and on Friday we did our work on paper.


Home learning activities:

Home reading: No reading books for home during the holiday.

  • Please practice the tricky words sent home (for those who have been given this work at home)
  • Keep reading at home! We are looking forward to hear all about the books that you are reading at home during the Easter break. the first week back everyone will have the opportunity of telling the class the book that they read and why they would recommend it.
  • If you want you could write a sentence  (or more) everyday explaining what have you done, if you liked it or not and why.



We have been working on addition and ordering numbers from 0 to 100 !We have worked hard and challenged ourselves!

Home learning ideas:

“We like playing hit the button: you add numbers and you hit the right number”

  • Keep counting forwards and backwards up to 10, 20, 30, 100. Also ask your child to say the number before and the number after a given number.

There will be lots of opportunities during the holidays to look at numbers: while shopping, getting buses, in the car looking at number plates, etc.



This week we have the opportunity to play with block play in the area. The buildings were amazing! As you can see we have been working as a team, taking turns, exploring symmetry and balance.

P2c reflective Friday 5.4.19

Apologies for my absence earlier in the week, and thank you to Ms Leach and Mrs Conlin for covering for me.

Just a couple of photos of our learning this week.

I hope all the families have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all again next term. We all wish one of our friends good luck as he joins a new school after Easter.

P3T WB 1st April


This week we have been learning about the Easter story with reading comprehension activities. We have written more in our fact books about ancient Egyptian homes.

Home Learning Activities: Set a reading challenge for the holiday, perhaps finish a book or read a magazine. Write a postcard and bring it in the first week back from a days outing, or if you’re away for the holiday, keep a diary.


We looked at building pyramids and used repeated addition and linking this to our understanding of multiplication.

We also went on an Easter maths trail round the school searching for questions to test us.

Home Learning Activities: practise quick recall of 2 and 10x table facts. Continue practising counting in 3s and 4s.

Topic:  We have been learning about Egyptian homes and fashion. We returned to our mummification of tomatoes after leaving them in salt for two weeks. We cleaned them out and stuffed them to regain their shape and painted them in glue and bandaged them.
Have a happy and safe holiday.

P3M 5.4.19


As well as working on core numeracy skills in our SEAL groups we practised place value by saying the value of numbers in three digit numbers and talked about different subtraction strategies.


Our new spelling words all have an Easter/spring theme.

We practised using a or an by writing them correctly in a sentence.

We really enjoyed listening to everyone’s talks about their chosen artist and were able to give feedback about communicating well to an audience.


We explained our magnetic games and how they work to the rest of the class.


We learned the names for different types of houses and thought about the house we lived in.


We were learning how to keep a steady beat and got to choose our favourite singing games.


We watched a short film about the Easter story and discussed what happened to Jesus and why Christians celebrate Easter.( We hid the carrots for the P1 Easter hunt)

Have a lovely Easter break.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M

Week beginning 01.04.19

Literacy & Reading


This week we had a revision week of sounds and ‘tricky words’ we have covered in term 2.

Please continue to revise and practise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.

Below are some sounds and tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: oa, ow, ay, ai, ea, come, some, one, you

No reading was sent home this week – instead we read all together. We focused on sounding out and spotting tricky words. Some children even had a go at reading to the rest of the class. We were able to see some super confident reading!


During reading we have also been concentrating on reading with expression and spotting rhyming words.


    • Writing – This week we had a go at some descriptive writing. We watched the story of the Easter Bunny and created our own version of the Easter bunny. We described what they looked like, and what their job was!
  • Reading – Whole class.




  • We are having a focus on revising maths skills this week (addition, subtraction, order and counting forwards/backwards).
  • Subtraction – we have had a whole class focus on subtraction calculations this week. To help with skill you can practise counting backwards. We have also been looking at writing subtractions calculations – remember the larger number always comes first.
  • 100 number square – we have been using 100 squares to help solve number calculations.
  • Calculations – we have been exploring subtraction and addition calculations – looking at the symbols to make sure we read and complete calculations correctly!
  • Number Bonds – we have started looking at number bonds to 10 (all the different ways to make 10 using 2 numbers)
  • Symmetry – We have also been revising symmetry, by spotting symmetry in our environment, and creating our own symmetrical patterns using different materials.



Other Curricular Areas

  • P.E. – Teamwork games and looking at ‘fairness’ when playing team games. We have a very interesting time talking about what is fair/not fair.
  • P.E – we were also exploring different ways of rolling safely this week. We tried pencil rolls, teddy bear rolls, and some children even tried forward rolls!
  • Science – We are learning about recycling this week and looking after our environment. We have looked at what we can do to have a positive effect on the environment and how to become more eco-friendly.
  • ICT – we are now using iPads to support our learning. Children have been great at sharing and not spending too much time on the iPads!


Learning Through Play


  • Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.
  • Painting – children were finger fainting symmetrical eggs at the arts and craft table.
  • Play Time – we have been setting a ‘Play Time Challenge’ to encourage new friendships. We have been asking P1 to think of someone in the class they have never played with and ask them to play.



  • LAST DAY OF TERM! We are planning on having a small end of term party. We will be having squash, crisps and some dancing!



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning and I hope the children enjoy a well-deserved break!

P3M 29.3.19

Hi Everyone


In our SEAL groups we have been focusing on core numeracy skills. As a class we have continued to practise our 3 and 4 times tables. We have been singing along to Number Jacks and playing games to help speed and accuracy.


In reading we are continuing to develop our comprehension skills through oral and written activities .

In spelling we have practised our words through a number of different activities and everyone had dictation today to assess which words we need to work on. We have also talked about the different spelling and  meaning of there, their and they’re. Ask us to explain them to you!


We worked in groups  to design a game using magnets.


We continued to work on our badminton skills and also played some team games to improve our fitness.


We practised the skills we have learned by creating pictures.


We discussed the names for various types of housing and drew our own houses.


We practised our knowledge of numbers and colours by completing some challenging written work


P3M please have your talks about your chosen artist prepared for Monday 1 April. We will listen to some each day that week. If there is a problem with this please talk to Mrs Munro or Mrs Bailey. We are looking forward to listening to the talks and learning lots of information about a variety of artists.


P5 are holding a toy sale on Thursday 4 April to raise money for The Sick Kids. Toys will be priced at 50p, £1 and £2.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M


P2M – What we have been learning this week 25.03.19



We have been learning the sound soft  -dg.  We know that because there are two consonants between the vowels in these words it creates a very think wall which keeps the vowels apart and stops the magic e doing its job so the vowel doesn’t say its name.

Example given:

Page : only one consonant so the magic e works, a  says its name

Badge: two consonants, dg, make a thick wall so a doesn’t say its name.

Words that we have worked on this week: bridge, fridge, hedge, edge, lodge, fudge, judge, etc.


This is the work of a some children making their own -dg words (they even made their own new word, can you spot it?)


We have been working on: making predictions about stories, retelling a story in order, describe our own experiences and finding information in pictures.


We have been working on letter m “up and down, back up and over, down and up and over, down and a flick”

Home learning activities:

Home reading: No reading books for home this week as we have been reading individually to Mrs de Bonrostro to check our progress during the term. We also have been working on our tricky words.

  • Please practice the tricky words sent home (for those who have been given this work at home)
  • Practice tricky words given on  previous weeks at this blog.
  • Practice your words (-dg) using chalk, flour.
  • Keep reading at home! We are looking forward to hear all about the books that you are reading at home.



We have been working on number bonds to ten. We used Numicon. Most of us found easy to do number bonds to ten but harder to do number bonds for numbers within ten.

Home learning ideas:



At PE we have been working on ball skills and on Wednesday we had the opportunity of using the Gym equipment and learned new skills. We had a fantastic time, we challenged ourselves!