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P3M This week’s learning 22.06.18


This week we created some acrostic poems. These were about summer and we had to use adjectives to describe summer. We made some fantastic descriptions – Miss martin even thought she was in a tropical island!

We continued to read The Magic Finger – we love it! We then answered questions to show our understanding. We had to answer in detail, using key words from the question as well as use the book for evidence.

In Spelling, we looked at making words plural by adding an s. This includes football – footballs, ice cream – ice creams and egg and eggs.

Maths and Numeracy

This week we continued with fractions and time. With fractions we tried to use our knowledge to solve word problems. This was quite tricky! We will continue this next week. In Time we were learning to convert between 12 and 24 hour clocks. We discovered a rule for this – we know we have to add the hour on to 12 to get the 24 hour time. E.g. 5 o’clock = 12 + 5 = 17:00.

We love doing our Beat Thats! Lots of us are getting better scores each day!

Health and Wellbeing

We were developing our skills throughout different sports to improve – this included basketball, football, using hula hoops, badminton and tennis. We found badminton tricky because it was pretty windy!

We loved going swimming! We were little fish! Thanks to those who helped!


Other curriculum areas

We looked at maps of Buckstone to describe the different features throughout time. We noticed more and more houses as the years went on as we put the maps into order.

In ICT we are learning to programme objects and enjoyed playing A.L.E.X.


P2D Reflective Friday 22.6.18

Our Learning this week:

We have been learning:

  • To join letters as we write.
  • How to stay safe in the sun.
  • How our lungs work.
  • To revise all sounds and tricky words covered this year.
  • To add and subtract when answering number puzzles.

Highlights from this week:

  • Meeting our new teacher!
  • Having a parent visit to teach us all about our lungs.
  • Miss Dickson visited us to say hello!
  • PE outside.

Next week we would like to:

  • Fill up our marble jar!
  • Sing summer songs.
  • Create a board game with a partner- addition, subtraction, multiplication or division game.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P7M 15.06.18

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As you can imagine this week has been all about our amazing P7 show. The children were brilliant and created an outstanding piece of entertaining theatre which was enjoyed by our appreciative audiences and the whole school to rave reviews. A huge well done to each one the talented & creative performers who put on a wonderful show. Thank you too, to all our parents who helped the children prepare so well, helped out in a variety of ways and made for a fun audience.

We are so proud of each and every one of you. Have a great weekend all our P7 Stars!


Karen & Chris

P2D Reflective Friday- 15.6.18


This is the last week we will send home reading. Please can you make sure you continue to read texts with your child at home during the holidays. This will help your child’s confidence when returning to school in August.

Well done to everyone for all of their effort this year with reading at home and thank you to all the parents/carers for supporting this.


  • We have been having a spelling focus week- tricky words and words we continue to spell incorrectly from our independent writing.
  • We have been creating questions to ask our new teacher at ‘Meet the teacher’ next week.
  • We are continuing to work on joining letter patterns- th, ch, ai, all

Maths & Numeracy

  • We have been revising addition strategies this week- ways to make 18 etc.
  • We have been comparing the weight of items.
  • We are continuing to answer 2x , 5x and 10x table facts.


  • We have been identifying the different parts of our ear.
  • We have been learning all about ‘Eating Healthy’ and looking at a Healthy plate.
  • We created rainbows by using fruits and vegetables with a learning partner.

We enjoyed watching the P7 Show on Wednesday. Well done to everyone who took part. It was fantastic!

Next week we would like to:

  • Meet our new teacher!

Have a great weekend everyone!