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What I am Learning in P1 -2016/17

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What I am Learning in P1 -2015/16

Please also refer to individual eJournals for further evidence of Personal Learning Planning

Term 1

Literacy and Language: Careful listening and taking turns to talk in a group; recognising the letters of the alphabet and their sounds and beginning to write these down; reading some 3 letter words.

Numeracy and Mathematics: Counting, ordering and understanding numbers; making a graph and discussing what it means; following, continuing and creating patterns using shapes and colours.

Health and Wellbeing: Moving safely around the gym, listening and responding to instructions.

Science: Naming parts of the body and identfying the senses we use to explore the world; Describing forces as a push or a pull and talking about how it can make an object move.

Social Studies: Exploring and discovering where Lighthouses can be found according to the local environment.

Technologies: Using the smartboard and apps to develop and practise my new skills; using imagination to build models with construction materials.

Religious and Moral Education: Exploring the celebration of Christmas.

Expressive Arts: Using a range of materials to create art works; using mime and language to take part in drama groups; keeping a steady beat and singing as part of a group.

Term 2

Literacy and Language:

Tell the class about my favourite book and listen to what others have to say.

Use the sounds and tricky words I have learned to write some words and I am beginning to use them in simple sentences.

Discuss the main events and characters in my reading book.

Numeracy and Mathematics:

Recognise coins, their values and I am beginning to count totals for myself.

Identify and name 2D and 3D shapes.

Use different strategies to work out addition sums.

Health and Wellbeing:

Work cooperatively in groups to solve problems and complete tasks for the pirate topic.

Travel on foot in different ways and balance on one or more body parts.


Identify objects that use electricity and discuss basic electrical safety.

Identify material properties and select materials suitable for a particular purpose.

Social Studies:

Discuss how things have chaned since Granny’s time.


Understand the ways technology can be used to help me learn.

Explore changes in technology since my grandparents were at school.

Religious and Moral Education:

Deal with situations which may be fair or unfair by using skills from ‘Cool in School’.

Expressive Arts:

Use increasing detail in my paintings and drawings.

Use facial expressions and change my voice to explore real-life situations.

Recognise fast and slow music.

Term 3

Literacy and Language:

Numeracy and Mathematics:

Health and Wellbeing:


Social Studies:


Religious and Moral Education:

Expressive Arts:




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