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P2c – What we have been learning this week. 18.5.18


  • we revised all our tricky words and are  practising  “write” and “great”
  • In spelling we worked on the ending ed sounding like in words like fished and kicked
  • we practised adding ing to a magic e word e.g. make + ing = making
  • we wrote a report about the school sports on lined paper
  • we practised handwriting  c o a d g  in our new lined jotter

We learnt all about the illustrator Ross Collins by watching Authors Live.

On our Spelling City page, you can access the tricky word lists and some fun games to play for extra practic

Thank you for your continued support  with practising key vocabulary and signing the reading record.

  • We are continuing to work in class on predicting, analysing and discussing the wide range of texts we read – including, but not limited to, our home reading books. We would encourage the children to make personal choices of reading material from home and library – school reading books are only a small part of becoming an avid reader.

Numeracy & Mathematics

  • We practised sharing things in equal groups related to sports equipment.
  • In measurement we counted the number of cubes it would take to  balance the scales when weighing objects like a pen, soap , rubber

Other areas of the curriculum

French  We looked at the vocabulary for animals.We also continued to practise using greetings such as Salut, Bonsoir, Ça va ,au revoir, bienvenue, asseyez-vous and levez-vous.

Sports Day

We had a great time at the potted sports and all had a favourite event.

Together in Sport Fundraiser

We had a very enterprising 2 days trying to make a difference to other children .

We worked together to write a presentation , divided into groups and then went to every class to read it. We had to answer some hard questions

We made biscuits , approx 10 each ,organised a shop  and sold them to the whole school

Our hard work and brilliant effort will make a huge difference to children to access clean water and also be able to eat 2 hot meals per week.

We are still counting how much money we have raised! It was a lot and we are very pleased with our efforts.

We were Superheroes using our power of kindness and sharing, to make a difference .

Have a lovely holiday weekend!


P5F Reflective Friday 18.5.18

Reflective Friday

Most days this week we have been visiting the nursery.


On Monday we practised spelling words with silent letters


Thumb, Bomb and Knife

We also learned to find fractions of amounts.


On Tuesday we learnt how to say different pets in French

We learnt how to write an imaginative story for nursery children


On Wednesday it was sports day, we improved our teamwork skills

And we had good sports man ship

We were learning to give your own opinion on different pieces of music


We learnt about different features of and advert and created our own.

We learnt how to use different chords in Ukulele


D minor and G7

We also went outside to play dodgeball


We reflected on our learning

P5F Reading Homework – 18.5.18

Here are the pages I would like the children to read this week.

Perfect Pandas –

Operation Tortoise – chapters 33 – 37

Takes Revenge – chapters 32 – 40

Mad Mice

Grk Down Under – chapters 25 – 35

Funky Flamingos – 

Race to the Pole chapters 7 – 13

Fantastic Falcons – 

Stanley in Space – pages 60 – end

P6T WB 14/5/18

This week we wrote an imaginative piece for writing that we will use as a starting point to see where we need to improve and we also started looking at punctuating speech properly.

We started looking at Eurpoe’s climate and learned how to draw and interpret data from climate graphs.

We thoroughly enjoyed sports day and were very lucky to have such lovely weather.

We had Generation Science come in and work with us to learn about electricity. We learned about atoms and electrons and read the scales on voltmeters to see how strong the current was. We investigated different magnets and how the magnetic force can make the electricity travel.

We have been researching about break out spaces and nurture rooms in schools and what they are used for. We met with a designer and presented our ideas for doing up the upper area and came up with a theme: Bringing the oudoors indoors. She will be back in a few weeks with drawn up plans based on our ideas. Mr Taylor, Mrs Imrie and the designer were all very impressed with our ideas and enthusiasm.

Reflective Friday P2D- Week ending 18.5.18


We only have a few more weeks left of reading homework. Please can we have a big push on reading effort at home. The focus is reading with expression. The children have been pretending they have an audience. I wonder if you can work on reading aloud with expression at home?!


  • We are continuing to add ‘ing’ to verbs- verbs with a long vowel we simply add ‘ing’.

shout- shouting

  • We are continuing to spell blocks 4 and 5 tricky words. We will be doing an assessment in class soon so please continue working on these at home.
  • We took part in a ‘Live Author’ event. Can you tell your parents about this?

Spelling city link

Numeracy & Maths

  • We are continuing to work on improving our speed when answering x facts.
  • We have started to measure length in cm and m.


  • We have been learning all about our digestive system.
  • Can you name the main organs which digest our food?
  • We carried out an experiment. It certainly had us all engaged!!! Tell a parent about this.


We have started to learn about instruments of the orchestra and the four main sections – brass, strings, woodwind and percussion. We looked closely at a violin and discussed the names of the parts of the instrument such as pegs, sound holes, tailpiece, chin rest, strings and bridge. We also learned that the bow is made from the hair from a horse’s tail.


This week we enjoyed:

  • Taking part in different sports on Wednesday.
  • Our digestive system experiment.
  • Reading aloud to the Primary One children.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!


P3 Investigate Sugar

As part of P3’s focus on Health & Wellbeing we want to investigate sugar, discovering:

  • Is it good for you?
  • Can you have too much?
  • How much is OK to have in a day?
  • How much is in some of our food?

We identified that cereal and drinks would be a great place to start our investigation as we all enjoy them, with most having them everyday.

Packaging for both cereal and drink often shows clearly the amount of sugar in the product.

It would be appreciated if you could send in any old cereal boxes / drink containers so we can investigate the sugar content. We plan to chart this in Maths on graphs as part of our study on data handling.

Thank you for your help

P3 teachers