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Unfortunately, the school office has not yet received replies from every family in school re permission for us to use class photographs on the blog. Until all replies have come in we may no longer post any photos of the children’s learning. We are awaiting further information from the council about how to ensure our blogs comply with GDPR.

This week’s blog post will be performed in black and white and I will be removing our previous photos.

Thank you for your patience, and if you haven’t yet sent back your form for this session it would be appreciated if we could have it as soon as possible.

Hopefully our blog will be colourful again soon.

P3M 21.9.18


Hi Everyone, a quick update of what P3M have been learning this week.

In our maths warm up we were playing ‘Round the World’ to help us remember the number before and the number after from 0 to 100.In our SEAL groups we were sequencing numerals to 100,practising fast and accurate addition and subtraction within 20,adding and subtracting to and from decade numbers,counting items in two screened collections.

In literacy activities we were continuing to talk about our predictions for our reading books and we were writing about characters in our class novel and our reading books. We were trying to use some describing words while still writing in proper sentences.

Our spelling this week was revising consonant blends : dr br cr fr tr gr pr. Tricky words for last week were you and your, this week- come and some.

We introduced some French words to describe the weather and did a French weather conga in class!


P3M have been working very hard towards sharing their learning on 28.9.18. Today they have brought home the words they are going to be saying at the assembly. These can be read aloud or learned off by heart. Please practise them at home but return them every day in your child’s folder. We are looking forward to seeing everybody on Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and Mrs Tait

Reflective Friday in P7R!


  • Percentages and word problems figuring out orders in a pizzeria.
  • Comparing decimals and fractions in our jotters.
  • We played a Dick and Dom game with comparing fractions and decimals.
  • We made prove it poster which explains that we know how to round to decimal places.



  • We had our literature circles discussing what we had read this week.
  • We had a spelling dictation practising ou and ow.
  • We wrote a character reference describing why our shoulder partner should the job of Assistant Head Teacher.
  • We read more of our class novel Coraline.


Other Curricular Area’s

  • We had an assembly based on the moon.
  • We worked on our Scottish Parliament timelines.
  • We thought about healthy eating and compared our diets to the NHS Eatwell Guide.
  • This weeks in skills club we practised yoga.



P4B Reflective Friday 21.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have worked hard with our understanding of bigger numbers, looking at thousands and tens of thousands. We have been writing these using digits and words. We have also focused on adding on 10 and 100 to numbers.

Our first bar charts look great, we concentrated on presentation making sure we always use a ruler and that we have a title and sub headings for each axis. Well done P4.


In writing we started learning about how to use WOW words to make a boring sentence better. We all had to edit and improve two sentences about our summer.

In spelling this week we carried on using words that end in ‘ing’. We learned about words that finish with an ‘e’. When you add ‘ing’ you have to get drop the ‘e’.          For example hope – hoping.

Other areas

In our new topic we learned about what makes something living. What are the characteristics it needs. We found out more about a good way to remember these. It is MRS NERG, this week we found out the MRS stands for – M – Movement – R- Respiration – S – Sensitivity.


P2c Reflective Friday 21.9.18



This week we have been revising spelling some of block 1 tricky words. We wrote them in different ways – some ways were hard!


We worked on prediction in our reading group discussions.


We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class ( Be Excited About Reading) when we all choose books to read together and share with our friends.


Cursive writing is tricky  but we have now learned the letters c, o a and d

Everyone has now been given a reading book. Thank you for your support in sending the book to school each day to enable us to engage in follow up work in class.

Numeracy and Maths

Our focus this week has been on using number tracks to count forward and back from a given number.

We named and ordered the 12 months of the year. Some revision at home would also be helpful – particularly what comes before/after.



Other areas of the curriculum.

In PE we have been developing our fitness and coordination.



In assembly Mrs Ritchie told us all about the moon. It was fascinating !


We discussed what we already knew about penguins and then investigated some more. We learned that not all penguins live in Antarctica – some species live in hot places such as the Galápagos penguins which live in burrows in the Galápagos Islands.


Here are some more photos of us exploring our environment and leading our own learning.





P5HW learning this week 21/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Pretty Pandas

We rounded  numbers up to 100 and 1000s.  Then we went on to estimating answers by rounding to the nearest 100 or 1000 eg in the sum 59 + 62  the estimate is  60 +60 =120

This week we used  protractors again to work out angles. We drew some too and played an angle game on the laptops.

Literacy  by Scary Skeletons

In handwriting we were learning how to join our s’s and we wrote words with eses

We looked at what adjectives are and how to use them They are describing words and when you use them  nouns become more interesting and stories are more exciting.  we drew a picture of a character and then described them

Literacy Circles by Robotic Wolves

We picked our books and then in our groups we planned how much we will read over the next month . We organised out folders which we are going to work on in our groups next week.We worked out our plan for the pages to read this week in a polypocket to take home

Languages by the Arctic Foxes

In Mandarin we learned how to write some words eg moon, fire, person, follow,

In German we looked at the alphabet and numbers to 20. We used ipads .

In French we revised the days , months and seasons.  We talked about the weather.

HWB by Daring Dolphins

In PE we were learning how to intercept passes and what skills you need to throw and catch a rugby or NFL ball.

On Thursday Mrs Ritchie told us all about space. She told us that if we had no moon then we would not be alive today. She talked about gravity too.

Topic by Fabulous Footballers

We continued to finish our covers. we talked about what we knew about Rainforests. Then we did research on laptops and using atlases. we found out where the rainforests are like the Amazon jungle and Rwanda. We talked about animals which might live there.

Au Revoir  and Auf Weidersehen

P4G Week Beginning 17th September 2018

What we have been learning in P4G this week:


  • We named our new reading groups after book characters.  Please make sure that reading books are in school each day.  Please sign your child’s reading record when they have completed their reading.
  • In handwriting we practised cursive o, r, s, t, u and v.
  • We have been learning about Rosie the Superhero to help us with our remembering reading skills.
  • We worked on our comprehension skills.
  • In Storm we talked about descriptive language.
  • Our spelling sound this week was ing endings on magic e words.  You need to get rid of the final e before adding ing.  See link below.

Week 3 ing words

Maths and Numeracy

  • We have been working on pictograms to show our birthdays.
  • We have been learning about jigsaw numbers to 10, 20 and 100.  For example, 5 + ? = 10,  13 + ? = 20, 60 + ? = 100
  • We continued to work on speed and accuracy of our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • In place value, we worked on ordering numbers.  Here’s a link to a game you could use to practise.

  • We used a board game to help us add on in tens and hundreds.
  • Using a bingo game we added two 2-digit numbers in our heads.


Other Areas

  • We were using out sketching skills and working on line, tone and shade.
  • We have been increasing our knowledge of living things.  This week we found out about what all living things have in common.  Can you remember all of the seven things that make something living? (MRS FERG)
  • In Music we worked on beat and rhythm.
  • We enjoyed watching an assembly about space.
  • In French we learned the months of the year.


What have we enjoyed this week?

“I enjoyed sketching!” Maddie

“We enjoyed cursive very much!” Ennis

“I enjoyed sketching with Mrs Graham.” Michael

“I loved doing the pictograms.” Amelie

Any challenges?

The sketching and shading, reading and adding tens and hundreds.

P3T WB 18/9/18

This week we have learning about cold and warm colours and we made a painting to show different shades of cool solours and warm colours. Cool colours are blues, greens and purples. Warm colours are oranges, reds and yellows.

In Maths we have continued to work on place value and finding the number before and after.

In Literacy we are  learning to use adjectives to describe appearance a personality.

In our emergency services topic we have been learning about fire hazards in the home and we made a poster to remind people how to stay safe.

Here are some links to some maths games to help us practise at home:




P1 Home Learning- Thursday 20 September

We hope that everyone had a lovely Monday holiday!


Please make sure that you are working on all sounds at home each day.

Sounds this week: ‘o’, ‘g’ and ‘f’

Here is the sound link again

Sound link

We have been describing bears in writing this week. Can you share a word you used to describe a bear with a parent? Choose a bear at home and describe it to a parent.

Maths & Numeracy

This week we have been working on:

  • Naming 2D shapes in our classroom and outside
  • Describing the properties: how many sides and corners?
  • Counting backwards and forwards from a given number
  • Counting quantities
  • Ordering numbers from smallest to largest


Please complete activities 8 and 9 on the home learning wall (orange sheet).

Other Curricular Areas

  • We have been travelling in different ways in PE this week.
  • We have been learning what bears eat and talking about food chains.
  • We have been continuing to work on letter formation.

Letter formation

Learning Through Play

  • Threading to make a pattern
  • Sharing and equipment and space in the construction area
  • Finger patterns using paint
  • Using craft materials to create a collage