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What I am Learning in P2 – 2016/17

To be published

What I am Learning in P2 – 2015/16

Term 1

Literacy and Language: Reading a variety of texts, demonstrating understanding by answering questions; Using simple punctuation, finger spaces and a knowledge of spelling patterns and tricky words in writing; Effective listening in learning partners, cooperative teams and whole class contexts.

Numeracy and Mathematics: Place value – digits in numbers, position and value of digits and understanding of the importance of zero; Couting in 1s, 5s, 10s and finding numbers before, after and between; Using numbers to describe the order of numbers; Identifying a range of 2D shapes and 3D objects and talking about some of their properties.

Health and Wellbeing: Successful communicating in a group context with a focus on social skills; To develop skills to improve my levels of fitness.

Science: Electriticy – Make and draw an electrical circuit; identify different sources of energy.

Social Studies: Identify the continents of the world and our position on a world map through the context of ‘Polly Jean Pyjama Queen’ by Simon Webb.

Technologies: To log on and off a laptop independently.  Design and construct a 3D model selecting appropriate materials.

Religious and Moral Education: Explore Bible stories and talk about some Christian beliefs and festivals.

Expressive Arts: Use a range of media to create art works; Create different roles using movement, expression and voice in the context of class stories (Literacy Evolve); Show confidence to sing alone and as part of a group demonstrating an awareness of pitch; Follow and create a simple sequence of steps in the context of Scottish dancing.

Modern Languages: Use song and games to develop my knowledge of the French language: greetings, colours, numbers, introductions.


Term 2

Literacy and Language: To read high frequency and topic words with fluency and understanding; To identify and begin to use Openers in Big Writing tasks; To discuss what a poem is about and create a simple poem independently (Literacy Evolve); To ask basic questions and respond appropriately with a learning partner, in a cooperative team and during whole class learning times.

Numeracy and Mathematics: To be aware of how money is used and make amounts of money using different combinations of notes and coins; To apply strategies in addition and subtraction to answer money puzzles; To gather, sort, display and talk about information, using a vareity of displays: venn diagrams, carroll diagrams, bar graphs and pictograms; To begin to use standard units to measure time.  To be aware of time systems in everyday life – such as days, weeks, months, seasons in a yearly calendar.

Health and Wellbeing: Developing an awareness of and ability to express feelings; Using Cool in School strategies to understand and develop positive frienships, recognising how actions can affect others.  To link actions and skills to create movement sequences in different contexts.

Science: To understand the differences between night and day and how this affects our planet.

Social Studies:

Technologies: Use Microsoft Word to experiment with different fonts, colours and sizing; To use programmable toys to develop my knowledge across the curriculum.

Religious and Moral Education: Investigate and demonstrate understanding of the festival Hanukkah in the Jewish calendar; Identify religious signs and symbols.

Expressive Arts: To mix primary colours to make secondary colours and experiment with shading.

To create different roles using movement, expression and voice in the context of our class stories (Literacy Evolve).

To name and play simple untuned instruments.


Term 3

Literacy and Language:

Numeracy and Mathematics:

Health and Wellbeing:


Social Studies:


Religious and Moral Education:

Expressive Arts:




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