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P3T WB 18/2/19


This week we have continued addition and played a game called autograph hunt. We all had a sheet with sums to answer first, then we put on hats with numbers and had to find the person who had our answers and get their autograph!

At Home:  continue to practise number bonds to 10 and 20



After 5 weeks of work we have finally finished our Egyptian time travel stories. These stories introduced us to paragraphs to show the beginning, middle and end. We are going to P5 next week to read our stories to them!

At Home:  Spelling lists can be reached by clicking the link below and can be practised on

Spelling words 18


P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 18th February

Here is a summary of our learning in P4G this week:


  • In Spelling we learnt about ph that makes a f sound.  See list below.
  • In Handwriting we practised our cursive joins by writing out some poetry.  We needed to remember our star steps: stay on the lines and use a sharp pencil.
  • We worked on the Visualiser role in reading.  We drew a detailed picture and wrote about The Parents chapter from Matilda.
  • In Writing we began writing up our electricity experiment.

Ideas for Home Learning:  

Can you write a silly story using all of your spelling words from this list?  Or find examples of ph words in a reading book, magazine or newspaper?  Why not practise your cursive writing by writing your spelling words in cursive?

Week 15 ph says f

Here is the visualiser sheet we used in case you want to use it for your reading this week.


Numeracy and Maths:

  • To finish off our learning about the time we went outside and used stop watches to time ourselves.
  • We started our learning about 2-d and 3-d shapes and how they link to each other.
  • To continue our learning on subtraction we looked at column addition (without exchanging).  Our star steps were to line up the sums correctly and learn our number facts off by heart.  We practised our take away beat that’s too.

Ideas for Home Learning:

Here are the beat that sheets we have been working on.  Why not race someone at home to see who is the fastest?

Beat thats- take aways

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Beat that 3

Keep practising your number facts:

Can you work out these take away sums, using the column method? 

98-63, 135-112, 76-26, 398-217, 4564-3231

Other Areas:

  • After lots of discussion and a vote, we renamed our new tables after foods.
  • In Art we looked at Charles Rennie Mackintosh and drew roses in his style.
  • We looked at the story of the Good Samaritan in RME.
  • We used the gymnastics equipment in PE.
  • In ICT we all did a survey about pupil wellbeing in schools.
  • In Science we learnt about electrical circuits.
  • Our new Resilience unit was introduced- it is all about Getting Active.  
  • To support the SSPCA we dressed up as animals.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  • Take the 30 day challenge to get active as a family for 30 days- is there an activity that you could all do?
  • Have a go at this game to support our learning about electricity:

  • Research the work of the SSPCA to find out where your donations go to.

P5H – 22/2/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We wrote a report on Generation Science from earlier in the week. We had to use scientific words to help us.

In spelling we had to change a word ending in y to a plural. If the second last letter was a vowel then we just had to add an s onto it, if the second last letter was a consonant then we have to change the y to a i and add es.

We finished our books in literacy circles! We will get new ones next week.


We learnt about time intervals with Mrs Martindale. We had to use different methods to find out the time between two times or to find out when something finished. We also looked at timetables for busses and trains.

Some home learning for maths is to look at timetables and calculate durations of different things e.g. tv shows, busses or trains. Remember to write any highlights in the homework highlights book.

We did our daily10, next week all groups are going to start dividing so start to practise at home.

We made our own maths board games to show what we know about times tables.


We used excel to add up money to help us understand the purpose of excel. Someone wanted to go to the sweet shop and we had to type in a formula to work out how to get 14 sweets for £10.

We have been learning about Lord Darnley. He get married to Mary but it wasn’t a happy marriage. He was a very vain man.

In PE we were on the apparatus for gymnastics.

P1 Squirrels w/b 18th Feb 19

Literacy & Reading
This week we are revising the sounds sh, ch, wh, th, ee and ea and all the ‘tricky words’ we have covered so far. There will be no new sound sheet this week, please continue to revise sounds and ‘tricky’ words’ at home.
New reading books will be sent home this week–Monday/Tuesday.
Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home)
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read. Please work on these at home: you, want, was, saw, put.

Numeracy & Maths

• Maths – We have started a new topic in maths – Position and Movement. We are covering positional language (next to, in front of, behind, up, down, forwards, backwards, left and right)
• We have also been using our Bee-Bots to explore position and coding!
• Time – we are beginning to explore time. Starting with the features of a clock and telling the time (o’clock).
• Can you spot time when you are out and about with your child?
• You could also talk about times of the day (bed time, dinner time, time to get up) and read these on the clock together.

Other Curricular Areas

• P.E. – We have been working on our fitness levels in P.E. and children have been working their way  around a circuit. We are also using positional language to play games in P.E.  We also enjoyed the lovely weather on Thursday and had P.E. outside.
• French – using dot patterns to count out amounts in French.
• Health and Wellbeing – We are using our Fairyland topic and the Cinderella story to look at friendships.
• Drama – Children have been re-creating and acting out an alternative ending to Cinderella – maybe they can share this with you at home!
• Drama – This week we had a little go at the ‘Hot Seat’. Children take on the role of a character from a story and answer questions from the audience. Maybe you could read story at home then try this out!

Learning Through Play

• Role Play –The Fairyland Castle is still very popular. Children are continuing to explore characters within the hospital role play area.
• Drawing – some children have been interested in re-telling popular Fairy tales by drawing fantastic pictures.
• Dance – children have made a dance floor and have been sharing their dance moves along with singing.
• Fine Motor Skills- we continue to focus on hand strength using threading, play-dough and cutting activities.

Extra Information

• We need your help! We are looking for photos of your child being active…….these can be family photos – they are for our Health and Wellbeing wall display in school. (One photo per child please). Thank you!
• Can we also ask for any recycling – we would like to do some junk modelling and build some castles!

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.